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Devin Landry
Shadow Man

Gideon Abernathy

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Devin Landry 07/27/18 Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
I'll be there soon, damn.

Devin Landry 07/27/18 Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear
What would I grab onto?

Devin Landry 07/26/18 Teddy Bear
Hey, it's Devin.
Friends called. I went out.

Teddy Bear
[ VID ]

Teddy Bear
Mind if I come back?

Devin Landry 07/23/18 Panting a bit as she finally caught up with him. Her breathing had finally began a normal pace just before he lifted her. Clinging onto him, her eyes would shut for a moment before relaxing and opening to look to him. Sliding down the front of his body to drop to the tips of her toes. She'd stand there a moment, staring. Before it became awkward, she's pull back with a smile.

Hey, I like to believe I'm normal.

Watching as he played, spinning about. Looking up to the post he swung upon. It was growing later and later, darker and darker. As they said, the freaks come out at night and the realm was no different.

Not sure how safe we are out in the open like this..

She'd glance around worriedly..

Devin Landry 07/23/18 What the f-ck..

Watched him dart off.

Are you serious?!

She'd yell after him but it took no time for her to realize that he was just too far away to even hear her. How the hell was her short self supposed to catch up with him?! Began the chase, ran right after him. He was lucky she wasn't in heels because he'd be on his own.


Cadence Corelli 07/23/18 "Oh, hello! Thank you! Everyone's so pleseant here. I think I'll stick around." Cade grins.
Devin Landry 07/23/18 Though she stood and even physically pushed him away, he still hung on. There was something reliable about that. His hand on the back of her leg, lingering. Still feeling his touch long after it was no more. Watching him stand, he'd tower her small form. It seemed with this one she'd quickly suffer a neck ache. Hoped he enjoyed giving massages. If he was going to cause them, he better make it better.

Lost you say? Sounds like my kind of date.

Had no idea how he felt. It was so brand spanking new and they hadn't exactly laid the cards out on the table just yet. Uncertainty. What a constant in every aspect of her lift.

I'm following. So, should I text someone my whereabouts in case they haven't heard from me in some time? Not sure if you're about to kill me and leave me in the wooded area next to the park.

Watched way too much television.

Devin Landry 07/23/18 It was her fault; she started it after all. You should never open a can of worms that you can't stand to look into. Not that she couldn't stand him or his touch but it was a lot for the time being. Devin liked him - maybe too much. Wasn't sure if that was a thing but she was conflicted. Unsure if she should pursue. Not that she touched many or any. She wasn't pure or anything but there wasn't many notches.

Kissing him like she did was outside of her normal behavior. It made her feel better, though. She was quick to correct it all. Sliding from him, azure orbs stayed on him as she again lifted from his lap to stand before him.

It's not you.. it's me.

Shook her head.

Sorry. That was very cliche' of me. I just, I like you.. and you've made me feel better. I just needed to feel.. alive again. You just make me feel a type of way and I had to know that it -was- you and not my imagination.

She'd hope he understood. Had no other way of explaining it. Was still trying to make sense of it all. Ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. One last taste. Another sigh escaped her. Not of sadness. Just uncertain of just about everything in her life right now.

Devin Landry 07/23/18 Before she could compose herself, he drug her back down. Landing onto his lap, she fell into him. His touch sent shivers down her spine, goosebumps blistered over her skin as she sunk further into him. Lids would slowly shut as she gave in. Soft sighs would escape parted lips as they seemed to become just one.

You make.. You make it hard to say no..

Exhaled heavily as she attempted to push from him, taking the last little bit of sense from the back of her mind and tried her hardest to use it. He was strong and she was exposing her weakness. Lust.

We should.. slo..

Wanted to say the words. Slow down! Stop! Back up! She just couldn't. Tugging some from him, trying to push at him but it seemed her arms didn't work or she just didn't want them to.

..slow down.

Asuna Michaels 07/23/18 Thank you
Devin Landry 07/23/18 He had been what she needed. Comfort. Unsure if it was simply for the moment or longer but for now it was perfect. Giovanni's large form against hers was a comfort she had never felt before. He was reliable and secure. For what she felt not that she knew. His full personality and his past was still a mystery but for the moment it didn't matter. After all, she couldn't complain. She hadn't a past to tell him.. yet.

Again, I'm sorry..

Spoken in hushed tones, just above a whisper. Not sure if he wanted her touches or attention but she needed his. Right now it was all that felt right. Holding onto him for a few more moments before tearing from him. Tucking her feet beneath her before pushing herself from the floor. Offering out her hand to him to assist him even as ridiculous it would be if she could actually lift him from the ground.

Gio.. I..

Azure orbs studied him. Unsure if he was just overly kind or that he enjoyed her at all. He hadn't ran away yet. Though that sentence she wouldn't finish. Not yet. Letting out a soft sigh.

Thank you.

Devin Landry 07/23/18 I don't know..

Whimpered as she spoke so desperately. Devin needed answers but was unsure what questions to ask. How did she get here? Most were not of normal nature. Strong creatures that some would still consider mythical yet she fit right in. Why? It was something she constantly struggled with.

This small blonde figure glowed with sunshine but within was dark, mysterious. Even to herself. Like a lost puppy searching for a home. Than she met him. Large, dark, and handsome. She sunk into his arms, leaning in. He was comfortable. He was comforting. It was what she needed not that she knew she deserved it. Or him.

I'm so sorry..

Peered up, she'd reach up to him and began to twirl fingers within his long hair before balling her fist and taking a grab for him. Lifting against him, she'd plant a kiss to his lips. Soft and supple. Leaning against him with her weight before loosening her hold onto him and sinking back down to the floor in front of him.

Yuri De Pont 07/23/18 "Thank you."
Theodora Hawthorne 07/22/18 Theo lifted her cup from the table and took a generous sip as he explained his apparent wealth without actually explaining anything at all. That was fine. It was really none of her business, anyhow.

“I see. Well, it must be nice to have that kind of space at your disposal in a city like this.” Leaning back in her chair, she began rhythmically tapping a fingernail against the ceramic mug in her hands, distracted by hungry, intrusive thoughts.

Just how long might a man of his size last in her freezer? Diced up and packaged correctly, possibly vacuum sealed, he could keep for quite a while..

Blinking herself out of her momentary lapse, she offered a sweet smile. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to derail your day with my comment. Did you have somewhere you needed to be?”
Iodine Violet 07/22/18 The corner of her mouth hitches upward, a lopsided grin delivering a simple word of thanks. "Thanks, handsome."
Anyssa 07/22/18 "Your very welcome
Anyssa 07/22/18 *Nessa had been gone for a couple of days so she thought she would catch up on those who are new to the realm.*

"Hello my name is Anyssa and on behalf of Valar Morghulis I would like to welcome you to the realm. If you should need anything please feel free to come to me."
Theodora Hawthorne 07/22/18 Theo leaned an elbow on the table and cradled her chin in the palm of her hand as the waiter arrived to clear the table of the food left behind from the previous customer. Desperately trying to conceal a smile at the stranger’s obvious embarrassment, she ducked her head down slightly. The waiter left, and she offered a somewhat apologetic expression.

“Sorry. I would’ve warned you that it wasn’t mine, but you nabbed it pretty quick.”

Nodding along with his statement, she raised a brow. “A penthouse in Los Angeles? Wow.” She gave a short laugh. “What are you, an astronaut? I could barely afford a hotel around here.”
Theodora Hawthorne 07/22/18 Theo took a sip of her coffee, eyes following the man as he decided to take a seat at her table. Perhaps he wasn’t that offended.

“You look like you could eat a couple of paparazzi.” A teasing smile appeared on her face. She made no move to stop him from taking the cold toast from in front of her – she decided not to tell him that it had been there when she sat down ten minutes ago. No point in poking the bear just yet.

“I’m on vacation.” She answered simply, setting her coffee cup down on the table in front of her. “What about you, do you live here?”
Theodora Hawthorne 07/21/18 At the witty retort, Theo leaned back in her chair with an amused chuckle. She got the feeling he didn’t quite appreciate being compared to a bear. Even if he did resemble one in size, if nothing else.

“You’re right, I probably should have recognized your celebrity status. To be fair, I’ve only been in California for a few days. How do you keep the paparazzi from getting in your face all the time?”

Devin Landry 07/21/18 "Are you trying to hurt me?" Devin stammered, unable to speak really. The confident and radiant blonde had just gone black, dark.. scared. A shell of her former self. Sinking down to the ground, she'd tremble. "It's okay, it's okay.." She'd repeat over and over again. Slowly exhaled before taking in a deep breath and again releasing it out along with the anxiety of it all.

It was like the girl he had originally met had suddenly flashed back, looking up at him from the ground.. eyes drowning in the pools of tears she wouldn't let drop. "I'm so sorry.." Wasn't as carefree as she seemed. She had problems and she had met him in the middle of her attempting to figure out exactly what all her problems were.

How'd they meet? It was no chance. She welcomed all new comers, yes. Why? She was looking for someone. Who? She didn't know. No name. No face. Devin stuck to hope. Hoping that she can fix herself. There wasn't a doctor for this. Having been self reliant for so long, she knew no other way.

Devin Landry 07/21/18 Eyed widened, leaving her looking quite doll-like as she stared at him. "You're kidding, right? Wait.. this was a chance meeting, right? You aren't some psycho following me around, right?" Winced a bit. Seemed she was starting to remember things and.. well, it wasn't all good. Even that little jewel of a piece.

He wasn't the man in her memories or was he? She had no idea anymore. They seemed all the same. Quickly she drew from him, backing a little further. Unsure, she searched around quickly. Was there somewhere to go? To hide. Suddenly, she'd pull her fist back and BAM! She punched him in the face. Whether it hurt or not.. that was questionable. Along with her reasoning. She wasn't even sure why she did it.

Was this real?

Devin Landry 07/21/18 "Sicily? Never been there. Can't say I've been much of anywhere. Here and there. I'm from L.A.,though. Ever been? Azure orbs were glued on him, truly interested. Not even pretending. She was typically short with her attention span but it seemed he held her attention with ease. She even stopped moving as much, even touching him. She was actually... not acting like herself.. at all. Weird.

With the realization that she was not herself, a quick fidget would fix it all right. Hand lifting and began to twist a single digit within her long platinum locks. Twirling, twisting.. oh, the twitches she had. Couldn't stay in this daze. Was feeling vulnerable. "You smell.. tasty."

Theodora Hawthorne 07/21/18 People watching was a fantastic way to pass the time when you found yourself in a new city. It gave you a lot of insight about the type of place you were inhabiting. A small, shaded table in front of a tiny coffee shop offered Theo a good view of the pedestrians that wandered by on the bustling sidewalk.

Taking a measured sip of her dark brew, amber eyes fixed upon a man that passed nearby. Woah.

“I wonder, has anyone mentioned that you could’ve been a grizzly bear in a past life?” The sweet Southern tones called out just loud enough to ensure he realized she was, in fact, speaking to him.
Devin Landry 07/21/18 Giovanni? That was a mouthful. He didn't have a common name for where she was from but L.A. was an odd place. Most people's names were actually fruit or flowers. Sometimes even a metal. She liked it. Maybe she just liked him.

"Devin? My name is Devin." Smiled, offering a small shrug as if she had no words to explain her name. "So, where are you from Giovanni?"

Devin Landry 07/21/18 Okay - the dimple was almost sickeningly adorable. Drove all the urges away to touch him once again. He didn't want it. Enjoyed her conversation more? Weirdo. But she enjoyed this weirdo. Devin found him just as entertaining as he must find her. He was still here after all.

Thinking a moment, she'd pause with a look of deep thought. "You know.. we've talked a bit but I can't recall you ever saying your name. Let alone me ever saying mine. I'm Devin." Curiously she wondered his name, going through one name to the next. Was he a Daniel? Or was that just too normal of a name for him? She'd soon find out..

Devin Landry 07/20/18 Not just a breathing muscle - he had a heart. OH. MY. GOD. Could she keep him? Like in her pocket or just bottom drawer of her nightstand next to her bed. "I haven't given up.. obviously. If I had, we wouldn't be here now - speaking with one another." Shrugged. Wasn't trying to be sarcastic but reassuring that she wasn't some depressed pile of crap.

Smiled up at him. Couldn't help that. She was a tall 5'4" and he looked like a giant compared to her. "So.. Would you mind if I just find you every now and then and attempt to touch you? I figured I'd ask. I hate when they scream rape." Was joking. She didn't go out there touching people. He was actually the first person she laid hands on in.. awhile. Not even a hand shake. Though she spoke to people, she kept to herself outside of a welcome.

Devin Landry 07/20/18 "Honestly? Yes. Not many give them. Not sure if you're making fun of me.. I might be nice but not many are. I won't lie. Some of these people suck. They suck so much d-ck." Huffs, almost exhausted by her honesty. Always attempted to be so sweet but most people took her as a joke or just an idiot. If they only knew..


Willingly went with his movements of removing her from his clothing, after all - she was ruining it a bit. Not much of a fighter and had no reason to start in the instance, she allowed him to direct her touch. "Wow.. Yeah, well.. wow." Cleared her throat a bit before quickly snatching her hand back.

"Thanks.. for that. For the feel. I mean, compliment. You're sweet. Cute. Hot. I mean, yeah.. Nice white tee." Gave him a soft, playful punch to the arm in a mocking way. "Compliment.. whether I took it or not. Thanks."

Summer 07/20/18 Gasping, she rolled her eyes. “Where are my manners! The name is Summer. Just..Summer. No misses.” It was her turn to smirk, one eyebrow arching up. Oh, he was good. “Until we meet again.”
Devin Landry 07/20/18 Eyed him curiously. "Hm.." Then he stated she was an angel? Scoffs. "Angel? Ha! Angel?! Oh, goodness.. You don't know me at all." Denial? No. She seriously had no idea. Didn't even know she wasn't a human. Didn't remember her death.. or rebirth. Simply woke up as herself like nothing ever happened but she was here - in the realm. Lucky her.

Yanked her hand back quickly as he mentioned those markings ending.. somewhere. "Oh yeah? You say so.." Reaching out again, she'd grab for the collar of his shirt and tugged at it. Lifting to the tips of her toes as she attempted to look within his shirt. "Where's that exactly?" Asked, peering up at him.

Devin Landry 07/20/18 Contemplates the question being turned back on her, thinking exactly on how to answer such an easy yet difficult question. "I can say that I don't remember how I got here.. or why. I do know that while here I've been meeting new people everyday and enjoying myself. Having a good enough time to make up for some of the rest." Taking a moment to look him over once more, studying him like a piece of art - even stepping back. Stepped forward and reached her arm out with a digit pointing, she'd drag her index along his arm across multiple tattoos. "Is this what you look like all over?" Wasn't much to playing coy - bold and open was her M.O.
Summer 07/20/18 For a split second, she felt a twinge of sadness for the man. Yes, this place was friendly...until the shiny wore off and you got spit out like the husk of a sunflower seed. She’d keep that incredibly pessimistic nugget to herself. For now, at least. She laughed and nodded slowly. “It certainly can be, that is for sure. New things are curious and strange. A puzzle to figure out. It’s in most people’s nature to want to solve a puzzle.” Furrowing her brows, she looked at him, a bit aghast. “Hand to god, I’m not even stoned right now.” She let out a bark of a laugh. “I’m sure you’ll be getting on just fine. In the event that you need something, give me a shout.” She pulled out a card from her back pocket. It was cut into a circle, rather than the ordinary rectangle shape of business cards. Handing the glossy black piece of cardstock to him, she gave a bright smile. “I hope jetlag isn’t too bad! It’s easily the second worst part about flying.”
Devin Landry 07/20/18 -gawks a lil-
So.. what's a muscle like you doing in a town like this?
-waggles brows-
Summer 07/20/18 Head still turned from greeting one of the other new faces, she nearly plowed right into this one. Looking up, face turning a tomato red, she sputtered out an apology as she regained her bearings. “Holy sh...I’m sorry! I clearly need to watch where I’m going!” She laughed, eyes focusing on who she’d just nearly barreled over. Her cheeks tinted further, smile faltering as her eyes widened. “Oh. Oh, hello.” Damn. It was like it was raining hot men all of a sudden. Summer glanced skyward, sending a silent prayer to the entire pantheon of gods- ‘make it rain!’. Glancing back at the strange man, she took a step back and chuckled sheepishly, fluffing her hair and trying to act natural (read: looking awkward af).
Devin Landry 07/20/18 Welcome.
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