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Born: January 13, 2017 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 30
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 31
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 6
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04/24/17 at 8:54 pm
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 A limited edition assortment of peanut butter Admin eggs - Easter 2017

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Gray Taylor

Sinclair Vorchenza

Rhiannon McKay

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New YorkAbeyance
Created by Gray Taylor
New YorkDeath and Taxes
Created by Ophelia Fraye
vamp_goku 04/16/17

Happy Easter! Muahaha!
Atom Noire 04/16/17 -Comes hopping by in a bunny suit with an orange tabby cat sidekick in his basket-
-hands the woman a basket full of Cadbury eggs, chocolates, plastic eggs full of goodies and a stuffed rabbit-
"Happy Easter!"
-Hops away to his next victim-
Rhiannon McKay 04/02/17 To: Ophelia
I have realized I never sent you an 'SMS'.
We should grab coffee soon. I can regale you with my tale of inadvertently marrying a woman.
Gray Taylor 03/17/17 Ophelia
Today is the one day a year where it feels cliché to have a drink.
Claire Cross 03/11/17 -You were successful in stealing $287.00 from Ophelia Fraye. -
Thanks for the drinking money dearie
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Ophelia
Could always rent a space ahead of time and up a breakfast picnic upon heated blanket.
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Ophelia
Well, I suppose you have now.
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Coy Koi
...get arrested? After breakfast?
Gray Taylor 03/05/17 Silent Sally
Is that a no?
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Baconator
Careful what you wish for, Ophelia. 😎
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Charmer
So you admit it. You want a second date.
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Good Cop
Next date, then. could meet me in the boardroom. The windows are much sturdier here.
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Definitely Jailbait
Maybe not, but we both know you're why we spent the night on our first date. 👌
Gray Taylor 02/25/17 Flower Child
I'm sat in the boardroom at my office, and you're not here. Disappointing me already, Jailbait.
Rhiannon McKay 02/24/17 The brunette squints, her brain not yet fully wired to keep up with the growing theoretical complexities the drawling woman put forth. So many memories of so many lifetimes condensed and expanded like an accordion. At times, it was hard to take stock, and in the present moment, Rhiannon felt overwhelmed.

She pauses for more than might seem socially appropriate before caramel eyes blink, registering the note being offered. “I’ll be sure to reach out.” Squinting once more, she analyzes the number. Phone. She’d need to get one of those. “Thank you, Ophelia. If it is an consolation, I found your namesake to be rather underrated. Hamlet was a whiny man-child.” She waves the note briefly before thrusting it into her pocket.

“I’ll be in touch.” Without another word, the angel gives a nod, feet beginning to teeter away before the rest of her body seems ready. It would take some time for her to grow accustom to these mortal coils, it seemed.
Rhiannon McKay 02/24/17 It was true. There was something to the woman's accent that carried an inherent warmth to each word. If she could trace the origin, Rhiannon would surround herself with this inflection for the rest of her days.

'That seems a bit farfetched,' she scolds herself. Still, it had a unique charm. A tone of voice she was until now unfamiliar with. In any mortal vessel, Rhiannon had not yet been sequestered to any region of the world that spoke the way this Ophelia did. But if friendship meant continuing this conversation, and future ones, she was charmed enough to do so. "I believe it means 'great queen'. Perhaps my father thought it was an amusing anecdote. Ophelia... As in the Shakespearean tragedy?" Her brow knits as she considers the latter question. "New? Not quite. It has been some years since my last time here, but not much has changed."
Rhiannon McKay 02/23/17 Rhiannon's head tilts to the side, brown locks of hair cascading over her shoulder with the movement. Sincerity. It was a difficult emotion to gauge, at times. She wasn't so sure this woman was 'one of the good ones', but, she had come out of her way to say hello.

With the way mortals interacted in this day and age, face-to-face communication was rare enough to be classified as a virtue. "Skepticism is the name of the game, then. If this is the case, how should I take you? Friend, or foe?" The candid amusement of her expression seems to remain, and as she straightems herself back up and offers a manicured hand, it appears her words are meant only in good fun. "Friends may call me Rhiannon."
Rhiannon McKay 02/23/17 The angel analyzes the woman with caramel hues, meticulously managed eyebrows linking together as she was spoken to. An idle hand reaches up to brush back some of her brunette mane, lips simultaneously pursing in amusement.

'New. Only in a manner of speaking,' Rhiannon mused. However, she knew better than to act peculiar, or out of turn. Many lives in mortal vessels had taught her as much. "Yes, new. Thank you for the warm welcome." She pauses, her hand departing her hair to make a general, sweeping gesture. "The residents seem friendly enough, I'll include you among them."
Gray Taylor 02/22/17 Black Magic Woman
How are those meetings going?
Claire Cross 02/21/17 Ophelia Fraye just failed at stealing money from you!
Ophelia Fraye just failed at stealing money from you!
Ophelia Fraye just failed at stealing money from you!
Ophelia Fraye just failed at stealing money from you!
Ophelia Fraye just failed at stealing money from you!

...Especially when you keep trying to steal from your mother.
Gray Taylor 02/16/17 Bonnie
That bad, huh?
Gray Taylor 02/16/17 Jailbait
Try to sing along, and I promise to make sure we have psych evaluations for our third date. 😉
Gray Taylor 02/16/17 Brains and Beauty
I had to wait a bit before texting you. Didn't want to seem too desperate.
Gray Taylor 02/11/17 Is it just me, or do you only ever get more beautiful?

-holds out wine glass-
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Certainly. My pleasure.
Autumn Summers 01/16/17 Slightly belated welcome back.
Gray Taylor 01/13/17
Gray Taylor 01/13/17 Mm. I knew you'd miss me.
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