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Born: November 29, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 3
Affiliation: The Menagerie Mail Replies Sent: 26
Home City: New York Mail Sent: 5
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Edward Brollachan

Zaynah Mubarak

Dessa Chambers

Maycee Thomas

Eloise Buchanan

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Created by Zeddicus Zorander
Dita Morgenstern 12/12/18 It seems in her absence, there were a few new members allowed into the Menagerie. With her best smile, Dita approached one and cleared her throat. "Welcome to the Menagerie." Normally the young girl would be frolicking about, spinning, giggling. Today, she was jet lagged. "I'm Dita."
Yoshima 12/11/18 "I..."
What a woman. One, she's willing to help him protect his little swimmers, another to meet his eyes so boldly. No strangers in the Realm, huh?
" I know you?" She smelled familiar. Something like...him.
Ophelia Wren 12/10/18 "Thank you very much for the welcome," the newcomer replies quietly, reaching behind her head to massage away a residual stiffness from her awakening.
Eloise Buchanan 12/09/18 *looks up as the pretty woman pops up* Thank you so much, and I will do.
Yoshima 12/09/18 He froze at the voice - not so much a figure of speech during this festive holiday season. He was going to form icicles on his icicle. But a man needs to demonstrate some decency and manners, despite a lack of clothes, so he went *dashing through the snow* to hide behind a park bench. "Hasn't anyone taught you not to talk to strangers?"
Maycee Thomas 12/09/18 Merci! I will be sure to let you know if I need anything. There might even come a time you regret that offer.
Kyla 12/09/18 Iva
You must have me confused with someone else. I never push buttons...
Always well mannered and well behaved.
Kyla 12/06/18 *peeks*
Kyla 12/03/18 Iva
Wild horses couldn't stop me.
I'll be in that limo, and prepared to give you an equally squishy hug!
Parisa Tournier 12/03/18 hello and welcome!
W_Kat 12/03/18 "Welcome to the Menagrie."
Kyla 12/03/18 Welcome to The Menagerie, mo réalta.
Edward Brollachan 12/03/18 "Who would ha'e thought... a chance meetin' in New York would ha'e found yo'r way here, nae?"

"Bienvenido a la Casa de fieras, Ivelisse."
Maeve 12/03/18 Welcome to The Menagerie.
Edward Brollachan 12/02/18 A chime. Specifically the chime to indicate a text from an unknown contact. Edward pulled out his satphone and didn't recognize the number, but saw the country code, area code, and exchange and recognized them; New York City. He swiped the flag icon and read the text... and small smile crossed his lips. He quickly tapped a reply and swiped the SEND icon.

Seńorita Ivelisse - I will send a letter of introduction to Mlle Chambers, and make arrangements for a limousine to pick you up with express instructions to bring you to the Manse of the Menagerie. EB

With a satisfied click of his cheek, he put the satphone back in his sporran and headed off to contact Dessa.
Kyla 12/02/18 Iva
Maybe one day...
Give her my love before you leave.
Send me your flight information and I will meet you at the airport.
Kyla 12/02/18 Iva
I don't think him finding you was coincidental. I'm in Paris as well. He is actually a coven-mate of mine.
You should come to Paris as soon as you're able. Is Luisa able to travel? It's probably not wise to leave her alone in New York, but it sounds like we really need to talk, it shouldn't wait.
Let me know and I'll set everything up for you. In the meantime, be careful. You're bound to attract less savoury people than the Scot.
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 Having walked the earth for over a millennium and a half, he had learned most of the tongues of the human species. When she asked his opinion of the Spanish, he quickly replied, his voice softened for gentle> "Los espańoles son un pueblo bello y apasionado. Muy parecido a ti, seńorita."
Withdrawing his hand slightly, he returned to English.
"Paris is as beautiful as it has been for... a very long time. It is still very much La Ville des Lumičres... this City of Lights."
He reached into his sporran, and removed an obsidian business card, and handed it to her.
"if ye find yo'rself in Paris, please look me up. I'd be happy t'show ye the sights and introduce ye to m'Leader, Mademoiselle Chambers."
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 A soft chuckled rumbled in the chest of the tall man, and a subtle smile swept briefly across his dark features.
"Aye, I do hale from Scotland. A small village in the Hebrides ye probably ne'er heard of... Glenbrittle."
The r's of his speech rolled richly with the alveolar trill of his accent, and he offered his hand to her, palm slightly up.
"...although I am acquainted with an Irish lass at m'coven home in Paris. Charming girl, despite her Irishness."
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 He had flown into New York on business; he still owned a great deal of real estate there and had to check with the lawyers and accountants who oversaw his holdings. Knowing most of the residents, he was keen to see someone new, and fresh, and was compelled to introduce himself.
His rich baritone was colored by a Celtic brogue. "Good evenin' miss... my name is Edward. How do ye fare this fine evenin'?"
Iria Visile 12/01/18 “Iva and Iria, such unique names.” A charming smile pulled at Iria’s lips as she mulled over the girls name trying to commit both her face and name to memory. She had lived a very long time and had encountered more people than she could care to remember. Most people were dreadfully boring and had no memorable quality about them. Iria, however, did not think that Iva would be one of those people. There was something interesting about it her, she would be a face to that Iria wouldn’t soon forget.

“I’ll be around.” Iria didn’t feel the need to explain herself any further to the beautiful woman, so she waved her fingers and then began to walk away from the curiously unique girl and their brief encounter. Iria had a feeling she’d be seeing this girl around again, even if it was only at a distance.
Mackenzie 11/29/18 You’re very pretty.
-Not a psycho-
Iria Visile 11/29/18 Iria’s eyes focus in on a face she hasn’t seen before, her scent also unfamiliar to her heightened sense. This person is new, or at least new to her and lately she’s being trying to be as friendly as possible. Somebody told her once that it was good for her. She had yet to believe it, but still, she was trying. Plus it was a good distraction away from the need to kill every other person that crossed paths with her. Iria’s bloodlust was strong, but she was trying to restrain herself, even if it wasn’t working very well. She stood for another moment contemplating just walking away but instead she pushed forward till she was standing in front of the girl.

“I’m Iria. Welcome to the realm.”

Seraphina Morning Star 11/29/18 Not a problem. Anything you need just ask away!
Seraphina Morning Star 11/29/18 Welcome to the realm!
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