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Call The Witch To Cast The Runes,
Weave A Magic Spell
We Who Die In Battle Are Born
Not For Heaven Not For Hell

Call The Warrior to Wield the Sword
Throw Her Icelandic Axe
We Who Die in Battle Are Born
Not For Heaven Not For Hell

Call the Witch To Cast The Runes
Call the Warrior to Wield Her Axe
We Who Die in Battle Are Born
Not For Heaven Not For Hell!
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
Celebrating Nine years of Bloodletting - October 2015
A basket of Bad Kitty jelly beans - Easter 2017

ErikaNightBreed's Biography
(OOC: Only OOC mails are accepted. NO in mail roleplay accepted! NO exceptions. Current Status: Unaffiliated and not likely to change.)

Name: Erika Cara NightBreed
Nicknames: Just Erika
Age: 19
Eyes: Icy blue
Birth Date: June 25, 2013/ 19 yrs due to magical influence
Hair color: Blond and straight
Personality: Content and happy Serious minded at times Friendly and protective of family and friends
Family: Eirie NightBreed (Father); Etaine NightBreed (Mother)
Status: Eternally Widowed - Happy single and NOT seeking
Child: Erik Kostas NightBreed-Kaliberi (Witch)born May 21,2015
Prized possessions: "Ro" and "Do" Direwolves , "Mau" Panther and her Spell Book

My name is Erika Cara NightBreed and I am 19 years old. I am a young lady and I live in this place called the Realm. Daddy says I am his little wild child. I wonder about my Daddy a lot. I wonder if he was like me at this age. If it weren't for his crazy wand and his curiosity about it. I wouldn't be this age! What he doesn't know is that he set in motion something pretty wonderous! I am a young lady now and I am apprenticed to Dana Saunders for a year. But my folks haven't seen me in awhile. Man they will be getting the biggest shock of their lives when they see me! I am far older inside me and it's very hard to disguise it around my parents. SO I kinda 'act' like a child in front of them an leave them to wonder what I am gonna do next. Things have changed and I am now going home to face my Father and my Mother. There's a new side to me that has emerged and it's the Warrior side. I can't understand why a katana fits my hand as though it was made for me. My Icelandic ax has changed as well...Can I live up to the family name? Watch me! Erika has joined Freja on her return to Woden, She leaves her son with Dana Summers and with his new guardian Sean Calloway. Erika may in the future returnI am a Work In Definite Progress!
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NeighborhoodThe Forge (Metal Working and Gunsmithing)
Created by EtaineNightBreed
Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Miryam 12/24/17
LillyEmperium 07/10/17 Kudos.... Though I'm curious what ya did to become famous. Congrats
W_Kat 07/10/17 Congrats on PotD!
W_Kat 12/04/16 Congrats on PotD!
EirieNightBreed 11/19/16 Congratulations daughter on Profile of the day :)
Kenny R 11/19/16 Nice job on PotD
W_Kat 11/19/16 Congrats on POtD!!
Ronan Boru 12/29/15 I remember you and the wolves. Thank you for the welcome back. Be safe.
lacigam 11/26/15 Grats on POtD! Darling, I hope your day is a wonderful one!
Mackenzie 04/18/15 Thank you very much!
EirieNightBreed 02/21/15 That's my little girl * grins widely* Congratulations on PoTD Erika.
EirieNightBreed 11/21/14 * inclines my head towards my car.* " Come on Erika, let's head to the house and we can all sit down and work this out, although you know your mother will be a bit bent out of shape since she's not big on demons in general.."
EirieNightBreed 11/18/14 " We will figure this out Erika.. BUT... you get to explain all this to your mother." * stepping back I lean over and pick up Erika's axe wiping it off before handing it to her.* " You should always care for your weapons little one * smiles gently* a rusty blade will do you no good in battle."
EirieNightBreed 11/17/14 " Erika, I am not angry I am concerned. But as Dana had you do this as a part of your training I will accept it. As for him being a protector we will see in due time. Other than the few I have met in this realm, the other demons I have met were less interested in protecting as they were in torturing innocent people's minds and spirits. You speak for Wish so he'll have his chance, all I ask is that you becareful if something should happen to you I don't know how your mother or I would handle it past our grief." * stepping forwards and to your side I draw you into an embrace as I relax my shoulders even as Wish manifests your axe.*
EirieNightBreed 11/17/14 "Indeed, so how long you been dabbling in demon magic daughter?? I hope this is part of Dana's tutoring and not you going off on your own to experiment." * Gives the male demon a look over my eyes flat and emotionless as I gauge if my daughter is in any danger.*
Amethyst 08/23/14 * Tara drought in the gift and gave it to Ami. Picking up the book along with the necklace and bracelets she was surprised that there were enough for Dessy, Hope and Ciara. She knew Erika when she was a little lass but hadn't seen her in a while. her parents were good friends to her and her family. Sitting down she jotted a down a thank you note.* "Thank ya lass for the gifts the girls will love the bracelets and I love the necklace I will put it on and never take it off. I hope you are doing well and hope to see ya soon," love Ami.
Addison 05/06/14 Gives a wicked smile, grabbing her own belongings and rushing out behind her jail-breaker. "Thanks a lot. Gettin' real tired of being tossed in that cell..." She chuckles as they make their escape.
Kenny R 04/20/14 * Gives Erika a jaundice look.* " That long haired creep is me Erika, and i do not want you in those tunnels alone ever. Some of the worms down there feed on anything they encounter and are dang near impossible to kill."
Kenny R 04/20/14 * turns about hearing a Viking war cry and sees Erika standing there..* " For you munchkin anytime, you mom and dad know that you are in New England and not with Dana or Bili?"
vamp_goku 03/13/14
EirieNightBreed 02/28/14 " I'll do everything i can Erika to not do that, but we do live in dangerous times so we all have to be careful.." * I gather you up for a big hug and stand there cuddling you close.*
EirieNightBreed 02/27/14 * Taking you in my arms, I look at the wolves of Liam and nod.* " Yes little one they have a home with us for as long as they wish it, we do not own them as no one can own a wild creature. SHould they wish it they can live with us."
Kenny R 02/13/14 * eyeballs cajun-jack* " do I want to know where you got ythis creature?? probably not* laughs* I do not know if your father will let you or not. We worked together and became friends but not so I would know his thoughts and so forth. On missions aye but He did not have children when we worked with each other."
mist 02/08/14 *Witchly smile given *Welcome to After Dark .
vamp_goku 02/06/14
vamp_goku 02/06/14 "OUCH!! What was that for!? And let me guess you have to be her daughter..That is not a shocker.."
EirieNightBreed 12/01/13 * Looks sternly at his daughter* " You knew you were not supposed to use that wand without either your mother or I there.. Now we will have to find someone who can reverse the spell when the wand broke. No I won't spank you, BUT, you are grounded from using magic or visiting friends for 2 weeks. Plus you will apologize to Nate when she is back to normal and never use a wand again unless your mother is around to teach you."
EirieNightBreed 11/24/13 * sighs* "I don't see why not, we have more than enough room for the cat to grow and play in. BUT you are responsible for it Erika, you will need to teach it and care for it. Mommy and I will help and can show you what you need to know."
Kenny R 11/17/13 * Kneeling down I accept the ring and looking it over gravely then nod.* " You and your mother did a very good job Erika, thank you for the gift, I shall wear it proudly little one." * Slipping the ring onto my left ring finger i feel the heavy silver as a comforting weight.*
EirieNightBreed 11/17/13 "Tell you what sweetheart, let's invite her and her family over to the cabin and we can get to know each other better.. Plus she and her family might want sometime to bond some too.. So I'll let you ask them if they would like to come over and have a day of it at the cabin okay?"
EtaineNightBreed 11/16/13 Etaine knelt before her small daughter and hugged her gently. "I haven't met Melody Grace or her mommy. The answer for now is no. Maybe after Melody, her mother and her daddy to be have that special time of bonding into a family. Then we will see if it is possible. But for now, I want you to stay close to me and daddy. Okay?"
Kenny R 11/03/13 * stopping by the cabin I gt a startled look upon my face as I see the young girl standing in the doorway.* " Well now, Little Erika it seems you have grown a bit since i last saw you these few months back,lol."
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