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Scoops's Biography

Scoops was ordinary black kitten until she until she stumbled upon a voodoo ritual which transformed her and granted her great and terrible powers. Then she became Madame Scoops Badécie.

The ritual changed Scoops adding aspects of the alligator into her. Most of Scoops' fur was replaced with hard scales, her tail became reptilian, and she grew rows of razor sharp teeth.

In addition to her transformation Scoops was granted the powers of Voodoo.

Powers: Scoops can spew out locusts from her mouth, she can transform into dust and travel with the wind, conjure spirits of all sorts, instill fear in even the most stoic of enemies. And every witch doctor knows plenty of hexes and curses.

Her tools mostly comprised of voodoo dolls, poisonous darts for her blowgun, bone rattles, fetishes, and a staff where lies her serpentine ally, Xulu. Xulu is Scoops' conduit to the spirit world while also bearing venomous fangs and acid breath.

Scoops' minions: Zombified creatures made from whatever parts are available. They fiercely guard her home.

Zombie Monkeys: they almost look like monkeys minus the faces. Their faces are more felinoid and are armed with sharp teeth and claws. They run many errands for Scoops

Zombie Alligators: They lie in wait for any intruders in the waters that surround Scoops' home.

Zombie Bats: Hanging in the canopies of the trees these bats also run errands for their mistress.

Zombie snakes: From both the venomous and the constrictors these minions are the most numerous and are basically everywhere in Scoops' swamp.

Scoops got her name due to the fact she was so small she could fit into an ice cream cone.

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