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Carson James

Cadence James

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New YorkRevelations 21:8
Created by Carson James
Cadence James 02/25/20 Cadence didn't have to be told twice, and she definitely knew what that finger motion did, and she didn't want to go annoying her soon to be sister too much on their first meeting. She didn't know who Juniper was texting, but she had a good idea, especially when her own phone buzzed with a text of its own.

Which, of course, was her brother.

She also had no sense of personal space, so didn't mind tagging along with the other woman as she went on the elevator, sliding her arm through the Lieutenant's own and holding on to her. "Oh, I would never say no to a good bottle of red. Then we can go over all the details. Not that I don't think you can handle it, but this is sort of my thing." She had to remind herself to stop talking again as they rode up the elevator.

And up, and up, and up. Oh, boy. This was going to be fun.
Carson James 02/25/20 Lieutenant Meadows

Lieutenant Meadows

Apparently he was easy to tempt.
Carson James 02/25/20 Lieutenant Meadows
Food. Wine. One Direction on repeat. Haven't seen her in five years, so you're guess is as good as mine.

Lieutenant Meadows
To be fair, I told her ass to go home.

Lieutenant Meadows
When you gain Intel, please let me know. I don't need this shit getting back to my family parents.
Carson James 02/25/20 *pulls out his phone after feeling it vibrate a thousand times*
*stares at the screen*
*might have said fuck at least a dozen times*

Lieutenant Meadows
Don't you fucking dare bring her here.

Lieutenant MeadowsI'm coming to you. DO NOT COME HERE.

Lieutenant Meadows
Even better, just kick her ass out.
Cadence James 02/25/20 Cadence turns towards the voice behind her, and can't hold the surprise from taking over her face. She wasn't sure what she had expected, but it hadn't been this. Juniper was definitely not the type that her brother usually went for. Her denim blue eyes widened as she gave the other woman a huge smile.

Her heels clicked on the floor as she made her way across towards the brunette. Cadence, herself, wouldn't have been much taller except for the fact she was wearing three inch heels. "You. Are. Adorable. I am definitely loving this vibe." She motioned with her hand in a general sweep over the look of Juniper. This 'vibe' had nothing to do with an aura or anything like that, but Cadence did know one thing. Power. And it was near radiating from the petite brunette.

"When I heard that my brother was getting married to a witch, I didn't believe it. I totally get it now, though. This is so going to help with the planning, too. Which I am doing as a favor to both of you, and if you could brother and tell him that, I'd love you forever. He hasn't been home since I got here." At some point she was going to have to take a break to breath, but when she got excited about something, she was all in. No stop. Some might even say over the top.

"Here, I'm going to give you my number and we can do the dress stuff too. I know this great little boutique that caters to our kind. I'm definitely getting a laid back vibe from you, so I'm thinking beachy...or like blushes and creams..."
Cadence James 02/22/20 Cadence had been trying to get a hold of her brother for a week. Maybe even more than that. She wasn't great at telling time or keeping track of day to day things. Cadence certainly wasn't very good at the detective work that Carson did.

She was, however, good enough to know who to talk to and who to go to at SPI to get some info. With money comes connections, obviously.

Plus, she could be pretty charming when she wanted to be. The exact opposite of her brother, actually.
Which would bring her to this building, in this lobby, asking the doorman (after a nice little tip) to please ring one Juniper Meadows. If he wanted to play little games, she could too.
Carson James 02/16/20
Merida Campbell 01/25/20 Merida had snuck pass the guards. Carefully she unlocks the cell door. Opening she whispers "Don't walk..... Run out of here."

You managed to break out Juniper Meadows.
Daxx- 01/22/20

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm and bows gracefully. The Ordre des Damnes Swamp Corsair smiled and spoke softly. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me. If you should need any help please feel free to ask. My friends call Daxx."
Liam Moore 01/14/20 "Welcome to the realm"
Carson James 01/13/20 *eyes the girl*
"Now -you- look like you could make a decent cup of joe."
*leans down*
"I take it black, doll."
Ashlyn Snow 01/13/20 "Welcome to the realm!"
mist 01/13/20
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