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Born: January 01, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Vampire Forum Posts / Replies: 32 (House only: 0)
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08/20/19 at 7:53 pm

Aiofe: My Daddy loves me very much that he would move the earth and heaven at my whim. He is the best Daddy I could ever have!

Joshua:If anybody harms a hair on me daughter....They'll wish for death before I find them.

Special Items:
 I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm

Donahue's Biography

Aiofe Donahue

Age: Forever 7 due to an Unseelie curse.

Description: Dark hair, blue eyes, legs and long tail of a gray wolf. Only a foot tall and weights 13 lbs. From ages 3 to 6 Joshua wasn't around as much, so Aiofe taught herself speak from a laptop therefor she doesn't bear the Irish brogue like him.

Race: Pygmy Hybrid

Powers: Photokenisis, Umbrakinesis, Wing manifestation, weak healing factor, retractable venomous claws, and wall climbing. Heightened intelligence. Phase shifting, can become incorporeal,

Relatives Mother: Asami Setsuko, Werewolf of Tsuki no Seimei Clan (deceased) Father: Joshua Flynn Donohue, Ragavar's false Vampire. Grandfather: Unknown Grandmother: The Morrigan.

Aiofe's mother died in childbirth while Joshua was gone. For a week her Uncle Ryukko cared for her until he got a hold of Joshua. -----------

Joshua Flynn Donahue

Age: Unknown, suspected to be more than 250 years old.

Race: Ragavar's false Vampire. Almost close to being human minus the heart beat includes having body warmth. But they are much more animalistic than any other vampire.

Description: Dark hair, green eyes with pupils that can turn into slits.  Muscular build, 7 feet tall, 550 lbs. Due to the majority of his life Joshua was poor and homeless, he went on without shoes to the point they feel uncomfortable to him. Has 7 tattoos; 3 on his left arm (1 on his inner wrist that can track down Aiofe), an ivy vine surrounding the letter, "A", a Celtic band around his right thigh, and a ribbon trailing from his left hip to his inner left thigh with "Naughty Boy" written on it.

Powers: Knows a lot of magic, wing manifestation (giant raven-like wings), weapon manifestation; prefers to dual wield. Wall climbing, super strength, super speed, strong healing factor, enthrallment, fire breath. Enhanced sense of smell and hearing. Summons ravens and crows that act as his eyes or perform simple tasks. He can gain knowledge or information and possibly powers through biting his victims. At full power he manifests raven-like wings coated in embers, grows talons, and a large black painted band across his eyes appears, conjures fiery ravens.

Additional notes: Joshua is an extremely devoted father. He will not hesitate to murder anyone who is a threat to Aiofe or him.

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