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Katherine Murray 06/02/16 I don’t think this one likes your company.
I wonder if he has a television.
He wants to shoot you, do you remember how that felt?
It was not enjoyable.

That was the truth, and her inner turmoil lasted long enough to hear the ‘one’ stated in that low voice before her self-preservation kicked in and storm clouds rolled through the bright blue of her eyes. It could always be passed off as a trick of light, her melding into the shadows and would have been simple for the male to come to terms with it if, IF, she had just left him alone.

It was quite easy for her shadow walking, to pass through his cabin with a similar layout of her own and reappear just behind him; if you were going to awaken someone to this kind of world, scaring the sh-t out of them, probably wasn’t the way to go. “You know nothing of this world, Bastion Lennox. Do you?”

What is wrong with you?
Whatever do you mean?
You watch far too much television, this is not Game of Thrones.
It could be…

Her sulkiness to the demon wouldn’t pass on to the conversation she left hanging in the air; even more time for him to easily have turned around and shot her, not something she really wanted to repeat so her hands lifted, passively in manner so perhaps he would think before pulling the trigger. That, along with the rapid fire words coming from her mouth, a Scottish lilt blurring them together, maybe, she won’t have to buy another dress.

”Bullets will not do anything anyway. Lopping off a head, maybe a stake to the heart even though that is quite lame to be honest… a vampire tripping in the woods and landing on a stick, sweet Saint Bridie, that would just be a terrible way to die.” Blue eyes traveled over him as a smile pulled dimples from her cheeks, a rarity that was, but maybe if she didn’t look like a crazed killer, her clothes would be safe. “Do you have a television?”

One track mind, this one.
Katherine Murray 06/02/16 The chortling within her psyche, left Katherine blinking oddly at the empty chair as the pretty one had suddenly disappeared in the middle of the conversation; but that alone would certainly not deter the blonde from forcing her company on an unwilling and unsuspecting stranger. Clearly, the obnoxious amounts of television the woman watched did not cover the fact that personal space was just that, personal, as in not her own.

Oh, pfft, being social is important.
Not when people run from you, besides, you were going for food. He is not the food you want.
Who says?
YOU, you daffy girl. Your rules, remember.
Stop talking to me.

Waiflike shoulders would shrug as the quiet finally descended and she could study the heavy door blocking her from her attempt at socializing with other people; lips would purse, sapphire gaze blocked by the narrowing of her lids, it was a real do or die moment, one that had the clear as a bell laughter pulling her from the spot she stood and propelling forward to wrap dainty fingers around the sturdy handle.

The crack of wood, like a shot in the dark ringing out, would have the door swinging open and her smiling face further covered by the shadows as they peered through the darkness, searching out her new friend.

A bit anticlimactic, that. But still, she’d call out into his home, soften the blow, yes?

”I think you have termites… you should check that out. Also, I am Katherine. Pleasure to meet you?”
Katherine Murray 06/01/16 Oh, those ever dancing colored toes, bright and glittery; flashed once in the moonlight as she flounced, silently, as if bare feet never touched the ground. She had recognized the signs, quite early, the wariness of her presence and yet, his offer was sincere; and let’s face it Katherine, the terrifyingly beautiful creature, wasn’t going to pass up a chance to have a peaceful conversation. Yes, this half-existence was a choice of her own making, to hide amongst the so-called enemy and pretend she didn’t exist anymore to the outside world; but it had brought the vampiress a peace she had not known in a long time, hence the absurd fairy-like nature of her happily bouncing in a strangers yard and the urge to be quite cheeky to adorable thing rather than act the part of the adult and join him for the beer offered.

No, don’t you dare.
Hush, you little baby…

”No, no more singing. Though, if you ask nicely, I might scream for you.” Perfectly still, the cerulean orbs bore into his; passive expression, unmoving for the barest tick of the clock and then the spell was broken by the curve of her lips and dimples digging into her cheeks to match his. Granted, this wasn’t the end of it, Katherine had only just begun, sassy as ever, this was certainly a different girl from a few years ago, even though that one still existed, this hyperactive bundle of killing was far more fun when it came to conversation, no one really knew what to do with her or what to expect.

Feet would finally move her form to hit the wood of the porch, just as silently as moving through the woods, but she would not reach for a beer, nor would Kat join him to sit, instead feet propelled her back and forth as she spoke, her eyes darting over his form before pausing every few seconds as if to wait for him to answer (not that he was ever going to have that chance), before she’d speed through to the next topic.

”So, why did you choose this place? Do you enjoy your seclusion too? At least you have windows… Oh, do you enjoy television? I do! Survivor comes back in the fall, it is superb. A true showing of humanity. OH! Do you like the Kardashians? I personally think they should be eaten. You might not like television shows, how about games? Do you like games? I have some on my phone that are not easy, but you do not look like someone who has a phone… do you have a ph…”

It would continue; rapid fire questions, seemingly about nothing. She really isn’t used to social graces any longer, the poor new guy never really stood a chance with her mouth going ninety to nothing and not seeing an end in sight.
Katherine Murray 05/31/16 Katherine normally ignored the messages about people joining The Den; tonight had been no different. She was the anti-social sort, the Ghost of the Lycan’s Den and so having the cabin furthest away from the rest of the crew, suited her; granted, she was pretty sure it was to protect the rest of the sanctuary from her voracious…appetite.

However, peeking out of her door (seriously, ghost aren’t supposed to be seen) so that she could leave quietly to enjoy a night outside of these four walls and possibly a bite to eat (you see what I did there?), the other empty cabin on the outskirts of the land seemed to be getting occupied, by the Pretty One.

You may ask, why that name? Well, have you seen him? Katherine was quiet fond of all things beautiful, almost an obsession, so when she happened to be out among people one night she had to speak (drool over) him. And now, he was living next door.

This could be bad.
Not at all.
You are practically salivating.
Weeeel, I am a bit famished.
This will not end well.
Please… just hold my dignity, I have some foolish sh-t to do.
To steal your normal exclamation, merde.
Aww, wee lamb, now, shut it!

Bare feet danced, quite silently if I do say so myself; bouncing up to her new neighbor almost happily, a grin pulled across her faux angelic features and Scottish lilt turning words into music, even if she couldn’t prevent what words came from her mouth.

”Hello, you are very pretty, do you know that?”

Oops, there went her self-respect.
Katherine Murray 05/03/16 Ooh, my little pretty one, my pretty one,
When you gonna give me some time...

*stops singing*

You are new, yes? Welcome to the realm, dearie. Do not hesitate in finding me if you need anything.
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