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Dominique Alvarez
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Born: February 03, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Heaven must be missing an angel.
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Dominique Alvarez's Biography
Dominique opened her deep chocolate hues and gazed up at the Slayer. She backed away from him. She knew who He was, but what did He wanted of her. How could a demon serve the Light side? She almost laughed in His face. She had opened her mouth. She closed it quickly as He gave her a cold calculated gaze.

She knew He showed no mercy to His enemies. His enemies were legion and His allies were legion as well. His temper was legendary even among His own race. He was a Slayer. The first of His kind. The formidable Dr. Van Helsing. She knew of the others who followed in his footsteps. Each famed slayers contributed their skills to the ongoing battle.

"Which side will you choose, Dominique Santana-Alvarez?"

His words sounded sharply in her ears. His hands were offered to her. She found herself pulled to her feet. She stood before Him. "Your old leader stepped aside Dominique. You have been given another chance to prove yourself worthy of this NEW life. I dispatched you and Selene called you back before The Father. Which side will you choose Dominique Santana-Alvarez?"

He rarely interfered in the affairs of the Realm or it's inhabitants. Why did He choose her? She had been evil and she did what she wanted to do to others. DO onto others before they do it onto you.

Dominique felt a shudder, and a pair of wings unfurled behind her. "You are a fallen angel but you can still battle on the side of the Light."

Dominique nodded at Him. She would join Him in the fight.

((OOC:@Disclaimer Mention of DVH's name in above profile was granted by him))
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