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Born: July 21, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 2 (House only: 0)
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 68 (House only: 32)
Affiliation: The Fraternity Mail Replies Sent: 1216
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 36
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
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01/19/21 at 3:21 pm
Current Mood: Emotionless 
Special Items:
 Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
I saw the Blackheart Murder
Black Masquerade Black Heart ~ Participant 2020
I took a walk around the Realm for Thanksgiving 2020
My head is pounding to much to be here, New Years day 2021

Laila's Biography
(OOC: Open for rp's anytime)
Name: Laila
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Violet
Race: Angel (fallen)
Family: none
Marital Status:

Being raised in an orphanage is rough for anyone let alone a quiet and meek child, like Laila. There were plenty of battles raged and plenty more lost. The one thing they could never strip from her was her optimism and hope. When you are paralyzed from the waist down all you truly have left is hope.

Stripped of memories other than a name, Laila is lost. An angel who is unaware of being such. Perhaps she needs to find her wings or earn them or perhaps this is a second chance to show what she is capable of. Perhaps is the last step before final death. Time will only tell.
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Drago Fyre

Santa Diabla

The Preacher


Kayla Holloway


Merida Campbell



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Mateo 01/19/21 *The power of her wings made a breeze threw the air. With Mat talking to him he didn't have a chance to look around again. He knew it was her with Matt confirming it*
Mateo 01/19/21 *He was waiting on both Santa and Matias to come out. The trip was taking forever to take off.*
Mateo 01/19/21 *Shivers went down his spine as he was trying to help the new member of the realm get her footing. He could feel as he was being watched and begins to look around*
-Malakai- 12/20/20 The young man gathered her words and processed them, something about her seemed familiar it was the glow of something that wasn't their in the physical realm but something extraterrestrial.

"Th-thank you..."
Mateo 11/06/20 Maybe I just like the one who rescues me. *He winks at her*
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "Ugh I might know who it is. I'm in my apartment you can bring him here." She turned to Mateo smacking him in the back of the head
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 She was on her way to her apartment when her phone rings. 'What now?!' This has been a hell of a day. Looking at the screen her brows raised swiping to answer. Not getting a word in before the words came over the phone. "Laila who the hell is he? Did he give you a name?"
Mateo 11/04/20 You managed to break out Laila.
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "And here I thought him to stink like gym socks and must" She let out a small laugh. "He won't be to heard to find actually since in the building." She found it amusing how she seen a bit of change in Laila as she spoke of her cousin. But she wasn't going to say anything.
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "Pft.. That would be uh.. Huh not sure."
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 Looks up at her with brows folded together. "What do you mean different?"
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "Nope we are still human! No big change. Sometimes some of us become just as crappy as what we hunt."
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 She shrugged taking a sip of her drink "Well that depends. For most of us it starts out that way. For others are born into it. Like my cousin. I was fueled by vengeance after what my dad did." She thought some more "But sometimes we are mixed with other things. Why you ask?"
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "Sure I got nothing to hide." That was a lie but..hey pretending is the name of the game.
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 Sits in the grass and pulls out a flask. "Want some?"
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "Cause he not suppose to be here. I only ask cause you look like you need a hug. So.. that means he is in the crew. Awesome means I can grab him easy."
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 She gave her a nudge. "Thanks! He is my little cousin. Not to beat his ass and find out why he is here." Looks at her "What's up Miss Glum?"
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 Pulls out her phone and hits the gallery button with a few scrolls to a picture as she walked up beside Laila. "Does he look anything like this?"
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 "What in the hell is that suppose to mean?" Santa did shower before dressing this morning. "Do tell me what this other one look like?"
Mateo 11/04/20 Well thanks I guess.
Santa Diabla 11/04/20 Walks behind her before wings hide "Thought they were white and fluffy?" She snickered
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 "You silly angel it is about time you get out to do something other your nightly *Ahem* Never mind. Almost there."
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 "Uh huh.. Says the girl who just told me she was hiding in her room. So I will break in anyway. Or was you nice enough to leave the door open for me?"
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 Laila
"Be back in the building in about fifteen minutes. See you then! Hahaha!
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 Laila
"You redheaded darling I am a Slayer. I hunt for a living or did you forget? You only haven't been found cause I haven't been looking." (evil emoji here)
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 Laila
Well no worries on my way back no to discover a few things! See ya soon!
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 Laila
"Girl you seem to full of jokes this morning. Naturally! When the hell will you ever get out of that room? What the HELL do you have or better yet HIDE in there?
Santa Diabla 11/03/20 Feels her phone vibrate and reads the screen. She burst into laughter as she spit her coffee
"Damn it Laila! Okay there maybe still time Christmas is still a bit away. But a male that smells almost like me? And fresh in the crew. I'm on my way!"
That was new and interesting to say the least.
Mateo 11/03/20 He chuckled at her stunned look "Hope you have a good morning Miss."
Mateo 11/03/20 He gave the redhead a nod and a smile "Thank you!"
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