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Born: January 04, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0
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(Always open for RPs. Just send a starter or a mail and we'll sort out details.)
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Last five threads posted in:
Killan Jaxson 02/21/20 He pulls up his hand from out from under the cloak. He takes the offered card from her hand. His hand very sickly looking but at the same time gives off a aura of power. He spoke in the same hushed tone. "I will take that in to consideration. I am on the hunt for..... things."
Killan Jaxson 02/21/20 His Icy Glowing blue eyes look out from under the crimson hood. He tilts his head to side as his smile from behind the mask. His voice that above a whisper spoke softly and clearly. "Thank you for the welcome my pretty."
Ezekiel Miller 02/20/20 He gave the woman a curt nod and the barest hint of smile in return. "Thank you for the welcome."
Bastion 02/19/20 The man followed closely behind, wondering idly what kind of treats he might get if he kept followig the strange little woman. " There will be coffee there to, Yes?" he asked, hopefull for some caffine.
Jared Jenkins 02/18/20 Thanks for the welcome!
Gio De Luca 02/17/20 She gives her a nod that’s little more than a jerk of the chin. “Thanks for the welcome. I’ll catch you around.”
Cadence James 02/17/20 Oh my gosh! Thank you for the welcome. It's appreciated.
Bastion 02/14/20 Bastion nodded a few times, offering a ghost of a smile before looking around at their surroundings. Not that anything really bothered the man. She was leading him to cookies, and she was nice. Good enough.
Bastion 02/13/20 The giant man nodded, stepping up to stand right next to her. He lifted a hand, as if gesturing her to go on, a vague indication that he intended to follow her around. Oddly, despite having a beautiful cane topped with a silver handle, he moved easily and without a single hitch in his step.
Bastion 02/13/20 Bastion took the cookie and a single step back. The giant was seven feet tall. Leaning on his silver capped cane, he ate the cookie in just two bites. Between his size and profession, he didn't talk much. No small wonder given he probably scared most. He did, however, offer a small, warm smile.
Bastion 02/13/20 Bastion stared at the woman, still holding his hand out. He even tried to peek around to try and see behind the woman's back,sniffing at the air. "Cookie" he stated. His voice was odd. Gravel rolling silently over silk. Like a clearly heard whisper in a silent room.
Bastion 02/13/20 The man looked confused for a moment, looking the woman up and down, and promptly held his hand back out with an expectant look on his face.
Bastion 02/13/20 The man nodded politely, offering a wave with his free hand. Fishing around in his pocket, he pulled out a small card with his name. The business card read 'Bastian Security Service. You make it a home, I make it a Fortress'.
Desmond Graeves 02/09/20 "Thank you, I think"
Jack Angiers 01/17/20 Why thank you!
-smiles back-
Aren't you just a cute lil bundle.
Juniper Meadows 01/14/20 Thank you!
Silvia Black 01/13/20 "Thank you for the warm welcome's much appreciated." Silvia spoke in a cold tone but gives a small smile as she bows her head slightly.
Carson James 01/11/20 He chuckles, hands slid into pockets. "Here's the difference, doll. I'm not trying to be." He smirked, turned, and walked in the other direction.
Carson James 01/10/20 Carson looks down at the 'brown haired woman' and raises his eyebrows. "Well. Aren't you just a ray of fucking sunshine." Deadpan, then a smile that could only come across as sarcastic, if a smile could do that.
Vivien Blake 01/09/20 Stared down towards the offered hand before taking it in her own to give it a small shake. "Oh." Spoken softly, somewhat to herself. "Nice to meet you, Ashlyn. I'm Vivien. I'll keep that in mind." Typically found her way around quite quickly on her own but it was always nice to have a back up.
Vivien Blake 01/09/20 Watched cautiously as she'd approached, eyes follow each step made in her direction. Corners of her lips lifted to a gracious smile. "Thank you very much."
Marina Pershing 01/05/20 Welcome!
Briahne Christiann 01/05/20 Welcome to the Realm and to London. If there's anything you need help with please let one of us know, someone's always around to help as best they can.
Liam Moore 01/04/20 "Welcome to the realm"
Jynn 01/04/20 Welcome to the realm
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