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Born: March 13, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 5
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 335
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 91
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Manannán mac Lir

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Last five threads posted in:
Katherine Murray 11/13/19 It wasn’t very often that she had a moment to herself in their home; but Nicky had taken to studying with Vexa and in that time apart, Katherine would sit in their little shack on the outskirts of the swamp and contemplate responses to the missives she had currently received.

Or would have if her solitude wasn’t interrupted by her door opening and a voice breaking through her silence. “There is a door for a reason.”

Cerulean gaze would lift, pinning onto the small redhead before a singular eyebrow rose questioningly. “What is it you need council in, Amaranthe?”
Gabe Marlowe 10/22/19 Wandering around his new home, a new voice caught his attention. A quiet laugh came from him as he turned to face the new voice. Honestly, all this attention about how pretty he was would eventually go to his head. Maybe not. Gabe wasn’t conceited in any way. There were many things he would change about himself. Still, he listened intently to her.

The Talk? Does she mean the birds and the bees talk? He knew he looked young, but c’monn, he just turned twenty! Imaginary rock kicking commences. Instead of actually kicking rocks, Gabe took the offered gift basket and peered at everything. He pressed his lips together to keep from laughing because she wasn’t done talking yet and he didn’t want to be rude, so he nodded along. “Well, thank you.” It was harder to hold the laughter now, he chuckled while he talked. “I wouldn’t say I’m entirely innocent, but I do appreciate the uh, care package.” Gabe grinned as he plucked the box of condoms out of the basket, “Were you offering, lass?”
Manannán mac Lir 10/21/19 “Thorne, you are too kind to me, but I should be able to get myself out fine, in the future,” Manannán was about to continue when he realised what Thorne had said. ‘Menagerie’ She considered him one of hers? A grin broke out once again.

“How did you decide I fall into this ‘selective grouping’? And do I get a say in it? It was the dimples, wasn’t it?” Now it was his turn to tease. She can’t be going around popping random people into her collection without giving them a choice, can she?.

Shaking his head, he watched as Thorne balanced on her toes in thought, as graceful as a ballerina. Manannán couldn’t help but admire the red hair flowing about her and those pretty mismatched eyes. He was allowed to appreciate beauty, surely, even as a pang of guilt slithered around his sternum. He frowned and then popped his eyebrows at how Thorne twisted his meaning of a meal. A full belly laugh rolled out of him as he shook his head. “It appears I tease you, dear lady. I am but a mere godling, as you say and wouldn’t be good fare.”

A thought occurred to him to take her for a real meal if she ate such, but he also didn’t want it to be misconstrued as a date. Though, to be fair, he wasn’t sure Thorne dated as such. It rather sounded like she collected instead. “Thorne, do you eat, real food? If yes, let me take you to lunch, just two friends enjoying a meal together. In thanks for all of the times you’ve broken me out of here. What do you say?”
Manannán mac Lir 10/20/19 After releasing Harlie from the dungeon, the sea god decided he would hang about in these parts for a spell, in case she ended up back here, and they could enjoy a sip from the hip flask of whiskey he had smuggled in. Leaning against a wall, a couple of burly guards decided to try their luck and locked him up for loitering. Knowing he could get out when he chose, Manannán shrugged and manifested a new pillow to replace the sweat-stained one in the cell, got comfortable and was about to magically produce a book when he heard a whisper from a being that he had not seen in some time.

“Thorne,” he said, drawing out the word before the creature even appeared. Another redhead, his life was filled with them; it seemed. This one, mischievous and playful as ever, calling him ‘godling’. Did she know how much that annoyed him? He rather fancied she did, and he listened with an amused smile gracing his lips as she chastised him for not being godly enough.

“I was taking a break. Waiting to see if I could be of assistance to others,” Manannán said, unsure if he had convinced her at all.

Then she bowed back as if savouring the place, the smell, the gloominess of it. Within a blink of an eye, she was upright again, staring at him as tendrils snaked out of the very flesh of her arms - thorny vines and black ooze that reminded him of slain shadows. The ooze detested the metal and ate away at it relentlessly until the very door broke apart in her hands. Impressive, but he wasn’t going to show her he thought so, she already thought his powers were puny enough.

Standing slowly, Manannán offered her a bow and a grin. “My thanks, Thorne. I would have stayed put had you not exerted the effort you did. I would not want that to go to waste. Do make sure you get in a meal to replenish your energy stores.”
Katherine Murray 10/05/19

Oh, my wee beastie. Maybe we should kill it with fire and try something... new. Or just take it to Nic, yes, that sounds promising.

-blinks at-
Melinoe 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Liam Moore via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Elowen Jocosta 08/21/19 -spots-
-is drunk-
-smacks as.s-
"Sorry...I haven't should hace."
-touches face-
"You are beautiful."
Flahme 08/21/19 Spies posters, one might almost call pin-ups, of a sexy redhead.
"My my, Thorne, you are looking mighty hot on the posters I see around the place. Now, normally, I would say it's because someone did something naughty that such posters are up. But for you, I think it's due to excessive sexiness."
Nods head and grins impishly.
"Even though I'm totally devoted to my Janus, I can appreciate a nice female form."
WildKat 08/21/19 Congrats on PotD!
Darius Rayne 08/21/19 The spotlight always did look good on you, congratulations darlin'
Jewel 08/13/19 Wel-..
I feel as if you aren't new to this.
Hm, how about.. Enjoy?

Enjoy Sine Metu.

Flahme 08/13/19 Hearing footsteps heading towards the lounge area she was seated in, Flahme saw a redhead she had not met before entering the room. Saving the page, she put the book she was reading down and stood to greet the newcomer.

"Hi. Are you new to the coven or is it that I just hadn't met you yet. I'm still quite new myself, so I'm not sure I've met everyone just yet."

Holding out a delicate hand in greeting, Flahme smiled at the woman.

"I'm Flahme, what is your name?"
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 "Amaranthe? That's beautiful. I'm sure I could come up with a nickname, but why dilute something so wonderful?" Kira grins. A single hand shifts blonde curls from her face. Bringing her gaze to match the woman's, she is stuck by the unique gaze she possesses. Her own blue eyes feel pale in comparison. She extends her hand, red lips stretching over her teeth. "It's a delight to meet you."
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 Spotting the unfamiliar woman, Kira jogs towards her and grins. "Hey, I don't think we've met. I joined a little while back. I'm Kira."
Katherine Murray 08/12/19 There was probably some screaming. And the spinning in circles? Well, that would likely be embarassing if anyone would to peer upon the two; thankfully, it woulnd't last terribly long considering the voice in her ear was quite familiar. "You are a very tiny Kraken. Not at all terrifying."

Says the one who screamed like a banshee.
Katherine Murray 08/12/19
Darius Rayne 08/08/19 A jingle of keys, a stumbling step; a heavy sigh. Dark blue orbs that had long since lost their shine peered into the empty and damn near condemned streets. A soft shake overtook his hand as he locked the door, taking but a moment to compose himself before turning back to the world of shadow.

Though his eyes were met with that of an ember, a flicker of a life that was lost. One that produced heat that not even gods could muster. One that.. burnt up.

Marius Tournier 05/02/19 Congrats on the POTD
WildKat 05/02/19 Congrats on PotD!
Grace McKenna 04/11/19 Grace allowed the woman to bring her in, eager to taste her lips, to get her hooked. She would make a wonderful toy for her mate, and she would enjoy her well herself. Her hand reaching back to firmly cradle the other woman's head, she kept her in the embrace far longer than might have been acceptable by conventional standards. When she pulled back, Grace licked her bottom lip, savoring the sweetness.

"I don't owe you a date, but I would love to take you home."
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 *snuzzles up and purrs... taking a dollar*
Grace McKenna 03/24/19 "Hello, Gorgeous!"

No longer bound by a promise to try being kinder and gentler, though Beau still owed her a bottle of top shelf whiskey for her efforts, Grace began to prowl the streets looking for new playthings to add to her collection. Some habits die hard. At least she wasn't going to drain precious vitae from this woman.
Belinda Arch 03/23/19 Petite celestial turned ice blue pools upon the voice that caught her in her tracks. 'Little Dove' It had been ages since she had been called that. Could it be? There did seem to be a sudden resurgence in people long past returning to this realm. "... Mara?" Glacial hues questioned the woman, needing to be sure this was, in fact, the same woman who had left an infant in her care so long ago.
-Mona Marie- 03/14/19 "Stubborn, willful, pain in the..." If she didn't control her temper, she'd light a fire under the woman's ass to get her moving. "You can't kill me childe, the succubus won't allow it." She offered her hand to her daughter. "I know just the meal ticket that will help you, but we have to get you to him."
-Mona Marie- 03/14/19 Mona had fed herself, recently, from old blood, powerful. If it wasn't for the pain she was causing her daughter, she could have shared of herself, transferring in a kiss enough to make her mobile. The succubus was always hungry, lusting after her next snack to toy with, though never taking enough to destroy the vessel. The witch had learned how to share the space, and both get their needs met. In return, she was given the ability to transfer energy as well as claim it. "Mara, my darling, let me help you, then we can find you a snack to regain your strength."
-Mona Marie- 03/13/19 Answers would come in time, was it not her duty to the returned childe? Mona's memories had not been kind enough to erase themselves, and some treacheries would not be forgiven. Manicured fingertips reach to draw the woman back out from her resting place, and into the waking world, again. "Yes, let's get you cleaned up. There is much to do."
-Mona Marie- 03/13/19 Jasmine on the wind follows the stiletto-clad woman as she meanders through the night. The spirits tugging at the woman's very senses. She had somewhere she needed to be, and soon she found the purpose. "My Darling, welcome back among us. I had prayed the Goddess wouldn't hold your body long." Mona leaned in to kiss the woman-child she had borne, a mere carrier to an older spirit needing a new body. "Too long still, but I trust that you have rested, no?"
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