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Circe Du Pont
Killed: June 18, 2018 at 08:47 pm EDT
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Born: April 29, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Seraphina Morning Star


Li Kuroda


Last five threads posted in:
Dr Van Helsing 05/27/18 Cool profile!
Seraphina Morning Star 05/22/18 "You are not only most wanted to me but now the real. Congratulation my sweetest best friend."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "Tell her I will reach when I am ready! They do not need to find me. I do not wish anyone hurt!
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "Where you going?!"
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 Sighs and sits "so then she can find us here?!.."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 Taking the tea tray "I don't know honestly. Come let's sit."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 Sera turned many shades watching her friend do the same. "I had to tell you the truth before you truly agree to do this."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "Well there is one looking to kill Luci and wanting to take my baby." she sighs. "Lylith is here as well."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "Cause at this point you don't have any agenda with the baby. But there is something else."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 Sera knew she had to give her best friend full truth and tell her who are all at play here. So she would start with Aurora and then tell her about the one. If her choice to help her was to stick. She wanted to tell her about the one.. From there she would decide. "Well she is here. But.."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "Cici do you remember my me telling you about my sister?"
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 She shakes her head "No we have time. I don't plan on going anywhere for a time. You can talk to me."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "What is going on?" seeing her best friend made her ask. It had been some time since they had spoke.
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "Cici it is a choice." Sera stands and walks over to her. "I know it will be tough. You don't have to if you wish to keep away. I would understand. Believe me.
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "With all that is going on you are my best friend and the only one I trust. And I wanted to ask you if you would be my doctor and healer? I wouldn't want or ask anyone else."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 Following her in for the tea. "I know I just need air. Things were getting to tense."
Jr Morning Star 05/13/18 Pulls out a note pad and swiftly scribbles down a number. Hands the women a note.

"I know you can reach her, no owner in their right mind would leave with out a contact number. Tell her give this number to my wife. And If I don't hear from her. I will Tear this realm apart starting right here one building at a time." His gaze said it all.
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 "I was waiting for you in London so I could."tears stream from her face."I don't know if he has noticed I left yet."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 She walks in hugging her best friend tighter then she ever has. ""I have missed you so much."
Jr Morning Star 05/13/18 His car pulls up outside the Apothecary. Walking up to the door he jingles the handle. It was locked, of course it was. Knocking on the door to the only place he could think of. He leans against the wall wiping off the blood from his face. And calling out. "Cici I know she is here its the only place, she thinks I wont look."
Seraphina Morning Star 05/13/18 Sera made sure she wasn't followed and got to address that was sent and knocks on the door. "Cici!"
Seraphina Morning Star 05/12/18 Makes a call to Cici. "Cici!?"
Seraphina Morning Star 05/10/18 Squeals with excitement "Great see you soon"
Seraphina Morning Star 05/10/18 All to excited to tell her the news. "Can you come to London?"
Seraphina Morning Star 05/10/18
"My sweet Cici. I miss you so much. Call me."
Marah 04/29/18 Welcome back my dear child
Mordred 04/29/18 Welcome back.
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