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Galen C Lynch


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Born: December 02, 2016 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 78
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 69
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 15
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“The best swordsman in the world may be disarmed by a trick that's new to him.”

Galen C Lynch's Biography
(( If you want to be friends start a RP with me. Sorry I don't randomly accept friend requests.The information here is OOC. Just because you read this bio doesn't mean IC you know it and can use it with out being told any of it in a RP. Please do not attack me while I am online but feel free to steal til your little hearts are content anytime. All moods are IC Only not OOC))
Name: Galen Connor Lynch
DOB: 21 December ( Winter solstice)
POB: Claddagh, Co Galway Ireland
Eyes: Blue normally When annoyed or in dark iridesent blue, turn jet black when made angry.
Hair: Coal Black
Race: Witch
Age: 26
Parents: Mary and Daniel Lewis(adopted parents decesed)
Biological Parents : Eamon and Moira Lynch (dead)
Biological siblings: Saoirse ( Sister: unknown)
Marital status: Married to Saphire Ravenwalker (12/24/16)
Familiar: Black dragon named Aslan
Special markings: Tattoo on back right shoulder of dagger with a red rose.
Powers: Spell casting, Potion making, Circle casting ( All normal witch ablities), Aerokinesis (Ablity to manipulate the air itself),Telekinisis, Conjuration, Energy Waves and Fading (Ablity to fade from one place to another).
Nicknames: "Gyspy Prince", Tinker Prince"
Languages Spoken: English, Irish, Romanian
I was born in Ireland. I am what the Irish call a Tinker also known as, the Irish Traveller, a version of a Gyspy. Magic is part of my family blood but hasn't shown its self in powers in well over 500 years, well that is until I was born in 1994 on Dec 21st . Yes on the longest night of the year and the winter solstice is when the old family "Curse" as they put it showed its self again.
I discovered growing up that my "Curse" was anything but that. My magic became my salvation and my escape from an abusive and drunk adopted father and an overly religious Roman Catholic adopted mother who thought praying every day would change who I was born as. At least her prayers werent as bad as my father's way of trying to change me. His idea was the curse could be beaten out of me and he did almost daily after getting drunk. He tried one night when I was 10 to have a go at me again but this time I fought back. I used my gifts as I saw them on him. I threw him against the wall as if he was nothing but a rag doll my sister had. At least I thought these people were my family. After that I left and decided never to look back. My sister would now be 20 and I have no idea where she is. Her name I remember is as far as I recall ,Saoirse.

I ran to my grandparents and being they were part of a Traveler group they took me with them. I was always told I was the special one in the group. I had the looks to die for. Coal black hair and the blue eyes that could hypnotize any one in or out of our group. In fact for many years I used these traits to my advantage when ever it was called for. Our winter camp was always on the coast in Galway. In fact I still own a home there. Willed to me by my grandparents.

My family is a well respected and powerful family within the gypsy world back home in Ireland and they look to me for leadership. I as far as I know am the last of my family line. I have not seen or heard from my sister, Saoirse since I left when I was 10 and she was 4 from our adopted parents.We have our own "royal" family lines out side of the rest of the mortal people back home.

At this time I use my gifts to help those I have come to trust but I only ask one thing of them and that is to keep where we meet between them and I. There are many out there who hunt ones like me and I would like to not be a notch on their kill belt as long as I can. Preferably til I die of old age and natural causes. So that is my life as of now. Will I find a way to settle down or any one I can settle down with ? That is any ones guess right now. We shall see where this path takes me but its sure to be one hell of a ride.
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Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
ParisThe Green Dragon Bar/Club
Created by Cassandra Boru
ParisThe Ravenwalker Estate
Created by Draven A Ravenwalker
Cassandra Carnivale 05/12/17 Please help us welcome the newest members to our family.

 photo piZap_1494641412993_zpsxw1q4ctl.jpg
Ciaran_Boru 05/12/17 ^ Laughs^ "yes something as you said went KA-BOOM big time to land me on the most wanted. I take full on resposiblity for this one too.
Saphire_Ravenwalker 05/10/17 "I know you can't tell me things you do not know. I just want him to go away. I hate him I wish he never came back. He already got to mom and she is the strongest person I know. What if he doesn't stop there?"
Saphire_Ravenwalker 05/09/17 * slipping her arm around his waist she leans up missing her husband's neck*
" Hey baby please tell me my dead beat dad is no longer around."
Saphire_Ravenwalker 04/28/17 " Galen I dont remember him. Moon was my father. I dont know how I am suppose to feel."
Saphire_Ravenwalker 04/28/17 *Saphire rushed through the crowd in search for her husband. Her eyes were clouded with tears. Finding him she falls into his arms crying as she speaks*
" G..Ga..Galen.. my father is back. My real father Lust. What am I to do or feel. And my mom how can I tell her and does she know he back?"
LillyEmperium 03/13/17 Congratulations
Marah Kravenoff 03/13/17 + Marah goes up to her cousin In law and hugs him+

"Congrats on making most popular there Galen ole boy"

Matthew Boru 03/13/17 Galen Galen Galen. You have been a bad boy I see better hope my cousin doesnt notice. Congrats though on most wanted.
Ronan Boru 03/13/17 Again lad? What did you do now to get the most wanted? Ya better hope Saphire doesnt find out. * Laughs* Congrats.
Ronan Boru 02/10/17 "Do I even want to know what you did there lad to get most wanted today?Congrats on it though.I stay where you are on that beach for a bit til the wanted posters vanish longer." * Laughs*
Draven A Ravenwalker 02/10/17 ~Draven shakes his head then chuckled.~ "Don't even want to know what you did to get most wanted I won't tell my sister so no worries. Congrats on POTD bro."
Marah Kravenoff 02/10/17 Congrats on making the Realms most popular.
LillyEmperium 02/10/17 Congrats on POD
W_Kat 02/10/17 Congrats on PotD!
Sean Lynch 01/24/17 Thanks.
Saphire_Ravenwalker 12/26/16 "Merry Christmas love."
W_Kat 12/24/16 That is exciting! Congratulations to the both of you."
W_Kat 12/24/16 "Sorry..I just find it to be a happy time of the year. My apologize if I've offended you."/i>
W_Kat 12/24/16 " You're sooo lucky!"
Amethyst Boru 12/02/16 Walking the streets Ami stops dead in her tracks. Eyes grow wide then a smile came across her face.

" Well look who it is.Welcome back my oldest and dearest friend."
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