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The Light

Last five threads posted in:
Mackenzie 03/17/18 F-ckface
F-ck you, I'm Irish.
W_Kat 03/11/18 Congrats on PotD!!
Mackenzie 03/09/18 She smirks.

Mackenzie 03/09/18 MF
What's your name, Rev?
Mackenzie 03/09/18 MF
Glad we're in agreement.
Now stay the f-ck off my lawn, away from my Redcoat, and my friends.
Mackenzie 03/07/18 MF
I'm considering quitting my job.
Mackenzie 03/06/18 MF
Hey, assh-le.
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/19/18 *ditches Nerf gun*
*innocent whistle*
*scuffs ground*
Mackenzie told me to do it?
Rhiannon Whitaker 02/19/18 *shoots Nerf gun at*
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Mackenzie is angry, but she keeps her cool. She would keep things quiet, at least with the rest of the crew. Solomon, of course, she would tell... but only once she had done what she had in mind. The moment Victor arrives, they would leave, going into the city to find an unsuspecting vampire and wooing them into their world.

She would drive again, Victor in the passenger seat, until they reached the dropoff point that had been established as a longterm solution.

Mackenzie, normally a jealous creature, would stay her nature as Victor woo's the woman to stand against a bike rack in the large parking lot. And, the minute they're able, a set of silver-plated handcuffs would stay the strange woman.

The two would leave, but not leave. They would stay, and wait, and Mackenzie would nurse the irritated skin upon her palms. And, when the van would appear, she would wait. Tucked within the waist of her jeans, a gun would be procured from behind. One dark glance is cast to Victor as she passes him the gun.

"You're a better shot."

One shot would ring out, and the vampiress would fall limp and dead to a silver bullet as The Reverend's men stepped into arms reach of her. And, from the distance, they might just catch a glimpse of the two dark figures in the night. The smaller of the two raising a one-fingered salute.
Amari Preston 02/19/18 "Welcome to the Realm." The Cleric rarely approached anyone but the new comer looked interesting. "I am Amari Kohen. If you require assistance. My card has my name and number."
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/19/18 One day, Jocelyn might better learn to dial it down. She'd already gotten managed to be less in your face than when she first arrived. Oh yes, she used to be worse. But all puppies grow up. At least there was no worry of her piddling on the ground.

Almost immediately she turned contrite. "Oh, my apologies for keeping you. Maybe we'll see each other again. Farewell."

She too, prepared to depart, but Abel's movement and words brought her attention back around. The card he offered came as a surprise. A welcome one.

Accepting the card, Jocelyn gave it a cursory glance and slid it into her purse. This time, she smile wasn't blinding. Only pleased. "Thank you, Mister Blackburn. Good luck in your meeting."

One last smile, and she left the Reverend to his own devices.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Unknown Contact
Good f-cking luck.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Unknown Contact
You werenít there to collect. Not my problem.
Seems we might need to renegotiate.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Unknown Contact
Takes one to know one, doesnít it?
Someone needs to get laid.
Hint: Itís you.
Now get off my lawn.
Mackenzie 02/19/18 Unknown Contact
Get the f-ck off my property.
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/19/18 "People don't like it at all. Then, neither do I," she stated.

Jocelyn was thrilled when the man offered his hand. Really. All she lacked was a flashing neon sign to announce her delight.

She clasped Abel's hand and, while her own hand seemed dainty in comparison, she gave a proper handshake. "Abel. I haven't heard that name yet. I like it. Pleased to meet you, too."

Jocelyn had a habit of rambling unless she reined herself in, so she paused before continuing, "I do greet people on a semi-regular basis but maybe... maybe it seemed like you could use a smile. Does that make sense?"

Along the line of accents, Jocelyn took note of his and filed a question away for later. Hers sounded like a blend of several, though none one might put their finger on. Musical, almost.
Seraphina Morning Star 02/19/18 "Do hope you stick around."
Seraphina Morning Star 02/19/18 "Welcome back!"
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/19/18 Finally!

At least this one didn't frown or stare down at her. She was, by her very nature, bright and cheerful. Lack of success when greeting people did not deter her. Thus the happy 'hello'. Granted, the man exactly return the enthusiasm, but she would take it.

"I try to be friendly to everyone. We are all strangers in the beginning. Besides, it gets far more pleasant responses than screaming foulness." By her expression, it's obvious she attempted that once before and it did not go well.

A smile replaced the grimace. "Anyway, I'm Jocelyn."
Jocelyn Fairchild 02/19/18 *waves*
Hi! Welcome!
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