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Samil's Biography
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Seraphina Morning Star

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RealmWhen the hunter becomes the hunted
Created by Samil
Arioch 12/09/18 The knowing look and the words that Samil spoke made sense in his mind. He had committed some of his worst behaviors toward the ones of his own kinds. Some angels could forgive and be good allies. Others could forgive and become their greatest enemy. He nodded at Samil. Some of his reasoning was returning but it would take time and effort to battle his own demons. He needed allies to remind him of who he had been before his fall. "I need to do that and I will do that immediately. Thank you,Samil."
Arioch 12/09/18 Arioch thought about Samil's words. It took a bit for it to register in his mind. Friends were a rare occurrence for an angel or any fellow angel who sat in another cage near him. He wanted to make the best effort he could. "Would you be a friend?" He knew he needed to reach to the right individuals to form relationships with. He needed to do this for himself and for Ana.
-Raphael- 12/08/18 Raphael smiled at Samil. "I am thanking you for your kindness to Arioch. He was punished by Amenadial for trying to help me. I got punished as well. By the time, I found where he was nothing I could but wait. He will be with me for a time til I can do what I gotta do for him. You were unbreakable. He almost broke but Ana got there in time. How much I can repair with time depends on him. He figures Ana is his reason for trying... Bad thing when them tormenters try and turn an Angel." A sad look was in Raphael's eyes. "You was stronger Samil. But in his day Arioch was as fierce as a lion and aptly named too." Raphael gave Samil a quick hug. "You be happy and learn to live good as you can. No sense being a hermit though a place of peace is a good thing."
Luciana Morning Star 12/08/18 *Ana smiled at Samil and handed him a plant. "It's my way of saying Thank you for what you did for Arioch. Aunt Raphael is looking after him. It's called a Poinsetta, a Christmas plant. Thank you."
Arioch 12/08/18 Arioch smiled a little at Samil. "I have sat in a cage like you. Is it hard to manage being free? " He had given no thought beyond free and staying out of one.
Arioch 12/08/18 "You have my word. Ana won't see no harm from me." Arioch's other hand closed over his other hand. "You have my word." He felt as though as a door had finally opened and somewhere there was light in this dark place.
Arioch 12/08/18 Arioch nodded as he put his hand out to Samil. "I promise no harm. Ana was kind...a saving grace." He didn't expect Samil to shake hands but he was making the effort to do some serious mending. "I won't be acting like an ass hat."
Arioch 12/08/18 Arioch felt like an idiot for the half crazed things he had said and down. He had insulted another angelic and had reminded him of some place he'd rather lea d behind him. He manned up and meant what he said. "I am sorry for what I said and did." He left feeling sad and if his words call on deaf ears .
Luciana Morning Star 12/07/18 Ana held a copy of a no-kill,no-torture order signed in her childish handwriting. She looked at Samil. "I showed a little kindness to a man in a cage. I signed the order to stop them from hurting him and no kill to prevent that. I hurt you when you hurt Lyl and now you are free. Would you deny the same for another? Let him prove himself. Arioch wasn't broken he forgot who he was." Ana's blue eyes filled with tears. "Forgive as you have been forgiven Samil."
Arioch 12/07/18 Arioch appearing as one white wing and one black wing emerged from behind him. He looked with disdain at a former caged member in Hell. "Good to see you again Samil! I disposed of the ******* who opened the cages. Small price for a little freedom. Catch me if you can." Arioch's golden eyes went feral and he smirked at Samil. Did you find Lylth? Devil knows you and your mumblings..."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Oh this is going to be very fun."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 Raises a brow "Giving ideas are we?!"
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 Never that buttercup!
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Two words..BRING IT!"
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 I do not squirm so easy buttercup.
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 Grins as the shake. Starts to think of ways to make him cave. "Yes indeed."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Okay fair enough then. Let the games begin!" Puts out her small hand "Shake on it!?"
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Okay first to cave and tell their true feelings about the other looses."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "No rules, Everything goes first to cave well we have to see."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Funny cause I do to. Shall we wager then. I will even let you name the stakes"
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Oh I say bring it! Challenges are always fun."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "Oh man up you said you might like it!" Giving a grin as her coffee hits her lips and turns to walk to his cabin
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 Smirks "You know what your right you just might! But I hear Raven has a special room discovered by Luci's kids." Winks
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 The name Sweet cheeks was one that Aurora hated with a passion. He was lucky he was cute and growing on her. "You know your lucky I like you and you bring good coffee."
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 I'm always happy for the most part.
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 "We do love our coffee at any given time of day for sure!"
_Aurora_ 12/04/18 Takes her breakfast with a smile sipping on her coffee. "Know a way to a girls heart!"
Raven_D 12/01/18 "I was talking about Aurora! Apparently everyone forgets Lyl don't have patience to wait!"
Raven_D 12/01/18 Stretch
where the hell is the ugly beauty queen?! I found Lylith [insert laugh Emoji]
Raven_D 12/01/18 Stretch
Had to pack my food pack and...I'm in NOLA so move your @sses!
_Aurora_ 11/30/18 Funny you call me that. Haha! Have you seen the fire breather better known as Raven? She decides to go on and eating binge before we leave?
Raven_D 11/29/18 Stretch
Meet us back at Luci house!
Seraphina Morning Star 11/29/18 Sera laughed listening to Luci talk. Watching the look on Samil face she smirked. "I will pay close attention to his words. Breakfast in half hour!" Turning on her heels she waves as she walks back.
Lucifer Mourningstar 11/29/18 Watchs the going ons between Sam and Aurora. Shakes his head and chuckles."First off not breaking anyone in nicely. Just not happening. Second you best be at breakfast, Samil. Third, you hurt her I'll be your wraith,not Father, Raph, Ana, Not Lyl or Az. It will be all Me!....Forth, my office after wards." He looks at Aurora and winks then gives a soft nod t Sam. Then turns to go home.
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "But that was a different story. But your not going to let me live that down now?!"
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Ghh! I'm the one who suppose to do that! Not the other way around! *hides behind a bush*
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "I maybe old but I still got the looks and the moves! Soo.." Blows a raspberry
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Ha I can look like a wrinkled old lady for all you know." Laughs hard
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Eekk!" Hides "Was just saying a nice vacation wouldn't kill anyone. Me in a bikini on the other possibly. Haha!"
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Well then I hear vacation in the future!"
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Don't tell me you forgot the beauty of the sun. The warmth of it on your skin. You need a beach!"
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 I am rather fond of the color yellow.
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "I be sure to not to wear red."
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Just be on your best behavior and you will live to see lunch!"
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "She is not that cruel. Making you sit at the kids table where your knees hit your chest..maybe. But not poison."
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Haha! A bit nervous are we!?" That made Aurora chuckle. "I do sometime make it in time for breakfast. Just be glad Luci not home. Break you in easy."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 Sera burst I to laughter. The look on his face was priceless. "Yes breakfast is at 8!"
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 People always seen the replica between her and her sister. True at one point Sera was the happy Barbie looking twin. But things had changed. She wasn't the same. Only thing that stayed the same was that she and her sister looked the same with one thing Sera was a blonde. "Good then I expect to see you on a regular basis around the Morning Star home. Breakfast is at 8.
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 Giving a nod. "You are correct. And that is why I trust my daughter."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 Sera stood to her feet dumping the towel into the sink giving him a glance. "They are right! Ana is my daughter and for me to just trust is very difficult. I understand the need revenge. That is why I fell. Ana trust you and I will live with it. But till my trust grows with you I will keep my eye on you.."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 "As in what they told you about me?" Picking a hand towel to clean up the glass of the floor. Glancing up seeing him trying to hold back a smirk. "I no that what was done can not be undone. Have you seen Lylith since?"
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 Looking at Samil as Ana spoke to her. She stood back up going into the fridge to get a drink for Ana. "Care for a drink Samil? Tell me what is it they told you out of curiosity?"
-Raphael- 11/28/18 Raphael would let him do as he requested. She would meet him a the tree house. She didn't fault him for his mistrust of others and he was concerned about Aurora. It showed her that he had some morals and common sense. She understood the bitter tone his voice. She knew what he was going through. Caged or chained it made no difference to her. She had been through what he was going through. "I aint here to pass judgement Samil. Promised Ana and Aurora no lynch mob. You pass the test. I will be there."
-Raphael- 11/28/18 Raphael was patient and she would wait for Samil to make the first move. She knew the man would make his own decision and that stood in his favor. She was here in a capacity that to help both sides reach a truce of mutual trust or distrust. A strained peace of sorts. "Samil you take the time to rest up some. If you want me to look you over. Send for me. There won't be no trouble for Aurora. I will explain that to you. I am patient. Been there and had it as bad you did.."
Luciana Morning Star 11/28/18 *Ana bit her lower lip. She was worried over Samil and what would happen to him. She had sent for the one person her daddy trusted and that was Raphael. She had found a feather from her Aunt and wished on it. Sometimes a little angel needed some help from another Angel or The Father.* "Raphael has come. She's trusted by me. Please find her at the tree house."
-Raphael- 11/27/18 She knew he was nearby but he allowed him his privacy. "I reckon being caged has given you made something you shouldn't have done. You got Ana speaking up for you. So I am speaking for that child too. She needs protecting some baddies worse than you gonna come for her."
-Raphael- 11/27/18 Raphael had been asked to seek out a fallen angel called Samil. She went in search of him. She felt he was near. She left a small scroll instruction her to find her. "I hope you got some smarts Samil."
_Aurora_ 11/26/18 *stops taking in the thought that he was able to send. Lucky for him there was a little one that wanted Aurora to help him. Making her way to the site he sent. She finds it and makes her say in. Finding him laying in an unmade bed in deep sweat.*
Luciana Morning Star 11/26/18 *Ana winced a little as Samil managed a short grunt.* ~Hold please! Where are you?~
_Aurora_ 11/24/18 Aurora gets what she needed and heads out the house leaving Ana with her mother watching over Lyl. She heads to where Sam got shot and starts her search from there. "Where the hell is this man hiding?"
Luciana Morning Star 11/24/18 *Ana whispered greatly in the mind of Samil. She didnot like what he did to her Auntie Lyl. But her Auntie would get better. Would this nasty person leave her Auntie alone now? A few small words were for him.* ~Help is on the way.~ *Ana turned her attentions to her Auntie Lyl."
_Aurora_ 11/24/18 Aurora received the roses. It was a surprise who they were from. "Did he fall on his head?" Maybe the poison was hitting his brain from Ana bullet and just needs help. Taking them she put them inside.
Luciana Morning Star 11/23/18 *Ana watched as Samil off and s she glared at him. He was a nasty man. She had no sympathy for him. The poison would hit that @sshat soon enough.* "You need the leash! Not me!" * Her words spoke in his mind.*
_Aurora_ 11/23/18 'Sweet cheeks' those are words that irritate the Aurora. Picking up Lyl from the floor putting o e of her arm over her and gets her out. "We will meet again Sammy be sure of it!"
_Aurora_ 11/23/18 Aurora looks down and kneels checking her friend. Yes friend. She stands her wings open and takes flight behind him. Pulling out her flaming whip giving it a crack. The tip just nips his left wing. She yells "enjoy the poison it will take you soon!"
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 *Ana stood her ground as he hissed at her. She didnot like bullies. She liked her Auntie Lyl. But she wasnot married to this one. She was with Azazel. * "You're a very bad man! My daddy will enjoy kicking your damn @ss! I donot like you!" *Ana's blue orbs turned a stormy gunmetal gray. She walked a short distance away from the man. She then turned around and her little gun spoke for her. A red hot bullet was aimed for his bottom. She bite her lower lip and waited for the impact on that bottom. She was her father's daughter and none of his demons would tell her otherwise!*
Luciana Morning Star 11/22/18 "I heard about you....Hell's bad boy? Didn't my daddy lock your sorry @ss in a cage?" *Ana stuck her tongue out at him.*
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 "Ha! I will always be this way no matter what. You are right I did say I haven't seen her." Shrugs her small shoulders "But you was the one who said 'anyone who stands in your way.' Well I'm standing here. But you have not a clue as to where to find her. She could be in hell for all you know."
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 "Did you just threaten harm to those around me? Tell me why shouldn't I just burn your aurs down now and save everyone the trouble?"
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Stopping in her tracks a burst of laughter comes out of the small angelic" Your wife..Lylith..?" Shaking her head as a finger shakes as to wait a moment. "Sammy..Sammy..Sammy she hasn't been your wife for..ouff a very,very long time. But with that being said. I haven't seen her."
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Walks slowly around the man. And amused grin now growing "And who is such demon you speak of? This place is full of them..Hmm."
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Smirk on her lips as her arms crossed her chest "come now Sammy you been locked away for quite some time. How the hell did you get out?"
_Aurora_ 11/18/18 Who in the Hell is not doing their job and let you out?
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