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Theodora Hawthorne 08/14/19 "Like a shiny penny," came the swift reply from the hassled woman. "Thanks for the welcome, but... how do you find your way out of here?"

Here being the maze of tunnels that made up Sine Metu. Mackenzie had neglected to give her a map of any kind. "Sorry - I'm Theo. Nice to meet you," she said in an afterthought, remembering manners. She was starting to feel claustrophobic down here.

Melinoe 08/12/19 "Miss Jewel got it for me for Christmas! I've been trying to come up with a name for it all day. Do you have any ideas?"
She pulls the critter towards her chest and gently pets it. Glancing up at her friend, she grins brightly.
Melinoe 08/09/19 Dante! Did you see my new friend? Isn't it the cutest?!
Flahme 08/07/19 The list in Flahme’s hand was an interesting combination. Funnily enough, one item was very similar to one on her own gift exchange list. cute undies. For a guy. Hmm, okay, she could do this.

Finding a small window of time to herself, Flahme went shopping. The first stop was a mirror emporium. She found a large ornately framed affair that she asked to have delivered that very day. The shop owner didn’t want to do this, Flahme convinced him otherwise. If Dante wanted to look at himself, he would get to look properly, head to toe.

Onto the second store where she found the cutest pair of briefs with a wolf right on the front. She suspected Dante was the type to enjoy telling someone, anyone really, he had a wolf in his pants. She also picked up a couple of new t-shirts for her gorgeous beau, Janus.

The last place on her list was a liquor store, where she purchased Blanton’s Original Single Barrel Bourbon. Fit for a king, and she hoped Dante would like it.

Hauling the mirror through the tunnels to Dante’s room, without being seen, was no small feat, but she managed it. Having wrapped all of the items she gingerly placed the mirror against the wall next to Dante’s door, then the bourbon and undies wrapped together at the base of it tied with a big bow. Before leaving she placed the gift card under the bow, knocked on the door then blinked out of sight.

It looks like you’ve been naughty and nice this year. Please accept these gifts from Santa Janus with love.
Bishop Orlav 07/30/19 "I'd prefer to have neither, myself. Alliances are essential to survival, however."
-firm shake-
"I, too, am called by assorted distasteful names."
"I typically reply with a straightforward jab to the throat."
Flahme 07/29/19 Spying a face, she had never seen before made Flahme curious. Approaching the tall fellow, she noticed the unmistakable smell of demon on him; she could always scent her own kind. Grinning she tapped him on the shoulder.
"You smell like fire and brimstone, an excellent combination. I'm Flahme. I don't believe we've met before. Welcome to the coven."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -nods-
"That we can agree on. Honor gets you killed. Experience keeps you alive, or at least close to it."
-strokes chin-
-studies the man-
"I find it is important to get a feel for possible allies. Or enemies. Whichever they decide to be."
-steps closer-
-extends a hand-
"They call me Bishop."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 "How can a king expect the blade he supplies to be the one in his back?"
-arches a brow-
"Fun is not typically how others describe me. Might I ask why you think this?"
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -stops the flipping-
"A terrible practice, really. Trust in others is what has slain many a king."
-gives a shrug-
"I make it a habit to be a step ahead, or expect the unexpected."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -narrows eyes-
"Yes. How clumsy."
-crosses arms-
"I suppose you are correct. Those with loose lips are hardly worth keeping around."-suddenly has another knife-
-flips it more-
"On the other hand, I despise surprises."
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -disappointment-
"I cannot tell if you are being withholding or are truly that boring."-stops flipping-
-tosses it to the man-
Bishop Orlav 07/28/19 -flips knife between fingers-
"Do you do anything interesting?"
-is very blunt-
Kira Garrett 07/27/19 Seeing that he responded to her note made the siren grin. He was just so interesting. Wasting no time, she prepared another message to her new penpal.
Perhaps it is. Perhaps it isn't.
A woman never reveals her secrets.
Are you sure Trouble isn't your middle name? Because It would rather suit you.
I'm always up for trouble. You know how to find me.
xo, K
Melinoe 07/27/19 She shrugged her shoulders, blushing ever so slightly.
"I don't have a lot of friends, ya know?
But, I'm working on it.
You were my first real friend though."
As he ruffled her hair, she made a sour face. Boys just don't understand how long hair takes!
Kira Garrett 07/27/19 Carefully sliding a slip of paper under his door, the blonde grins as she strides away.
It would appear that we keep missing one another.
Hope you're out causing tears and trouble.
Find me soon.
xo, K
Melinoe 07/23/19 She watched him in anticipation as he accepted the candy from her grasp. She didn't even know if he liked sweets. Nonetheless, she wanted to get him something. Something that only their warped minds would appreciate.
Mel watched him closely examine the creature encased in the hard sugar. Soon, the pair both had sticks dangling between their lips. She leaned ever so slightly forward, attempting to gauge his reaction before he spoke. Hearing his approval, her cheshire grin returned in full force.
"Do you really like it? You don't think it's silly?"
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 "You know where to find me, Dante."
She called over her shoulder. He was simply sinful. His sharp tongue left a tingle coursing down Kira's spine.
Dante had certainly left a lasting impression. A part of the siren was greatly looking forward to their next encounter. Perhaps the two could engage in some mischief together.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 Her lips pressed themselves to the shell of her ear as she spoke with a wide smirk. "Oh, Dante. You can't tease a girl with a good time, like that. She may take you seriously."
With a gentle pat to his chest, she took a few steps back. She begins to walk away, before calling over his shoulder.
"I am quite fond of what I see in the mirror. Maybe, if you play your cards right, you'll see more of this lovely pout in your dreams."
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 The blonde couldn't resist the urge to roll her eyes as he pressed his lips to the back of her hand. He carried himself with an air of a man from centuries past, which greatly intrigued her.
"I suppose you raise a valid point. Tears can be shed for a multitude of reasons."
Leaning forward, she pressed a chaste peck to his cheek. The gesture was innocent enough, in her mind. Plus, he appeared to be quite the flirt.
"It's wonderful to meet you, Dante. I'm Kira. Though, I must confess, I'm sure you've caused more of a stir of attention than I have. I mean, have you seen yourself?"
She smirked brightly, fanning his ego a tad.
Melinoe 07/20/19 Producing a fistful of suckers, she extended them towards him.
"I was at the candy store, and I found these! The lady said that there are real bugs inside of them!"
She rolled her eyes as she explained. Mel had a feeling that the old woman had been attempting to frighten her. So, with an innocent grin, she purchased the whole lot.
"I wasn't for sure what flavor you like, or even if you can have them, but I wanted to give it to you as a welcoming gift!"
Kira Garrett 07/20/19 My, aren't you a handsome thing?
You look like the type of guy who would break a girl's heart.
I suppose, as coven mates, I should be prepared to see crying girls leaving at all hours of the night.
Melinoe 07/20/19 Armed with a pocketful of treats, Mel set off on her search for the kindred spirit she had recently met. She had purchased a few lollipops for each of them to enjoy, or torment others with
"Dante, come out, come out, wherever you are." She sang the words, giggling at the end.
Pulling out a pink candy, with a small scorpion inside, she pealed the wrapper off and began to enjoy it as she searched for her friend.
Melinoe 07/18/19 You sure do know how to make a little weirdo feel special.
I'm glad that you're one of us.
Geoffrey Drake 07/16/19 Welcome!
Janus 07/15/19 -grumbles-
There are TOO many of you f*ckers running around.
Melinoe 07/15/19 Here's to a beautiful friendship.
A friendship of terror and thrill.
Melinoe 07/15/19 Oh, Dante.
You have no idea how scary I can be.
Bringer of nightmares and darkness, and all.
LillyEmperium 07/15/19 Welcome to the coven
Melinoe 07/15/19 Ooh, is your house dark and scary? Full of terror and nightmares?
Melinoe 07/15/19 You're pretty, mister. You look like death itself. Welcome to Sine Metu.
Jewel 07/15/19 Enjoy.
Never lasts long.
Word of advice? See how much free stuff you can get from it.
Katherine Murray 07/15/19 -stalks-
-stalks hard-
Roman Godfrey 07/15/19 Well, if you say so.
Averly Godfrey 07/15/19 Welcome to both the Realm, and the coven.
Jewel 07/15/19 Your feelings are accurate.
Guess you're wanted.
Lucky you.

Feel special yet?

Mackenzie 07/15/19 Don't you forget it.
Roman Godfrey 07/15/19 Welcome to Sine Metu. Holler if you need anything.
Jewel 07/15/19 Damn.
It didn't take her long.
Welcome to Sine Metu.
I'm sure you've heard of us prior?
-hair flips-
Jewel 07/15/19 Well, hello..
Welcome to New York.
Mackenzie 07/15/19 -sniffs at-
Melinoe 07/15/19 Welcome to the Realm, mister.
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