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Born: October 18, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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11/08/19 at 10:27 am
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Seth Malone

Last five threads posted in:
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BloemfonteinBloemfontein Facility
Created by Jassayla
Seth Malone 10/25/19 Shut up! You know what I mean. Like I said be there in a few hours in London.
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 Not my first Rodeo so its all good.
Seth Malone 10/25/19 Text Reply:If you so hurt a hair on her head I will PLUCK every feather of them pretty wing you have! I'm on my way!
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 I will look in to that. later there cupid. - Sheridan walks away smiling-
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 Thanks again. will be on the look out for some one like that? -Sheridan looks at him.-
Sheridan _J Mayfair 10/25/19 thanks . Who is this crazy one you speak of that I have encountered already?
Pennywise 10/19/19 On behalf of the admin team, welcome to the Realm. Just scream if you need any help!
Seth Malone 10/19/19 "Yeah alright! That head of yours must be a frightening place to be in."
LillyEmperium 10/18/19 Welcome to the realm
Charlotte Stewart 10/18/19 Welcome!
Seth Malone 10/18/19 Huffs scratching his beard as he looks at cupid "I want her..But she fking hates me right now there is now denying that." He chucked "Still feisty as ever. So this won't be easy."
Katrina 10/18/19 Welcome to the realm!
Seth Malone 10/18/19 You SOB! Wtf do you need her for? And yeah it was more like she found me! *Seth hated not knowing what went on n Eros head. Actually he really didn't want to know.
Seth Malone 10/18/19 You finally made it! Where the hell am I? And why are we here?
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