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Born: November 29, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Iva's origin story '78 Notes to Self' is now posted in her house forum.
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Edward Brollachan

Dessa Chambers

Parisa Tournier

Alice Barbour

Marius Tournier

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Contests2018 Winter Bloodies Campaign
Created by Cersei Lannister
Jared 07/20/19 "Thanks, I appreciate the welcome. You'll have to stop by more often then." He smiled and held out his hand to the woman "it's been a pleasure meeting you."
Edward Brollachan 07/18/19 "I don't really know what happiness is, lass, but if anyone can help me reconnect w'my emotions, it is Mo Chuisle."
Edward Brollachan 07/17/19 I'll have ye know, there is somethin' different about ye, but at the same time No man has ever won a game of "Notice anything different about me?"

Congratulations on all the rankin'!
vamp_goku 02/09/19 Goku gives a bow with a small grin as well.
"My apologies for not welcoming you to the coven, if there is anything you need or would like please let me know. Again welcome to the family."
Jacob Ander Morningstar 02/08/19 "Maybe I was just seeking attention." A chuckle escaped him. The amuse look on her face made him eyes light with laughter.
Kyla 01/30/19 Iva
Everything has a price. I figure it's a fair price to pay for my longevity and various abilities.
That doesn't stop similar thoughts to yours from happening... although I might trade it on the black market rather than slap a child in the face with it. You could end up with something you didn't know you needed.
Take care of yourself, as always.
PS - Not believable in the least.
Kyla 01/29/19 Iva
It doesn't matter how old I am, happens like clockwork.
Where are you off to? Back to New York?
Kyla 01/28/19 Iva
I have copious amounts of chocolate and wine, compliments of a surprisingly wise vampire.
Care to partake?
Parisa Tournier 01/23/19 Laughs softly. "I like the way you think! It has been quiet. When you're settled from your trip and ready to shake things up a bit, do let me know." Parisa was looking forward to a little mischief.
Parisa Tournier 01/21/19 Smiles brightly "well hello there! It has been way too long and yes I've been staying out of trouble. Mostly. Kind of. Maybe. A little bit." *giggles* "And you?"
Marius Tournier 01/20/19 -pulling a bag out of his jacket pocket- ive got plenty to control as well -he grinned popping a red one in his mouth-
Marius Tournier 01/20/19 -he handed her some starbursts- i always carry candy, mostly because im a child myself, theyre just little people
Marius Tournier 01/20/19 He laughed softly at her words then shook her hand "im Marius pleasure to meet you, im sure we will get to know each other well, and dont worry, relating to kids is easy just smile and be fun"
Malek 01/09/19
Malek 01/09/19 The nod is brief but there. Malek simply turns on his heel and begins walking down the sidewalk, seeming to have forgotten the woman exists. He takes about fifteen steps before stopping and turning, his head canting as he regards her candidly. Not one for social niceties, he yanks it from somewhere deep in his ego and manages a simple phrase.

"'ey, thanks, y'been uh big 'elp, darlin'," he says, offering a quick wink that only serves to make his already damaged face twist more garishly. Turning once more, he walks off, not even looking back.

All that's left is to bust into the place after it closes, get the ugly jeweled thing... well, not really ugly... Liv will probably like it. Oh, and the security tape.

Picture witha random stranger? Check.
Gift to elicit one of those rare smiles from Livia? Double check.

Two stones. One bird. Or something like that...
Malek 01/09/19 Malek walks past the strange woman with barely a glance. He looks over, his eyes grating over her features almost tangibly before shifting past them and to the window of the jewelry store. He finds himself momentarily distracted by the shine of a pair of bright, sparkling necklaces next to some green-and-gold something or other and a bunch of rings.

"'ey," he says, snagging the woman by her arm unceremoniously. He points to the display case. "If'y were a pretty girl'n y' w'gettin' somethin' 'ere from'uh man, which'd y'pick?" Malek gestures over the display of jewels and gold. Now, this is a game of dual purpose. First, he might actually want to get Livia something. Scout it out for her, using a woman's opinion to strengthen his decision. Good.

Second? The treasure hunt. He needs a picture with a random person, yeah? And the camera from the store is clearly capturing their two faces through the window as they 'window shop.' Sure, it's a bit underhanded and sneaky, but it's not like Malek carries around a camera and, well, he wants to win. Because Livia has promises to keep. And Malek has a treasure hunt to win.

Or is it the other way around?
Kyla 01/08/19 Iva
Good girl! Proud auntie moment!
Kyla 01/08/19 Iva
Couldn't stay out of trouble? Who bailed you out?
Edward Brollachan 01/08/19 "We're goin' t'ha'e t'keep ye tied up, it seems..."

Kyla 01/07/19
Dita Morgenstern 01/06/19 Auntie Iva
Do it. Wait ..are there bears there?
Dessa Chambers 01/06/19 Iva
Looks sketchy...

Do it!
Kyla 01/06/19 Iva
Two things...
One, click the link. Have a bit of fun. Why not?
Two, give your mother my love, be safe... and I love it!
Alice Barbour 01/06/19 ~Alice blinks at the text. Then blinks again. Then the realization sets in and she blushes in multiple shades of pink, rose and crimson. Then she saves the text.~
Dita Morgenstern 01/03/19 At Ivelisse's revelation regarding Marbas, Dita started to giggle quietly, the cat sounded interesting and adorable. 'Autonomous' ..made her laugh harder. But when the subject changed to Iva's piano teacher, Dita started to laugh until she was almost in hysterics."That sounds like too many cats!"

Her laughing quieted and she was able to think more on the Menagerie, the animals that were in the large atrium. "I stole them.. just kidding." Dita giggled behind the porcelain teacup. "Well.. Matias was a gift from Dresden."

Her smile all but fades as she recalls each animal she's brought back to the Menagerie. "Some were gifts to Dessa from others but the majority of animals that are here, that are not pets of other Menagerieans, I emancipated from different locations. And then some simply liked me and followed me home. From zoos and farms. And laboratories."
Dita Morgenstern 12/28/18 "It's a wonderful city. You should visit sometime the spring maybe." Dita gave a content sigh, lids heavied by the bouquet of the tea. Dresden was a beautiful town but quite cold in the winter. Though she's sure Ivelisse must know this if she's traveled to Germany previously. "They're expecting snow in the next few days."

Maybe Dita would even return home soon. Just to visit for a few days. Not anyone in particular, of course, but places that held fond memories. At the mention of the animals, Dita sits up from relaxed position, blanched green irises bright with curiosity. "The animals? What would you like to know? I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have."
Dita Morgenstern 12/27/18 The way Ivelisse speaks of New York, of course Dita is more curious now and quite inclined to take the woman up on the offer. Perhaps she will travel to New York in the future. The thought broadens the shy woman's smile. "I don't believe in coincidences either, Ivelisse. Nothing is random or trivial least from where I stand."

Blanched green irises study the woman and Dita wonders why the woman's mother would not travel to Paris. Maybe she is ill of health or feeble and cannot make the trip? The German girl will not push the subject but hopefully Ivelisse will be around Paris for a bit longer so they might get to know one another better. Her laugh though, puts Dita's thoughts at ease. Maybe her mother just doesn't like traveling. And then Dita is laughing at Iva's beer comment.

"I do miss it, but then I don't. Dresden is beautiful and similar to Paris in the sense of architecture I suppose ..except many of the roofs are red there and a lovely shade of blue here ..and the Seine reminds me of the Elbe. Obviously the language is quite different but all in all, I really like Paris." She sips her tea and tries to find the right words. "I have nothing left in Germany, no family to speak of. Paris is home now, with the Menagerie, the animals ..and my new family."
Kyla 12/24/18 Iva
We'll definitely be talking. I'm curious to know what's changed after all these years.
Maybe I'll have you do a read on me to see what they say.
Kyla 12/21/18 Iva
How have the cards been reading lately?
Dita Morgenstern 12/21/18 Her eyes brighten at Ivelisse's revelations. She is strangely calming to the young woman. Maybe it is her friendliness or how she speaks so easily about herself, unafraid to share details of her life with almost a complete stranger. Ivelisse is so welcoming that Dita finds herself smiling softly, relaxing into the chair and the conversation. And the tea, it's steam against her nose and face, the aroma, is warming, if not downright inviting.

"Have you been to Paris before? Will you be living here permanently now? And what is New York like? I've never been." A warm smile appears behind the porcelain cup before she takes a small sip. "Yes and no ..Paris is my new home but originally I am from Germany."
Dita Morgenstern 12/20/18 The sugar and cream is ignored while Dita focuses on the woman, her words. She whispers a quiet 'thank you' as Ivelisse gives the brief definition of her name. Life ..what a wonderful thing to have a name mean such. The young German girl isn't so lucky. "I think I rather like 'Ivelisse', if you don't mind?"

The name is beautiful and she rather likes saying it. It sounds so exotic, melodic. "I just don't travel well on my own.. it's very stressful to me." Her voice is meek, far off. Laurel hues drop to gaze at the mug in cupped hands. "Are you from Paris, Ivelisse?"
Dita Morgenstern 12/17/18 Ivelisse. What an odd yet beautiful name. Dita moves quietly to sit with the woman and gives a nod. "Yes, please ..I'd love a cup actually." A blush rises through her cheeks. "My apologies, it is a pleasure to meet you too, Ivelisse. You'll have to forgive me, I'm a bit out of sorts today."

Dita's head tilts gently, laurel eyes set upon the beautiful stranger. "I've never come across anyone with such a name. It's wonderful. What does it mean?"
Dita Morgenstern 12/12/18 It seems in her absence, there were a few new members allowed into the Menagerie. With her best smile, Dita approached one and cleared her throat. "Welcome to the Menagerie." Normally the young girl would be frolicking about, spinning, giggling. Today, she was jet lagged. "I'm Dita."
Yoshima 12/11/18 "I..."
What a woman. One, she's willing to help him protect his little swimmers, another to meet his eyes so boldly. No strangers in the Realm, huh?
" I know you?" She smelled familiar. Something like...him.
Yoshima 12/09/18 He froze at the voice - not so much a figure of speech during this festive holiday season. He was going to form icicles on his icicle. But a man needs to demonstrate some decency and manners, despite a lack of clothes, so he went *dashing through the snow* to hide behind a park bench. "Hasn't anyone taught you not to talk to strangers?"
Kyla 12/09/18 Iva
You must have me confused with someone else. I never push buttons...
Always well mannered and well behaved.
Kyla 12/06/18 *peeks*
Kyla 12/03/18 Iva
Wild horses couldn't stop me.
I'll be in that limo, and prepared to give you an equally squishy hug!
Parisa Tournier 12/03/18 hello and welcome!
Kyla 12/03/18 Welcome to The Menagerie, mo réalta.
Edward Brollachan 12/03/18 "Who would ha'e thought... a chance meetin' in New York would ha'e found yo'r way here, nae?"

"Bienvenido a la Casa de fieras, Ivelisse."
Maeve 12/03/18 Welcome to The Menagerie.
Edward Brollachan 12/02/18 A chime. Specifically the chime to indicate a text from an unknown contact. Edward pulled out his satphone and didn't recognize the number, but saw the country code, area code, and exchange and recognized them; New York City. He swiped the flag icon and read the text... and small smile crossed his lips. He quickly tapped a reply and swiped the SEND icon.

Señorita Ivelisse - I will send a letter of introduction to Mlle Chambers, and make arrangements for a limousine to pick you up with express instructions to bring you to the Manse of the Menagerie. EB

With a satisfied click of his cheek, he put the satphone back in his sporran and headed off to contact Dessa.
Kyla 12/02/18 Iva
Maybe one day...
Give her my love before you leave.
Send me your flight information and I will meet you at the airport.
Kyla 12/02/18 Iva
I don't think him finding you was coincidental. I'm in Paris as well. He is actually a coven-mate of mine.
You should come to Paris as soon as you're able. Is Luisa able to travel? It's probably not wise to leave her alone in New York, but it sounds like we really need to talk, it shouldn't wait.
Let me know and I'll set everything up for you. In the meantime, be careful. You're bound to attract less savoury people than the Scot.
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 Having walked the earth for over a millennium and a half, he had learned most of the tongues of the human species. When she asked his opinion of the Spanish, he quickly replied, his voice softened for gentle> "Los españoles son un pueblo bello y apasionado. Muy parecido a ti, señorita."
Withdrawing his hand slightly, he returned to English.
"Paris is as beautiful as it has been for... a very long time. It is still very much La Ville des Lumières... this City of Lights."
He reached into his sporran, and removed an obsidian business card, and handed it to her.
"if ye find yo'rself in Paris, please look me up. I'd be happy t'show ye the sights and introduce ye to m'Leader, Mademoiselle Chambers."
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 A soft chuckled rumbled in the chest of the tall man, and a subtle smile swept briefly across his dark features.
"Aye, I do hale from Scotland. A small village in the Hebrides ye probably ne'er heard of... Glenbrittle."
The r's of his speech rolled richly with the alveolar trill of his accent, and he offered his hand to her, palm slightly up.
"...although I am acquainted with an Irish lass at m'coven home in Paris. Charming girl, despite her Irishness."
Edward Brollachan 12/01/18 He had flown into New York on business; he still owned a great deal of real estate there and had to check with the lawyers and accountants who oversaw his holdings. Knowing most of the residents, he was keen to see someone new, and fresh, and was compelled to introduce himself.
His rich baritone was colored by a Celtic brogue. "Good evenin' miss... my name is Edward. How do ye fare this fine evenin'?"
Mackenzie 11/29/18 You’re very pretty.
-Not a psycho-
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