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Josiah Walker
Killed: December 31, 1969 at 07:00 pm EST
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Victor Lockheed 08/27/18 Ohh, her.
She was tasty.
I still think she liked me better.
Victor Lockheed 08/18/18 Oh, now my ass isn't up to par?
I guess you can't please everyone all the time.
Let's get together and kill some bottles of bourbon.
It'll be like old times.
Old, ooold times.
Theodora Hawthorne 08/16/18 Well, she certainly had gotten his attention. Not in the smooth, sultry, mysterious way that she had intended, but… things couldn’t always go her way. Roll with the punches.

“Oh, of course. Just…” She interrupted herself with a vexed bout of quiet laughter. She’d taken a handful of napkins from the dispenser on the table and was blotting hopelessly at her jeans. Raising her eyes to his after a moment, she offered a dauntless smile. “My morning bath.”

A waitress had noticed Theo’s plight and trotted over to hand her a towel, quickly whisking away the coffee-darkened napkins that now littered the table in front of her. With the kind promise of a fresh cup, she bustled away, leaving Theo alone and quite on the back foot.

Well, the cat was already out of the bag. Might as well let it out of the house, too.

Gathering up the remains of her pride, she and her coffee-soaked jeans stood and walked over to his table. “I know you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, but what the hell. May I join you?”
Victor Lockheed 08/16/18 Wow.
Are you calling me fat?
And here I was, pleased you were alive.
Devin Landry 08/16/18 uhh.. Yeah? Sure. Why not?
Devin Landry 08/15/18 Welcome.
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 Well, now, I don’t mean to offend, I just know a lost cause when I see one.
Tell you what.
You can watch me walk away.

-wicked grin-
-saunters off-
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 -considers-
Keep it up, big guy, and it may just be you.
-eyes up and down, appraising-
Mmm, then again...
You’re not really my type.
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 There you go again, you’re a f-ckin’ wonder.
Alright, you win. Name’s Jasper.
And who might you be?
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 It’s because of the person that I am.
Autumn Summers 08/15/18 Aye, our parents were special.
Pleasure to meet you, Joe.
Autumn Summers 08/15/18 My name is Autumn, and yours?
Autumn Summers 08/15/18 No. You may not.
Autumn Summers 08/15/18 Bull and Bear has delicious steaks.
Plenty of selections.
Autumn Summers 08/15/18 Welcome to the realm and what have you.
Jasp Thompson 08/15/18 You’re saying I’m a beast? really know all the right things to say.
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 Oh, feisty...
I like you.
Hit me up later, we’ll see if I can get you to call me daddy.
Theodora Hawthorne 08/14/18 Theo, sat at her tiny table inside whatever cafe this happened to be (she wasn’t here for food food.) had been burning proverbial holes into the top of someone’s head for about ten minutes. Not unblinkingly, but stolen glances added up. The man was sitting in front of her on the opposite side of the room, and a row of empty tables afforded an unobstructed view.

She was something of a connoisseur when it came to people watching, although her reasons tended to lean toward unsavory. This time? Honestly, she just really liked the way he read the newspaper.

For one thing, she rarely saw anyone with a newspaper in front of them anymore, and he was engrossed. He kept a hand on his mug as he read and would occasionally lift it to his mouth without taking his eyes from the paper. Maybe it was just the way the sunlight was hitting him through the window, but it was just. It was good.

Just as she was trying to work out some sort of smooth way to somehow strike up a conversation from all the way over here, the man glanced up from his paper and caught her staring directly at him.

A little jolt of embarrassment fired through her, and she looked away quickly, trying to retain some dignity. Trying to appear natural, she fumbled for her untouched mug of coffee, but promptly knocked it over and spilled it all over her lap.

Wow. Nicely played.

At least it wasn’t that hot anymore.
Victor Lockheed 08/14/18 Oh, there still is. Either I've just gotten better at burying the bodies, or you've gotten worse at hide and seek.
You're looking well preserved.
Jasp Thompson 08/14/18 you, by chance, f-ck your brother? Because you look like someone who f-cks your brother.
Samantha Winchester 08/14/18 "Hello my name is Samantha Winchester and on behalf of Channel 4 CNFOXBS I would personally like to welcome you to the realm. If you should be in need of anything please by all means ask me."
Victor Lockheed 08/14/18

Cici Wraith 08/14/18 She had no idea on what it was he looking for. Other than the fact that was she short he find nothing unusual. She smiles lightly. "You're welcome."
Cici Wraith 08/14/18 Somber eyes fall to the newcomer. "Welcome to the realm." The small redhead female says softly.
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