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Balthazar Remanzi


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Born: February 26, 2020 Forum Topics Started: 0 (House only: 0)
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 1 (House only: 0)
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10/15/20 at 9:54 pm
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"Men who fear demons see demons everywhere." mors, sed tenero id circumuectu amplectuntur
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 My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
Skull dripping blood commemorating the Bloodletting 14th Anniversary
Balthazar Remanzi's Biography
A cambion of the natural order. A union between a male human and a succubus. Always looked at as a outcast by both races, he became a solidarity creature. Making a cave as his home, he ventures out to feed as well as to find others of his kind. ---- Since coming to thg he realm through magical means, Balthazar has fallen in a trance. The trance of love has befallen upon him and he watches over a wonderful and special witch.
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Mortal ThoughtsWhat are you listening to right now?
Created by Dr Van Helsing
Shannon Taylor 09/03/20 Smiles and curtsies her thanks as she accepts the beautiful flowers. "You are too kind, truly."
Shannon Taylor 07/14/20 Well well well - look who made it to the Realm's Most Wanted wall!
Shannon Taylor 03/02/20 Smiles and curtsies in Greetings.
Ice Queen 03/01/20 "Dey be verily good warriors and must be respected"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 "Ye mother be like mine very protective over her babes" she turned slowly as she looked into the darkness and sighed softly "I beh the same to mah sons and may daughter"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 "The women of my tribe are ferocious and would kill those who harm them. The northmen would break them, use them for their own needs. I seen these males and they scare meh. I nay not know why"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 She shook her head "I be born in the shendi forests of Gor, males of the north or the Nordics as ye call dem would raid mah village and capture the women for bonds or slaves"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 She shuddered at the thought of feeding even in world as her stomach rolled. "Many will try and track meh down as they nay understand"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 "Dat would beh nice to have help finding her. Dis place is huge and I nay know where to start looking." Frowning slightly "I have coins to get food and other things but people look at meh strange"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 "I be trying to find mah twin imashe, but so far no luck in finding her" she sighed as she looked up at the buildings "I keep mahself quiet as people think I be strange"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 "I be knowing that place as its very quiet and no people comes dah " she said as her place was not far from the area.
Ice Queen 02/29/20 Ice frowned at him "dis cave ye speak of? Nay on the outskirts of city" she began to walk beside him as she looked around the darkened streets
Ice Queen 02/29/20 With a nod of her head "I nay know dah area much mahself but I can show ye what there is" she smiles softly as a shiver ran down her spine.
Ice Queen 02/29/20 She shook her head "nay I haven't as I beh from another world verily much like dis but nay buildings." Tilting her head as she moved closer to him. "Mah people call daemons, creatures of the darkness"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 Her skin prickled as she felt his touch against her fingers. Wanting to step back from him, this was a strange in nerving feeling that scared ice."aye ice beh my name. Ye is something I nay met before"
Ice Queen 02/29/20 She growled low as she her eyes on him. Tilting her head slightly "what be ye going to do to meh?" Raising her hand slowly to his, her heart began to beat faster.
Ice Queen 02/28/20 Noticing no weapons, ice relaxed a little "I be ice, nice to meet ye Balthazar" she replied as her eyes returned to there natural color. "I nay understand why would I be food. Are you a thing with pointy teeth"
Ice Queen 02/28/20 She let's out a low growl as she saw the male in the darkness. "I nay be food for ye male, unless ye want mah blade through the heart. So I be friend" Ice moved closer to get a better look at the stranger as she blinked.
Ice Queen 02/28/20 Her eyes became pure white as she slowly rose tall in the darkness.Dressed in her long brown fur loin cloth and top. walking cautiously down the stone path, her hand upon the dagger ready for a fight.
Ice Queen 02/28/20 Letting out a low growl as her head tilts towards the night sky. She was confused more about the strange buildings around her, watching the earth dwellers appear from wooden doors. Ice shook her head as the scent became stronger but unsure where it was coming from.
Ice Queen 02/28/20 Ice crouched down as her bow lay across her back, sniffing the air for strange new scents that night. Sensing something different in the air she moved closer
Raven D Morningstar 02/27/20 Pleasure! Should you need help around here be happy to help.
Raven D Morningstar 02/27/20 Welcome! Good to see fellow demons names appear.
Nina Parrish 02/26/20 Welcome to the Realm!
mist 02/26/20 *Most welcome*
mist 02/26/20
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