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Born: February 13, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 5
Affiliation: No Affiliation Mail Replies Sent: 5
Home City: Port-au-Prince Mail Sent: 2
In Union With: Not in Union Last Login:
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03/15/19 at 7:10 am
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Averly Amoret

Last five threads posted in:
ForumSubjectLast Post
RealmA Nightmare.
Created by Tyche Fortuna
Mortal ThoughtsRealm Bulletin Board: RP Classifieds
Created by Castiel
Anyssa 03/01/19 ~Nessa walks up to the newcomer with a bright toothy smile extending her hand.~" Hello my name is Nessa and welcome to the realm. If you have any questions or need anything please by all mean look for me. I am here to help those who are new."
Kat Steel 02/26/19 Congrats on PotD!
Averly Amoret 02/26/19 Congratulations on Profile of the Day.
Averly Amoret 02/24/19 "I've been wondering. Do you have to bathe in your wolf form? Or do you just grow used to the smell of dog?"
Averly Amoret 02/16/19
Part time friend, part time dog, full time therapist for yours truly.
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