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Born: June 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 104
Affiliation: Sine Metu Mail Replies Sent: 4109
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 46
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03/19/19 at 3:33 pm
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Before one ridicules another, they should check that they have no skeletons in their closet, before they find themselves the one ruined.
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Cici Wraith's Biography
NAME: Cici

HEIGHT: 4'10


EYES: Dark Somber

MARKINGS: A bird on the back of her neck, a set of wings on her back (purple in color, and no larger than a fairy's), a black fox with wings that appear to be watching on her neck (a mate mark)

RACE: Pixie/witch

STATUS: Eternally married to Raze Wraith
CHILDREN: Connor, Cabel (adopted) Archeron, Marcus, Sam, and Alexia.
JEWELRY: Ring containing a pure black stone that pulses, that is never removed from her finger and guarded at all times. A small ring made of shifting and changing hues before coming to a solid pink.

HISTORY:  A lifetime of hurt? Sure, she had that and more. Nightmares of past sins? Everytime she closed her somber eyes. A beating, loving heart? It no longer looked for love. A cruel fate? Could it truly be any crueler.

She was alive. She supposed she should be grateful for that and perhaps a small piece of her was. Yet, here she was alone again, a void so deep within she could never fill in. A voice in her head that never seemed to quiet and fueled her self hatred.

PRESENT: She was soft hearted, sometimes timid and more times than not too caring. Often times she found herself caring too quickly and most times it ended in devastation for her. A heart of gold, a friend once said. A heart meant for breaking she always thought.

With memories gone and the heartache fading, she wondered who would be next? People who seemed to get close to her seemed to disappear or run away. Was she cursed? Was there something wrong with her? Would she ever find her place among the ones who walked the Realm or was she destined to face it alone?

Recently, she finds herself more jovial, easier to see the good in people again. Mostly because of her husband Raze and his children. Partially because she can't let the hate and bitterness consume her.
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Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He scratches his ear before looking at her, “Is this one of those times my father talked about? The ones where I’ve lost already and just need to accept it? Cause you are right and I’m wrong even if I think I’m right?” It had been said time and again, but he was not a social creature and rarely saw the world as much beyond black and white...but he was learning slowly.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “Not sure about those...creatures...all that they seem to do is make life annoying. You know how I feel about annoying things like them.”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He blinks before pointing a paw at the fleeing lawyer, “But those creature deserve it! They alway egg me on, the way they strut around as if they are better than everyone else! We all know you are better than them!”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He huffs, “Surly you don’t mean me? I’m a gentle fox!” He then sees a lawyer walk by before letting out a growl no creature his current size could.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “You maybe Creation love, but our personalities should have been switched, cause you can be truly scary if you want to be.” He chuckle with her.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “You should have just sent them to me...I love getting annoying things to vanish!” He licks her cheek before spotting the shop up ahead.”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “So it’s kind of like a night makes right kind of thing? That seems annoying to deal with.” He wraps himself around her neck to begin purring and letting his natural healing energy deep into her.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “Oh...why not just do what I did when Cabel was being an upstart? I made him lead a bit of the kingdom, deal with every problem that cropped up, handle the taxes and basically be a true king since he kept saying he’d do better than me...he lasted a month before begging for help. So now he is the messenger of my lands and the ruler of the Lamia through swamp hag territories.”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “Sorry...what’s a strike?” He blinked and looked at her as he tilts his head in confusion.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He thought about it as she felt his destructive nature slowly lessening with her once more close by, “So...did you get to have some fun or relax while back with your family? Before you say anything I know we are your family I just meant that...they are your family and people and I know you like going there.” He blushed slightly as he felt slightly nervous, having never really been good at being compassionate for very long he still lacked many social graces and skills.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He leaps lightly to her shoulders as Alexia and Acheron follow along as foxes while he licks her cheek, “So what have you been doing beloved?”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 Sam returns to normal and giggles, “I beat da!” The boy then looks at her for praise as he growls, “I will never understand that! How do fleas always get away?!” He whines before sitting up and shaking, “Also...I may or may not have eaten something bad for me in your stash of brewing ingredients and now I can’t turn back.”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He scratches his ear in annoyance as she sees Sam leap to a different part of him, “I tried that, but he wasn’t even remotely interested it anything, not meats, fruits, vegetables, blood, souls, nothing! It’s almost like he doesn’t need food anymore...that or he has a very, very slow digestive process...either...either way...Damnit Sam stop bitting me!” He begins truly trying to get Sam off as she gets to see her son as a tick leaping around until his father lays at her feet a panting mess.
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 “True polymorphism, they both can take any shape they please and use it at will! Sam is actually a flea on me right now and it is driving me crazy since his first hunt apparently was me. Marcus found an owl and...well they just had a staring contest...seriously, he wasn’t interested in anything, nor has he eaten much since he stopped eating milk. Worries me a little”
Raze Wraith 03/19/19 He trots up as his fox self with two other foxes by him and drops a rabbit at her feet as Alexia and Acheron tip around her happily, “They liked their first hunt...though moving in their fox forms was difficult for them.”
Raze Wraith 02/02/19 He wakes momentarily to lick her cheek before yawing and returning to sleep, his small form shifting to a larger one so his tail can cover her properly as he purrs at her touch.
Raze Wraith 01/31/19 He is laying on her pillows as his fox self and sleeping peacefully.
Elisa Stratten 01/12/19
LillyEmperium 01/11/19 Congrats on being popular lol
Esper Valari 01/11/19 Play on, Sister...Play on.
Raze Wraith 01/11/19 Grins as he shows her the poster, “Someone is looking beautiful today.”
Esper Valari 01/11/19 Congrats on the profile of the day.
Liliana 01/11/19 Congrats on P.O.D!
Raze Wraith 12/30/18 “Looking beautiful love!” He continues putting up the posters of her PotD.
Raze Wraith 12/25/18 “Merry Christmas beloved, I’m happy you’re here with me!” He holds her close and kisses her under the mistletoe.
Synetta 12/24/18 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Raze Wraith 12/04/18 He snuck up silently behind his beloved wife before grabbing her and pulling her close, “I love you Cici!”
Ronan Boru 11/09/18 Saw pic of the wee ones they are cute. Congrats.
LillyEmperium 11/08/18 Congrats on the littles! They're adorable
Lesprit 11/07/18 Aurelia squinted at the card for a moment before throwing her head back with laughter. "I was right! It was a litter! Better hope they don't have an aptitude for shadows like Alice or you will be in an awful mess love."
Raven D Morningstar 11/02/18 There is a McDonald's on 34th St. Meet you there in 20.
Raven D Morningstar 11/02/18 Name location and I will be there!
Raze Wraith 11/02/18 “But I don’t get money for pinching your butt every day, so today is an extra special great day!” Laughs and hugs her.
Raze Wraith 11/02/18 He chuckles gently, “I go for a pinch and come out with money...this is a good day!”
Amari Preston 10/27/18 You are cordially invited to a Halloween Party which will be from October 27 to November 1st. Place is Amari Preston's House Forum. The forum will be open to anyone who wish to drop by! Happy Halloween!
Raze Wraith 10/06/18 He scratches his head in even more confusion before looking around, "Doghouse? My hounds are kept in the kennels...what the hell is a doghouse?! Am I supposed to be building them houses? know what, no, you know animals better, I'll start building those right away, but why am I in one? I'm fairly certain I'm in the streets...messy like a kennel though."
LillyEmperium 10/06/18 Welcome to the coven
Raze Wraith 10/05/18 He freezes and turns to look at her in confusion, "Wait...what? I don't own a couch?! When the hell did I buy a couch? Cici, are you renovating our home, because if you are then please don't buy any of those bloody lava-lamps...they mess with the mind."
Raze Wraith 10/05/18 His eloquent and elaborate response? He tosses a human in his way behind him, as if to slow her pursuit.
Raze Wraith 10/05/18 "Um...its see, the thing about that is..." With that he is flat out fleeing.
Raze Wraith 10/05/18 Gives her backside a small pinch, “Don’t all wives love having their husband’s hand in their back pocket? Or is that wrong to?”
Raze Wraith 10/05/18 He keeps his hand in her pocket without shame.
Raze Wraith 10/02/18 Grand as he shakes his bare backside, “Sorry love, I’ve been looking for my wallet myself.”
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 “Just getting back into shape love.” He kisses her and takes her hand.
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Josie giggled and nodded, reaching up and taking Cici's hand gently. "Okay Miss Cici. I'll be the best flower girl ever!"
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Josie giggled softly, nearly bouncing up and down as Cici said yes. "Oh thank you, Miss Cici! I'm so excited!" She gave a twirl of excitement, giving a gasp as she realized she never introduced herself. "Oh! My name's Josephine, but I like Josie better. I forgot to say." She covered her pink cheeks with a smile, gazing up at the woman.
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Breaking into a wide grin at the woman's friendliness, Josie did the best curtsy she could in her princess dress with a giggle. "Mister Raze said that maybe I could be your flower girl, if I asked really nicely and quickly," she smiled, blue eyes twinkling.
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 “Oh while I’m thinking of it, I found you a flower girl!” He chuckles and tells her of Josie.
Josie Nathan 09/07/18 Chewing her lip nervously as she approached the stranger Mister Raze had told her about, Josie held a bouquet of wildflowers she had picked out on the way. "E-Excuse me..." she murmured, a pink blush spreading across her cheeks in shyness. "Are you Miss Cici?"
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 “Why be discreet when you enjoy this so much more love?” He then gives her a kiss and a ‘subtle’ pinch before laughing and hugging her.
Raze Wraith 09/07/18 He blinks as he just gropes her backside, “Wait...I was supposed to be discreet about this?”
Donahue 09/04/18 Congrats on POTD
Raze Wraith 09/04/18 Wolf whistles as he spots the poster, “Love, they did take a great photo of you.”
Raze Wraith 08/29/18 “You’re right love, one hand is just not enough!” Punches her backside with both hands before running off laughing.
Raze Wraith 08/29/18 “Yeah well, everything looks good on you, Love.”
Raze Wraith 08/28/18 “Simple, they give me a reason to get into your pockets love!” He winks before running and hiding once more so he could ambush her again.
Raze Wraith 08/28/18 He grins and holds up several hundred different business cards as he chuckles, “Oh I’m just giving out my business card as well as my friends!”
Raze Wraith 08/27/18 Slaps his forehead and then kisses her, “Naughty girl Loce, that is what you are!” He spins her around in a hug as he laughs.
Raze Wraith 08/27/18 “Love you know I keep my wallet in my cloak, not my back pockets...or the front ones.” His eye twitches as he watches her going through his pockets.”
Raze Wraith 08/24/18 He rubs his backside as he looks at her, “Did you just...hey that’s my job love!” He grins and hugs he gently.
Raze Wraith 08/23/18 “I may have...planned to do that when our babies arrive.”
Raze Wraith 08/23/18 He smiles as he kisses her back, “Love, I’m not one to be quiet about things that have made me ecstatic...sorry for being loud.”
Raze Wraith 08/23/18 He kisses her gently and touches her stomach gently, “You mean our little one or ones? I can’t wait to meet our babies!”
Raze Wraith 08/23/18 “Hey I love our current situation Miss Cici. I am happy to be engaged to such a beautiful woman, and you never said you didn’t like my wandering hands.”
Raze Wraith 08/22/18 “As I love you Cici.”
Raze Wraith 08/22/18 You will know then love, if I don’t quite understand or feel you’ve gone too far okay?” He grins and gently hugs her.
Raze Wraith 08/22/18 “Never say sorry for being you Cici, I cherish your fun loving nature greatly.” He hugs her and kisses her with a grin on.
Raze Wraith 08/21/18 “Anyone else would be dead my love!” He spins around and kisses her before handing her a flower and grins, “Love you too.”
Raze Wraith 08/21/18 “But asking isn’t any fun love, or surprising is it?” He kisses her
Raze Wraith 08/21/18 He hugs her close and kisses her gently, “I do love you Cici, you little trickster.”
Raze Wraith 08/20/18 He shivers and looks up from his work, blinking dumbly before grinning and kissing her back, “You caught me reading love, and I love you too.”
Raze Wraith 08/19/18 He simply points to the side where Cabel is robbing people and building a perfect copy of France, complete with a small shop the boy had enchanted to actually work, “He and I got easy places, Connor go the United States.”
Raze Wraith 08/19/18 Looks up from the lint he’d gotten that now resembles Italy as he blinks, “Oh I just wanted your pocket lint, I’m making a planet of earth from lint and Cabel is doing France.”
Raze Wraith 08/18/18 “Cici, that one is easy, you just keep loving me!” He scoops her up in a spinning hug.
Raze Wraith 08/18/18 Gives her another pinch while still grinning, “Where the fun in that?”
Raze Wraith 08/18/18 (Sorry darling, sent this to the wrong person!) You failed to steal any money from Cici. He pinched her backside and grinned impishly, “Who said I was stealing money?”
Raven D Morningstar 08/17/18 "Then let's go! Cause I can eat like five of them."
Raven D Morningstar 08/17/18 "Hungry and missing that cheeseburger! We are going to dinner. You came?"
Raven D Morningstar 08/17/18 Smirks "it got to the point I turned it on him and he gave me his omen and keys to the car just to leave."
Raven D Morningstar 08/17/18 "Haha! Yeah had to make my way back topside.. Dear ol dad was driving me bonkers.!"
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