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RealmOh, this is ladies night...
Created by Niahm Connelly
Drusilla Warren 08/19/19 Dru's head drops to the side for a moment, she was trying to figure this one out. "That must be a lot of chocolate. Keep up the good work!" Popping her head back up she gives Aurora's an exaggerated shake. "Charmed. I'm Drusilla or simply Dru."
Matias Alvero 08/18/19 Taking the woman's hand in his own he gives a slight bow, his eyes remaining locked with the woman's. "I aim to please. A pleasure to meet you, Aurora. I am Matias."
Drusilla Warren 08/17/19 Well, thanks. I must say you are certainly very ... chipper.
Nicolas Marceau 08/16/19 *gives her a slow grin*
Nice to meet you, Aurora.
I'm Nic.
*reaches in and takes a sweet*
And I would never, ever, turn down kisses from a blonde.
Matias Alvero 08/16/19 ~purrs~
No, thank you. To be welcomed by such beauty is more than I deserve.
Jack Angers 08/15/19 -a slow nod of his head acknowledges the blonde- Appreciate the welcome.
Audric Roux 08/15/19 Audric leaned forward to stare at the female. His dark eyes combing her fair features. "Right. Why do you people keep popping up into my office?"
Nicolas Marceau 08/14/19 Thank you, ma Cherie. For the welcome.
Liam Moore 08/13/19 "Sleeping beauty wasn't a bad movie, I always preferred beauty and the beast."

Liam grows silent thinking for a moment. Such broad question and he really never knew how to respond. Well he did know certain things that came to mind but no was hardly the time to say them.

"Oh you must forgive me I had no idea but you are right I am sure we will manage as for what I like...well let's just say there are few things that I don't find pleasure in." Cheap answer it was cheap but he was going with it.
Liam Moore 08/13/19 Liam's eyes fall to her mouth as she flashes fangs. That was to be noted at least she wasn't a witch. He takes her hand in his own giving it a friendly shake, before he himself smiles reveling his own set of fangs. She showed him hers it was only that he did the same.

The wink caught him slightly off guard, that line actually worked? He was just a smooth as he thought. Or she pitted him but he wasn't gonna go with that. "Aurora that a lovely name. And I'm glad to hear that."

He nibbles down on his lip. " I'm really new and I don't know much maybe you could show me around? If it's not too much trouble."
God he was actually awful at this wasn't he.
Kira Garrett 08/12/19 As Aurora moves away, Kira playfully swats at her behind.
"You know, I am absolutely thrilled to see what you come up with."
The siren places a soft kiss to the woman's lips.
Liam Moore 08/12/19 Looks at the woman.
"Oh hey you welcomed me yesterday, didn't get to introduce myself I'm Liam and...

Nailed it.
Voodoo Raventhorn 08/12/19 Thank you for the warm welcome.
Liam Moore 08/11/19 Thank you
Leigh Roberts 08/10/19 "No, really. It's great. Every now and then I tend to take a bite.. or two. Plus, snacks are always nice for company, right? Look at'chu. Helping me get ready for guests and I haven't even moved in yet! Very nice."

Leigh's smile never widened but had warmed to Aurora quickly with her kindness. "You're fine. I'm not very emotional but don't let the face fool you. I love company. I enjoy people." Especially females of her own kind; easily relatable.

"Once I've actually made my room a home, I'd hope that you'd come by and perhaps we can do something? Here or go out?" Had recently moved from California and was in a cultural shock but almost everyone enjoyed comapny or even an outing. It was an easy way to gain a friend.

Jewel 08/09/19 Had asked for a few, possibly odd, things. Was going through some stuff. Recently got divorced, right before her ex husband died, and had her feathered friend die just after it all but luckily he came back. The process for the souless beauty was a bit much. Mostly because it consisted of feelings. It wasn't her strong suit.

Had been staying in Skad's room but occassionally ventured back into the hole she shared with Esper to gather some things, leave some behind. With one of those moments, she found two pillows and a basket full of chocolates. Who was this from? Approached her bed and looked over the basket for a clue, she had found the small card with a note written to it. In the middle of it all, the whole 'Janus' thing had slipped her mind. "Oh my.. thank you, Aurora." She said outloud. Needed to replace some items that reminded her of her old mate and these were absolutely more than nice.

She'd have to give Aurora a visit soon.

Leigh Roberts 08/08/19 "So we meet again, yes."

Offered up half a smile; that was a lot for her. Looking her over. It'd figure the first person she met would be in the same spot as she. It was about perfect.

"I can. I just don't prefer. Most of what I consume is in a glass."

Would take offered treat, though. "Perhaps later I'll eat the treat. I do appreciate it."

Leigh Roberts 08/07/19 Was far from bombarded by the locals. Would have to guess only special people are greeted about this place. Luckily a few were nice enough to show kindness to the newb. It was okay. More than sure she wasn't missing anything or anyone of importance.

"Definitely a pleasure meeting you, Aurora. Your kindness will be remembered. I hope to bump into you again."

She'd give a little wave towards the woman before she turned and parted ways.

Leigh Roberts 08/07/19 Stared with a nicely shaped arched brow. Taking offered hand, giving it a small shake. The fangs were far from alarming; she had a set of her own. The kindness was the oddity in this one.

"Thank you. So far, so good. I'll keep the offer in mind. I'm Leigh. Nice to meet you."

Shane - Powers 08/07/19 Thank You Kindly."
Leigh Roberts 08/07/19 Thank you.
Kira Garrett 08/06/19 Her lips brush Aurora's ear as she whispers. "I'm whatever kind of girl you want me to be, beautiful. But I do enjoy a good punishment." Kira presses a soft kiss to her cheek and smirks. "Oh, I'm sure you'll find all sorts of ways, darling."
Kira Garrett 08/05/19 "Well, perhaps you should punish that certain someone. A creature like you should be showered in affection at all times." She gently wraps her hand around the woman's. "You really know how to make a girl blush, Aurora." The siren grins widely, pressing a soft kiss to her knuckles.
Kira Garrett 08/05/19 Turning her head to the side, she grins widely. "Has anyone told you lately how breathtakingly beautiful you are? Because I feel like a certain someone should remind you."
Bodhi Jones 08/05/19 He brushes off her embarrassment with an obnoxious noise of dismissal, waving a hand for good measure. "Nothing to be ashamed of, laughter should never be guarded." To her offer, he bows his head agreeably, even as she moves to take her leave. "I will take you up on that, and go so far as to extend and reverse the invitation to you, as well. Be seeing you, Aurora." The soft farewell follows after the woman, and a final smile leads him on his own way.
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 "Ah! I was wondering the same." The peppy blonde's smile is easily returned, and he takes her hand with a friendly squeeze, releasing it unobtrusively. "Sincerity can be fleeting, but I'd much rather someone be stiff and genuine than forcibly bubbly." He pulls a comical face, tongue sticking out in a show of heebie-jeebies, laughter prevalent in his tired gaze. "I'm Bodhi, or Bo, if you prefer. It is an absolute pleasure, my dear."
Bodhi Jones 08/04/19 My, my, every time I turn around, it's someone new.
bows with a smile
Much obliged, ma'am, you are too kind.
Janus 08/04/19 Message Received at 8:07pm

Halting mid stride, Janus pulled out his phone in a hurry. His suspicions were right, that it was his lovely lady Flahme. However, instead of a cheeky comment or a question about dinner that night, she was letting him know that it was ladies night. All of the females in the coven had been invited. It was the perfect opportunity to hatch his plan.

Janus, quite the romantic, had already been shopping for his own lady. After she had moved in with Quincy, he found himself wanting to make her more comfortable. Having purchased new bed sheets, a comforter, and pillows it was now time for him to have some fun and buy gifts for his unsuspecting victim.

Procuring a scrap of paper from his pocket, he checked the list once more before heading into what some called an ‘Adult Sanctuary.” Also known as ‘Bed Bath & Beyond,’ it was here that he suspected he would hit the mother load.

His suspicions were correct, and he had gotten lost in the aisles a few times before snagging the perfect gifts. Carefully packaging it in brown paper, he placed the items in a colorful gift bag with sparkly wrapping paper. Honestly, it was more like he went shopping for a child than a grown woman, but it would do.

It was later that same night he snuck into his coven mate’s room and placed the gift on her bed. The girls were still out, and who knew when they would be returning home. When they did, and Aurora stumbled into her quarters, she would find his gift with a note that said:

”Live long, and prosper.”
-Santa Janus.

Inside the bag she would find a unicorn lamp, a sequin pillow, and a bottle of Blood Wine he had been able to order online.
Hector Olivier 08/03/19 "That's a no to nibbling," Hector reiterates with a smile. "I promise I'm the last thing you want to sample."
Hector Olivier 08/02/19 "Ha," he laughed, shaking his head. "Believe me, you don't want a piece of this."
Niahm Connelly 08/02/19 *group text*

It’s ladies night! Don’t make me drink alone.
Jayde Ana 08/01/19 Thank you, miss.
Matt Boru 08/01/19 Thanks for the welcome lass.
Hector Olivier 07/31/19 We should? Are you going to nibble me if we do?
Seven 07/30/19 Thank you.
Eloise Buchanan 07/29/19 Elle grinned when she received a prompt reply. Finishing her makeup she fluffed up her hair, then answered the text.

Princess Aurora
There's a cute little Irish pub just around the corner from here
Meet you out front of the building?
Sort of, nowish?

She paired stylish low blue sandals with ties that wound around her ankles and calves with a black wrap-around dress and a blue clutch. Simple and elegant. Elle put the essentials plus her keys into her clutch, then went to wait outside.
Eloise Buchanan 07/29/19 Blonde Princess
Hi, remember me?
Care to go out for a drink?
Just need to get out of my apartment for a bit.
Niahm Connelly 07/28/19 Many thanks, dear. Gotta love a good welcome wagon.
Satomi De Luca 07/27/19 Tomi never took her eyes off the other woman’s, spreading lips into an easy and warm smile that crinkled the skin at the edges of her eyes. She took the extended the hand and gave it a firm shake. That doesn’t mean she didn’t notice the elongated canines.

”Nice to meet you, Aurora. I’m Tomi. If I find myself in a tight spot, I know who to call.” She gave the other woman a playful wink before letting go of her hand.
Satomi De Luca 07/27/19 Yeah, man. Thanks for the welcome.
Eloise Buchanan 07/27/19 A slow smile tips Elle's lips up as her phone buzzes in her pocket. Taking it out, a small laugh escapes her at the message. Moving away she casts a glance over her shoulder to watch Aurora, noting the sway of her hips.

Pretty Vampiress
You'll be hearing from me.
Eloise Buchanan 07/27/19 Before the woman could get very far, Elle called after her.
"Aurora. For it not to be by accident, we would need to exchange numbers so that plans may be made. Wouldn't you agree?"
Elle fished a card out of her pocket that had her cell phone number written on it.
"No obligation, of course, you can take it or not. It's up to you."
She offered the card between two fingers, a pleasant smile on her face, though her eyes were intense and dark, prepared to walk away if the other woman thought she was overstepping some invisible boundary.
Flahme 07/27/19 Flahme's eyebrows went up in curiosity, recognising her new coven mate as a vampire. She always wondered what it would be like drinking blood, though she has no desire or need to do so. As the woman continued to hold her hand her eyes flashed red for the briefest of moments.
"Your companions find the experience of being bitten pleasurable?"
She thought on when Landon drank her blood, though they had used a knife for that to occur. Her brow furrowed at the logistics of it all, how would they have broken her skin with no knife? Fangs would definitely be a handy tool.
Flahme 07/26/19 Flahme notices the fangs and grins wide.
"Your teeth are pretty!"
Looking at the offered hand, Flahme takes it wondering what the woman will make of her extremely warm temperature.
"It's great to have you here, Aurora. Yes the people here are very welcoming, I'm still quite new as well."
Averly Amoret 07/26/19 Wait.
This isn't a sex club?
-Skadedyr- 07/26/19 The man watched the woman closely as she spoke. It seemed his actions were bringing joy to her? Humanoids were such odd creatures. With their hands departing he listened closely to her whispers. Brows knit together into confusion.

" Sine Metu is sex club but not sex club? Sex is how creatures procreate, yes?"
Flahme 07/26/19 Walking the tunnels, Flahme sees a new coven mate.
"Hello, and welcome to the coven. I'm Flahme, and who are you?"
The woman didn't smell like a demon; she could always scent her own kind. She wondered what sort of creature this pretty blonde was.
LillyEmperium 07/26/19 You're welcome dear. My name is Lilly, if you need anything feel free to ask
LillyEmperium 07/26/19 Welcome to the coven
-Skadedyr- 07/25/19 Skadedyr tilted his head at the woman's odd words. Adorable? What ever could that have meant. In all his years never had he been described as such a word. To understand the statement he would tackle it in such a way only he knew how.

"Aren't you adorable?"

Suddenly the meaning popped into his mind giving him complete understanding. A soft blush colored his cheeks.

Crimson hues glanced at the hand recalling what exactly to do with it. His initial instinct was to nip at the tips but, of course, he was no longer small and feathery. He had to learn to fit in!

Awkwardly a hand reached out to meet the woman's giving an almost too firm shake.

"Skadedyr is this one's name. Sorry, words hard for me."
Melinoe 07/25/19 Welcome to Sine Metu miss!
-Skadedyr- 07/25/19 "Is a return, but Skadedyr thanks you."
Kira Garrett 07/25/19 Only the warmest of welcomes for you, sweets.
Jewel 07/25/19 Not a problem, doll.
Hope you enjoy our family.
You need anything? Don't hesitate.
Jewel 07/25/19 So, you and Mack made nice over sex club talk?
That sounds about right.
Welcome to Sine Metu.
Kira Garrett 07/25/19 So you're looking for a sex club?
You know where to find me.
Welcome to Sine, sweets
Averly Amoret 07/25/19 Welcome to the Crew! Happy to have you.
Mackenzie 07/25/19 God. So easy. They’re all so ea- fun.
Jewel 07/25/19 Pulling back slightly, she would watch the woman's expressions of curiousity ontop of confusion. When the idea of joining a group with a person's peers comes up, the first question is almost always 'why' and/or 'how'.

But before another word could flutter from her mouth, the petite Irish came busting up.

"That's how." Points.

Mackenzie 07/25/19 Oh, sweetie. There are plenty of those in New York.
Mackenzie 07/25/19 Did someone say sex club?
Jewel 07/25/19 Little changed expression was given; just eerily calm look kept across her features as she looked to the woman. New York was claimed, by more than one group, but she liked to think that they were the ones to fear. It seemed the newcomer has yet to be picked ip by any coven. To not hear of SM was a shame.

Blinked momentarily.

"Sex club?" Shrugged. Not that she could imagine any single person in Sine Metu being a virgin, she couldn't claim that they focused on sex. "No, sorry.. just no." Shook her head. "We're a coven of like minded members of.." Dipped towards her. "..the darker side."

Jewel 07/25/19 If the girl was attempting to catch Jewel off guard, she had no clue what she was up against. The seasoned member of the Realm was amused by one of its newest residents. "You're in our city." It was her way of a warning. "I won't be the last to venture the depths of your pockets." Yanking her hand from her after she had allowed her to even capture her.

"Ever hear of Sine Metu?"

Ashlyn Starling 07/24/19 “Thanks. I try to be.” She laughed and smiled, placing her hands behind her back with the basket. “You’re quiet welcome. You’re welcome to come by again any time you want for more sweets. Ashlyn shook her head with a laugh and smiled more as she waved at Aurora. “See ya next time, Aurora.”
Ashlyn Starling 07/24/19 "Alright. I'll fix different kinds of chocolate for you." She laughed softly and smiled gently as she nodded and took the her basket back. "Yeah so I fill it up with more sweets for you to eat." She said with a smile.
Ashlyn Starling 07/23/19 "I'm glad you do." She laughed softly and smiled, nodding to what she said and hummed in thought as she giggled. "Alright. So any chocolate will do fine for you and it doesn't matter what kind of chocolate it is, right?"
Ashlyn Starling 07/23/19 Ashlyn glanced over at the woman that approached her and laughed softly, smiling as she nodded. "Yeah, I have more. Is there a particular sweet you want? I can make anything you'd like and however. It's nice to meet you, Aurora. My name is Ashlyn. I'm glad you liked my cookies."
Iva Herrera 07/22/19 Her feral smile turned back to pleasant, easily shifting from one polarity to the next. With a firm set of her jaw, Iva fished out her phone and typed in the numbers as they were recited, eyes intent on the screen rather than the retreating figure. With a few additional presses of her thumbs, she sent out a text.

Goddess of Dawn and Intrigue
Now you have my number as well, should you find yourself hungry or interested in sampling from someone divine adjacent.
Iva Herrera 07/22/19 Her eyebrow shot up again, impressed at how astute the blonde was. “Yes, indeed he was. The original revolutionary and antiestablishment rebel. Perhaps a god in his own right, even.”

Iva chewed on her bottom lip at the comment on pain, a thoughtful expression on her face. Her head bobbed in a nod of agreement. “I can certainly see how the pleasure and pain could lace together perfectly in that situation.” Her voice held a faraway tone, eyes gazing up at a power line above them as she thought. Clearing her throat, she chuckled and returned to the here-and-now. Giving a pleasant smile, she met Aurora’s green hues. “Yes, I guess one could say I have that proclivity.” She grinned a bit ferally.
Eloise Buchanan 07/22/19 "Yes, we were coven mates, so I know she lives hereabouts, just didn't realise we were neighbours. But then I'm not exactly out and about during daylight."
Elle flicks a look to the sky. "No, I'm not here to see her. I have a place in this building, I let a friend use it when she is in New York."
Elle points to a building across the road.
"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you Aurora, and I hope you enjoy your stay here."
Iva Herrera 07/22/19 “Well, I don’t want to say I am the opposite of divine. But perhaps coming from the other direction.” Her cheeks heat and she lets out a good natured laugh, manicured hand touching the spot on her neck where Aurora gazed. Her tongue flicked out along her lips, heart skipping a beat at Aurora’s words. “I’ve not had anyone taste me. Like that, anyway.” A brow lifts, ribald and lascivious. Her chuckle, however, matched Aurora’s teasing wink, not wanting to come off as a complete lech.
Iva Herrera 07/22/19 Her dark eyes twinkled with intrigue and understanding upon seeing the fangs. Deceptively delicate is how she’d describe them. An eyebrow arched and she gave a little nod and took Aurora’s hand in greeting. “The pleasure is all mine, Aurora.” Iva’s head tilted slightly, regarding the green eyed woman before her. “The Goddess of Dawn. A fitting name for you, if I may be so bold.” Her crimson lips quirked into a smile.
Eloise Buchanan 07/22/19 "Kira Garrett? Then you are in luck, she is a wonderful person."

Elle was surprised they both knew the same person, yet not, since Kira was a friendly soul.

Eloise Buchanan 07/22/19 The flash of white fangs noticeable due to her superior eyesight along with a streetlight made Elle smile in a similar fashion. That is, she showed a hint of fang herself. So, they were both vampires. Interesting.

"How wonderful for you, to have found friends so quickly then. I'm Elle, and I am in these parts from time to time. If I can help at all, please reach out to me."

Her British accent stood out as a stark reminder she wasn't from these shores. She held out a small card with her phone number on it, should the woman wish to take it.
Eloise Buchanan 07/22/19 Stopping at New York before she takes off for Australia, Elle thought to catch up with an old friend. As she got out of the cab at her destination, she noticed a blonde woman she hadn't seen before. Approaching with caution, so as not to startle her, Elle moved slowly trying to ascertain if the woman would be a friend or dinner.

"Hello there. I don't believe I've seen you in these parts before. Are you lost?"
Kira Garrett 07/22/19 Sending a simple message containing her address, Kira jumps up from the couch and begins to quickly make her apartment presentable.
That's sweet of you to say!
You have to know that there's no way that I would let you sleep outside!
If you have any issues, just let me know and I'll come find you!
I'll see you soon! Safe travels, dear.
Kira Garrett 07/22/19 Kira had been spending the short stretch curled up with a blanket on her couch, a cigarette dangling between her fingertips. A book was balanced delicately on her knees as she read each word with a careful attention to detail. She picked up her phone after hearing the alert for a new message and grinned.
I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully you didn't have your heart set on it too much.
I may have a few solutions, if you want to stop by my place? I have an extra room that you can borrow in the mean time, if you'd like.
Just let me know.
Kira Garrett 07/22/19 Aurora
If your plans fall through and need somewhere to say,
let me know.
It was wonderful to meet you, darling.
Until we meet again.
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 Ashlyn laughed and shook her head with an amuzed smile on her lips. "Yeah." She grinned.
Ashlyn Starling 07/22/19 She rolled her eyes and laughed softy as she smiled at the woman. "Fine. Alright."
LillyEmperium 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm.
Ashlyn Starling 07/21/19 Ashlyn blinked and let out another giggle as she shook her head and smiled at her. "Pfft I'm not adorable."
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 Feeling bold, Kira gingerly presses her lips to the woman's cheek before pulling away and grinning. "Yes, for anything. Who knows when you'll need a helping hand?" She pulls a slip of paper from her pocket and carefully writes down her phone number. "In case you need it."
Ashlyn Starling 07/21/19 "You're welcome." A soft laugh escaped her as she watched to woman with a gently smile on her lip. She was glad she enjoyed the cookies. Ashlyn shook her head and giggled, smiling. "No, thank you. I still have plenty at home. Yeah, everyone is nice and helpful."
Geoffrey Drake 07/21/19 Welcome to the realm.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 "It's a delight to meet you, Aurora. If you need anything, seriously, don't hesitate to reach out!" The siren smiled widely at the woman.
Ashlyn Starling 07/21/19 "Welcome to the realm. I hope you enjoy your stay as well as have fun." Ashlyn flashed a soft smile as she offered a basket of homemade cookie to the newcomer.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 "Given name is Kira, but you're welcome to call me whatever you like." She smiles softly, extending her hand.
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 If you need any help, feel free to reach out!
Averly Amoret 07/21/19 On behalf of Sine Metu, Welcome to the Realm.
Daxx- 07/21/19 Image and video hosting by Tinyypic

Daxx walks up to the newest member of the Realm. The Eternal Embrace Pirate smiled. "Welcome to the Realm. Have some Rum on me."
Iva Herrera 07/21/19 "If you need any help navigating, just give a shout. It's pretty simple though- try not to die." She scoffed. "Not like death stops anyone. Anyhow, I'm Iva. Pleased to meet you!"
Iva Herrera 07/21/19 The brunette offers a shining smile to the newcomer. "Welcome!"
Kira Garrett 07/21/19 Welcome to the Realm!
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