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Sometimes I drown in the sound like trying to find the silence. Lost in the noise of this world, Show me the way through the darkness.
(always open to rp)
Flint's Biography
Steele2 zpsk7gevfmt
Name: Flint
Age: Unknown.
Height: 5'11''
Hair color: Black and Grey
Eye color: Gold
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Family: Unknown.
Relationship Status: Taken

There are some things scarier than death, or so they say. In Flint's time, he had watched many of men fall. His father would say that the world was split in two, like day and night. On one hand, there were the humans, like himself, or for at least what was as human as the child of a half breed could be, then there was everything else. Some humans knew of things like his father, some things didn't. Some even knew what was to come. He saw these things with his own eyes as well. Hell, he even played a part in keeping the ignorance humans had intact.

"A little goes a long way, Flint," His father would say. Sometimes a few had to die for a lot of people to remain safe. Like said before, ignorance is bliss. To keep this ignorance in abundance, Flint would hunt. It didn't matter what his target was. Maybe a demon struck too many deals in one place, maybe a vampire was too careless in their feeding, or perhaps a human was too knowledgeable and willing to share their findings. All were fine in the Huntsman's eyes, so long as the job was done. Sadly, that little didn't go long enough. Not for him at least.

Eventually, Flint, uncontested, unwavering, ever devoted, and for a while, unstoppable, came to a screeching halt. Without a second thought, he struck a deal with a fallen angel. "The fires of hell, my blade, my duty, my power, my servitude, our bond. All are yours, for your loyalty and my satisfaction," she offered. He gladly took the deal. He'd keep her safe, he'd keep her fed, he'd house her within his vessel and wander, reaping, preserving her soul to keep this power and use it as his own. Though, he knew not of one factor that would define the relationship of his deal: The intimacy that came with sharing a vessel.

How she felt about the world, he saw. How she felt about certain beings, he understood. The beauty he saw in the world from her perspective was more than enough to change a man's view on life. Life was far more precious, but other humans were disgusting. Though the once limited time he had was extended, he found that humans were reckless with what little time they had, well, most that is. He learned that some simply found enjoyment in helping others hold onto what little time they had. Learning this was his first mistake in the eyes of his dark passenger and she was sure to make him aware.

He was still young, she was a bit older, but he was always there. She never knew why. At first, it was business, but eventually, pleasure made itself known. The Huntsman and the nurse were inseparable, mostly because the hospital was prime real estate for souls needing to be moved. This went on until she retired, then eventually, she passed and he hated himself for growing attached to someone who had so little time to live. Back to wandering he went.

It was a solid sixty years before he made conversation with anyone. Still, no matter how hard he tried to convince himself, he was still human. He still yearned to be close to another in some sense. Though, the job came first. That's when he ran into yet another woman who peeked his curiosity. A knight of hell, death with long hair, pale skin, and a diabolical grace he just had to see up close.
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Last five threads posted in:
Ronan Boru 05/15/18 Welcome to the realm. If yo should need anything please feel free to find me a nd if I can help I will. I'm Ronan Boru.
Mystic-husky 04/22/18 She nods and then smiles and gives hin a soft pat to the arm."Thats a good start then. As for the ground its either one of two things."She actually prayed for once she wouldn't have to explain if he was a actul newborn. "One your life as a mortal has come to an end. or your life as a immortal needed as rest." She stood and hoped her knew what she ment/
Mystic-husky 04/20/18 She smiles as she approaches."Soo Lad, Have ye come to terms with yourself my dear?" She says with a welcoming smile. He did remind her her a past friend. I suppose that was the reason she kept an eye on the lad.
Lilim 04/20/18 Her hand reaches out to touch his cheek, her thumb caressing it softly. "Shhhh, come. Let's get you taken care of, shall we?"
Mystic-husky 04/19/18 "Your very welcome. I see you have at least figured out that your a smoker."She chuckles softly. "Do you have any idea as to what or where you may be going?"
Mystic-husky 04/19/18 "Easy there lad. Doesn't matter if you can or cant right now. Just settle down and breath. It may just be lack of air." She dusts off his shoulder softly. Then takes off her cloak turning outside in, leaving it black. She places it over his shoulders softly.
Lilim 04/19/18 Only one person had ever called her princess. With a light grin she nodded. "Yes."
Lilim 04/19/18 She had seen him, even spoken to him and yet she couldn't really believe it was him. She reached out to touch him before pulling her hand back again. "Flint?" She whispered softly.
Mystic-husky 04/19/18 She smiles and the tips her head slightly."You seem a bit rattled, lad." she says softly. "Give your self some time, it will settle." She puts out her hand softly to place it on his arm. "I am Mystic, by the way."
Mystic-husky 04/19/18 Stepping out from the appearing mist, the small statured woman smiles. "Just wanted to say welcome to the realm. Shall you have any questions feel free to give me shout, I am always around here some where."
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