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Life is real short, smile while you still have teeth. ((OCC: Feel free to write me something, I don't bite...right away.))
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Born: August 03, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
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AdonisOMaera's Biography
"The need to knows about Adonis "Pretty" O'Maera." ((While a new bio is being crafted.))
>Current Theme song: Xzibit ft. Young De- Runway Walk

Age: 24 and 1/2

Star Sign: Libra and PROUD

Personality: Friendly Fun-loving, Optimistic, kind-hearted, hot-tempered, sarcastically inclined to be an a$$. Mischievous as all hell.

Occupation: Thoroughly enjoying working the night clubs. As well as any odd job he happens upon.

Height: 6.5ft

Weight: Easy 220lbs maybe more

Description: Stormy but bright blue eyes, Blonde sometimes Dark blonde hair (depends if he is working or not.) tawny skin and an athletic but slightly bulky form.

Fun facts: Moved to New Orleans rather recently, originally hails from small farming town. His Personality was too big for that town anyhow, there is no love lost when he left.

LOVES food. Adonis will never turn down free food, a chance to eat during any event, and or a date in which he has to make small talk just for a glance at a prime rib.

Like that of a garden fence, he swings whichever way the wind blows him. Definitely more of a heart kind of guy rather sticking to one or the other.

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Autumn Summers

Samantha Winchester

Aleister Carlyle

Kristoffer Forseti

Winter Summers

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Raven_D 08/17/18 Raven finally came back to the realm to find nothing but new faces. She thought she would greet one. "Hmm well welcome to the realm I suppose. Though it looks like you already made yourself cozy. Hope you do stay." A grin crossed her lips as she hurried off.
Autumn Summers 08/11/18 Adonis
Oh, it was divine, I can assure you.
Even had ice cream after.
I do love ice cream...
Aleister Carlyle 08/10/18 That name. That blasted name Aleister had left with the speedos and cheap cologne! Back in his younger days his pristine bone structure as well as his spotless complexion gave him the stage name of "The Manufactured Man, Ken!" The name was derived from the Ken doll that everyone jokingly called 'the perfect man' but, really, was he so perfect? Al never saw the allure. The women ate it up, though. He hated standing in that stupid box, but he loved the money that came from it.

he snapped back to reality at the man introducing himself, despite Aleister already knowing who he was. "Yes, I am very much aware it is you, Pretty." Another odd name to give someone but the large oaf seemed to enjoy it. At least one of them did. "What are you doing in New Orleans? This is the last place I would expect to find you."

It was peculiar to run into somebody from six years ago on the opposite end of the country of where they had met in the first place. Suspicion began to set in.

The man's offer brought his mind to a screeching halt. It took a moment for Al to process what was just asked of him. Blue eyes blinked in confusion, works tried to form but nothing came out. He was, for once, baffled! Before he could decline the invitation a certain brunette with red eyes popped into his mind.

She was a person of interest, and she was interested in him. Specifically, his skills in arousal and physical superiority to most other men. Even Aleister could not deny that Pretty was one of the more attractive males he had come across in his travels, and by far one of the easiest to work with. maybe he could be of use.

"Maybe. I suppose our time in the past wasn't completely dreadful."

They would be friends. For now.

Kristoffer Forseti 08/09/18 Upon the bag being taken from his grasp, Kris slid his hand into the back pocket of his jeans and pulled out a medium sized bag of gummy bears. In all of the snack world none could surpass his love of gummy bears. They were the one thing he had no self control with. A three pound bag could be gone in under ten minutes in his presence. Maybe it was a problem. He didn't care.

A few bears were popped into his mouth with a smirk pulling up the corner of it. Adonis' reaction to his remark made the smirk grow even larger. He enjoyed making a positive impression on others. It was his desire in life to bring light to whoever and wherever he could. In a world of chaos and misery, he wanted to bring order and happiness. Maybe he was a bit of a hippy. "Oh, come now! Pretty is not a gender specific term! Handsome, pretty, attractive, pleasing to the eye. All suffice." A playful wink emphasized his point before a few more bears were popped into his mouth."Keep the bag. I got plenty back at home, and I am content with my little bear friends here."

His free arm gestured towards the bench to insinuate he would follow Adonis. Once the two were sat on the bench, Kris made sure to recline back in a relaxed manner while still watching the other male. The question was pondered a moment before he finally settled on an answer. "I guess I am. The food, the vibe, the people. I seem to find myself there for either business or pleasure quite frequently. If you want, I can show you my favorite spots next time I come down."
Marah 08/08/18 +Walking up to the newcomer Marah bowed her head and spoke.+

"Congrats on making the realms most Popular. I'm Marah by the way."
Samantha Winchester 08/08/18 ~I read the headlines and chuckled. I had to go find him and congratulate him on his success. I finally found him with a crowd around him. I make my way through the crowd and smile at him.~
" Well Pretty looks like you made a hit here and you only been here for a short while at that. Congratulations on making Profile of the day."
Samantha Winchester 08/08/18 ~I watched him take my hand and give it a gentle shake. I gave him a smile when he drew his hand away slowly.~
" Well Adonis as for fun there is a few thing. There are clubs you can go to, beaches, and you can make up your own if you get what I am saying."
Jewel Saxton 08/08/18 -approaches while admiring his wanted poster-
Liking the whole useless look about you.

*congrats on potd*

_Soul_Darklander 08/08/18 Rolls by and wave to the newest resident of NOLA.
W_Kat 08/08/18 Congrats on PotD!
Aleister Carlyle 08/07/18 Aleister rarely cared enough to remember one's features but something about the man before him rang a silent bell in his head. Most people he had met never wanted to see him again. Why was this one any different.

As the man began to perform his...act Aleister couldn't help but tilt his head in confusion at his actions. It took a few moments but, finally, it all came together. The music. the lights. The gyrating. Bright blue hues widened at the realization of their past acquaintance. How could he forget?!

"Oh God... Cougar Night. Raining Men by The Weather Girls. Whipped Cream everywhere." Days of old when Al relied on the stripper pole for a wage and a way to rebel against his mother flooded his memory. The two shared a pole once. The look of shock transformed to a defeated frown. "It's been so long since I objectified myself for money."

Autumn Summers 08/07/18 Adonis
I should probably thank you for dinner.
I did use the money I picked from your pocket to buy it.
So, thank you. It was delicious.
Aleister Carlyle 08/07/18 -stares-
-steares some more-
-narrows eyes and does a double take-
"Please, forgive my manners but have we met before? I feel I've met you before."

Cheyenne Davis 08/07/18 Thank you. Much appreciated.
Kristoffer Forseti 08/07/18 The man's enthusiasm over the snack brought a brilliant smile to Kris' face. He had never found a situation that couldn't be made comfortable with snacks! With a hearty laugh the whole bag of chips was offered to the taller male.

"Right?! That's why I always carry snacks! They haven't failed me yet."

With a firm grasp he took Adonis' hand, giving it a shake. "Kristoffer Forsetti. Call me Kris. Pretty is a very interesting nickname, very descriptive of your obviously visually stunning features." There was nothing flirtatious about his words. He was simply stating the truth of the matter. That was, in a way, how Kris did flirt. He was nothing but respectful and upfront and people just seemed to enjoy that about him. "Ah, New Orleans. Definitely one of my favorite places to visit within the states."
Kristoffer Forseti 08/07/18 -munches some Doritos-
"Hi. Haven't seen you around. I'm Kris. Want a chip?"
Samantha Winchester 08/06/18 ~I see his kind facial expression so I gently take his hand with a shy like smile.~
"Its a pleasure to meet you Adonis. Please call me Sammie all my friends do."
Samantha Winchester 08/06/18 "Hello my name is Samantha and on behalf of Channel 4 CNFOXBS I would personally like to welcome you to the realm. If you should be in need of anything please by all means ask me."
Devin Landry 08/05/18 Sure do.
-waves hand in front of his face all over-
Right there.
Devin Landry 08/03/18 Eaten? Surely not!

Esper Valari 08/03/18 If you need weapons or some cash or BM to land your feet just send me a shout.
Devin Landry 08/03/18 No problem. Hope you don't get eaten up.
Esper Valari 08/03/18 Welcome to The Realm.
Devin Landry 08/03/18 Welcome.
Cici Wraith 08/03/18 "Welcome to the realm." Short, straight to the point. And the small witch wondered why her birds seemed to be her only companion. She wouldn't linger around the newcomer as it tended to make some twitchy. Instead she would nod and begin to continue down the road she had been taking.
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