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Jaylena's Biography
(Open to rp's anytime. If interested just send a starter and I will answer.)

Undead. Blood sucker. Soulless. All words for my kind. Most rang true. Most of us were cold, unfeeling, and quite dangerous. Especially those called newborns. However, once in a great while, there were those of us who still clung to our humanity. Who still remembered what it was like to have feelings and emotions. Whether good or bad. Some of us still clung to those feelings and those of us who did, we were the out casts.

My name is Jaylena. I was born into this world as an undead. We mature faster than most humans and stop aging once we reach full maturity. I took my kind by surprise when I reached full maturity at 17. Until I meet my true death, I shall remain 17 in appearance. Though should someone ask, my true age may just give them a heart attack. Because of my quick maturity I was trained as an elite. A vampire warrior whose sole purpose was to protect our royalty. Though I was young even by our standards I was damn good at it. Or I had been. But that is a story for another time.

I have been in a vampiric slumber for the last 200 years, only now being awoken. I was summoned, though by who, I have yet to find out. Why after 200 years has someone finally decided to bring me from my peace? Is it time for the prophecy of old to take light? I have no idea but I will search every corner of this place they call the realm until I find the answers I seek.

APPEARANCE: Stands 5'8, with a lithe and sinewy body structure. Pale, snow white hair, fall is waves to the middle of a long and sinewy back. Emerald green eyes with specks of silver framed with long white lashes, high pale cheekbones, a button nose and full pink lips. Usually adorned in bright vibrant button up shirts, cuffs rolled up to the elbow and the top two buttons remaining unbuttoned, followed by dark colored leggings of a sort, and finished with black leather combat boots.

SKILLS: Adept swordswoman, master archer and tracker, novice hunter. Superhuman speed and strength, enhanced sight, taste, and hearing.

STATUS: An eternity alone
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Last five threads posted in:
Ronan -R Boru 11/03/20 Welcome t o the realm though I know it is late. If you need any help just ask.
Mateo 11/02/20 He speeded to catch up with her and nodded. He knew what she was, he could smell it. He was told how vampires smelled by others. With his new senses he could experience for himself. "Fair enough then. I just appreciate the help!"
Mateo 11/02/20 He wanted meat that was all he knew. "A big cheeseburger sounds good to me!" He hadn't felt himself since his last mission and that was way he was seeking out his cousin.
Mateo 11/02/20 He pulled out the charger from his backpack. "I have that covered just need to know where I can plug it in. And possibly get some food."
Mateo 11/02/20 He let out a sigh. Well he would take it. He pulled out his phone and waved it. "Putting life back into this thing would be a start."
Mateo 11/02/20 He smirked "Hey can you help me! You have been around here longer then I have and I am looking for someone. My cell died days ago and I have no clue where o begin looking for her. I only know she was last in LA!" Yeah he may have been crazy asking her for help but he didn't want to keep searching the streets.
Mateo 11/02/20 *He looked at the female that had approached him*
"Thanks you as well."
*he could see she was uncomfortable speaking to him but was amused all the same.*
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