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Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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"Hold on, to the world we all remember fighting for.
There's some strength left in us yet.
Hold on, to the world we all remember dieing for,
There's still some hope left in it yet.
Arise, and be, all that you dreamed. All that you dreamed." -Flyleaf 'Arise'

evil adj, syn BAD, ill, wicked, naughty, rel base, low, vile; iniquitous, nefarious, flagitious, vicious, villainous, infamous; pernicious, baneful; execrable, damnable

Evil n whatever is harmful or disastrous to morals or well-being.
Special Items:
 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
My Minion Raiding Party kicked your butt
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding Party can beat up your Minion Raiding Party
My Minion Raiding Party won't come back
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
I went trick or treating at DemonKnight's Lair
Figurine Commemorating Ringing in 2008 with
Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 2 Year Anniversary
Black Masquerade Silver Rose ~ Participant 2008
Silver Goblet Commemorating Ringing in 2010 with
Varia's Biography
November 21, 2007: In the beginning…

When the world first came to know the being called Varia Rayne, she was then a vampire using her middle name to conceal her true identity after her unexpected death after the birth of her first child Marynia. Then she was Eden, a vampire with a strange history that alone could only be described as complicated, filled with pain and confusion. The father of her daughter had been killed by vampires who she thought for the longest time sought her out for her own death for having witnessed their actions but little did she know if it were truth or something her mind had come up with on its own. Fear kept her running as an undead woman as she kept the knowledge that her daughter was safe within the walls of her mother and father's ranch, Marynia would be well protected by a powerful witch and a strong vampire that were her grandparents. Though Varia had never had a close relationship with her father she trusted that he would help her mother protect the young child if anyone should come for her, and that along would allow Varia the chance she needed to control the blood lust that threatened to make her crazy. Little did she know that the stories her father had told her when she was a child working on her parents' horse ranch that the tales of a virus that would kill many female vampires from her father's blood line was more than just something he made up to scare her. In truth it was something that had nearly killed her as she chose to disbelieve the stories rather than trust his words.

June 2007: Salvation...

At the time Varia wasn't sure if there was much hope for her survival but by chance she had found herself in a Coven called Fractured Reality led by one she would soon to grow to call a sister; Cassandra. While her life there had been great the virus created a complication for her that was not easily remedied but with the help of two of her Coven family she went out on a journey to find a cure for her ailment. The journey took her and her two companions to the Carpathian Mountains where a powerful shaman was rumored to live and he alone was said to have the cure that would allow her, her survival and ensure that she have one last shot at her life. Though this shot wasn't what she expected, during the course of the shaman's cure the magic that had all along been dormant within Varia's blood was awakened and she was once again somehow mortal. Her first breathes of air were filled with the icy chill of the air that came down from the high mountain tops that loomed over the snow laden trees her body was under. While she had much to learn about her new life as a witch she was determined to have a normal life for both her and her daughter, a life that for so long she didn't know was possible to have. It had been years since she had been alive and to taste the essence of life on her own again was exhilarating.

Second Chances...

Though Varia's life was anything but normal now she was able to live life to the fullest despite the failed attempts at two marriages and relationships after them. Now knowing that perhaps it was best for her to give up on them and concentrate on her two children Marynia and Draven, she opened the Everthorn School of Magic where complications arose for her. A rivalry between the dark mage Maliketh the Dark started and would turn her life upside down being the catalyst that would lead her down more than one dark path. At first she accepted the apprenticeship of Maliketh becoming corrupted by the shadows he commanded with dark and cold hands, though there were those who would not let her live that way. With the help of the now late Ceangal and her then great friend Malifax she was able to defeat the shadows with the help of the Wraith that had taken up a home within her mind it was easier than she could have imagined. Free of his hold she had almost expected that the evil would be gone from her life, but Maliketh would not let it rest with that outcome.

With the school running the witch opened a charm shop for other witches of the Realm, though the hopes she had for the shop were soon banished by the lack of interest and even worse.. The wrath of Maliketh. In their increasing rivalry Maliketh planted false ingredients into a spell that Varia was making to help her and others to be free of the evil taint Maliketh was setting onto the world. While she mixed the spell a reaction occurred resulting in a large explosion that should have by rights killed the witch, but due to the different powders, potions and other pieces of magical artifacts the witch's life was spared at a cost. She lost her powers, and even parts of her memory which she felt she would never regain with the help of anyone who dared to try. In attempts to salvage herself, the witch turned to her friends and the one who had her heart- Malifax- though he soon vanished from her life to be unheard from and leaving her to feel absolutely alone with her plight.

December 2009: New Hopes... Perhaps?

With no one to help her, the witch took it upon herself to save her own powers and mind, though it was going to come at a cost she didn't expect..

Taking multiple trips around the world Varia searched for answers to how she could return her abilities to herself in one form or another. As it was she was able to regain her eyesight which she had also lost within the explosion, though to her that was not enough not when she had a magic school to run. Little by little she found pieces of a tightly woven puzzle that could offer the answer she was looking for to regain her magic and her mind. Her journey soon led her to Mexico to a twisting maze of caverns and tunnels where fear was more than just a word but a state of mind and seemed to have a life of its own. After days of searching the tunnels and making maps she had to return to the world, but was soon back to Mexico to resume her search and though it was fruitful she wasn't sure how things would come to end.

During her adventure she came in contact with a being called Kha'ash who offered her the answer she was looking for, a chance to taste the magic she had missed so much. Though being able to bring it back came at a bargain, a tiny piece of her soul in return for a small amount of blood that would bring back the spark of magic she needed to be able to continue to run her school and to be able to defend her family. As the exchange took place, Varia fell unconscious only to awaken back in her home in New York unsure of what had happened or if what had transpired was only a strange dream and nothing more. However over time she would grow to realize that it was so much more, so very much more...

The embrace of Kha'ash...

Varia was plagued by horrible dreams and visions for three days and nights before she herself began to rise during her slumbers and walk the world doing unspeakable things to innocent people. She murdered, she stole, and she struck the same fear in the hearts of the innocent as she had felt within those caves and tunnels. Though she had no recollection of them, she would after a week be able to recall what she had done and felt nothing but despair and pain for her unspeakable actions. It didn't take long before she had no control over herself, a matter of a month and her mind began to grow dark with shadows and evil intent. Returning to the site of the charm shop she called forth Kha'ash to finish their deal, the blood he had given her had only offered her a small amount of power and she wanted more. She had become drunk with the power he could offer her and there wasn't enough for her to absorb from her own studies. It was time for her to learn everything she could from this being she knew so very little about.

With her children in the safe guardianship of her parents once more she welcomed Kha'ash to her world with open arms, accepting him like a dark lover who could give her the world on a silver platter yet not stop there. It was in him she found her new strengths, her new found powers even if it all came with a price...
Struck down by Kha'ash on the grounds of what used to be the shop, the witch collapsed lifeless before the being stepped from the depths of its plane and took control. The demon soon arose within the body of the witch though she still retained some amount of life he essentially controlled her and her actions. The powers she awoke with again were her own but they were amplified by the presence of Kha'ash within herself but if there was any shred of the witch that had once been she wouldn't know of what had transpired. Kha'ash would soon again control her by night before slowly seeping into her life within the day as he had when he had given her a dose of his own blood. It is only a matter of time before the witch is entirely corrupted by the evil of the demon and still only a matter of time before she is driven insane by the actions she is forced to commit.

In Kha’ash’s greed he brought forth his brother Sha’ku-- who was far more sinister in every way-- from the fiery pits of Hell to come and reside within the vessel he had chosen for them both. Though Kha’ash underestimated one thing, the heart of a woman. Though Varia knew well what Sha’ku was, she was in mourning over the loss of the father of her son and turned to the closest person who offered her comfort in her time of need. Sha’ku offered her ways to numb the pain despite the warnings Kha’ash gave him about becoming attached to the young witch. Ignoring his brother‘s warnings, Sha’ku continued to take Varia under his wing further separating himself from Kha’ash who would soon become bitter about the fondness his younger brother had developed for the witch.
In attempts to drive his brother away he made Varia do the worst things imaginable including consorting with creatures she normally would despise considering her past run ins with them. Kha’ash did his best to corrupt her into a Black Witch- the most vile thing a former Earth Witch could become. For Varia, Sha’ku would become the voice of reason that would keep her on the edge of sanity and from becoming worse than she had already become.

List of shared powers..

Advanced Telekinetic Ability (Varia)
Fire Command (Kha'ash)
Necromancer's Touch (Varia, remnants of the Wraith within her head; amplified by Kha'ash)
Animation [Tattoos mainly] (Kha’ash)
Illusion (Sha’ku)
Shapeshift- Humanoid (Sha’ku)

Necessary stats..

Age: 24
Born: December 30th in Scotland, later at age of 19 moved to Moscow to attend Magic School, moved to New York at the age of 23 to be closer to her coven.
Height: 5’4’’
Marital Status: Could care less.
Orientation: Straight
Job: Unemployed (for now)
Weapons of choice in combat: Long sword or bow.
Distinguishing Marks: Usually wears a small nose ring in her left nostril. Has various small tattoos on her body that are usually kept hidden. Some tattoos that look like scars are in the shape of animals and will at the will of Varia or Kha’ash will become animated and become physical creatures that will move under either of their commands.
Kha’ash Sereg-rauko Mini Bio
Full demon, with the ability to talk anyone into doing anything he wants. The only one who can escape the silver tongue of Kha’ash is his younger half brother Sha’ku and his twin brother Mordikay. Though Kha’ash was always closer with Sha’ku he held great respects for Mordikay as he led the Legion army across the depths of Hell commanding the corrupted souls that fell into their world.
Sha’ku Aduriel Mini Bio
The half brother of Kha’ash and the twin brother to Mordikay. Sha’ku and his twin are the sons of a fallen angel and a demon and both have the same abilities. Sha’ku and his full blood brother are just two of the twenty sons of their mutual father and though he was never the favored son he made best with what he had.

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