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Born: February 08, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Demon Forum Posts / Replies: 20
Affiliation: Carpe Noctem Mail Replies Sent: 234
Home City: Jerusalem Mail Sent: 6
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02/22/19 at 1:22 am
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Jacob Ander's Biography
Name: Jacob 'Rat' Ander
Race: Tunnel Demon, Shifter
Height: 5'10
Age: Unknown
Jacob landed in hell as a child since he was a thief to survive. Even in hell he never changed. He stole to keep his friend and himself alive. That and to cause trouble with the guards.
His friend managed to get free but he stayed behind. After her visit he finally decided to visit the realm and find his friend.
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_Lyla Monroe

Ronan Boru

Crimson Belladonna

Uriel Emperium

Angela Scott



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RealmTeen Spirit
Created by Angela Scott
Lloth 02/21/19 You can be alive and scream like a girl. You don't have to go to hell for that.
Lloth 02/21/19 Oh I won't kill you. It would be no fun that way.
Lloth 02/21/19 What's the matter darling? *She pulled out into traffic laughing softly as they head to Central park*
Blake Michaelson 02/21/19 Congratulations on the new rank
Lloth 02/21/19 Guess we will find out. *She starts it up and takes off with a start*
Lloth 02/21/19 I don't make promises. I make guarantees. *Swings a leg over her bike as she waits for him*
Lloth 02/21/19 Fine, come on. But if she gets stolen I am taking it out of your hide. *She grabs his hand and pulls him to the parking garage*
Lloth 02/21/19 My bike is my baby. Have you seen the people in Times Square?
Lloth 02/21/19 Locked in the garage of the Empire State building.
Lloth 02/21/19 Well hmm. That is a good question. I hate to admit I don't know NY as well as I should. So why don't we just walk the streets until something comes up that looks good?
Mystic-husky 02/21/19 Congratulations on ranking Jacob!
Lloth 02/21/19 I'm good with that. Where do you want to go and if you say shopping I just might sock you.
Lloth 02/21/19 I don't recall saying I wanted to get rid of you that easily. I mean I don't bring breakfast to everyone.
Lloth 02/21/19 Maybe so unless those words make someone mad. *She chuckles*
Lloth 02/21/19 Didn't we just do that? *Scratches her head with a confused look for a moment*
Lloth 02/21/19 I wasn't the one who stormed off now was I? *She grins as she steps back from him*
Lloth 02/21/19 *Shock registered on her face first, her body softened for a moment before snuggling into him. Her arms wrapping around his neck, she nips his lip before returning his kiss*
Lloth 02/21/19 *The cord bounced its course as they slowly pulled her back up. Now that was exhilarating. Making her way back down to the bottom she was all smiles and giggles*
Lloth 02/21/19 *How in the hell did he know she was going to jump. Besides between him and Bells they kept telling her to try new things. So that was what she was doing. Putting her phone away she nodded to the male and did just that. Jumped. The bungee cord letting her plummet quickly before snapping back up*
Lloth 02/21/19 Empire state building suited up. Why? *She wasn't going to mention what she was suited up to do thoigh*
Loki_ 02/21/19 TEXTS Prince Eric: Yes I do!. DOOOO It. That punch most likely will be worth the black eye DUDE!"
Loki_ 02/21/19 Texts: Holy hell man, back her back against a wall, your lips to hers.....getter done!

TEXTS: Dude!! Just walk up and friggen kiss the girl!
Lloth 02/21/19 *She hissed and threw her phone back in her pocket shutting it off. Making her way to where she parked her bike she started it and took off. Great way to start things off*
Lloth 02/21/19 *As her phone chimed she pulled it back out. Reading his message she shook her head* Was or is? I'm going out for a while.
Lloth 02/21/19 What happened to us doing this together? Hmmm?
*She puts her phone back in her pocket and walks out. She needed air.*
Blane Fields 02/21/19 Tunnel Demon huh?
Lloth 02/21/19 *She wouldn't go after him, instead she would forward him the texts between her and Bells* Taken care of.
Lloth 02/21/19 It is. *She sighed as he turned his back and headed back to his room. Way to go Lloth, she screamed at herself as she slammed her door. Way to go.*
Lloth 02/21/19 Fine. But you owe me. *She crosses her arms as she looks at him*
Lloth 02/21/19 You are the one who got caught you shpuld be the one to tell her.
Lloth 02/21/19 Or one of us could just suck it up and tell her
Lucifer Morningstar 02/21/19 In passing with fluffy in tow he stops. "welcome to the coven Jacob. Just a hint, there is stash boxes under all the box springs in the beds."
Lloth 02/21/19 You are safe. She will be more upset and disappointed in me than in you
Lloth 02/21/19 Could be extremely scary. Who knows what is going through her mind
Lloth 02/21/19 So uh how much trouble you think we are in? *She asks as she comes back out in jeans and a shirt*
Loki_ 02/20/19 "Scouts honor dude, you just happened to be in the hall at the same time I took the pic." grins and nods. It wasn't a lie kinda, not his fault Jake was going into lloths room at the same time. Nor was he trying to catch them doing anything. Fingers crossed behind back.
Loki_ 02/20/19 Grins evilly glancing from cell to Jake and back to the cell. Hits send. "Sending pic's of our new home to Bella!"
Loki_ 02/20/19 Stands in his doorway cell in hand and snaps pics of Jake going to Lloths room.
Lloth 02/20/19 *At the sound of the knock on her door, she wraps the robe tighter around her frame and wraps her hair in a towel* Come in. Make yourself comfortable. Let me dress real quick.
Lloth 02/20/19 *She grins as she watches him come out of his room and grab the tray. Closing her door behind her she giggles*
Lloth 02/20/19 *She had been up early. Earlier than normal. On silent feet she made her way to the restaurant that was a part of their new home. After charming the cook she waited patiently for her request. Taking the tray she quickly made her way to the rooms. One room in particular. Setting the tray down she knocked on his door and disappeared to her own room as if she didn't have a care in the world.*

Lloth 02/19/19 Mhmmm so see. You would have had to suck it up if I hadn't come along. It would have strengthened your bromance.
Lloth 02/19/19 Likely story. What would you have done if I didn't join? Ask Uri and Angel if you could share their room?
Lloth 02/19/19 Yeah uh huh sure. I am not the one who suggested sharing a room either.
Lloth 02/19/19 If you even think about sneaking into my room as a rat I will squish you. And yes I did win. I am staying in my own room.
Lloth 02/19/19 Ha I win. And no I am not having an extra key made either
Lloth 02/19/19 I'm not cute. And since you dragged me to the store against my will I am choosing my own room.
Lloth 02/19/19 I swear I so hate you right now. *She crosses her arms as she pouts*
Lloth 02/19/19 Put me down. You are making a scene.
Lloth 02/19/19 *Pounds her fists against his back* Put me down. This isn't funny. I swear to all that is unholy I will kick your butt.
Lloth 02/19/19 Not uh. Not happening, mister. Can't make me.
Lloth 02/19/19 That requires shopping. News flash, I don't shop for anything.
Lloth 02/19/19 And you don't think your bromance lover would tell her at the first opportunity?
Lloth 02/19/19 Do you want Bells to kill us on sight? I friggin hate you right now.
Angela Scott 02/19/19 "Oh you know being controlled by the witch doctors. But we will whip them into shape." She grins tossing a set of keys to Rats.
Lloth 02/19/19 I can't believe you just said that. *She socks him in the shoulder* Some things are not meant to be known.
Raven D Morningstar 02/19/19 Welcome to the coven dear Jacob. Make sure you keep the bromance to a minimum. *she winked and turned to walk to her room.
Loki_ 02/19/19 Hours after his own arrivel, he hears the pa and grins. This was gonna be awesome! Making his way through the coven keys in hand, as he had never had keys before. "Dude! Isn't this just the coolest!" Yes for once he didn't try to piss of Jake
Angela Scott 02/19/19 "You can go pick your own room in the coven. Loki still might get your stash though. Better lockwit up tight." She laughed..
Ravin 02/19/19 With a smile, she nodded. "Well then your all set, enjoy!" Walking away she had her own paperwork to do. "Oh and if you need anything my door is always open."
Angela Scott 02/19/19 Tackles Rats.."Ravin is right hehe good thing me and Uri have a stash of our own snacks. All the adults hide their stuff."
Ravin 02/19/19 "Welcome to the coven Jacob, would you like me to put your ranking on hold or let it go on auto? And please feel free to go through all the paperwork."
Lloth 02/19/19 Ha. You don't even know what I will do to get even so how do you know it will work for you?
Lloth 02/19/19 Ugh, luck is on your side right this moment. I will get even.
Lloth 02/19/19 Raven? You're kidding me right? She's a softie. She just likes to eat.
Lloth 02/19/19 Chicken!!! Bac-bac. *bursts into laughter* Gonna have to try harder than that.
Lloth 02/19/19 Donuts? Seriously? Do you think I keep up this amazing figure by eating donuts?
Lloth 02/19/19
Crimson Belladonna 02/18/19 She shrugs "maybe maybe not. But she does need to pass the bestie question and answer games."
Crimson Belladonna 02/18/19 Notices him sending text after text with a big smitten look on his face. He looked like a school boy seeing his crush. "Dear god you look strange smiling so hard like that."
Lloth 02/18/19 Maybe because I never have looked. Some people just don't really interest me like that.
Lloth 02/18/19 It still warped your damn mind. I seen some pretty messed up people but none of them ever thought I was sexy.
Lloth 02/18/19 You spent too much time in a cage if you find that to be sexy.
Lloth 02/18/19 You wouldn't know it was too late darling. No one would ever know.
Lloth 02/18/19 Who said Bells will ever know about this huh?
Lloth 02/18/19 Not afraid I will poison you?
Lloth 02/18/19 As long as you aren't cooking
Lloth 02/18/19 Ha! Now you are dreaming darling.
Lloth 02/18/19 I don't make promises only guarantees. So yes it will happen
Lloth 02/18/19 Baby cakes? Seriously? If I didn't you to help the others you would be eating my fist.
Lloth 02/18/19 Is that a challenge darling? If I choose to find something out I usually do.
Lloth 02/18/19 Yeah like that is going to stop me from wondering about it now. Do I need to ask Bells?
Lloth 02/18/19 Sicko

Not usually no but that doesn't mean someone else can't punch them. What is with the two of you anyway?
Lloth 02/18/19 My Sicko

Shush! Just get them in. I can handle the parentals.
Lloth 02/17/19 Sicko

I will take care of the parentals. You get them in and out.
Lloth 02/17/19 Many have said those exact words. Just keep up and you should be alright.
Lloth 02/17/19 Try? Tsk tsk. You are supposed to say you will.
Lloth 02/17/19 Better not disappoint me then.
Lloth 02/17/19 As long as you don't wimp out on me we can have that drink but if you are a lightweight you will never live it down.
Lloth 02/17/19 Don't tell me you are wimping out on me darling. I thought you were made of tougher stuff. Just get your a$$es here already. The sooner you get here the faster this can be done.
Lloth 02/17/19 There is nothing to think about. I am telling you that you need your head examined.
Lloth 02/17/19 Has anyone ever told you that you need your head examined?
Lloth 02/16/19 Have you ever seen my tantrums?
Lloth 02/16/19 Pft. Paz is more balanced than my crazy arse will ever be. She is a little crazy, a little sweet. I am all crazy.
Lloth 02/16/19 Ha. I make Paz look like a saint darling. Just ask. She has yet to master my skills.
Lloth 02/16/19 *smirks as her head shakes*

That is my bad side. Hang on this one is better.

Lloth 02/16/19 unknown

Whoa! Hold your horses junior. I am not old. I am same age as you. Not my fault I'm hotter. Which by the way, does this picture do me justice?

Lloth 02/16/19 unknown number

I swear, to all that is unholy. Waiting on you lot is like waiting on two old people to screw. Slow and damn near impossible.
Crimson Belladonna 02/14/19 Picking up her phone while sitting in the kitchen with her aunt and what seems to be her uncle. She smiled as her fingers began to type.

Happy valentines day! At my aunts house. Where are you?
Lloth 02/13/19 Thank you
Paige Morrows 02/12/19 Nodding she waved. "I most likely will. Not everyday I meet nice people."
Paige Morrows 02/12/19 Well the two girls I just met they offered to help. I just don't want to be helpless so going to explore.
Paige Morrows 02/12/19 Thanks I'm Paige it's good to be here. Just gotta figure out where here is exactly.
Crimson Belladonna 02/10/19 She rubs her head "you dork! Ever heard of strangers danger?" She snickered and rolled her eyes. "Your looking old yourself."
Crimson Belladonna 02/10/19 Bells turned in her seat her eyes lite and laughter came from her lips "Hey Rats did you miss me?!" She turned to look at Uri slouched in the front seat. "Uri meet Jacob, Jacob your kidnapper Uri."
Uriel Emperium 02/10/19 Pulling his hood up and grinning at Bella, the door opens on the Selby and the five foot ten inched boy bounds out. Sights set on the other teenager who is looking around. Macdonalds bag in hand he stride up behind him and quickly shoves the bag over his head and pulls him back to the car. Opening the door he shoves him inside and climbs in along side Bells. "Got him!"
Crimson Belladonna 02/09/19 Rats
"Don't move we will be there to get you! Meet us in the front entrance."
Crimson Belladonna 02/09/19 Her leg buzzed with the vibration of her phone both her hands where on the wheel as she drove. Pulling into a drive thru she nudged Uri her best friend of the realm then grabs her phone. Reading the message a smile crossed her lips Paz was a name that she was not called by many. Her fingers quickly began to type.

Ratz"It's Paz! Where are you? My aunt told me you was here! I'm going to kill you!"[insert emojis]
Crimson Belladonna 02/09/19 Texting and driving was never a good thing especially with passenger's. Good thing the light was red. Picking up her phone taking a look at the text that was blank and number unknown she shot a quick one back
"Who is this?"
Uriel Emperium 02/09/19 With a back pack over his shoulder and hoody up. He was heading out to find Angel and Bells. Walking down the street he bumps into another young guy."Sorry man, and Welcome to the realm." He says while stopping. "Help any help give me a shout."
Raven D Morningstar 02/09/19 Welcome to the realm! I am a mentor demon. Should you need help or have questions please ask. Happy hunting!
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 She shakes her head. She wished she was a mermaid instead of a siren but she kept quiet for now.
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Wish I was a mermaid."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "A bird of water maybe."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Er um yeah you can say that I suppose."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 After a few choice words she comes back with food as she hums and the waiter and cook look out after her dumbfounded.
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "I will go find out." She stands from the table and heads towards the kitchen.
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Haven't seen anyone that small."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Depends on who or what you are looking for?"
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Can't say exactly."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "I'm different then most people."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Many do not understand me." She shrugged softly.
Iva Herrera 02/08/19 A dark brow lifted as she felt the tell-tale tug of someone trying their best to relieve her of some cash. Turning around, she looked the man up and down, amusement lighting her face. "I certainly suppose that is one way to catch a girls attention. You that hard up, sugar? I've been known to toss a few bucks in a cup for those down on their luck." Her red lips spread into a grin.

Jacob Ander just failed at stealing money from you!
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "I avoid people like the plague. "
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Ha, you're funny."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "I'm sure you will be alright."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Do? Well once you meet people then there is a lot of things to do."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Er um they usually bring a menu to look at and then we order food."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 She enters the cafe and makes her way to a table. As she waits for him her eyes take in the surroundings.
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 She knew that all too well. She herself didn't really talk to many people due to what she was and where she was raised. As they reached the cafe she held the door open.
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "See now was that so hard?" She asked lightly. "Come on then." She lead him to a small cafe not too far from where they currently were.
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Well cheap doesn't always mean good. So give a girl an idea on what you like."
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "There are many cafes or restaraunts around. Anything in particular you are looking for?"
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 A pale pink colored her cheeks as she nodded softly. "Most welcome."
Ronan Boru 02/08/19 Welcome to the realm . I am Ronan Boru, Confidante at Eternal Embrace if you need anything please feel free to find me and I will see what I can do to help.
Ciaran_M_Boru 02/08/19 Welcome to the realm. If you need anything my name is Ciaran Boru a nd if I can help I will. Just ask
_Lyla Monroe 02/08/19 "Welcome to the realm."
Geoffrey Drake 02/08/19 Welcome to the Realm! If you have questions just ask! Need a house? Talk to Mystic-Husky. Guy smiled at the newcomer and winked at them.
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