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Aryiana Darkwalker


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Born: August 08, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Affiliation: Valar Morghulis Mail Replies Sent: 16
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08/13/18 at 10:32 am
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"Family is everything."
Aryiana Darkwalker's Biography

"My name is Aryiana. Aryiana Darkwalker. I know. It is an odd last name to have, isn't it? Well, between you and me it isn't my real name. Or is it?"

The girl introducing herself to you gives you a sly wink before continuing on.

"Well at least the name sounds cool. Don't you think? Anyway you can just call me Ary if you want."

Aryiana leans against the bar, twirling her drink in its glass before lifting it to her full lips, finishing it off. She looks up at you with a half-smile; her gaze meeting yours. You see she has hazel eyes that glimmer with a fiery intensity more befitting a predator than a woman of her apparent age and stature. Aryiana looks to be rather young, perhaps in her late twenties, and stands about five feet and seven inches tall. Her fair-skinned, lithe body is appropriately covered by a clearly second-hand, yet still somewhat fashionable, dark blue dress. The dress is sleeveless and leaves uncovered a tattoo of a Celtic knot on her right, upper arm. Her brunette hair spills over her shoulders, looking a bit disheveled, as if she had straightened it in a hurry. Your eyes are drawn to something catching the light as it moves with the rise and fall of her chest. It is a worn, silver pendant in the shape of an ornate tree, hanging from a silver necklace.

"Like what you see?"

She shifts on her feet and moves closer to you, pulling the pendant away from her bust and dangling it in front of your face.

"It's called the Tree of Life. It has roots in Norse and Celtic mythology. Ha! That was a bad pun, I'm sorry."

She pulls the pendant back and let's it fall out of view behind the front of her dress.

"I wear it to honor my ancestors. My grandmother claims, well, used to claim, that my family comes from a long line of druids. Whether it is true or not I can't say, but I can respect the idea at least. I consider myself a pantheist, and that's close enough anyway. Right? If you don't know what I'm talking about then there's something for you to look up later."

Aryiana gives another wink and then her gaze shifts from you to the window nearby. She looks out into the night and shivers.

"I'm sorry for going blank there. It's been a VERY rough month for me so far. Anyway, enough about me. You haven't said a word!"

She leans again comfortably against the bar and fiddles with her now-empty glass, giving you her utmost attention.

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