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Born: July 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 5
Affiliation: The Lycans Den Mail Replies Sent: 268
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 20
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10/21/18 at 9:10 pm
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 Blood Dagger commemorating the Bloodletting 12th Anniversary

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Adara Litvinova

Blood Maw

Vladimir Volkov

Cici Wraith

Seraphina Morning Star

Declan A Black

Taylor Black
Black Beast

Caitlyn Darrow

Devilish One

Josie Nathan

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RealmDungeons and Raffles and Prizes, oh my!
Created by Cersei Lannister
Josie Nathan 10/21/18 *eyes widen*
*bounces excitedly as she watches Soul make the crown*
Now I can have a princess crown! Ooh, can I go find more flowers so you can have a crown too?!
Josie Nathan 10/21/18 *grins brightly and nods, laying out the flowers as she plops down on the ground next to Soul*
Yeah yeah! What can we do with the flowers?
Seraphina Morning Star 10/21/18 Nope but soon I hope *laughs* I'm tired of waddling.
Seraphina Morning Star 10/21/18 Souuuuuuul been to long. How you been?
Josie Nathan 10/19/18 *giggles softly, licking the stray chocolate from her fingers*
Mommy is at home in the Den.
Her name is Miss Aurora!
Marcus Cain 10/16/18 "What I seek has yet to be revealed to me... but thank you."
Lucifer Morning Star 10/16/18 Thank you hun.
Josie Nathan 10/14/18 *eyes brighten at sight of the candy*
*holds hand out politely*
Thank you so much!
*eats the chocolate in one bite with a grin*
Pagan Bellemore 10/10/18 I will. Thank you again.
Pagan Bellemore 10/10/18 Thank you!
Devilish One 10/10/18 I know! I wanted to poke de soul!
Devilish One 10/10/18 *Rolls over giggling* My Souuuuuuuuuul!!
Devilish One 10/10/18 *Pokes the Soul and runs away*
Blood Maw 10/09/18 Yes my dear
Josie Nathan 10/09/18 *giggles softly at the mention of her fairy wings*
*...found in an alley*
Mmm I love candy! Lollipops are my favorite!
Do you like candy?
Poppy Adler 10/09/18 Thank you. I will keep that in mind.
Josie Nathan 10/08/18 *skips up to the stranger with a small bouquet of wildflowers*
*pauses and looks up, tilting her head to the smile*
Hello! My name's Josie!
*smiles brightly and holds out the bouquet*
*giggles, pushing her hair back and messing with the costume butterfly wings she had on her back*
I'm new in the Den, and I've seen you around. I just wanted to say hi!
Sophia Noire 10/06/18 Thank you.
Blood Maw 10/06/18 Most welcome..
Blood Maw 10/06/18 Congrats on Joining the Den.
Lena Prince 10/04/18 *bows my head* will do.
Lena Prince 10/04/18 thank you for the welcome
Travis Faulkner 10/04/18 -sputters-
"Oh, I'm nothing special. But, thank you, I try!"
-happily accepts the high five-
Adara Litvinova 10/04/18 -is probably half dead-
-will love this woman forever-
You are a godsend. Coffee is life.
-smiles brightly- Call me Addie, almost everyone does. It's great to meet you!
Cici Wraith 08/29/18 Cici had left a note for one of her dearest friends. "Meet me at my cottage."
Blood Maw 08/14/18 "Welcome back...."
Valentin Metzger 08/13/18 -stops-
-vogues- Danke, Fraulein!
Cici Wraith 08/13/18 "About damn time!"
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 She laughs and leads them to a small cafe.
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "How about today?"
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "Let's do lunch and I will tell you all about it."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "A little. No. Think I stepped big time into it this time."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "Mmmm maybe one or two things."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 She snorts. "I have never led an exciting life. That is not about to change now."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 She chuckles. "Depends on what you consider new."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "Among other things yes. So what is new with you?"
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "Being dead sucks. Everything seems to change."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 Chuckles and kisses Soul's cheek. "Glad to see some things didn't change while I was dead, twice."
Cici Wraith 08/08/18 "Well hello darling."
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