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Born: August 14, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Slayer Forum Posts / Replies: 2
Affiliation: The Fraternity Mail Replies Sent: 49
Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 12
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12/23/19 at 1:09 pm
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For the time being, Vince is not formally aware of the supernatural beyond superstition. Please respect this when interacting with him.
Special Items:
 My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
Blood Rose commemorating the Bloodletting 13th Anniversary
We are Legion, We are One - Fall 2019
Fought for survival against the Shadow Legion - Fall 2019

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Last five threads posted in:
Lyric Hedley 12/23/19 "The murdery atmosphere I can handle," she replied, a quirky smile lifting the corners of her lips, "but you're right, the guards here are terrible." She passed by him, through the door, with a nod of appreciation.

"And they have dirty sausage fingers," she shuddered at the thought, "gives me the willies just thinking about it! Thanks for the save!"
Delilah Palmer 12/19/19 "Welcome to The Fraternity!" Delilah nodded to the newest member of the sanctuary. "About time this crew has a new face!"
Nina Parrish 12/19/19 "Welcome to The Fraternity!"
Hadley Shay 12/19/19 Hadley might have screamed, she's barely five feet tall, wisp thin, and when someone comes barreling at you, it would be the normal response. Being handed a bottle of dye, now, that really didn't have what would be a normal response, so the tiny brunette would just squint her eyes at the male.

I would ask what was going on, but since I haven't seen you, I can't do that.It wasn't a lie. No glasses = blurry af
Valentin Metzger 12/17/19 "A pleasure, comrade."
Valentin Metzger 12/17/19 "Welcome to the Fraternity."
Kristoffer Forsetti 12/16/19 Vince
Did you happen to grab my chest from The Basement?
If not we need to make a stop there.
Kristoffer Forsetti 12/16/19 Vince
Send me your location and I'll be there soon.
Kristoffer Forsetti 12/16/19 Vince
Roadtrip, huh?
To where exactly?
Kristoffer Forsetti 12/16/19 Vince
Chill out.
I was out on business.
I tend to disappear sometimes so best get used to it.
Where are you? I'll come to you.
Kristoffer Forsetti 12/16/19 Vince
Where the f*ck is the sanctuary?
El Orlav 10/21/19 ~*~ The radar of a Frankentrollop was strong with her. She concentrates on Vince with a small bounce to her steps, as she nears him. Hum softly left her lips~*~
''Oh good. Good. Do you have a place to stay? I just came home and it's very..dead there.''
~*~ She wouldn't go into specifics about the dead people in the basement. ~*~
Sigrun Haefnirdottir 10/20/19 The sheer size of this female was enough to shock quite a few people, at least it was enough to shock everyone that she has come into contact with. Not like she could help the circumstances of her breeding. It was a different time, or.. well, world, really.

The clearing of his throat was a gruff sound, similar to a poorly imitated growl, and had the female a shorter temper, she could have taken it as a challenge. It was a different society now and thus, no challenge had been issued.

Taking note of the way he tried to not hunker down due to her looming presence, the female crouches down, an arm resting over an exposed thigh. A subtle scenting of the air has a familiar fragrance pinging across her olfactory lobes, faint as it was. No recent contact it seems.

Kristoffer Forsetti 10/20/19 Vince
Fiiiiine, I guess.
I'll be out soon.
I got business with Beaudoin anyways.
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/20/19 Vince
new Orleans?
Didn't a sanctuary and a coven just pop up there?
Just have to be where the action is, don't ya?
How exhausting.
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/20/19 Vince
Well, looks like The Den won't work for training anymore.
I suppose we need to find somewhere new.
Sigrun Haefnirdottir 10/20/19 The female was, in a word, MASSIVE, standing there before the much, much smaller human male and she blinks, tilting her head ever so slightly as she looked him over, a questioning look within amber gaze. Were all the males, human or other, so small?

"Where's Kris?" There was a heaviness to her voice, a northern accent. Far, far.....FAR north.
El Orlav 10/20/19 ~*~ Tilts head, twirls a strand around her finger, a mischevious grin across her lips ~*~
‘’ Hello there, are you... by chance.. in a committed relationship?’’
Virelai Tylwyth 10/14/19 So much to do, so little time. So many strangers to find and to play with. What a time to be alive this was, truly living. Yule could feel the blood pumping through her veins, though it did little to warm the surface touch of her skin. Her heart thrummed, eyes flickering with mirth and amusement and mischief as they scanned each person she met. She took it all in, quick as a whip, searching for the most interesting one among the many to pose her question to. This one? Boring. That one? No. So many to choose from, but Yule was selective. Picky if she were to say it, though she wouldn't.

At last her eyes fell on a man with a long stride and dark hair. He was tall. All of them were so bloody tall. Maybe she had a type. Tall. Brown eyes. Pretty. Yes, he would do. She pushed away from the brick wall she had been leaning against and sauntered after him. Her cool hand reached out, snagged his arm lightly in her fingertips, catching hold of him to get his attention. “I beg your pardon.” A silly turn of phrase since Yule wasn't doing any sort of begging at all. “Would you spare me a moment of your time?”

Her lips curled into a soft smile, lashes dipping to hide the predator in her eyes before she lifted her gaze to meet his own. “I'm playing a game of sorts. My friend has challenged me to kiss some strangers and get some photos of the happenings. Its all in good fun, really. Amusing to say the least. But it can be difficult to find willing participants. Since I absolutely must ask permission beforehand.” It could be difficult, though so far it hadn't been. Perhaps all the people in the Realm were just as warped as she herself was. Still, it wasn't a lie after all. “I was wondering if you wouldn't mind lending me a hand. A short kiss and a photo and I'll be on my way. Or I can repay you. Seems only fair. If you're even in a bind yourself I might be useful. What do you say? Can you help a girl out?”
Jeremiah Richards 10/14/19 Jer let out a little oof of air as the dog bound up to him to say hello. Then he chuckled and leaned down, careful to out his weight on his left leg otherwise he’d be tumbling on to his ass. “It’s no bother. They can normally tell dog people, can’t they? Or the complete opposite and they just like to mess with folk.” Jeremiah world then scratch the creature behind the ears and even down through the neck fur. “Lady is it? You’re a very good girl, aren’t you?”
Kira Garrett 10/06/19 -Sees yellow in the distance-
"Gang, gang."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/06/19 Caruso
Meet me at the edge of The Den Proper.
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/02/19 The large man's body tensed at the harsh words. However, could he blame Vince? What had he offered aside from swordplay lessons and flicks to the forehead? Why would Vince expect anything of him? Kristoffer really had nothing to offer the man that he did not already have; it only made sense not to expect much of him.

Lips formed into a hard line in his frustration. He should have just walked away and let it be, but something about Vince juts ignited a foreign flame within him. "Good. The less you expect of me, the less I have to do."

Much like his counterpart, Kristoffer was stubborn to a fault. Ocean blues rolled as he turned to walk away, leaving his back to Vince.

"Yeah. Fine."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/02/19 Watching the poster tear apart Kris tilted his head in silent confusion. Sometimes, he just did not understand Vince's thought process or behavior. What did he gain from being so difficult? While Kris admired his student's ability to persevere in the face of adversity it was that same stubborn mindset that was a pain in his ass on a near daily basis.

Balling his hand into a fist he jerked it back, annoyance clear on his features.

"Well, for nothing you sure are acting like a brat about it."

Sometimes it was hard keeping his comments to himself. For years, he never tried to have a filter. With his student, however, he needed to watch his words; which was easier said than done.

"If you're expecting me to apologize or some ****, it's not happening."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/02/19 "You should always be prepared for an ambush. They come out of nowhere. That's why it's called an ambush."

Deep blue hues watched the man's expression transform into an all too familiar pout. Once again that sneaky grin attempted to make it's entrance; alas, Kris' hand reached up to stroke his facial hair and, successfully, smothering it.

"Alright, alright, it was okay. They just never seem to get my nose right..."

Lowering his head he watched Vince curiously from the corner of his eye. With a sigh he retrieved the paper from his pocket and unfurled, straightening it the best he could. Just this once he'd bend in Vince's favor. The poster was offered though Kris' gaze looked off into the distance; embarrassed to even look the man in the eye.

"Here's your poster. Take it before I change my mind."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/02/19 A grin threatened his stern visage but, luckily, he was able to stifle the urge. Did Kris enjoy putting Vince in his place? Yes. Did he go out of his way to do so? Definitely. Sometimes he would find himself questioning just why he found such satisfaction in riling up the man but never could he find an answer.

"Give it a rest, pretty boy. You aren't fooling anyone."

After a few more moments of triumph he released Vince. Though his features reflected nonchalance, the twinkle in his eye would paint another story; a tale Kris would never outright tell.

"What did I say about dropping your guard before your victory was assured, hm?" A hand reached out to give Vince a slight push of the shoulder, a playful gesture. "If we were in battle, you'd be dead."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/01/19 When the paper was placed into his hand the males eyes finally locked with Vince's. And thus, his trap was activated. Grasping firmly onto the mans hand he gave a stiff pull, bringing Vince into a close embrace. For a moment they stood face to face, hand in hand.

Then an arm was looped around Vince's neck bringing him into a loose, yet controlled headlock while Kris inspected the page in his free hand.

"Wow, this looks nothing like me." With dexterous fingers he crinkled the paper up into a ball and pocketed it. "You really are so gullible."
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/01/19 An incredulous scoff escaped the larger man as he gazed off to the distance, a sardonic grin upon his visage. A hand reached up to grate through his facial hair in frustration. Why was he getting so worked up over a simple piece of paper? Had it been anybody else he would have just shrugged it off; but that stupid look on Vince's face. The way he looked at Kris, mischievous glint in his eye, just sparked something in him.

"I'm not polite. You're a real pain in the ass, ya know that?"

Blue hues glared daggers at the other man before glancing left then right. Reaching out a hand, he let out a defeated sigh. His eyes refused to make contact with Vince's.

"Mr. Caruso, could you please hand over the f-ckin' paper?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/01/19 The man's jaw clenched in obvious irritation. For some reason Vince could easily push his buttons; and Kris allowed it. Was he about to give up? Not in the least.

"I look plenty nice without a grin, thanks."

Heavy steps brought him closer to Vince, eyes lowered in a way similar to when they were training. Kris was going to see that paper; one way or another.

"I won't ask again, Caruso. Hand it over."

Large hands went to reach around the man in yet another attempt at stealing the mysterious poster.
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/01/19 Blond brows furrowed into a look of annoyance. Again he reached for the poster, this time with a bit more moxie. What was this guy on about?

"Smiling isn't my thing so clearly you got the wrong guy."

Kris invaded the shorter man's space in an attempt to corner him with both hands trying to snatch the poster from his hands.

"Give it!"
Kristoffer Forsetti 10/01/19 Kris' deep blue gaze remained on Vince as he did what he came to do. Features formed into that of his typical grumpiness at the man's words. He reached out for the paper in an attempt to snatch it away

"The hell you on about now?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/27/19 -narrows eyes-
-purses lips-
-leans forward-
"You make a good point."
-slowly rises as if to make a point-
-bucks Vince off-
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/27/19
"If I knew you'd be this annoying about it I wouldn't have let you win. F-ck. The regret."
-blinks lazily-
"Are you done yet? Or do you plan on being a pain in my ass a bit longer?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 "Im letting you hold me down, aren't I? I'd consider that submitting."
-closes eyes-
"I just can't be bothered, that's all. Plus, the ground is kinda comfy."
-peeks with one eye and grins-
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 "Your valuable asset is hardly suitable for battle."
-allows himself to be pinned-
-is secretly enjoying this-
-brings face close to Vince's-
"One good grapple and you'd be powerless."
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 -drops the knife-
-clings to Vince-
-TIMMMMBERRRRRR-"OOF! So excitable!"
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 -amused grin-
"Oh ho ho! Getting all defensive are ya?"
-tosses knife between hands-
"My most fragile places are still more durable than you will ever be."
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 -pulls out a knife-
"Guess we are about to find out. C'mere."
-moves towards him-
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 "Don't make me shave your head. I'll do it. Happily."
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/26/19 -narrows eyes-
-grumble mumbles-
I'm still ahead, dumb@ss.
Lila Parikh 09/26/19 "He's got lettuce in his teeth." It takes everything not to roll my eyes as his bodiless voice trails off and through the door. Thankfully, as I step forward, my attention is grabbed first by a charming smile and cheerful voice. "Thank God," I thank him without thanking him. "I'm famished."

There is no time to waste, and I take my leave.
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/11/19
In due time.
-watches him-
-smiles ever so slightly-
Just don't lose it? That sh-t is hard to come by.
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/11/19
-produces a piece of fossilized wood on a leather cord-
Just, uh, take this. Keep it on ya, alright?"
-avoids eye contact-
It's not a gift just... a superstition. Don't make it weird.
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/10/19
Actually, it has to do with your training.
-starts to fumble in his pocket-
C'mere. Got somethin' for ya.
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/09/19
"You're still on about that? You really like to b!tch and groan, don't you?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/09/19 -grumbles-
Doubtful. If I need tips on hair care you will be the first to know.
-grumbles more-
Sh!t, what crawled up your ass?
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/09/19
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/06/19 -eyes go wide-
-starts to topple-
"Well f-ck."
-insert big splash here-
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/06/19 -can't help but chuckle-
"Awww, what happened to all that tough talk?"
-might be grinning like a fool-
"Burn what you wish, take me down, nonetheless you will pay."
-goes to toss him into the lake-
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/05/19 -gives an amused glance-
-has to fight back a grin-
"Is that the best you got? I must say, I'm a bit disappointed."
-is headed toward the lake on The Den proper-
"You can swim, right?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/05/19 -hears them fall-
-decides to retrieve the glasses-
-still firmly keeping Vince on his shoulder-
"You are really digging that grave deeper."
-gives him a pinch-
-slides glasses into neck of shirt-
"Oh? Threatening me with a good time now are you?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/05/19 *keeps going*
"I gave you a chance. I really did."
"Now you have to pay."
Adara Richards 09/05/19 -blinks- Yes?
Kristoffer Forsetti 09/05/19 Vince Caruso just failed at stealing money from you!
*catches his hand*
*picks him up*
*throws him over shoulder*
"I warned you. I told you that you'd regret it."
*starts to walk*
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/31/19 *snorts*
"You should start surveying your surroundings better."
*gives a salute*
*carries on*
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/31/19 *turns*
*runs backward*
"Nah, just didn't want to run you over. You tend to be right where I need to go."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/31/19 *jogs by*
"On your left."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/28/19 "Mmm. How thoughtful. Next time, make it a bit more of a challenge, hm?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/28/19 You managed to break out Vince Caruso.

"And that makes one hundred. You make this too d@mn easy."
Liam Moore 08/27/19
"Hardly. I've freed you countless times. But fear not."
Looks the male over.
"I don't need any form of payback from you."
Walks away.
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/27/19 "Your lips say one thing, your face says another."
*tired grin*
"You just haven't been in the game long enough, pretty boy."
*watches him walk off*
"Damn youths..."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/27/19 *leans over*
*gets real close to his face*
*is looking all sultry like*
"Get back to work."
*flicks his forehead*
"You have time to flirt, you have time to practice. Go on."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/27/19 "Ah, yes, it is my fault you decided to stick your hands in my empty back pockets. The fact that is also where my @ss is never crossed your mind. Checks out."
-sarcastic nod-
"Next time try the front pockets."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/27/19 Vince Caruso just failed at stealing money from you!
"Just can't keep your hands off me, can ya?"
Joseph French 08/26/19 The Family had been a cult of sorts, Joseph knew that now. And the way all the people at the Den were acting, he wondered if this place was a cult too. Everyone was just so...friendly. It unsettled him. But, at least this one didn't try to make assumptions about him, unlike Beau had. It took Jo a moment, but, eventually, he nodded. He could happily drink, and maybe this Vince could shed a little light on the goings-on of the place. "Sure," he said, as he lifted his shoulder in a half shrug. "I'm free whenever."
Joseph French 08/26/19 "Excuse me?" Joseph asked, turning, staring at the stranger. "Do I know you?"
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/24/19
"Alright. Why not now?"
*arches brow*
"Unless you have something more important to do. I planned on drinking either way."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/24/19
"And you might regret owing someone like me a favor."
*gives a tired grin*
"Alright, let's talk. Over drinks. I'll buy. Got me in a giving mood."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/24/19
"Huh, you are really serious about this, aren't you? Alright."
*thinks a moment*
"A favor. You will owe me a favor."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/24/19
"Hmmm maybe a few legs. The amount is inconsequential. I only have one concession."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/24/19
"Alright. I will try my best, but don't expect me to have all the answers. I'm experienced, not omnipotent."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/24/19
"Uh. Hey. Need something?"
Liam Moore 08/24/19 Hums a tiny little tune as he makes his way towards the exit of the dungeon when he catches the male out of the corner of his eye.
"Oh? What do we have here?"
He moves to the cell door quickly and efficiently unlocking it.
You managed to break out Vince Caruso.
"Someone as pretty as you shouldn't rot away in the dungeon. You are free, do try and be more careful. Not that I would mind having to break you out again would give me a reason to see you."
Winks at the male.
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/21/19 Kris' own eyes narrowed in response, as if in competition with the young male before him. S soft sigh escaped his lips at the dreadful thought he'd have to go without his booze for an hour or so. Reaching to his belt he revealed a large combat knife holstered in a leather case; beside it he clipped the flask, mumbling something about needing a spare. "Clever," he responded. Actually, Kris wondered if Adara ever kept his stash. He'd have to inquire. Seeing the hand offered to him the large man gave a hesitant look to the one before him. After a moment he finally took Vince's hand in a firm grip. "Kristoffer. Forsetti. And I'm not sure how helpful I can be." His advice didn't seem to help all the other wanna-be heroes. "But I suppose my experience can garner wisdom, if needed."
Kristoffer Forsetti 08/20/19 Dark blue pools gazed at the man before him. A flask was pressed to his lips and he was mid-drink. Accidentally inhaling the harsh liquid he began to cough and sputter. While he had his fit an index finger was given to signify the man wait. After gasping for air a few moments he finally returned his gaze back to Vince with an arched blond brow.

A moment of silence drifted between them while he contemplated the man before him. "Yeah. Thanks. Not my first rodeo." With a shake of the canister in hand he gave a frown. Empty. "You got anything to drink on you?"
Merida Campbell 08/20/19 Merida roamed about in search of new faces within the Den. Her eyes lit up when spying Vince. "Hey! Welcome to the Family. If you don't recall who I am, the name is Merida." Softly she sighs "Forgive me for being late with the -hellos-. I have been working in the Trauma Ward and they keep me rather busy."
Beau Theroux 08/18/19 "Well, well, well, look whose face is plastered all over."
-looks the image over-
"Great picture, if I'm being honest."
-glances out of corner of his eye-
Merida Campbell 08/18/19 Merida was on the search for the newest member within the Sanctuary. She spied Vince, of course she greeted him when he first appeared into the Realm. She glanced down to the wanted poster then back to Vince walking within his direction "Woah, you made the most wanted daily list. Congratulations. May I have your autograph, pleaaassssseee?" She holds out the poster with a pen.
WildKat 08/18/19 Congrats on PotD!
Beau Theroux 08/17/19 -looks excited-
"Well, I suppose better late than never, huh?"
-starts to pat self down-
-pulls out a bent card-
"Uh, downtown New Orleans. The Rompin' Rougarou. Just look for the big wolf's head. We are a bit hard to miss."
Beau Theroux 08/16/19 -smile gets bigger-
"Naw, no strings here. Cross my heart and hope t'die."
-actually draws a cross over heart-
"The pralines are real tasty, not to toot my own horn. I add a bit of spice to mine."
-waggles eyebrows-
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 -firm shake-
"Born and bred."
-is still smiling-
-is like a ball of sunshine-
"Hmmm... did those people offer you homemade pralines?"
-strokes beard-
"They are really good. And come free with a drink at my bar... which can also be free."
-shrugs, acts cool-
"If ya, y'know, want either."
Imashe Korbinchenko 08/15/19 A young woman crouched down in the tall grass as she watched the newcomer walked through the realm. Sniffing the air as she iced colored eyes glowed in the darkness and a low growl escapes her lips.
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 "Nah. You're mistaken. This is 100%, bona fide southern hospitality. If someone can fake this, then the world is doomed."
-keeps smile-
-extends hand-
"The name's Beaudoin. Call me Beau."
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 -grins-
"Well, it is true, many hide behind smilin' faces."
-smiles brightly-
"But come on, ya can't fake this."
-finger guns-
Beau Theroux 08/15/19 "If ya ever need a hand or anythin' lemme know.I , uh, kinda stand out."
-gestures to self- "Y'know...tattoos and beard and whatnot. At least, I'm told I stand out."
Merida Campbell 08/15/19 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Beau Theroux 08/14/19 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Adara Richards 08/14/19 -snorts- That or perhaps I need less coffee.
You'd probably be better off getting the earplugs. -shrugs-
Adara Richards 08/14/19 -spies someone new-
Hello! Welcome to the Realm!
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