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Currently hiring anyone to make me an epic bio because I suck at it :D

You wanna know anything feel free to ask. Wanna write? Lemme know!Also, Jason is a Were-Dino. Curious as to how? Well, try to get it outta him!
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Noura Orlav
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Elouise Warrock

Black Lord

Jameson Orlav
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Caitlyn Darrow


Last five threads posted in:
Noura Orlav 10/10/17 Noura
Read 12:37 A.M.
Noura Orlav 10/08/17 Jason
You're right. Let me think the very best of the woman who greeted me with threats and then followed that up with trying to shoot me for zero reason at Christmas dinner. She's great. The best, actually.
Here's the difference. Jameson is my brother. He is your best friend.

It's fine, Jason. Have fun. I hope you do great. I get where I stand.
Noura Orlav 10/08/17 Jason
Maybe I can swing a trip away.
He is way better at this game than me, but I know him best.
I’ll keep an eye on Jameson. Nothing abnormal so far. Just hiding out in the basement. He’s boring.
Elouise is crazy and we both knew she was up to something. Please don’t go getting caught up in that. She’s a black hole and is going to suck you in. And then I’ll have to kill her for real.
Noura Orlav 10/02/17 Incoming Encrypted Text..
It's Noura. I've survive the first 24 hours.
One of us is going to crack eventually.
Updates on things?
Elis Griffyn 10/02/17 From: Elouise

I like that idea. Maybe I can add a pouch to my Captain America onesie!
Thank you for being you, DinoSir

Elis was about to his send and stopped himself. With a chuckle, he added the text with a poo emoji and snorted.
Jameson Orlav 10/01/17 Jason
It's imperative that you understand how nothing is like old times. But sure. Drinks. Two days. I'll send you my location when I arrive.
Elis Griffyn 10/01/17 Elis leaned forward in his seat, reading the text over and over. Slipping a hand into his pocket, he pulls out his own phone and sends an image across. He'd taken the day everything had gone south, as he and Elouise had walked back toward his rented apartment from where he'd met her at the subway station. He'd commented on how it was too warm for a jacket and she'd retorted that she'd only recently bought it and was eager to wear it when she could. He attached it to his next message.

From: Elouise

Maybe you print this off for him. It's from the other day. I like it.
Fresh start.

Image attachment:
Jameson Orlav 10/01/17 Jason
I'm not permitted in Bloemfontein. Leave the kid with Camille and meet me somewhere. London. Jerusalem. I don't give a sh-t.
Jameson Orlav 10/01/17 Jason
We need to chat.
Elis Griffyn 10/01/17 Elis frowned, first re-reading the message before taking time to scroll through previous correspondence between the two. Lighting another cigarette, he allowed himself an hour before replying, this time taking advantage of the messages sent between himself and Elouise. The tone was definitely different and he was a fool to think she'd talk to Jason in the same was she'd spoken to him. He played it safe with a lie. This wasn't his first time being a fraud and he knew better than to comment on things he'd not been privy to.

From: Elouise

Your last message isn't loading properly. I can't read it. The signal is poor here.
I keep having ridiculous panic attacks about Logan and Jameson. Promise me he's safe?

Elis thumbed back up through the older messages and rubbed his eyes, feeling the comedown from her blood finally hitting him.

From: Elouise

I just can't wait to be back with you all. Everything has been so up in the air and I just want things to be stable again.
Noura Orlav 10/01/17 Jason
F-ck. Okay.
Stay safe.
Elis Griffyn 10/01/17 Elis smirked, sitting back with a cigarette between his lips as he began his reply from Elouise's phone.

From: Elouise

OMFG Cheetos are life!
And I think so, yes. I just need to sort a few more things and then I'll be coming back.
Sorry it's taking so long. I'll make it up to you!
Tell Logan I love him. He won't care, but I do. Keep him safe for me, please.
Noura Orlav 10/01/17 Jason
Are you sure she isn't high?
Cole's here. I'm certain he knows something.
Get out of there, Jas. Please.
Elis Griffyn 10/01/17 From: Elouise

Hey. Cheetos are on sale at Walmart. Get me a truck full?
It's time to get Logan introduced to the cheesy goodness!
I hope he's misbehaving!
Noura Orlav 10/01/17 Jason
Just making sure you're alive.
Not in some basement somewhere with Buffalo Bill.
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
Okay. Just keep the line of communication open, okay? I'm ready to move at any time if need be.
Atticus Hammond 09/30/17 -chokes-
"You're a..."
-rapid blinking-
"Oh my god."
-runs off-
Atticus Hammond 09/30/17 -shakes hand-
"Dino.. What?"
Atticus Hammond 09/30/17 -floofs the beard-
"Hmm. I don't know. It's hard to compare it to Solomon King's. They're both so different. Unique."
-clears throat, retracts hand-
"Sorry, Camille mentioned there was a new beard walking around. I just had to see for myself. I'm Atticus, the househusband."
Atticus Hammond 09/30/17 -sniffs around-
"Word on the street is you have a pretty cool beard."
-scuffs ground with shoe-
"Can I touch it? I have to compare.."
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
No one wants to hurt the child. We can talk more about that when you are back. Fly safe. I love you.
Camille 09/30/17 "Sure. Head on over to my office sometime this morning. I'm in all day."
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
Wow. That stings.
I promise. See you when you get here.
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
I get that. But I’m begging, please, bring him here. This isn’t right and I can’t get to you there. I’m trusting you, so please trust me this much.
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
Baby, take the kid and come back to New Orleans. Please. Get away from her.
Camille 09/30/17 "You betcha! Your old room has been off limits since you left. It was a special build, if you remember correctly. No one else had come along who needed such a space, so I kept it free. It's all yours, buddy!"
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 The kid. Noura’s nose wrinkles at the barrier now wedged between them disguised as a bouncing bundle of joy. Nothing about this smells right, the possibilities going far out of control.

Logan has a father that loves him. This is dangerous, babe. I trust you, but I am telling you that I have a bad feeling about this.
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
I realize the irony of this situation, but you should have waited for me to promise first. Marriage has nothing to do with Logan. She’s full of sh-t. I don’t trust her, Jas.
Noura Orlav 09/30/17 Jason
You’re the only person I do trust. What’s going on? I’m just heading back to my hotel. Is something wrong?
Elouise Warrock 09/29/17 Jason
I'm all snuggled up and jetlagged. Room!
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Jason
All this kid does is sleep.
He's like me, but cuter.
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Jason
Lucky you that Logan loves Dino snuggles!
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Jason
I'd say pick me up in the air, but...
I've got Logan with me. Babies are such c*ck blocks.
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Jason
You might beat me back to Africa.
I'm flying back from London tonight.
Elouise Warrock 09/25/17 Jason
I got extra fuzzy blankets and movie snacks!
Camille 09/25/17 -creeps around-
Elouise Warrock 09/23/17 Jason
Do we get to watch Jurassic Park?!
Elouise Warrock 09/23/17 Jason
I feel like I shouldn't answer that.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
You can get in-between these knees any time. ;o
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
He doesn't want to date me, so it's okay.
He's blegh.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
Things got weird with Soleil.
I'm not friends with Winter.
The married couple are good.
Why does nobody like Tucker?!
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
Blessed. The rain is blessed.
Does that mean you're coming to Solitude?
Can we be roommates??
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
I can't cook, but I can make you a mean PB&J!
Noura Orlav 09/22/17 Jason
See you there.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
We go together. Like peanut butter and jelly!
Noura Orlav 09/22/17 Jason
Jaegar hates me.
Stay away from the plantation. Jameson is thirsty.
In the event you actually want to see me, and not just the cat, I'll be staying at the French Market Inn. Otherwise, we can work something out for Jaegar.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
That heartless shrew loves you.
Just know I have a ring sitting here at home if you change your mind.
Noura Orlav 09/22/17 Noura's gaze narrows at the message, glancing up toward the cat.

Why are you in New Orleans?
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
I'm squinting at my phone.
I don't know what any of that means, but you better not sleep with Ella.
Stay safe?
Noura Orlav 09/22/17 Jason
But you're not back, otherwise you'd be here, too.
It's fine. I have no choice in leaving Moscow now.
If you want to see me, you can find me and Jaegar in New Orleans. We are taking the redeye.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
What can I say? ;)
...if there's nothing in New Orleans, why are you there?
Isn't that where Ella Donovan's crew is?
What the hell are you doing in her chlamydia circus?
Noura Orlav 09/22/17 Noura looks to her phone, swallowing as she goes about packing further. There isn't much in Moscow, but just enough that allows her to drag her feet in the act. Grinding her teeth momentarily, she considers smashing her phone. Then, she considers simply turning it off. Noura decides on neither, saving the number, instead.

I'm still here.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
I mean, the practicing is fun...
What's in New Orleans?
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 Jason
Jason! Where are you? How are you?
Come to Africa. Let's make some babies.
Elouise Warrock 09/22/17 ??
Who is this?
Noura Orlav 09/20/17 Jason
I am totally f-cked.
Elouise Warrock 09/20/17 Jason
Just a reminder I love and miss you. Hope you're safe.
Come home soon.
Noura Orlav 09/07/17 Jason
I don't know why I'm texting you. You're not answering. I doubt you will.

I'm still in Moscow. Waiting. Patiently.

That's a lie. I'm pissed.

Jameson opened a coven in New Orleans. I joined. Still haven't been there. He seems content.

Please come home.
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
Promise you'll come back to me.
Promise, Jas.
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
No, Jason. You don't get to be selfish.
You don't get to walk away and tell me to be strong.
What about Noura?
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
Noura and I understand each other in very few areas. You are one of them.
My son can be raised by any number of people. They'd do a hell of a lot better job than me. If you go, that's the last straw.
Do you understand, Jason? You can't just ghost me. You're all I have.
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
Knock that the f*ck off.
I need you, Jason.
If you leave, I'm going straight to Jameson.
I'll let him kill me, this time. Because there's nothing left if you're gone too.
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
Sh*t happens, Jas. I knew it was coming. She wasn't exactly covert.
You're my rock. What happens if you leave, huh?
Have you thought about that?
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
Why is Noura texting me?
What the f*ck are you up to?
Stop being a hero, Jason. There are people that need you.
Noura Orlav 08/29/17 Jason
You're scaring me.
Tell me where you are.
Just talk me through this.
Elouise Warrock 08/29/17 Jason
It's okay. Logan is safe, and I got the files and security footage before I left.
We're all okay. Promise.
Noura Orlav 08/29/17 Jason
If you don't come home, I will hand myself over to Oliver.
He hates me, Jason. But I'll do it.
Noura Orlav 08/29/17 Noura hears the news, and panic sets in. She'd heard enough today to make a woman crazy for all the love she possesses. Cole, detained. Hurt. Jameson, no better. She'd been ordered back to Moscow at random, and she ignored it, having made a promise to care for Jaegar. And now, she would share a home with Elouise again. But one person sticks out in her mind.


Already in tears, the mindfully tortured young vampire tugs her phone from her pocket. Three swipes later, and all Noura hears is the dreaded silence of ringing.
Noura Orlav 08/24/17 Jason
I got to your room to check on Jaegar and didn't leave.
Your bed is comfy.
Please don't tell.
I miss you. Be safe.
Elouise Warrock 08/22/17 Jason
No more sister-wives!
I'm divorcing this girl.
NO marriage.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
I can find plenty of other women for an orgy. ;o
And I can find a lawyer. Go do your dino stuff babe!
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
Listen, I just got divorced. I'm not ready for this. And she's...weird. Yes, the new girl.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
You could help me cheat on my wife so she leaves me??
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
I said I've only been with two men.
I've been with plenty of women, Jason. ;)
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
No, I'm not married to Jameson anymore.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
Either I got REALLY drunk, or someone drugged me. But either way, I'm married to a woman. I DON'T EVEN KNOW, BABE. I DON'T KNOW.
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
Okay. I'll hold off on my crisis until you get back!
Elouise Warrock 08/21/17 Jason
Where are you going?!
Noura Orlav 08/15/17 "Most people call that hibernation," she jests, a small smile touching the corner of her mouth. "Be careful. And don't overdo it. I know that dino stuff exhausts you, and if you haven't been sleeping... are you going to be like, dino forever? Will you be able to check in with me and let me know you're doing alright? You just kind of sound as bad as you feel."
Noura Orlav 08/15/17 Dammit. He just had to believe her and apologize. That little voice in the back of her head nags at her to be more forthcoming, and Noura silences it. Nothing has happened, and she has no reason to believe anything will. Nothing has, in fact, changed. So, logic says making nothing out of nothing.

"Jas, if you keep doing dino stuff and not resting, you're going to end up exterminating yourself. I'll take care of Jaegar, but please.. I'm not ready to be a single cat mom."
Noura Orlav 08/15/17 "Oh," her brow furrows, pulling the phone from her face to toss it a look before pressing it to her ear once more. There is nothing inviting left coming from the man, not even a shred of fondness that she can pick up on. Whether it's his exhaustion or something else talking, she doesn't know. And doesn't want to.

Noura decides to tell a half-lie. "I probably butt-texted you. I'm sorry."
Noura Orlav 08/15/17 Her phone vibrates, causing her to jump a little. Even with it silenced, it makes more noise than she is willing to allow. Shushing it silently, she pulls it from her pocket and stares, eyes narrowing. Noura, you idiot...

Clearing her throat, she trains her eyes on the video feed before her and picks up, "Satan's house of horrors. How can I help you?"

Play. it. cool.
Noura Orlav 08/15/17 Noura looked between the screen of her laptop and her phone, breath caught in her throat as she struggled internally. The right thing to do would be to text Elouise, but she doesn't really need to. She's watching her. Alerting the woman would just make things worse. Then, she considers Jason.

She is supposed to tell him everything. Always. Rather, she was. A frustrated hiss escapes her as long bottled emotions try to escape to the surface yet again, only to be shoved back down. She opens her phone, speaking her message just as she types it, looking to the computer before her every few seconds. But then she stops.

She had gotten Jason involved when Jameson called her. He told Elouise. What if he tells Elouise this? Shaking her head, she erases the message and pockets her phone, not realizing that something did send.

Elouise Warrock 08/13/17 DinoSir
Yes, Tucker.
I'd totally have sex with you, but I wouldn't do that to Noura. She loves you, or some sh*t.
And you're like a sexy brother to me. Wait. Ew. My god. ... Sexy brother-in-law. There. Less creepy.
Elouise Warrock 08/13/17 DinoSir
Not much going on here.
Just the usual stuff.
I'm trying to seduce the new guy.
Elouise Warrock 08/13/17 DinoSir
Miss you, tyrannoseriously.
Jameson Orlav 08/13/17
Noura Orlav 07/29/17 "Of course we're being watched," She looks up at him, dark eyes steady. This is nothing new to her. "But if they wanted us dead, they would have done it a while ago, babe. It's okay." It slipped out, that term of endearment. Sighing at herself, she licks her lips and pulls her gaze from him. She's irritated with herself. "Sorry."

Pushing herself up to stand, Noura brushes her hands on her jeans before stretching her arms across her body one and a time. Stepping up to the door, she knocks and calls out, "Jameson, we're coming in."

With that, she steps back from the door, intent to give the man a minute to get himself in check.
Noura Orlav 07/26/17 "Yeah, I do. Just say 'you're welcome' and accept it, Dino," She elbows him playfully, sliding her bent legs out to stretch them on the floor. Letting out a quiet laugh, she leans her head back against the wall. "Why don't you take a nap? My lap is su casa."
Noura Orlav 07/26/17 Noura is kind of happy in a very weird way. Her brother, while having suffered the same fate as herself, is alive. Jason is here. For once, someone isn't trying to kill her, though she knows better than to get used to that. Sat next to Jason in the dim hallway, she stares at the door to the apartment that houses the newest nightmare in the world and sips the beer in hand.

"...thank you, Jas. For doing this with me."
Noura Orlav 07/25/17 Jason
I'm easy to please.
Everyone is different.
It took me months, and I'm still struggling.
Noura Orlav 07/25/17 Jason
He's grumpy. And slightly demented.
It's normal.
All I need is you.
Elouise Warrock 07/23/17 Jason
How is he?
Tell me the truth.
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 "He chose this place. We're not making him leave it. This is delicate. He's going to be so mad," she gives him a squeeze, indicating where the anger will come from. This. Here. Jason's presence, and Noura's pulling him into it. "Jameson's emotions are going to be off. You need to be prepared for that."

She lifts her head to look up at him. Noura remains strong. There is little choice in that. This is her brother's time, and she would not waste it by taking it away from him. Not now. She'd already been selfish in bringing Jason here. This is her need, and he is a relief.

"I'll take you up when you're up to it, but you have to keep a safe distance. And I need you to let me stay between you two. Don't... don't talk about Elouise. She's already been texting. Don't talk about the baby. None of it. Let him bring up what he wants. Okay?"

It's clear that Noura is speaking from a disturbing amount of experience. Her hands move upward, finding their place at the backs of his shoulders. "Christ. Thank God you're here..."
Soleil Whitaker 07/20/17 Jason
Who is she with? Will they keep her safe if I can't get in?
Sounds like a plan.
Keep me in the loop.
Soleil Whitaker 07/20/17 Jason
Lockdown? Why? Was there a security breach?
What's going on? Jameson's alive, is he not?
I'm not at the Compound, is there a way for me to get in?
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 It took longer than she'd expected. Noura begged a fast leave from Jameson, stepping out of the room and going to the first floor. She watches from the far end of the hallway, and the minute he shows she is takes brisks steps until she is out the door and standing out in the street. The heat radiates off him, practically suffocating her, but she doesn't really care. Instead, she is in his space immediately, moving to latch onto the man.

She clears her throat, speaking barely above a whisper. She knows he'll hear her. "He's a vampire. It's fresh. It's dangerous. He's unhinged." Noura can feel herself absorbing his heat, and for a brief moment, she feels almost human. Almost. Swallowing, she fights the fast forming lump in her throat. "He's just like I was."
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 Glancing down at her phone, she glances upward at Jameson and steps away.

Do not walk in the building. I will meet you outside.
[Address attached.]
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 'Jameson is not your husband right now.'

"What the f*ck does that mean, Jason?" She wrenches against his hold, tearing away to set Logan down in his crib. She trembled, the weight of such words threatening to rip her heart from her chest. "Jason. Tell me the truth."

'We believe someone has...changed him.'

"No. No." She spoke just above a whisper, desperation and anguish heavy laden in the same word uttered twice. "I'm going. I'm going to him. I don't care what he is, Jason. I don't care! Don't you understand that? I don't care what he is. He's mine. He's...he's my husband, Jason. No matter what form he takes, he's..." She struggled to catch her breath, the excitement and heartbreak of the moment consuming her. "I'm going. Do you understand? You don't tell me what to do, Jason. In fact, it's quite the opposite." She glances back at Logan, a hand wiping idly at wayward tears.

"I have no interest in a life without him. Whatever he is's only so long before I follow him."
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Alive.

She watched Jason's lips continue to move, but her brain had stopped processing any new information. Her husband was alive. And she needed to go to him. And Jason, and Noura, and whoever else would be damned. There was not a soul on Earth, in Heaven or Hell that could keep Elouise from Jameson. The tears that poured from her eyes are involuntary, as is the faint wail that parts from chapped lips, causing Logan to stir with discomfort.

"No. No." She pleaded, cerulean eyes devoid of all emotion. "I'm going. I'm going to my husband. If he's alive, and he's in pain, he needs me. I refuse to sit here and wait. I've waited long enough."
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 Jason
Please be careful, Jas.
I don't want to lose you.
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 Jason
I don't know. I don't recognize it.
When will you be here?
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Elouise immediately opened the door to her suite. It had helped she was already pacing. Already contemplating. She was tired of being kept in the dark. Yet, what could she do when everyone in her life chose to lie? She wasn't going to add Jason to the pass grave she was compiling on the compound. He was far too beloved. That, however, would not stop the rage boiling in her chest.

She seethed, but still took a sleeping Logan in her arms. "So, you're going to Noura? Is that all? What could she possibly need? And where is she, that she can't come here? When I need you, Jason? What could possibly be more important than being here?"
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 Jason
Not Cole. I know it's not. It doesn't smell like him.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Jason
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 Jason
I don't know yet. He's not okay. And he is definitely not in the right mind. But I know what is wrong. I need to assess him before you see him. It's bad.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Jason
I'm not going to sit idly by, Jason. I'm sick and tired of being told what I need to do, where I need to be, and whom I need to trust.
Is there something you're not telling me?
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Jason
Wherever you go, I go.
Noura Orlav 07/20/17 Standing inside the dark studio apartment, she hears her name before her eyes properly adjust. She focuses. Dark eyes stare in a singular direction, and without a second thought she pulls out her phone to answer to the only person she wants, and yes, needs.

I'm in New York. Jameson is here.
Do not tell Elouise.
I need you.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Jason
I don't know.
I have an inkling. Something foul is afoot.
Do you still have Wolverine?
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Jason
I'll make sure I pack a little hat for him.
Don't need any help with the body, no.
He's a scrawny little sh*t.
Elouise Warrock 07/20/17 Jason
I was actually wondering if you'd watch Wolverine for me.
I need to bury a body.
Elouise Warrock 07/13/17 Jason
Whatcha up to?
How're you doing?
Shower today? Pee? Do dinosaurs poop?
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 DinoSir
I won't push.
See you soon.
So will Wolverine!
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 DinoSir
Hell yes to Taco Bell.
And I don't believe you.
It's hard to love an Orlav. They certainly don't make it easy.
I'm a sympathetic ear, if you need one.
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 DinoSir
I am worried about you.
I'm worried about your happiness.
At least keep me in the loop?
Elouise Warrock 07/12/17 DinoSir
Are you taking care of yourself?
You'd tell me if you needed anything?
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Jason
Come on in, pal.
I have tacos.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Jason
Are you back in Moscow? Wolverine is dead af asleep and I'm bored.
Elouise Warrock 07/10/17 Jason
Hard liquor date?
Noura Orlav 07/09/17 Jason
That's fine.
Have fun.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Jason
Omfg. Perf.
Wolverine and I are going to watch X-Men and drank some maaaaaalk.
Well. His is milk. Mine's rum chata. WHEEEEEE.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Jason
Jameson will probably kill me, but...
He's also probably dead, so he can't say sh*t from six feet under. Ya feel??
And yes, Wolverine Orlav IS going to be a superhero. Men and women and gender non-binary individuals will all be falling at his feet!
Noura Orlav 07/09/17 Jason
I don't trust Winter.
The Order belongs to my brother. Not Elouise. You are trusting a woman that has tried to kill me and threatened my life more than once. She tried to hold me hostage, Jason. And you're going to go with what Elouise says on who can be there?
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Jason
You're a good dino.
Don't tell anyone, but his legal name is Wolverine.
Elouise Warrock 07/09/17 Jason
He's j chillin' right now. And pretty low-key for a baby.
You can come meet him, y'know. He doesn't bite. No teeth!
Noura Orlav 07/09/17 Jason
You're right. And when Cole gifts me with a VS gift card or some such personal something, I won't think of him. No. I'll think of how great my new bra is going to look.
Jameson banned Winter from the Compound.
Noura Orlav 07/09/17 Jason
Because he busts into your room, and gifts you, a married man, bath goods. And then what happens? Every time you use the product, you think of him. It's completely inappropriate. He crosses the line over and over.
Noura Orlav 07/09/17 Jason
Harassment is a strong word.
Message was encrypted.
Definitely not cryptic. I don't like him.
Noura Orlav 07/08/17 Jason
Babe. I miss you.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Jason
Tequila please.
Noura Orlav 07/08/17 Jason
Who said anything about screwing with her? I just wanted to grab some clothes.
Elouise Warrock 07/08/17 Jason
Your wife? I'm not concerned. I already saw her on the monitors.
I'm talking edition, type deal. Y'know. Bun in the oven, now it's a bun OUT of the oven? Ya feel?
Noura Orlav 07/07/17 Jason
I only tripped one or two silent alarms. NBD.
She'll have to catch me, first.
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Jason
Wait? Wtf? How did you know? I haven't even told anyone!
Are you psychic? Are we talking about the same thing?
Elouise Warrock 07/07/17 Jason
The Compound has a +1.
Noura Orlav 07/07/17 Missingsaurus
I snuck into Moscow :(
Noura Orlav 07/07/17 Jason
Are you home?
Lucius Dalca 07/07/17 Lucius looks at Jason in the dungeon and chuckles as he leans by the wall in front of the bars, "Want to see a magic trick?" His eyes give a brief flash of black and iron bars open.

You managed to break out Jason Reindhart.
Noura Orlav 07/02/17 Jason
But you don't want to know him, you want to maim him, so that's just a paradox that will never be mended.
Don't underestimate Jameson. I'm willing to be he might have disappeared on purpose.
Noura Orlav 07/02/17 Jason
Okay, but he's not a jerk. He's the reason I'm still alive, remember?
Good luck on that. He didn't leave a single digital footprint. No cell phone, no laptop to ping, nothing. Totally off the grid. It's not normal.
Noura Orlav 07/02/17 Jason
Yep. That's the one. It was horrible, Jason.
I can't say where he is. I don't ask.
While you don't like him, he's still my friend. I care for him. Please be nice.
Noura Orlav 07/02/17 Noura stares at her phone, sighing heavily in her seat as she lifts a hand to push her hair back from her face. Shaking her head, she decides to go balls to the wall.

For that, I'm sorry. It was fight or flight, and that isn't a fight I'm prepared for. I wasn't thinking clearly at all.
We fought because I broke a vampire out of Jameson's lab. Just so happened to be the one who made me. When she started in, I insinuated I know where Jameson is in attempt to evade her hostility. It backfired. And I still don't know where my brother is.
Noura Orlav 06/27/17 Jason
Jameson is missing. Elouise threatened me, and then tried to hold me f-cking hostage. I goddamn ran. She tried to kill me once already, I'm not giving her a second chance.
Elouise Warrock 06/26/17 Jason
I'm in the monitor room. You're welcome to join me, I have KFC.
We can talk in person.
Elouise Warrock 06/26/17 Jason
If your wife knows where Jameson is, she needs to fess the f*ck up.
Elouise Warrock 05/23/17 DinoBoo
Jurassic Park marathon with my dinobae?!
Hell yes! I'll bring the Twizzlers and popcorn!
Noura Orlav 05/21/17 DinoHusband
I trust my current situation. If you so much as grit your teeth in that lab, it's too much.
Noura Orlav 05/21/17 DinoHusband
Babe, please. No painful procedures. Please? They aren't necessary.
Elouise Warrock 05/21/17 Boosaurus
If you're really okay with it, I'll put in a good word with Dr. Sexy.
But I'll need some snuggles and cheetos in response.
Elouise Warrock 05/21/17 DinoBoo
...I don't know if I want Jameson playing with your genomes and DNA.
It's really up to him, handsome.
But for someone who has worked alongside's not a place for friends to go under the knife.
Noura Orlav 05/21/17 DinoHusband
I wish I were half as pure as you.
Let me know how he is when you meet him. Both Jameson and Cole make it sound like he was in a bad state.
Promise me no pain will be involved in whatever you do with Jameson. And that you won't let him get carried away.
Noura Orlav 05/21/17 DinoHusband
Oliver is incredible. And nice.
He worked in the lab with Jameson.
I don't know how he would react to me. You'll have to feel him out, because it could go either way.
Elouise Warrock 05/21/17 Dino C*ck-Block
It's hard enough for ME to get laid, Jason.
I've got to compete with you, Ella, and the monster in my uterus.
Noura Orlav 05/21/17 DinoHusband
Jurassic Park?! Omfg.
I miss you. I'm not home yet. :/
Apparently Oliver is there?
Is that true? He is at the compound?
Noura Orlav 05/15/17 Still married!
See you soon, then.
And thank you!
Noura Orlav 05/15/17 She stares at the message for a minute, stuck somewhere between awe, appreciation, and... whatever it is you feel when something is just so adorably off.

Nah, babe. I'm not Jewish. I'm not religious. But that's not important. I'm being delivered home, soon. I think? Not sure on the timeline. ...also, I hid those boxers on purpose. They're comfy.
Noura Orlav 05/10/17 DinoHusband
I guess the Torah is getting read and then I'm being taken home.
Noura Orlav 05/09/17 DinoHusband
Babe, sand gets in places you didn't know existed.
Papau New Guinea?!
Wait. No. South of France?
Noura Orlav 05/09/17 DinoHusband
Don't leave me to make all the decisions!
Maybe one day we can bask in the sun together.
I can bask in the shade?
Noura Orlav 05/08/17 DinoHusband
It's because he's antisocial.
He likes the isolation for his research.
Beach house
Warm sand? Ocean? Skinny dipping?
Or maybe South Africa?
Noura Orlav 05/08/17 DinoHusband
I can't handle how awesome we are.
How do you feel about getting our own place?
Like...a place where someone doesn't go through our stuff?
Where your snacks aren't eaten?
Where we can have some privacy when we want it?
...But only on the weekends, because I like our rooms.
Noura Orlav 05/08/17 DinoHusband
Yea, but you would be the Best Dino no matter what.
Noura Orlav 05/08/17 DinoHusband
Why isn't there a Best Dino?
Autumn Summers 05/02/17
Autumn Summers 05/02/17
Noura Orlav 05/01/17 DinoHusband
I forgot to speak man speak.
I sure hope there is a nice looking beard at that park.
Sh*t. Jason. Please meet me at the park?
El Orlav 05/01/17
Noura Orlav 05/01/17 DinoHusband
Remember when we got into that really intense snowball fight and it was boys against girls? I'm going for a walk. There's this park I want to see with these things that look like jacks. You know. From that game?
Noura Orlav 05/01/17 DinoHusband
Proof of life! I think I'm gonna sneak out for a little. Not that I have to sneak, but.
Noura Orlav 04/30/17 Noura Orlav makes off on a personal mission, and ended up in jail. Minor detail, but they may have gotten arrested for breaking and entering. It happens. After a challenging escape of her own, or 20, she creeps through the jail and sees none other than the Dino. A grin, a wink, and some lock picking takes too long and is riddled with muttered profanity - and she does it!

You managed to break out Jason Reindhart.
Noura Orlav 04/29/17 DinoHusband
Monopoly is a tactical game. It is enlightening.
When Park Place was refused for sale, I learned that all previous morals went out the window.
When houses were built on the boardwalk, it became apparent that my opponent will not stop until he gets what he wants.
Great game.
Noura Orlav 04/29/17 DinoHusband
How's it going? Nothing new over here. Moved on to Monopoly and miss you. I even miss the cat.
Jameson Orlav 04/29/17 Brolove
I'm back for most of the morning. Come by my office and we will have a few beers. You must have a lot on your mind. God knows I could use a few.
Noura Orlav 04/29/17 DinoHusband
And he quarantined El, too. Because we didn't know which rat she released. Clearly a great time, for me.
Noura Orlav 04/28/17 Noura knows what is best. No matter what, she cares. And that is where Jason comes in, to read between the lines of a completely made up story to describe two compromises at the compound. The lab, and Elouise's escape.

Remember that one time Jameson found the rat in the lab and he had to seal it off for a week? And then we found out it was just the constant, that Elouise snuck out of it's cage? Easily a top ten day.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 I didn't know Noura wanted the cure in the first place.
-tilts head-
I trust Jameson more than anyone, but I think it would be a lot to ask of him to risk killing his own sister before his cure is perfected.
-scratches cheek-
I'm not huge admirer of your wife, Jason, but I don't need her dead, either. Funny enough, I do care about her safety.
Noura Orlav 04/28/17 DinoHusband
Love you too, handsome.
I knew about that one guy coming back. Feel free to eat him.
I'm not sure what the plan is, but no one is going to get hurt. Except that one Summers. I might hurt him.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 Jameson changed the bandage this morning, so I'm fine for now. And he's got me o the good sh*t, so I hardly feel a thing. I slept for most of the day, so...
-waves in-
Sit and eat with me, handsome. I'm bored out of my skull.
Elouise Warrock 04/28/17 The door's open!
-turns off Gilmore Girls-
-gets out of bed even though she's not supposed to-
Hey, DinoSir. How're you holding up?
-offers one-armed hug-
Noura Orlav 04/28/17 DinoHusband
I'm fairly certain that if he did, I'd know, considering our extracurricular activities. He didn't bug your room. I checked.
How are you? How is the patrol?
Noura Orlav 04/28/17 DinoHusband
I've been really upfront and honest with him about our marriage, and my phone will remain on. No sense in turning it off when we all know Jameson is going to hunt him down anyway. As far as he goes, I don't think we will ever see eye to eye.
I'm really good at Yahtzee.
Noura Orlav 04/28/17 DinoHusband
Is it possible to be skilled at Yahtzee? DinoHusband
Okay. That's bull ****. It's almost noon, now. Still safe. Still miss you. I got into another fight with Jameson. I'm so mad at him, babe.
Noura Orlav 04/28/17 Best Husband Ever
I wanted to let you know I'm okay, and everything is fine. I'm staying with Cole until this gets figured out. I'll explain more later. Just know I'm safe, it's okay, and I miss you.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Jason
I'm not really all that hungry, so...
3 crunchy taco supremes, a soft taco supreme, 3 7-layer burritos, a beefy 5-layer, spicy triple double crunch wrap, a fiesta taco salad and a few cheesy roll-ups.

And a Diet Coke. Thank you!
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Jason
You're not responsible for preventing any of what happened.
I told Jameson the same damn thing.
I got shot on my own.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 Jason
I know you're frustrated.
It's all going to be okay, Jason.
And I'm here if you change you mind. Can't much anyway.
Elouise Warrock 04/27/17 J-Bear
Hey, I have beer, and cheetos.
Want to come over and ignore the sh*tstorm our perspective spouses are involved in? ❤️
Jameson Orlav 04/27/17 Jason
Noura is off base. If she contacts you.. I'd advise caution. Trust me on this, brother. I know my sister, and I know Cole. Predictability is out the window.
Noura Orlav 04/26/17 Jason
Just because I won't let you kill him, doesn't mean I condone his actions.
Noura Orlav 04/26/17 Jason
I can't let that happen.
Noura Orlav 04/26/17 Jason
I have a plan. Nobody needs to die today, and I need to make this right. It's my fault.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 You'd do that for me?
-bats lashes-
You're too kind. But I'll be fine.
I definitely think Noura and Jameson can handle him, though.
...I can't do much with Rambo swimming around in my uterus, though.
Noura Orlav 04/26/17 Jason
Please don't do that.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 -clotting shoulder with a dish towel-
...on second thought, Jameson can probably get the bullet out.
Your wife's ex boo-thang is kind of an assh*le.
Jameson Orlav 04/26/17 Brolove
No, there's plenty of beer. I would never do that to you. What kind of lover do you take me for???
Noura Orlav 04/26/17 Dino Love
He is a lot of things, but yes. But like I said, don't be worried. I'm not going anywhere. You're it.
Elouise Warrock 04/26/17 Jason
Want to come pick me up?
...and maybe take me to Urgent Care? :)
Noura Orlav 04/26/17 Dino Love
Don't be worried. It's okay. Jameson ever tell you about Cole?
Noura Orlav 04/16/17 Dino💚
I don't think he'd do that to you without your consent.
Are dino kisses slobbery or rough like cat tongue?
Kinda bummed about the stand still thing. Jurassic Park taught me everything I know about dinosaurs...

Babe! Do you have feathers?
Elouise Warrock 04/16/17 DinoEgg
Happy Easter babesaurus!
I told Noura, but I'll tell you too - big basket outside of your door!
Love you!
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 Dino💚
I'm going to science this **** out of your metabolism.
Wait. Are you going to try to eat me in beast mode?
Will I need to climb on your back first?
And is it true that if you stand still, a dino can't see you?
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 Dino💚
I know just the person!
Not even tipsy dinosaurs?
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 Dino💚
We should get drunk and remake our favorite Jurassic movie scenes.
Also, I don't know what an Allosaurus is, but if it is yours - I love it.
No deep water.
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 Dino💚
...Can I ride an Allosaurus?
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 Dino💚
I'm thinking your T-Rex.
And later, your T-Rex.
But not at the same time. Nononono.
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 Dino💚
Can I see your T-Rex?
Noura Orlav 04/15/17 -considers, ponders, so serious-
Yea, me too.
Noura Orlav 04/13/17 Dino💚
I am. Promise. I'm with Jameson. Almost forgot what he looks like!
I'll still take that dance, though.
Elouise Warrock 04/13/17 Bae4Lyfe
I'll make the nachos!
I've also already started training the new guy. He's cooking me all kinds of breakfast foods. omg.
Elouise Warrock 04/13/17 Jason
Oh my god, I know.
If Noura wants to be in my presence, you're both welcome to the suite. We have beer, and food, and fuzzy blankets and so many movies!
Jameson Orlav 04/13/17 LOML
I have returned, because our love can never be challenged..
Bring beer???
Noura Orlav 04/09/17 Probably because I don't really.. eat...?
-Slowly approaches the couch-
-Looks down at-
So are you hungry, or just out of snacks, or both? Because that really defines the level of emergency we are in. It ranges from 'Danger' to 'Disney Mothers'.
Noura Orlav 04/09/17 -May have started tearing apart her closet in search of her go-bag-
-Doesn't even look up when he comes in-
-Stands slowly upon his declaration-
-Clothes. Everywhere.-
-This is her moment. The big, wifely one.-
-Dons her figurative housewife apron-
I can cook.
Noura Orlav 04/07/17 -Looks up at and smirks-
I should booby trap the room, too.
-Remembers how flamboyant he appeared in video-
-Eyes light up-
-Steps right up and plants an appreciative kiss on him-
I'm going to adult Parent Trap that little sh-t. You are such a genius, Jason.
Noura Orlav 04/07/17 Dino💚
What if I pout a little? Then what?

Is now standing outside his room, texting him from the hallway, while pouting. Because she wants all the things.

Can I at least tranquilize him for a little bit while I install bolt locks and all the other locks on our doors? And then we clown?
Noura Orlav 04/07/17 Dino💚
For that, I am thankful. But I still want to kill him. Please? I'll make it quick and relatively painless.
It'll be harrowing.
And then we can have some fantastic f-cking sex after to celebrate being alive and not broken
...Have you been watching Big Little Lies?
Noura Orlav 04/07/17 Dino💚
I'm killing that jerk that busted into your room yesterday, and just in case anything happens to me on that battlefield, I want you to know that I love you, and you make me a better person. But also don't worry, because I'm not going down with that ship. xoxo
Noura Orlav 03/29/17 Dino💚
Karen just stepped on the cats tail.
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Jason
Oh, good. Because I filled her shoes with honey and whipped cream.
What a throwback. I was so hungover that day. And then Jamie and I got ice cream! He was a good boyfriend. 😍
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 DinoSir
Aw. You're such a good little husband.
I'll leave some for you in the fridge.
And I'll potentially consider not terrorizing Noura anymore.
But it's just so damn fun.
Noura Orlav 03/19/17 -Puts arms up, like tooooouuuuchdooooown!-
Jason, you are too good to me. If not for you, I'd be at a total loss.
-Brings arms down and rests hands on his-
So, what did Elouise go through when she went through your stuff? I can't imagine you got too upset over the unmentionables drawer.
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Jurassic Thot
Omfg. We ARE soulmates.
I'm eating a pound of mashed potatoes currently. Want some?
Noura Orlav 03/19/17 -Gives him a wicked smile-
Are you sure about that? It can get really uncomfortable, sitting in a changing room, judging various sets. I mean, it is so hard to pick a good set or twenty.
-Eskimo kisses him-
-Sits up and stretches arms overhead-
It's hard work. Sure you're up to that?
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Hubbosaurus
I can't really say I blame her. My first thought was to send her a box filled with ****roaches anyway.
We could always try heroin? Or meth? I have both!
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 BroBabe
Belated? I did get her lingerie as a wedding present. I just doubt she ever opened the box. She probably burned it, tbh. I'd ask her, if I were you.
No, scratch that. She definitely burned it. You didn't burn the cookies I gave you, right? I baked a supreme quality of kush into those suckers.
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 -Leans up on elbows-
-Frowns just a little-
That's not creepy at all.
-Sighs and sits up, because adult-
Well, at least we have her blessing.
-Smirks and leans forward, elbows on knees-
I'm still going to replace all my lingerie, though. Because no one outside of this room should be going through that.
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 DinoHub
It's okay, it's not like anyone is getting pregnant.
Omfg, I don't have her lingerie! I was joking!
If anything, I would give her lingerie. I might not like her, but I'm still your bro. 😉
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 -Busts in, brandishes cell phone-
And she lied! Maybe. I don't even know. She's so good at being a troll.
-Pouts and drags feet to the bed-
-Turns and falls back into it-
...What if she really did go through my things? Gross.
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 #1 Husband
Fine. I accept this union.
I don't think Jaeger likes me as much as he likes Hewey, Dewey and Louie. He's got a major gay crush on my cats. PLURAL.
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
omg. Jason. She threw away my lingerie!
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
...Elouise is in my bed.
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 #1 Husband
Would it alarm you to know I already finished eating?
Well. There's still one bag of Cheetos left, but still.
Ugh. You're STILL married??
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
I think it's time we take the next step in our marriage.
I'm moving into your room.
You're welcome.
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
..fine. But once that demon spawn is birthed, it's go-time.
She's lucky I like you.
Next time you sneak in, can you steal her copy of my keys? She breaks into my room and is aggressively needy.
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 #1 Husband
WTF, Jason. I was counting on those!
...okay, fine. You had me at steak. Yes please! ❤
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
Lemme at her! I'll show her.
No ragrets.
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 #1 Husband
You're lucky I keep an emergency stash under the bed.
With Rambo, my diet now consists of steak, potatoes, and this dusty, cheesy goodness.
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
I don't. ...I can steal their pillow cases?
Elouise Warrock 03/18/17 #1 Husband
There is a trail of Cheetos dust leading directly from my room to yours.
You're an ANIMAL.
Noura Orlav 03/18/17 Dino💚
I just TP'd Jameson's office.
Noura Orlav 03/15/17 "Yea, well. It might be a little while before we even begin thinking of zombie brides and sh-t."
-Peers at, grins-
-Tugs at the beard a little-
-Plants a kiss on him, call it a wife tax-
"From like to fond, huh? Moving fast."
-Smiles and shifts to find some awkward, comfy position of snuggle in which she can look at him without pulling a muscle-
"You ever hear those stories from way back with the crazy arranged marriage stuff that works out fine in the end because really, it was a good match, and everyone lived happily ever after in some weird variation? I think this has some serious potential to be some dysfunctional form of that. ...But you're still the only person I'm going to be nice to. For the record."
Noura Orlav 03/15/17 -Considers, all the things-
"I actually don't know if he has. He's been really quiet lately. But I want to ask about it. I think. I'm cold, and you're kind of a dino."
-Frowns, thinks, considers-
"Um... I never really meant for it to happen. And then sh-t happened. I don't know. I'll be fine. I survived Elouise, I can survive anything."
-Lifts head to look at him-
-Narrows eyes, only slightly-
"...You alright?"
Noura Orlav 03/15/17 -Lets out a purr, because skills-
-Plays with the beard-
"You did not mention that particular skill. You any good?"
-Lets out a quiet laugh, squeezes in jest-
"I demand to be played to sleep one of these nights. Or mornings, whatever."
-Rests head against his shoulder, melts into-
"I thinking about talking to Jameson about his cure. How do you feel about that?"
Noura Orlav 03/14/17 "I know. This is a day that will go down in history."
-Laughs and latches on-
-Twists and reaches like a pro for a blanket because she knows-
"Want me to kill them? I'll make it quick and painless. Promise."
-Throws the blanket over them-
-Smirks- "I know we're married and stuff, and totally in like with each other, but.. what is it that you actually do? What's your line of work?"
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 DinoBabe
No one wants a chihuahua. Damn it.
Whatever you want!
I'm bringing Noura back a machete.
Noura Orlav 03/14/17 "Again? But it's almost next month, already. Who are these evil people that keep demanding your attentions?"
-Pouts, hugs tighter-
-Considers whining and decides against-
-Kisses the beard, and then his cheek-
"I've been alright. Chilling out, beating Croc, missing you. Normal, everyday sort of stuff."
-Looks up at, considers-
"I kind of really like you."
Noura Orlav 03/14/17 -She startles, she stares.-
-Noura refuses to smile, is supposed to be mad.-
-Lips twitch. Fails. Hard.-
-Smiles and leaves graveyard of teddy bears-
"I am so mad at you. Obviously."
-Goes in for a husband hug-
Noura Orlav 03/14/17 Beardasaurus I might want you to win me back over, anyway.
Just to see how.
Actually, yes. Do that. ❤️
Elouise Warrock 03/14/17 Jason
I'm on vacation right now, anyways!
What kind of souvenir do you want from Cabo?
Chihuahua? Several chihuahuas?
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 DinoSir
I miss you more than life.
Let's get ice cream and lock ourselves away for a movie day soon, okay?
Noura Orlav 02/14/17 Noura grins up at her DinoMan, flashing him a crooked smile reserved specifically just for him. She'd never guess that while she took a simple approach to just about everything regarding holidays... he has been over thinking it. Not even the words cause her to pause, because Jason and Noura are famously awkward around each other in their own, weird way. Though, it would be remiss to fail to mention the strange fluttering sensation in her abdomen when he said her name.

It's the twitch.

Biting her lip momentarily, she glances past him for a moment before looking him in the eye once more. "...I'm too impatient," she holds the bag out to him with a small smile. "It's kind of cheesy, you know? But, I saw it, I thought of you, and I mean, I almost kept it because I liked it so much too. But. You'll see. I'm gonna stop talking now. Hah."
Elouise Warrock 02/12/17 Favorite Husband
Noura Orlav 02/09/17 Noura has been considering her marriage. A proposal made by group text, a fly by night marriage to a Manosaurus Rex, and lint spiders. Dance Dance Revolution. Raptor food. Donkeys. Normal stuff, when it comes to relationships. But, their first holiday is coming up, if you can call it that. Noura has never really understood Valentines Day.

Whatever the case, she went shopping, and is just too excited to wait another five days. So, without a second though, she makes her way to Jason's personal space with the obnoxiously red gift bag hung from her fingers. In it, there is a green dino onesie waits along with a horribly cheesy card.

Me so happy. Me love you long time. Stay my Valentine?
NouraSaurus Rex
P.S. Wink twice for yes.

Knock, knock, Jason.
El Orlav 02/07/17

~+Joints straightened as she turned towards the greeting. A tight lipped smile present just as her gaze latched onto his beard. One arm jets up as her slender digits wiggle in a friendly gesture. Once her hand dropped to her side she spoke back in greeting.+~

''Hello! Thanks for the welcome.''
Noura Orlav 02/07/17 DinoHubby
Ohmygosh. Jim Carrey IS gross! And really not that funny. I knew that you were the dino for me.
If you're gonna eat me, can I pretend to be Chris Pratt the Raptor Whisperer first?
I will kiss your face off if you say yes.
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 DinoSir
Boob juice?! You mean I do that? Omfg.
Formula? Baby food? Are you sure?
I grew up on kibble. I remember because the bags had puppies on them. I think you're wrong.
I already got a crate, just like mine when I was a baby!
Noura Orlav 02/07/17 DinoHubby
I found Karen! I drank a lot and dressed him up like that girl from Flashdance and then set him loose. But you're kind of the best. Question. If you were a raptor, would you try to eat me?
Elouise Warrock 02/07/17 DinoSir
I was told PetCo is not an appropriate place to buy baby stuff.
But babies eat kibble, right?
Noura Orlav 02/05/17 DinoHubby
I lost Karen. If Claire kills me, I just want you to know that you are the best husband ever. You're the saur to our us. ...or something like that. But sweet.
Noura Orlav 02/03/17 Which one has that butterfly song?
-Grabs his hand and proceeds to begin tugging toward the door-
-Brilliant idea-
...let's buy a machine.
Noura Orlav 02/03/17 -Almost swoons, back of hand to forehead, dramatic af-
Jason, I will feed you.
-Pivots, moonwalks back to him-
I will love you.
-Tilts head back to look up at him-
And we will dance battle. ...but only one will win.
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Jason
You are:
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Jason
Noura Orlav 02/01/17 You're right. I hear they are horrible poisonous. Fatal, even.
-Sighs, dramatic.-
-Looks up to, silently adores the hubby-
You have woo'd me, sir. How did I get so lucky, to have the finest protector?
-Gestures to the dead lint-
You saved me. How may I repay you?
Noura Orlav 02/01/17 -Sees flying shoe-
-Is nearly plowed over-
-Jumps out of the way-
-No spider guts-
Ohmygod... it was lint.
-Nervous laugh-
Noura Orlav 01/31/17 SnuggieDinoHubby
There is a spider on the wall.>br> I need you to-oh god. It's looking at me.
I think

From down the hall, Noura can be heard shrieking, "JASON! IT MOVED! OHMYGODOHMYGODJASON!"
Camille 01/31/17 Thanks a ton, dino-mite!
Elouise Warrock 01/30/17
Noura Orlav 01/29/17 SnuggieHusband
To first times!
Everclear is disgusting.
I'm in. Let's get wedding wasted.
Elouise Warrock 01/29/17 Still Husband
LAME. Jamouise needs cousins to beat up! 😔
Now you can work on making Noura forgive me!
What a great arrangement. No family dinners, though.
...she's still not over the last one.
Elouise Warrock 01/29/17 Brother-in-Law?
It's okay. I still love you!
Are we gonna have kids together?!
Noura Orlav 01/28/17 Snuggie
LOL. We got married. That's awesome.
Elouise Warrock 01/28/17 DinoB*tch
Elouise Warrock 01/27/17 Jason
If you get married, do we still get to snuggle? :(
Jameson Orlav 01/24/17 -peeks down at Jason-
-secretly slips a packet of the dankest chocolate cookies-
"Yes, snuggles, fine. You can have all the snuggles.. As long as you don't eat all the chips." He eyes the bag pointedly as she shovels the salted crunchies into her mouth without pause. He swivels on his foot and b-lines to the blu-ray player, shoving in the first edition of The Godfather. Of course, after the fact, he promptly dive bombs over the top of the bed. Of course he avoids all the snacks and is careful not to demolish any of the cats in the process. "Okay babe, it's on! Look! It's starting!"

So. Damn. Excited.
Noura Orlav 01/24/17 Jason
YES! And the best part is, it came with a butt cushion. So if you're not sitting on it, you can use it as a bowl-holder for your popcorn and sh-t. No more spills!
Noura Orlav 01/24/17 Jason
I got you a snuggie.
Elouise Warrock 01/22/17 Man of My DinoDreams
I'll find the beer! For you, of course.
And we're watching Say Anything.
I'm emotional.
Elouise Warrock 01/22/17 Rabid Dino
Come over and snuggle then! I have popcorn.
Elouise Warrock 01/22/17 Jason
Something like that. We also snuggle.
Don't worry, you're still my favorite!
I require human contact 24/7 or I'll die. It's nothing personal.
...don't tell Jameson.
Elouise Warrock 01/22/17 Jason
Way to sell me out to Winter!
I was hoping moving him into the laundry room would finally get some of it done...
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 -already burrito'd in blanket-
-squints at-
Baby stuff? Good. It's just taking forever to cook.
It better be f*cking cute, with all of this effort. I'm already over it.
... but like, in a good way. I'm excited!
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 -stumbles over, opens door-
Ohmygod. I love you.
-forays back into the land of cats and blankets-
Jameson has some beer in the fridge. Feel free to partake! I'll just stare longingly.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Jason
Pringles. Cheez-Its. Doritos.
Just bring whatever. All food pleases me.
And I got the fuzzy blankets out~
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Jason
Of course! He can have a play date with the kitties.
Bring your onesie, bish. We're having a mf sleepover.
... Jameson will have to accept this.
Elouise Warrock 01/19/17 Dinosir
I miss you. We need to bake cookies and watch Godzilla.
Or gossip about how cute Jameson is. OR all three.❤️
Jameson Orlav 01/10/17 Order - Group Chat

Look what I found.
Look at this little terrorist.

[IMG sent]
Elouise Warrock 01/08/17 Bored. Elouise was always bored these days, it seemed. Time did pass much faster when she was constantly in some state of inebriation. But, it was too cold to go out and do anything. And she was tired of beating all of Jameson's best times on Mario Kart. So, naturally, she needs to find a victim.

Padding down the hall in her Captain America onesie, blue eyes peer out from behind the slits. Searching. And then... boom. Jason. Perfect. As quiet as a church mouse, she sneaks up behind him. Slender digits reach into his back pocket, fishing out...

"Fifteen dollars?! Jesus, you're a cheap date!"

You were successful in stealing $15.00 from Jason Reindhart.
Elouise Warrock 01/07/17
Elouise Warrock 01/06/17 Jason
You're the best cuddler.
Don't f*cking tell Jameson.
Jameson Orlav 01/05/17 Group chat: The Order
Elouise Warrock 01/05/17 Groupchat: The Order
[img attached]
Jameson Orlav 01/04/17 *burns into the room*
*breaks lock with fireaxe*
*grabs pregnant psycho wife and throws over his shoulder*
Never mind her, bro. Hormones..
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 -swings open door, shoves in-
You're not married too, are you?!
-padlocks door-
Noura can't trick you with her vagina magic in here.
Elouise Warrock 01/04/17 Jason
Come over. Right now.
Elouise Warrock 01/02/17 DinoSir
There's a six pack and some cheetos outside of your door.
Congrats on the new muscles!
Noura Orlav 12/31/16 The Cult
Look who I saved from 2016! Say hello to Karen. She's bunking with Cheech and Chong.
Jameson Orlav 12/31/16 Group: Order
[Snapchat Sent]

We r walrus.
Elouise Warrock 12/30/16 Kool-Aid Gang
Claire, stay you. Cassidy, there are some paper bags in my closet if you need to hide your face.
Can someone iron Jameson’s suits? He’s helpless.
Also, this is my new boyfriend. Todd.
[video attached]
Noura Orlav 12/30/16 Jameson's Cult
I love your work, Mom.
Elouise Warrock 12/24/16 Jason
RIGHT. That's why Cassidy and I snuggle every damn day.
I have no qualms with killing her, just so you know.
Elouise Warrock 12/24/16 Jason
Elouise Warrock 12/21/16 DinoBabe
I have The Good Dinosaur and fruit snacks.
You're obligated to come snuggle with me.
Jameson Orlav 12/20/16 Bearded Broski
She. Is. Satan. Just be careful.
Noura Orlav 12/20/16 Grandpa?
What would you say if I asked you to come out for an exciting evening at a party?
Noura Orlav 12/20/16 She nods at the text, eyebrows raised to express just how impressed she is. Smart guy. Would definitely understand things like, 'Stop', 'Leave', or 'I am calling the police'.

She can dig this.

Smooth Operator
And do you consider yourself socially outgoing and/or a risk taker?
Noura Orlav 12/20/16 Tabloid Co-Star
Do you speak Russian?
Noura Orlav 12/20/16 Trying to take advantage of me?
-Smirks, takes paper-
-Pulls pen out of bun, reaches for his hand to write on-
(...if he complies.)
And mine. Drunk text you, later, boyfriend.
-Laughs quietly and wanders off-
Noura Orlav 12/20/16 Hey, we two very pretty people. Plus, you have a beard.
-Gestures toward said beard, offers a smaller smile-
-Raises brow-
I'm fairly certain Jameson would sooner shake your hand.
-Gives a weak shrug, not so confident on the brother subject-
Noura Orlav 12/20/16 -Looks at, grins-
Listen, this is moving too fast for me...
-Quiet laugh-
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Jason
This is why we are friends.
I'll bring the tequila!
Well. I'll bring YOU tequila.
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 DinoSh*t
Mm. No. She's a hoe. Fo' sho'.
...wanna go get tacos?
Elouise Warrock 12/20/16 Dead Meat
Drinks? Noura? F'real?
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Noura Orlav 12/15/16 I thought you'd never ask.
-Grins, takes arm-
Sure you can keep up?
-Pats arm with other hand-
Elouise Warrock 12/15/16 Groupchat: The Order
Here is a beautiful mosaic of one big Jameson, made up of a bunch of smaller Jamesons.
All Hail.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 The Worst
Gross. No, never.
Let Jameson know I'm going back to Bloemfontein where at least I know my ovaries are safe.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 Gross Wtf
Pop one out? Ew. Omg. Totally changed my mind now.
Can you tell Jameson if he wants kids he's going to have to have an affair??
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 DinoSir
If we don't talk about baby names, then I don't have to address the possibility of actual babies. :)
Because I'm terrified. (:
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 DinoSir
HEY. My husband has a great name.
Personally, I think a dynasty of Elouise Prudence Warrock is far more deserved, but I'm overruled.
...because he bribes me with food and snuggles.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 DinoSir just convince Jameson.
He'll probably want to name it after himself.
And I'll be DAMNED if I name a child Jameson Kingston Orlav.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 DinoBabe
Flamethrower Jameson Jason Warrock Reindhart-Orlav?
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 Boyfriend #1
...fine. Flamethrower Jameson Warrock-Orlav.
Jameson Orlav 12/14/16 *deranged grin*
*also pops open a beer, sips*
I'm sure she loves it.
Hey, how are the locks on your door? Just cause.. You know, crew safety codes and such.
*awkward beer chug*
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 Stupid Face
Jameson is #2.
Love you, but we're definitely naming any baby Flamethrower.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 Husband #3
We'll just tape a beard onto baby Jamouise.
Eleson? Ugh. Warlav? Orrock? Omg.
Jameson Orlav 12/14/16 *nods along*
Uhhh I mean, *shakes head vigorously*
WELL. Maybe in a fake way.
..Just kind of make her mom think you're hitting it off.
*pats shoulder*
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 Dinohub
You know who is cute? Jameson.
And me. And you. We're the best tri-way marriage ever.
Jameson Orlav 12/14/16 Okay. No. Wait listen. So Cassidy, right?
*shoves pizza into his face*
Her mom is crazy. Elouise is crazy.
*crazy signs with his free hand*
So I tooooold her that she could hide out here.. Maybe.. Because you're a cool, single bro, Bro.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 New Husband
Yes! The cats can have a playdate.
... I don't know where Claire went with Cheech and Chong.
Elouise Warrock 12/14/16 DinoSir
I have snacks and Jurassic Park.
Come be my pseudo-husband.
Jameson Orlav 12/14/16 *busts through the door with a six pack and a whole pizza*
Dude. Prepare yourself. I've got a proposition for you.. No, its not marriage, although I think you'd be easier than my wife.
Jameson Orlav 12/14/16 Dinosir
Jason. Broski. I need a favor. Got a minute?
Elouise Warrock 12/13/16 [text reply]:
Ugh. This is why we're friends.
Don't forget the spiked eggnog!
Elouise Warrock 12/13/16 [text reply]:
That's all the holiday spirit I have.
I'm baking weed into the stuffing again.
Fasten you seatbelts, this is going to be one serious
Elouise Warrock 12/13/16 [text reply]:
There wasn't a 'u' emoji, assh0le.
Elouise Warrock 12/13/16 [text message]:
Noura Orlav 12/12/16 Not... quite.
-puts on a beguiling smile-
Of course, Jason. What girl doesn't love a good drink?
-shifts weight-
Ask me out for one.
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -squints-
-looks around-
Jameson and I are talking babies.
But I still think they're kinda gross.
And I probably have to apologize to his sister first.
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -takes hand-
-skips merrily along-
-shifty eyes-
-lowers voice-
I've got a secret. And it's not about drugs!
Noura Orlav 12/12/16 -waves off taco, wrinkles nose-
Stalking? Is that what you call it?
-chews at bottom lip momentarily-
Noura Orlav 12/12/16 -glowers-
Does a bear sh*t in the woods?
-narrows eyes, tilts head-
-is having some trust issues-
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 Flasks are so limiting. Just bring the whole bottle!
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -eye twitch-
Shh. No, no. You are appreciated. As is your lending of Jameson to me. But he's my husband, so he kinda has to be my best friend.
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -wide eyes-
-snakes around arm-'re my second best friend.
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -shifty eyes-
I need more attention.
Wanna go get tacos?
Elouise Warrock 12/12/16 -slides under door-
Elouise Warrock 12/11/16 -kicks shin-
Elouise Warrock 12/07/16 To: Jason
From: help
Drunk. Tried to fight Jameson sister.
Assaulted wrong person. In police car. Pls help.
Jameson Orlav 12/06/16 To: Dinoman
From: Girltrouble
She's with Cassidy. We had a little tiff. Sister is back in town.. I'll tell you all about it later.
Elouise Warrock 12/05/16 -cringes in horror as the two behemoth puppies barrel into Jason-
...I already named them. Camille One and Camille Two. But Jameson said no.
We could always name them after tequila.
Elouise Warrock 12/04/16 -shifty eyes-
It's the spiked Kool-Aid. Don't worry, we don't drug you anymore.
-gentle pat-
Jameson Orlav 12/03/16 [Snapchat sent]

..Don't tell Elouise that this is why I skipped breakfast.
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 -plops next to-
-takes swig, offers bottle-
Don't worry, you're still my favorite beard, no matter what happens.
Jameson Orlav 12/02/16 To: Dinosir
From: Dr. Sexy M.D.
Don't blame me. This is all the wife's doing. It won't belong until they all figure out she's crazy. I can't wait!
Elouise Warrock 12/02/16 -sneaks into room-
-waves bottle of whiskey-
We're getting toasted.
Elouise Warrock 11/28/16 -snickers-
Soon enough. People are weird.
-sips beer-
If you hadn't of come willingly, we would've dragged you kicking and screaming. Because someone has to keep Jameson entertained, and it isn't going to be me.
Elouise Warrock 11/28/16 -curls up next to-
-hands beer-
The other tabloid thinks you're our third-wheel.
Maybe you are. But only for beer.
Elouise Warrock 11/22/16 -toddles into room-
-definitely high-
Have you ever wondered why we named them napkins? Shouldn't they be...lapkins?
Elouise Warrock 11/21/16 -chases after-
Jameson Orlav 11/21/16 *pulls a whole margarita out of his pocket*
Elouise Warrock 11/17/16 -exhales-
Oh. In that case, enough your snack.
-shoots sideways glance- wanna go get some french fries and ditch Jameson?
Elouise Warrock 11/17/16 -reads the text over-
-eye twitch-
-kicks down door-
You and my husband are what?!
Camille 11/17/16 -chuckles-
I hear the snow is lovely. Is there snow yet?
Surely that cheap b@stard set up extra heaters in your room?
Better tell him if he doesn't accommodate, I'll kick his ass.
Elouise Warrock 11/17/16 [text reply]:
Ewwwww. Just lock her in a room or something.
And if she asks, I'm NOT married. :)
Elouise Warrock 11/17/16 [text reply]:
She's a recovering alcohol. What do you think?
...are you going to be my new dad?
Elouise Warrock 11/16/16 [text reply]:
Ew. Please don't sleep with my mom.
Just keep her away from alcohol!
Elouise Warrock 11/16/16 To: Dinosir
From: In Hiding
You have to entertain my mom this weekend.
Jameson Orlav 11/14/16 We are SO gonna party!
..don't let Elouise drink any liquor.
Elouise Warrock 11/14/16 -gasp-
I won't let you die! We'll just do lots of hot yoga.
-prods sides-
I knitted little booties for when our baby is done growing in the cabbage patch. Who knew Jameson was such a baby expert?!
Elouise Warrock 11/14/16 Are you coming with us?!
We can snuggle for wamrth!
And Jameson wrote to the stork for a baby!
Jameson Orlav 11/14/16 Well.. Yeah. You're going to need a jacket.
Or, like, twelve.
Jameson Orlav 11/14/16 The solution is simple.
Come with us.
We can continue our bromantic affair and Elouise will never even know!
Elouise Warrock 11/04/16 -tugs on sleeve-
Where do babies come from?
Elouise Warrock 10/31/16 -pelts with candy-
Happy Halloween, hoe!
Elouise Warrock 10/27/16 -shifty eyes-
I already got him some booty shorts.
He has no idea what he's in for!
Elouise Warrock 10/23/16 -rolls eyes-
But I would have married him sober!
-shifty eyes-
I want to go to an island in the tropics!
Jameson can be my cabana boy.
Elouise Warrock 10/22/16 -tosses can at-
-slumps into floor-
-sprawls out-
Why is marriage so hard?
-stares at ceiling-
I make pies, and get smothered, and I'm not allowed to streak!
... I need a vacation.
Elouise Warrock 10/22/16 -stomps into room-
-drags six pack behind her-
I finally escaped.
... don't tell Jameson I'm here!
Jameson Orlav 10/18/16 *scratches head and wanders*
Have you.. Have you seen my wife?
She said 'something something my bong' and I haven't seen her since.
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -doesn't shatter his dreams-
-loops arm around-
And then we'll get milkshakes!
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -taps chin-
Come to think of it... yeah. Yeah!
Let's go find you a Jameson... or a... Jamie?
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -blank stare-
Princess Buttercup? No! He's fine. I have to hide him because Jameson is allergic.
We're talkin' about my hubs, here. Jameson is mine!
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -scoffs-
It's not a spat.
I paid a lot for him at market!
No one's allowed to touch him but me!
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -pats-
-lil hug-
Now, I need you to help me kill Emerson.
She's horrible and awful and mean, and in return, I'll let you fondle and objectify my husband to your heart's content, no murderous repercussions.
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -screeches-
-big eyes-
Wow. You're strong and smart! Like Pablo Escobar!
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -patpatpats-
You're such a good friend! Okay! I'm gonna run!
... and hopefully you'll lift. Or I'll just die.
-toddles off-
-stretches a little-
Nobody puts baby in a corner!
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -big eyes-
Wow. I knew you were cool, but I didn't know how cool.
-pokes muscles-
And you're not even flexing! ... I may need you to move some bod -- furniture for me later. Dancing first!
-shifty eyes-
Can we do the Dirty Dancing lift?
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -pushed down-
It's not easy to make a husband happy, okay!
-deep breath-
And I just meant something basic.
... like the waltz.
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -looks like she just ran into a brick wall-
Please. I still remember your stint as a stripper.
Help me, Dino Wan, you're my only hope!
Elouise Warrock 10/18/16 -tackles-
I need you to teach me how to dance!
Elouise Warrock 10/17/16 You managed to break out Jason Reindhart.

I'm such a good friend.
-hair flip-
Jameson Orlav 10/13/16
Elouise Warrock 10/10/16 To: Dinosir
From: Dog Mom
[video received]
Elouise Warrock 10/08/16 She bows her head. “No baby. Purely a joke.” The open can before her drew her desire, but nothing more. “Not everyone saw it that way.” She clears her throat, looking over at Jason with a blank gaze. She was exhausted, evidently, but was unable to rest.

“I appreciate you stopping by, Jason. But I think I should wait for Jameson to come back.” If he does. She shook the thought away, placing the beer down at her feet. “You’re a good friend, but…” She was not in a state for company, that much was certain. “Thanks for the cookies.” She finally smiles, but it seems forced, while she usually was able to give them with ease and sincerity.
Elouise Warrock 10/08/16 Elouise sat in utter silence. At some point in the evening she had made her way back to her room, hidden beneath layers of blankets, in the only comfort she had left to herself. The one thing that was completely hers, even now.

Then, a knock comes at the door. Her breath hitches at first, hoping that it was Jameson. But the voice told her otherwise. She considered ignoring him, letting him stand there until he got the hint. At the same time… she didn’t want to be alone. And her favorite snacks sounded wonderful.

Crawling out of her bed, she pads over to the door, swinging it open to greet him. “Hi.” She states, before backing out of the doorway to let him in. She takes a few more steps before falling into one of two beanbag sacks resting on the floor.

The blonde, of course was already in her onesie of the day, penguin themed.
Elouise Warrock 10/08/16 To: Prehistoric Papa
From: I Miss Alcohol
As long as the baby grows up to be a sociopath like Jameson, you can do whatever wholesome nonsense you want with it.
Elouise Warrock 10/07/16 To: The Godfather
From: Babyproof Master
If you agree to babysit, I'll consider naming this baby after you.
Elouise Warrock 10/05/16 -flings self against closed door-
...Is there beer in there?!
Jameson Orlav 09/26/16 [text reply]
You know that whole; what's your is mine thing? Imagine if we were married. I'd never get a taco ever again.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/16 text reply: also have to give him warm milk and sing him lullabies. He's very high maintenance.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/16 text reply:
By all means, cuddle with him! He likes being called Princess Jamie, and having his head scratched. He's the little spoon.
Elouise Warrock 09/26/16 text reply:
...the ring pop was delicious. Are you just jealous we have a great relationship full of vindictive pranking and onesie cuddles?
Elouise Warrock 09/26/16 text reply:
Because he has poor taste in engagement rings!
Caitlyn Darrow 09/24/16 *blinks mid-run*
*shrieks towards cackling child*
NOAH THAT THE WAS VERY UNGENTLEMAN LIKE. Come back and apologize! Man down!!
Caitlyn Darrow 09/24/16 Silence was magical. Caitlyn reclined back into the chair of her office, and cast a glance over to the Lego castle. Silence was terrible when her five-year-old was supposed to be in the room with her. "Noah? Noah darling?"

She called up and bounced forward from the chair. Her heels clashed against the ground as she stood upright and gave another frantic once over the room.

That's when it became evident of what had happened. A trail of Legos and hard taco shell crumbs towards the door that was open a slit. "Oh dear.." She murmured and heard a shrill cry from the hallway. A blur streaked past the door with the distinctive childish giggle.

Quickly she rushed to the door and blinked down at her feet. Was that a taco? "Son of a me.." Caitlyn glared as Noah apparently ran down the hallway of Solitude with a bag of stolen tacos.

Chanting victoriously, "Tachooo! Tachoooo! Here tachooo!" Whilst he hurled a paper wrapped taco at every single door giggling maniacally.

Great. Noah the five-year-old had turned into Oprah the-taco-giver. She sprinted after him, unable to keep up with his small satanic speed legs.

Elouise Warrock 09/23/16 To: Near-dead Dino
From: Mass Extinction
Sleep with one eye open tonight.
Elouise Warrock 09/23/16 To: Dinosnore
From: Princess Peach
If I find one more drop of tomato sauce, I'm going to kick your a-s back to prehistoric times.
Jameson Orlav 09/23/16 *laughs and tosses the phone back*
I don't.. Well, what do you think?
You're a Dinosir, you should trust those prehistoric instincts of yours.
*nods and offers a shrug*
Though, if you follow my advice, you might have the women of the realm trying to kill you.
Jameson Orlav 09/23/16 *takes the phone and reads, mouthing along to the words as he reads them*
*brows raise*
*half smirk*
Well, bud.. What's the question? This is Emerson we're talking about. She's pretty straight forward, innent'she?
*wiggles his brows*
Jameson Orlav 09/23/16 *stuffs entire slice of cake into his mouth super fast, holds his hands up*
*swallows and nods*
Oh, hey.. You, uh. You what? A code?
*glances at the phone*
What sort of code?
Elouise Warrock 09/22/16 Text:
To: Chippendale
From: Pasta Princess
*image attached*

Tequila goes great with garlic bread!
Sofia Johanneson 09/22/16 Watches him trotting away, a raised eyebrow at the lack of clothing, the scent of tomatoes and garlic wafting in the air. Do I even want to *know* what this is about? " Ummmm.. thanks for the warning?" Amused, she was also not shy about turning and watching the retreating figure - enjoying his struggle to stay covered.
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 *blinks*
*gives once-over*
*shrugs, nods, and grabs button controller*
They'll never know what hit them!
... We need to sabotage more often
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 *cackling evilly*
I will enjoy the cleanup as well..
I have so much garlic bread and not enough spaghetti!
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 *whistles 'Lady in Red'*
*new theme song*
I hope they have plenty of spaghetti to go with this sauce...
Maybe I should cook up all the leftover macaroni and fill their pillowcases...
*looks around innocently*
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 *slams basket down on a table*
Way ahead of you, bro.
*picks one up, jiggles, squishes and drops again*
I always thought the lot of them would look nice in red...
*mischievous grin*
Elouise Warrock 09/22/16 -is totally smackered-
-thinks he's a male dancer-
Wait! Take my money!
-waves dolla, dolla bills $$$ in the air-
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 *eyes widen*
Holy sh*t, you're brilliant.
I started filling balloons with whipped cream already, but your idea is way better.
And I have all this spare pasta sauce...
*coughs and waves a hand*
Don't ask.
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 The girls are having a night.
I promised doom.
If I don't follow through, that makes me flaky, doesn't it?
*rubs at the scruff along his chin*
Silly string is a good place to start.
And then toilet paper. And then... Spaghetti sauce.
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 *looks around suspiciously*
*leans in a bit*
One word.
Jameson Orlav 09/22/16 ...Have you got any silly string?
*scribbles something on his notepad*
Jameson Orlav 09/21/16 I've got two left feet. I don't believe there's a tango in my future.
*knots brow*
Babies... Ugh.
Those things poop. Like.. Everywhere.
Jameson Orlav 09/21/16 *laughs*
Alright, touche. You've made a good point. Would be kind of weird if I had a person as a pet too, I suppose.
*considers his lab*
I'd like to state, for the record, that I was duped into having undead children. My face was stolen and morphed into paper babies. I am innocent in all of this.

Jameson Orlav 09/21/16 *clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth*
*notices the cat*
Cat guy? I figured you for the type with an iguana.
*eyeballs the feline*
Have you named him? I had a cat once, aptly named... Cat.
Jameson Orlav 09/21/16 *shakes his head, finishes off his beer and crushes the can between his fingers*

No. No. I'm pretty sure she's obsessed with me.
Or, something that makes more sense like... she's abnormally attached to my-

*pauses and contemplates the description he was just about to spout*br> Well. Elouise.

*narrows eyes and mumbles something about 'mine first'*

She's probably just jealous of my disgusting zombie kids.
*nods sagely*
Jameson Orlav 09/21/16 *gladly takes the beer, turns the lock on the door, and grabs a stool*
*shotguns said beer before he even breathes*
No, but.. They're getting more insane.
*nods, wide eyed and dazed*

Emerson wants to hang me by my ankles from an apple tree, I am pretty sure..
And she keeps slapping me... So violent!
Jameson Orlav 09/21/16 *runs in, out of breath*
*slaps door behind him and leans against to hold it shut*
Dude. DUDE.
*gasps for air*
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 -runs for the hills-
-...probably forgot her inhaler again-
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 -screeches-
-tosses beer behind her-
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 -shifty eyes-
-snatches beer-
-scampers off-
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16
I FOUND THE COOKIES! Aisle 4, right next to the razor blades.
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 ... me? Grocery store?
-high fives-
I don't have a second to spare!
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 They're soft-bake Chips Ahoy! If you find them, I might even let you have one!
-pats shoulder-
Now go fetch, boy!
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 -pushes 'gently'-
Gooo! Cookies! This is of life or death importance!
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 Speaking of snacks... do you know where the cookies are hidden?
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 -oo's and ah's-
I like the lapparentosaurus, because they could probably reach the snacks on the top shelf!
-nods and nods-
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 -throws her arms out wide-
Any kind.
Elouise Warrock 09/21/16 What's your favorite kind of dinosaur?
-wide eyed stare-
Elouise Warrock 09/20/16 ... What? Not a good enough pun?
Elouise Warrock 09/20/16 -clears throat-
Thank you, Mr. Dinosir. You are one of a kind.
Elouise Warrock 09/20/16 -shifty eyes-
Just... research.
Elouise Warrock 09/19/16 Interesting.
-takes notes-
That will be all.
Elouise Warrock 09/19/16 Are you more Jurassic or Cretaceous?
Sofia Johanneson 09/19/16 Fia let out a small laugh as her new crew mate mentioned biting.

"Thanks I'm happy to be here, name's Sofia, my friends call me Fia... and I'll keep the biting thing in mind - or look for a good chew-toy for you."

Fia smiled, hoping her new crew-mate had a sense of humor, and wondered about the biting thing.... she had been known to nip a bit herself given certain circumstances. Hmmmmm....

Elouise Warrock 09/14/16 Honestly, I'm used to it by now. I just invested in a nose-plug.
Elouise Warrock 09/14/16 He does! It's called Eau de Pig.
Jameson Orlav 09/14/16 Right.

I completely believe you, and I am most definitely not plotting your demise as we speak.
Elouise Warrock 09/14/16 He's like a living, breathing phantom fart.
Tread and smell lightly, my child.
Elouise Warrock 09/14/16 If you've been near enough to smell him, you know that's not true.
Elouise Warrock 09/14/16 Trust me, I know. He's totally gross.
Jameson Orlav 09/14/16 I don't... Like being touched.
And peanut butter sticks to the roof of my mouth.
Sign me up for a steak, though.
...Maybe I am more akin to a tiger?
Jameson Orlav 09/14/16 No matter what they tell you, I am NOT a shape shifting dog, I do NOT enjoy peanut butter, and I do NOT need a bath.
*throws his arms up*
I wonder what Elouise's room would look like filled with jello...
Elouise Warrock 09/14/16 It's not a waste! I'm sure he'll lick it out.
Elouise Warrock 09/13/16
We're gonna put peanut butter in all of Jameson's shoes. Okay? Okay. Good.
Jameson Orlav 09/13/16 These women are evil. Don't let them trick you into unsavory shenanigans.
*narrows eyes*
Caitlyns just mad that I got'hold of alla her oranges.
And obviously that tacos are way tastier........ Look, I'll share, just don't steal my tacos. They're all I got!
Caitlyn Darrow 09/13/16 Do you know what today is? Steal all Jameson's tacos Tuesday! Olé!
Jameson Orlav 09/12/16 I knew it, you know? I thought, nah, he's not a sugar cone kind of guy. No, that's for petting zoos. You're no goat, you're a Dino. And crackers? Crackers are classy as f*ck.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/12/16 Welcome to Solitude. Should you need any help, let me know! Unless you're looking for someone to eat. Then erm, wait, do you eat people?
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16
I’ll try my best, Bob!
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16 -knits brow together-
Shoot. Well, nice to meet you Jason. Don't get upset if I still call you Bob.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16 Warrock, Elouise Warrock.
-shifty eyes-
You look like a...
-taps chin-
Roger? George? Bob?
Bob! You look like a Bob.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16 My left side is my good side, in that case.

Actually, I rescind my earlier statement. Both sides are good.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16 And that's why we're going to get along swimmingly!
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16 Everyone can be an emotional eater sometimes, don't be self-conscious. At any rate, I wasn't looking to film you, you just showed up. I was stalking a different french fry eating dinosaur.
Elouise Warrock 09/11/16
Elouise Warrock 09/10/16 Welcome back!
Jameson Orlav 09/10/16 Welcome, brutè.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/10/16 Welcome back to the realm!
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