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Averly Amoret



Last five threads posted in:
Mackenzie 09/09/19 Covered in stick red paint, Mackenzie lurks through Sine Metu looking for her next victim. Balloons had given her an idea, and in her clean(er) hand, she holds one, inflated. Upon seeing Roman, she holds up a single red finger before bringing the balloon to her lips, inhaling the helium within.

Once lowered, she would grin as she speaks a single word in the most obscene chipmunk voice. "Float."

With that, she releases the balloon, watching as it flies at Roman's face and yells out, "Tag!"

There would be not a word further as she makes a run for it.
Melinoe 09/04/19 Be sure to RSVP to myself or Liam Moore via message as soon as you can! We have a lot of fun activities planned and we would love to make this mixer as big as we can! I hope to see you there!
Averly Amoret 08/22/19 -clicks tongue-
Do play nice with the others.
-fails at hiding a smile-
I love when you ruffle feathers.
Bishop Orlav 08/22/19 -wrinkles nose-
"I was not offering. I'd rather my fangs be pulled than find a comrade in you."
-offers a sardonic smile-
-and a flip of the bird-
Bishop Orlav 08/22/19 "She is the only thing keeping you alive right now. Did you really think I would just stand here, get all huffy and flustered, then suddenly want to be besties?"
"I have killed for less."
Jameson Orlav 08/21/19 -deadpan-
Can I help you?
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -eye twitch-
"I will give you five seconds to walk away, out of respect for Mackenzie."
-crosses arms-
"Then, we shall see how cute I am when you are without eyes."
Bishop Orlav 08/21/19 -arches brow-
"What do you want?"
Flahme 07/31/19 When he refers to his own heart as vile, Flahme tilts her head, wondering why he called it that. Whatever the reason, he seemed enamoured with the butt pinching Averly. Flahme grinned.
"That is wonderful for you both! I mean, assuming she returns your affections and you're not some creepy stalker."
In typical style, Flahme blurted out her thoughts.
"I'm Flahme, new to the coven, and you are?"
Before he can reply, she looks at the ground, bends to retrieve his now unlit cigarette. Flahme then makes fire dance across her fingertips until it sits atop only two, and with this, she relights the cigarette, takes a drag and hands it back to him as she closes her fist to extinguish the flame.
Flahme 07/30/19 Blinking through the tunnels, Flahme runs smack into a dark-haired man coming out of a door she hadn't seen.
"I'm so sorry..."
She squints.
"You smell just like the lady that pinches my butt. Averly, why do you smell like Averly?"
Janus 07/29/19 Though I do have a sweet tooth...
I'll accept the trade.
Averly Amoret 07/23/19 Roman
I hope you know I'd do anything to keep you safe.
Mostly because you offer me food.
Also, your handsome face.
You're perfect.
Yours, Ave xoxo
Averly Amoret 07/22/19 Roman
Missing you always.
Your heart is a song my ears always seemed to be tuned in to.
Ave xoxo
Averly Amoret 07/18/19 As always, you are far too kind.
You will always be the most beautiful soul I know.
Thank you for the gift.
My prince of darkness. xoxo
Averly Amoret 07/13/19 Be mine...

Averly's heart indeed began to pound, and her breath stopped as he laid kisses to the curve of her neck. Now that she was nestled into his lap, and in his arms, her reserve had slipped away completely. Roman was heartbreakingly gentle as he cupped his hand around her face and peered into her soul, it would take all she had not to fall apart completely then and there. With a slow smile turning up the corners of her lips, she pressed her lips against his with a soft kiss.

Pulling back ever so slightly, she muttered the words. "Always. You've had my heart from the moment we met."
Averly Amoret 07/12/19 Averly's lips twitched in response to Roman draping her dangling legs across his lap, and she would continue to fight back the smile that threatened to spread across her features. She delighted in the warmth of him as she curled her toes in her boots.

"Oh, I'd return any favor you ask of me. Say the word, and I'm yours. I'm an open book for you."
Mackenzie 07/11/19 You mean the sh-t.
Not to be confused with sh-t.
Janus 07/11/19 A genuine laugh sounded as his new found companion mentioned that Flahme sounded like a hell of a woman. How right he was. If only he knew. "You don't know how right you are, friend. But that's a story for another time."

Taking a moment to compose himself, he withdrew a cigarette from the breast pocket of his shirt and raised it to his lips. Biting the end, he said between his teeth, "Sounds like a good time to me. If we're in jail by the morning, the girls will enjoy bailing us out. So I suppose we should hop to it."

With a smirk, he lit the end to the cig in one fluid movement with a lighter. He watched as the flames caught on the tobacco, and fervently inhaled the smoke. "Tell me Roman, what is your drink of choice?"
Averly Amoret 07/11/19 The feel of his fingertips brushing ever so casually along Averly's hip had a warm shiver running up her spine, the kiss he laid to her palm had her cheeks filling with warmth. A lazy smile spread across her features as she met his warm gaze.

...I would still be bewitched by you.

"Nothing? Roman dear, you are far from nothing. No magic can come close to your electrifying touch, or your silver tongue." Averly had dabbled with various kinds of magic over the years, none as powerful as the affects he had on her. In fact, the entire world seemed to pale in comparison to him.

Gently, she brushed the pad of her thumb over his lip and admired its softness. Knowing if she pulled it down, it would expose his porcelain white teeth to her. Their dance was intriguing, and dangerous. They were walking a fine line between curiosity and lust.

"I want to know you Roman, every piece of you there is to offer."
Mackenzie 07/11/19 Joke's on them - they live in the sewers, now.
Averly Amoret 07/07/19 Her pink stained pout curled upward at his request and she motioned to the seat of the armchair she had taken residence on, and nodded. "Please, join me."

Averly watched as he once again walked towards her, and she shifted her position on the arm as he sank into the arm chair. Her legs dangling off the edge, would occasionally bump into his long outstretched ones should she find herself needing his touch to ground her.

"I meant no offence, darling. That goregous face of yours is enough to turn my insides into mush." Cradling her glass of liquor in one hand, she outstretched the other to trace the contours of his chiseled jaw with her finger tips. His skin like smooth porcelain, but his features made of granite. Roman was god like in every sense of the word.

"Surely you must know how exquisite you are."
Janus 07/07/19 A smirk curled the corners of Janus' lips as he thought of his girl. He could say as much, couldn't he? They had gone to hell and back, literally.

"Well, Roman. I don't know about your girl, but I know mine usually prefers to get into trouble with me. I don't think she would be the one to call to get me out of trouble, as I'm afraid to report she might cause more for us."
Averly Amoret 06/30/19 A sultry purr made its way past her lips before she could stop herself, her mind was running wild with imagination at the thought of Roman's hands wandering over the planes of her body. Following her slip up with a feminine chuckle and offered, "Well, I may just have to put you to the test and see if that's true."

Providing a wink for him, she watched as he gracefully poured them both something to drink and made his way back with a predatory stride. Averly accepted the glass of amber filled liquid and swirled its contents as she followed Roman's path to the sitting area. She perched herself on the arm of a love seat while he took position on a sofa, seeming as relaxed as ever.

"Quite the inheritance, Roman. Wealth, f*ck faces, and devastatingly good looks."
Janus 06/29/19 Janus watched with a blank expression was smoke poured out of the vampire's mouth. The smug expression on his face would have warranted a beating had Janus been the same person he had been a year ago. Hell, even six months ago. Now, he watched on as the male before him prodded him for a drink.

"I'm sure you know how it is. These women can be so demanding. Though, to be honest I happily fulfill their every need." Janus added the last bit with a wink before continuing. "However, I'm never too busy for a friend. Name a time and a place."
Averly Amoret 06/29/19 A smile curved the corners of her lips upward as a shiver ran down her spine from the tickle of his breath in her ear. "Lucky me. If only you had little self control everyday. Then it seems I would be in real trouble."

Averly watched as he gracefully moved about the room, watching his every move with a predatory stare. It was almost as if time and space ripped open to make room for Roman Godfrey to move about, as if it tailored itself to his every whim and desire. The lick of her lips was only instinct as she raked her eyes over him. "I'll have the same as you, darling."

Tearing her gaze away from his chiseled form, she took note of the exquisitely decorated home he was occupying. "What is it you do for work?"
Averly Amoret 06/29/19 Despite their embrace moments before, Averly blushed as he placed her palm on his forearm. Roman was ever the gentleman, last minute surprise or not. She fought the smile that desperately tugged at her lips, and let her thunder blue eyes dart about the room as she thought of her response.

"A drink, and a handsome man to keep me company? I'd be a fool to refuse. Though, I'd have to admit I wouldn't mind drinking you up along with whatever you're serving." With a smile, she threw a wink up at him.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "R-right! I will. Thanks again!" He gave a curt nod in response before looking around a moment and proceeding to briskly walk his way out.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "A castle?" Theo's brows furrowed a little, seeming a bit discontent at that thought, "I lived here my whole life so far..I don't think I'd be interested in leaving anytime soon." Theo stated. Glancing down at his phone he let out a sigh, "Well..I'd love to stay an' chat some more but, my mum can't cook for crap. I'd rather not keep her waiting." He held a hand out to him, "It was nice meeting you guys. I'll see about dropping by again soon..ish." He cringed, unsure himself.
Theo Barnas 06/29/19 "Ohhh..huh. Would that make you like..famous or something? Or at least popular in the sense?" Theo pondered. Taking a moment to think back since then, he shook his head. "No..he looked pretty old though. I tried looking him up online and I couldn't find anything. He didn't give me a name..but he said, 'And I bestow upon onto thee, thy title, Young Veducio Lambshod Barnas the third.' Like..what even does that mean?? Does that sound familiar at all??"
Theo Barnas 06/28/19 "An upir?..I didn't know there were different varieties.." Theo thought for a moment, "Well..if you're asking how I got to be like this I guess I'd have to say it was given without a choice. Some guys mugged me down the street when I was out trying to get some groceries for my mum. Next thing I know I'm in some dusty old building with an old dude I've never met!" He exclaimed, attempting to add emphasis for just how crazy it was. "Tells me I was on 'deaths door' and that I was to be next in line for his passing. Whatever that means..All I know is he told me things were never gonna be the same. Explained to me what I was, and then BAILED! Like, who does that?!"
Theo Barnas 06/28/19 "Oh yeah of course, of course." He nodded, "I happen to be pretty generous in that department so, no worries there." Theo assured, coughing slightly. "Still not used to the whole..y'know..newbie phase..Makes it a challenge in trying to not overwhelm the senses while cooking stuff. Wish I knew how long it'd last though..I think it's been a month." He thought aloud.
Theo Barnas 06/28/19 "Ah, hey, thanks man." Offers an awkward smile. "Nice to finally feel not so out of place for once."
Mackenzie 06/28/19
Averly Amoret 06/27/19 The sudden embrace knocked the air from her chest as Roman pulled her in tight. The feel of his breath tickling her neck had goosebumps trailing down her arms, and Averly had to bite on her lip to hold back the satisfied whimper that itched at the back of he throat.

She made quick work of snaking her arms around his neck to hold him to her for a moment longer before he released her. Her arms nearly ached with desire to hold him like that again, among other various positions. Loosening a sigh, she stepped over the threshold and spied his shirt hanging on the back of the chair.

"Thank you, I hope I'm not disturbing you."
Averly Amoret 06/27/19 A smirk twisted her full pout upwards as Averly knocked on the door, once, twice, three times before taking a step back. Her golden locks were pulled up, pinned into place haphazardly. He had wished for her presence, and who was she to deny such a gorgeous man. She wriggled her toes inside her snug fitting boots in anticipation for him to open up the door. She had opted for a more comfortable outfit instead of her usual finery she adorned around him.

Averly found that she was more comfortable sinking her teeth into trouble when she had the ability to move around comfortably. The snug, hip hugging jeans accentuated her soft curves. This was only accented by the loose fitting black shirt. She was the perfect image of a comfortable summer night spent outside talking with good company. She could only hope her unwitting host would oblige her with conversation, and perhaps a few drinks.

"Roman, your wish is my command." She sang to the closed door.
Averly Amoret 06/27/19 Roman
[message received]
Averly Amoret 06/21/19 Roman
Missing you.
Missing that c0cky smile that seems permenantly etched onto your handsome face.
One day I'll wipe that smile away when I steal a kiss from your lips.
Yours, Ave.
Averly Amoret 06/17/19 Roman
Youíre always on my mind.
Yes, letís get together soon.
I miss your handsome mug.
Melinoe 06/17/19 Oh, mister... You donít know the half of it.
Averly Amoret 06/15/19 You managed to break out Roman Godfrey.
-twirls keys around fingers-
Do try to stay out of trouble next time.
Averly Amoret 06/15/19 Well, I'm sure you've heard the saying,
"Be careful what you wish for"
See you soon, handsome.
xoxo Averly.
Janus 06/15/19 How generous of you.
A friend who buy me booze is a friend indeed.
The ladies would be right of course, as per usual.
Doesn't make them any less nuts though.
I'm sure you'll be hearing from me in the near future.
Averly Amoret 06/14/19 Roman
Though I am always left reeling from your flattery
I must let you know youíve not seen the best of what this
sharp tongue can do.
Averly Amoret 06/14/19 Roman, my dear.
Thank you for your kind words.
The real prize of course, has been your recognition.
For the record, I think you smell lovely.
I often find my mouth watering at the smell of tobacco and liquor these days.
Jasper Thompson 06/10/19 -sniffs deeply-
You smell like sh-t, mate, have you been in a sewer?
Janus 06/10/19 Well then, if you ever need a drinking buddy.
I'm in.
Always speak from experience, my friend.
Otherwise you'd just be giving bad advice.
Jewel 06/10/19 Welcome to Sine Metu.
Drink the kool-aid.
Never trust Janus.
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 Glad to hear it. If you need anything, holler. Names Lilly
Janus 06/09/19 Welcome to the coven.
Don't drink the kool-aid.
The ladies are all nuts.
Averly Amoret 06/09/19 Roman
Are you stalking me?
I'm flattered.
See you around the murder...-ahem-
Coven house.
LillyEmperium 06/09/19 Welcome to the coven.... don't let the ladies scare ya
Mackenzie 06/08/19 Mackenzie, holding a red balloon in one hand, grins. "Come on puckle, don't you want a balloon?"
Averly Amoret 06/02/19 Roman
I promised you'd be seeing on me on the front of a 'Wanted Poster'
I promise it's for a good cause.
This time.

Averly Amoret 05/30/19 Roman
I'll meet you there.
Let me know the time and place.
Yours, Ave. xoxo
Averly Amoret 05/21/19 It seemed like only a few moments had passed since she had escaped his clutches. Averly's breathing was still uneven as her heart raced deep within her chest when her cell phone went off inside her pocket. She need not glance at it to know who the message was from, but her traitorous fingers withdrew the device anyway.

I'll clear my schedule for you and your handsome mug.
I look forward to meeting with you.
Yours, Averly. xoxo

Though Averly had no qualms with being forward, she winced at her own use of symbols for 'hugs and kisses.' Though Roman piqued her childlike wonder and amazement, she regretted in showing it just yet.
Averly Amoret 05/16/19 Averly watched as smoke rose from the lit cigarette he dangled between his fingertips, and admired the curve of his lips around the unlit end. She could nearly smell the sultry scent of tobacco and whiskey from where she stood, and her mouth watered at the thought. It seemed her molten core had not cooled quite yet, and may never in his presence.

"Surprise me, my homme charmant. I know you aren't one to disappoint." With a wink, Averly casually strutted away. Finally free of his grasp, and free to daydream about their next encounter.
Averly Amoret 05/13/19 Averly trembled in the wake of fingers grazing along her cheekbone, and watched carefully as his gaze slid to her lips and back again. She felt as if the air had been knocked from her in those few moments. It was a struggle to remember how to breathe and behave normally in these circumstances.

Her porcelain smile was once again revealed at his response, and Averly finally slipped away from his grasp and began backing away. Hand grasped firmly behind her back, she chewed on her lips as she tried to think of an offer that he wouldn't be able to refuse, and wouldn't seem entirely too eager. After all, she still had some self respect left.


Glancing at the scrap of paper she had slipped into his hand as she pulled away, she beamed at him as she continued to retreat. "Tomorrow night. You have my number now. Pick a place to go, somewhere proper to treat a lady." She hesitated at this, realizing that he could have dragged her to hell and she would have held his hand along the way. "I'll send you the address once you've sent me your number."
Averly Amoret 05/13/19 "Well then Roman, I suppose it's about time we make some more time for one another."

Giving him another quick once over, she found herself delighted with his form. Averly's tongue slid across her lips as she waited for a response, quickly growing impatient with the pregnant silence now hanging in the air. Her thunderous hues locked with his emerald gaze, and a sly smile curved up the corners of her Cheshire grin.

Wriggling one wrist free from his grasp, she trailed her fingertips softly up the length of his forearm and hesitated at the bend of his elbow. "Dinner, perhaps?"
Gavin McGrath 05/12/19 A brow arched upwards at the man's words. How had he come across Gavin's name? Had they met before? "I don't remember exchangin' names with ya, lad. How, may I ask, have ya come across mine?" The Irishman tilted his head in intrigue at what the man may say next.
Averly Amoret 05/07/19 I want to study your mind, what makes you tick.

A familiar sweltering heat threatened to bubble up and burst from her core, testing her reserve. Averly was determined to brush aside his antics, if not for her own sanity, than to preserve the polished outer shell she had worked to put in place. So, with a saccharine smile, she willed her eyes to gleam as she peered up at his tall form.

As his forehead met hers, his warm breath grazed her brow, turning her sweet smile positively feline. Averly shrugged, a beautiful, easy gesture. Roman oozed grace from his every pore, all contained in such a powerful form. His flattery did not fall on deaf ears, but as a stubborn woman, Averly stepped just outside his grasp so that their heads were separated. Though, she left her fingers dance in his own as she spoke.

"Among a sea of mundane faces, yours is a work of art. I'd happily take up much more of your time, I've come to grow fond of our run ins."
Averly Amoret 05/06/19 Roman's delicate touch sent delicious shivers down the length of her slender form, and Averly became entirely too aware of the little space between them. It would be entirely too easy to close the distance between them, it would be entirely too easy to drink him in and let herself surrender. Watching a smile tug on his soft mouth had her own twitching in response.

Under his velvet touch, she could feel her reserve slipping as he traced idle circles into the curve of her neck. Their flirtatious chatter had quickly turned into an intimate exchange of words that threatened to bring a blush into the apples of her cheeks. His every word left her wanting more, and she realized his very presence shook her to her own molten core.

"I suppose we will have to test that theory. Tell me, Roman. What is it you desire from me? Surely you have other ways to...occupy your time. Though, I'm happy to steal these precious few moments away from you."
Averly Amoret 05/05/19 His voice was a deep purr that ricocheted through her, awakening everything and pulling it into complicity. Color bloomed within the apples of her fair cheeks, as her eyes widened slightly at the exchange. His saccharine words were foreign, and enticing all at once. Her fall into his clutches was inexorable, and had her heart racing at his proximity.

His name like a caress on her lips, Averly beamed up at him and spoke in a hushed tone. "Roman, dear. Don't tease me with a good time."

Wetting her lips with a swipe of her tongue, a half smile played her lips. Roman seemed to radiate sensual grace and ease, his very presence was enough to make her want to spontaneously combust and be at ease all at once. He was a myth given flesh, his demeanor precise and alluring. With any luck, she may just find a way to calm herself under his watchful eye.
Averly Amoret 05/04/19 As his calloused touch wrapped around her petite wrist, a playful smile curled the corners of her full lips upwards. The feel of his mouth against her fingertips as he drew from the cigarette had her wondering if all of him was as soft as his touch. Her admiration for him had become aeonian, even with their infrequent interactions.

His words came out like a purr, beckoning for her to indulge them both in the chaos in motion stirred by their flirtatious chatter. Roman was a delicacy, intended to be savored slowly. Who was she to deny the laws of attraction at play?

"I'm always available to you, my anam cara. My only wish is to see more of you in these passing days."
Averly Amoret 05/03/19 The mirthful smile on her features brought light to her cheekbones as Averly slowly strutted her way towards the familiar man before her. The fingers placing a cigarette to his full lips were an invitation to her, one she intended on accepting. Feral, Averly stepped up to him and plucked the cigarette from between his lips and took a slow drag from it.

A smile ensued from her action, and she trailed her slender fingers across his broad shoulders as she circled him. The young witch was more a predator than she was a woman as she danced around her prey, admiring the many colors with his locks of hair.

"Roman, why don't you ever come out to play anymore?"
Averly Amoret 04/24/19
Averly Amoret 04/20/19
Averly Amoret 04/17/19 ďThatís the difference between you and I Roman, you raise hell and I am hell reincarnate.Ē
-Mona Marie- 04/16/19 What luck to have found another native! She did have a love for boys with similar blood in their veins. And he was a flatterer, this could shape up to be fun indeed. Her hand turning in his grasp, her thumb coming to brush the corner of his mouth, a mild mockery of his words about mouth watering. This witch took pride in her appearance, and every stitch was by design.

"I most certainly do, Roman. Good enough to eat."

Emerald pools danced in a delightful mixture of amusement and mischievous intent. Deep auburn red locks danced lightly around her, mostly piled onto the back of her head and held in place with a pair of chopsticks, despite a lack of wind. Spirits found their way to this witch, though she denied their cries for attention, more entertained by the man before her. Her other hand removing from her waist to trail a single nail along his jawline, hooking under his chin. One brow raising slightly while her lip curls in a half smirk.

"We'll have to see to it that it is, non?"
-Mona Marie- 04/15/19 Click of stiletto heels reverberate off nearby walls, a call announcing the approach of The Scarlet Temptress. A woman small of frame, but bounding with vibrant energy. As she closes distance, a faint scent of jasmine and freshly turned earth wafts around her, the scent of Her city. Manicured fingertips rest upon her hips, nails lightly drumming at the black satin of her tightly fitted corset. Crimson painted pout curls upward in a devious smirk.

"Well, don't you look absolutely delectable? And I'm famished."

The witch had never truly eaten anyone, though it wasnít beyond her to sample the goods. Maybe just a taste of her ruby lips? One could quickly become intoxicated by such a notion. Instead, the woman offered a hand in proper greeting, palm down.

ĒIím Mona, and Iím sure itís a pleasure. If not now, then it certainly will be.Ē

The womanís voice was as sweet and smooth as warm honey, and it rolled off her tongue in a distinctly Cajun accent, indicative of her New Orleans upbringing.
Averly Amoret 04/15/19 "I'm glad that someone around here appreciates my hard work, I should really keep you around mon amie. I think I'd rather enjoy someone showering me with compliments all day." After a tug on her lips, Averly lifted the coffin nail to her lips. The drag that followed was exhaled slowly as she looked him up and down, still hiding the smile that threatened to surface.

"Where have you been lately? Causing trouble I hope."
Averly Amoret 04/15/19 "Of course, homme charmant." With her own wicked grin, Averly drew from her own cigarette that had been pinched between her fingers. With the exhale, she added, "Someone has to make sure these men keep their jobs. Really, I'm just doing them a service."
Crimson Belladonna Jones 04/10/19 "Welcome to the realm!" Bells was one to keep things simple and short. This new guy made her chuckle. I am Bella should you need to find the impossible I might be able to help."
Eloise Buchanan 04/09/19 Well, New Orleans has plenty of bars to help with that. Half drunk or three sheets to the wind, this place will get you wherever you most want to be.
~Hers whiskey gaze moved behind him as a human walked by then slid back to him~
That's my curtain call, dinner is served. I'm often around here if you need anything, otherwise good luck, Roman.
~Elle moved in the direction of the human with a small wave as she went~
Eloise Buchanan 04/09/19 ~Elle happened to be in New Orleans for a change of pace and taste. London was cold, she wanted something spicier and this place was always so alive. Waiting patiently for her feed to arrive, she noticed a new face in the Realm walk by. Catching his eye she smiled just enough to show a hint of fang.~
Hello, looks like you are new to this place. I'm Elle, anything you need a hand with?
Averly Amoret 04/09/19 A smile curved the corners of her heart shaped lips upward as Averly took his outstretched hand, giving it a firmly grasped shake before releasing it.

"It may be on the front of a 'Wanted' poster, but I'm sure you'll be seeing me. Just look for the name Averly."
Raven D Morningstar 04/09/19 Pleasure! If you need any help just ask!
Raven D Morningstar 04/09/19 Well That is a face I wondered when would appear around here! Welcome to the realm!
Kyla Brollachan 04/09/19 Welcome to the Realm.
Averly Amoret 04/09/19 I thought I smelled something delicious.
Welcome to the Realm, new blood.
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