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Born: November 02, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Created by Spencer McHale
LillyEmperium 03/31/19 *walking up, Lilly chuckled* hey.....long time no ya doing
Johannesburg 01/29/19 "Just a coffee shop down the road." He said pointing. "You sure that's alright giving me your card?" He asked before scratching his head. "And what would that have me doing? Being her assistant I mean."
Johannesburg 01/29/19 "Of course I do. I have an interview in a few and was about to blow it off which was why I sighed." He said chuckling as he liked being around them. "But since it's a few months from now at least I can have some cash to take them out." He grinned.
Johannesburg 01/29/19 "A few months you say?" He said catching up with her. "Thought it was ASAP but with the heads up I can plan something nice." John grinned. "You don't mind that right?"
Johannesburg 01/29/19 He tapped his chin as he pondered hard about babysitting. It wasn't difficult seeing how they loved him. He sighed as he took the key and pocketed it. "Sure when do you leave?" He asked taking a sip of his beverage.
Ashlyn Starling 01/29/19 She smiled and nodded, laughing softly. "Sounds great! I can't wait for girl time." She grinned as she hummed lightly.
Johannesburg 01/29/19 He was leaning on a tree with a cup of coffee in his hand. Hearing her he raised an eyebrow at her. "And what would that be?" He asked curiously.
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 "I have and he's talked about you." Ashlyn smiled and hummed softly as she thought. "We can go to spa resort for a weekend? Would that work for you and Kat?"
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 "Alright. It will be ready for you then." She laughed softly and nodded as she smiled at Taylor. "A girl's night sounds amazing. The last time I had girl's night was when Layla was seven months."
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 Ashlyn smiled back as she wrote down on her notepad. "Alright. What time do you need the cake? I'm doing great. How about you? And we are good."
Ashlyn Starling 01/20/19 Ashlyn laughed softly and smiled as she nodded and grabbed a notepad. "Of course! What kind of cake would you like? Decoration?"
Declan A Black 01/15/19 'Hey did you send a dude to me for a job? I tried calling him back and no answer.' Declan texted his sister, leaning back in the chair. 'Send him to my office.'
Esper Valari 01/13/19

Spencer McHale 01/12/19 If you give my ass a flower crown, I'll give your ass flames. I don't know how to edit that but will do my best.
Spencer McHale 01/12/19 I'm actually dying laughing, wtf.
Spencer McHale 01/11/19 "Well well well Ms. Taylor. The key to life is throwing all your worries out of the window and having fun with everything."

Spencer chuckled and looked around, thinking of something that the two could accomplish today, but not much came to mind.

"We could go sky diving. I've never been sky diving before but you look like a screamer and those are my favorite types."
Spencer McHale 01/10/19 Spencer let a soft chuckle roll from his mouth as he looked the female from head to toe, extending his rather muscular arm out to her.

"Well, Hello there Taylor, I'm Spencer and I would love nothing more than to listen to all the help you want to offer me."
Declan A Black 01/10/19 Declan wrapped his arms around his baby sister and rubbed her back. "You are beautiful, sweet, kind, and the best person I have ever met in my entire life. You pushed a baby out of you and are taking care of a child that is not yours. One day, someone will love you like he loved you, I promise that." Declan kissed the top of her head and held her tightly. "Oh god how I love you. We need to check on Sky, she's probably having a hard time too."
Genesis 11/02/18 Welcome Back!
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