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-Raphael-'s Biography
It started with the most exacting of commendments....

"You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

Raphael was one of His chosen Archangels. She was the one Father chose to make unique amongst her brothers. She was the only black female Archangel. Father gifted Raphael with the art of healing. He empowered her as a meditator for those who had no hope beyond this earthly realm.

There was the matter of Lucifer Morningstar and his refusal to bow before the race of humans that the Father had made. Raphael loved her brother Lucifer and despite his actions that caused his fall from grace. Raphael pleaded with the Father to show mercy to Lucifer. Her pleas were ignored and her brother was cast out of heaven by her brother Michael. One of the Heavenly Host was ordered to keep a close eye on her.

Michael was the next one to anger the Father and he was banished to the realm. She asked for mercy for Michael She was watched when she plead for her brother Gabriel whose duplicity in getting rid of Michael was found out by another angelic.

Raphael heard the whispers that she was the next sacrificial scapegoat. She was brought before the Father. She was charged with aiding and abetting 'fallen' angels. spreading rumors and falsehoods and the refusal to submit to the Father in all things. Father issued an edit that allowed one angel called Amenadial to remove her from heaven. Her enemy did more than the 'punishment' rendered by the Father. He ripped the wings from Raphael's back and sold her into slavery on the earth.

Raphael cried out to the Father for mercy. The Father amended her sentence to servitude among the humans in the realm. He gave her immortality though her gifts were greatly diminished and He promised in time full restoration as an archangel. Raphael lived and learned from the humans that Lucifer hated and despised. She became their meditator when one lost all hope beyond this earthly realm.

Raphael has come and gone to the Realm several times. Her duty of teaching Ana Morning Star is done and Ana is free to go her own way. Raphael is there for Ana when needed. She is to keep the peace and dispense justice where needed. An Angel's justice is swift and not impartial to any offender.,

The Angel of Mercy appeared to Raphael in a secret place. "Peace be unto you Raphael from our Father above." The moment the Angel spoke to her. Raphael felt true peace. The Angel contained her message. "Things are not what they seem. The Father loves you with His whole heart. I or another messenger will return to speak to you at another time."

Raphael's heart glowed with tranquility that The Father still loved her. Raphael spoke to the Angelic messenger. "I will work for mercy and justice in the Realm. J will eagerly await the next message." The Angel of Mercy ministered to Raphael and strengthen her with a hug.

Thus began a new mission for Raphael... Archangels are fierce. They're absolute. They're Heaven's most terrifying weapon. (quote courtesy of Castiel.)
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Livia Vlcek


Dexter Gein

Luciana Morning Star

Jr Morning Star

Lucifer Mourningstar

Seraphina Morning Star



Last five threads posted in:
The Xenomorph 12/10/18 Grrrrrrrgggggggg...haaaaaaaaaaa....SSSSSSSssssssss
Cheyenne Davis 12/10/18 Well, thank you and hello there. I'm Cheyenne but she already told everyone, hm?
Lylith_ 12/07/18 "Sami won't be an issue. He has decided to become a recluse instead of learning the way this place works. I doubt they will ever see one another again."
Lucifer Mourningstar 12/07/18 Chuckles* Already spoke to the boy.Told him to stop running aswell. And sent Ana after him."
Lyria Montoya 12/05/18 The small ones face looked like the crazy eye emoji on her phone. All she understood for a moment was muy bueno and taco burritos. Her last words padre said everything. Lyria shook her head and thought 'ya me tan casando con el? Oi si algun dia pero wow!" Taking her hand she gave it a shake and smiled. "Mucha Garcia's senora.thank you very much Mrs."
Lyria Montoya 12/05/18 The eyes of the small one widen as she was approached by the lady. She figits with her fingers. Thinking of the words she said to her. "Eh.. Um.. I no old honest." Tilting her head a bit. "Lo tango con paso." Shaking her head she thought of the words in english. "He good."
Jr Morning Star 12/03/18 Glancing up from the pancakes, he was like. Omg people. Dear god it was his aunt, okay well one of them. Tipping his head while chewing, he swallows."Auntie Raph, um yeah he did. Its covered. I am good." He grins and forks up another chunk of pancake. Before popping it in his mouth. "I am being honest, I'll chase only one."
Summer 12/03/18 She was in a foul mood, one that she’d been in for several months. It clung to her much like the smoke around her clothes from the fire she’d had out back earlier. Rolling her shoulders, she let it go. There were far more important things to do, like stop by and say hello to the newest additions to the crew. Popping her head in, she beamed a toothsome smile and wiggled her fingers. “Hello! A belated welcome to Azhi! I’m Summer and can be found in and around.”
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 *swipes her keycard through the dungeon lock*
*holds the door open* Raph, this is no place for you. Come.. I feel like something sweet. Maybe ice cream..
*glances back to the unconscious guards* Hurry, before they complain to their boss and he gets on the phone with the Governor.

You managed to break out -Raphael-.
Dexter Gein 12/02/18 "Irish whiskey! that'll do...we're gonna be just fine. Thank you"
Genesis 12/01/18 Most welcome! Should you need anything, just reach out!
Autumn Summers 12/01/18 Hello, welcome to Azhi.
Poppy Adler 12/01/18 Welcome to The Azhi
Genesis 12/01/18 Welcome to the team.
Dexter Gein 12/01/18 ~~Arrogant smirk~~ "Welcome! Keep the hands off my whiskey and we'll be just fine."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/28/18 Hearing Raphael talk to Sam she glance up. Giving Ana a tight hug and stood up talking to Ana getting her another drink she waited for Raph to finish.
Samil 11/28/18 *What was with all these tests? He knew that humans made mistakes and yet asked for forgiveness and it was freely given. They never had tests to pass afterwards. He couldn't exactly fault them it just irritated him. Everything seemed to irritate him but he gave his word. Making his way towards the little ones treehouse.*
Samil 11/28/18 I will meet you at the little ones treehouse. I make no other promises. *The fact that the arch was assuring him nothing would happen to Aurora was enough for him to give her a chance and at least listen to what she had to say*
_Aurora_ 11/28/18 "Believe me I don't think it fair either. You should know I don't play linche mob with the others. I do as I please and help who I can." Aurora never followed what the others did. Her reason for being here was now in the shape of a five year old. "I have helped him get on his legs and Lyl is my friend."
_Aurora_ 11/27/18 "Understood. I know you only come to do what you need. He his apologetic for what he has done."
_Aurora_ 11/27/18 Nods "I can get you both in the same place. Only protecting him under the favor of our niece. She sees something we can't look passed. Meet me at Ana tree house tomorrow. Give him the night to crawl out of his bed."
_Aurora_ 11/27/18 'Protecting' that was a funny thought. Sera had been killing most that crossed her path. And she definitely wouldn't let anything happen to that little one. Getting her covered in a sanctuary was on that list. "I have seen him he is recovering."
Samil 11/27/18 *Smarts? He wasn't dumb. Just lost his way. Most of their kind did. Especially locked in a ceg for milleniums. Whatever any of them chose to do to him he would accept*
_Aurora_ 11/27/18 "What brings you back lovely? Ana has been an amazing little one! She is a fast learner and wise for her young mind. But I think you been watching." Smiles
Seraphina Morning Star 11/27/18 "That one is on Aurora and Ana. I have no idea what they did to him. I know Ana shot him in the rear with a poison bullet."
Lylith_ 11/27/18 "Ana and Aurora did what they could. At least they cleansed my system of the angels grace. The mark burnt into my flesh will always be there unfortunately."
-Azazel_ 11/27/18 He looks at he and he would smile. Out of the archs she is the only one he liked. But when she said drop dem drawers. He was like a bat outta hell.... Gone. calling back over hia shoulder. "I'll see ya when i find lyl first."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/27/18 "Probably hoping along somewhere trying to find his wife. She is trying hard to understand it all. She is good with you meds bag. Helped Lyl out. Well rage a fury. You know how that can be sometimes. Do miss the white though."
Seraphina Morning Star 11/27/18 Hugs her favorite sister in law tight. "Good to see you!"
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