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Contests2017 Summer Bloodies
Created by Cersei Lannister
Dita Morgenstern 12/15/18
Jewel Valari 10/20/18 Wasn't the type to tread so lightly even with the knowledge she knew not of his capabilities. Ignorant in who he was and what he could possibly do to her yet it was part of the hunt. Each person was a leap of faith. Once touching him, she knew instantly he wasn't what she needed to feed. Disappointed, she'd stare -- distracted. Head cants, looking away and towards the ground they had walked. "Hm. I'm sorry. I was just trying to eat your soul but.." Her words trailed off. There was little need to be sly anymore.

Shook her head, chin lifting to look towards him then past him and towards the bar. "Were you really going in there?"

Jewel Valari 10/19/18 Had she been detected? Had really no concern on that other than would she have to defend herself? She hadn't the strength. Don't be fooled, this demoness was no killer. It was never her intention nor was it necessary to feed. The emptiness you'd be left with would only leave one with the desire to die. She was guided to a bar -- was filled with concern. Did he have friends here?
Before he entered, an arm would reach out for him. She'd risk it all by fully revealing herself. "Sir. Sir? I believe you dropped something." Jewel's index would tap upon his shoulder.
Jewel Valari 10/09/18 Had learned the hard way that survival within the Realm was for the fittest. It was hard when only one thing truly fueled her. Souls. It would seem easy enough in a world occupied by billions. The Realm? Where souls went to die. Half of the occupants were without and the other half were protected fiercely by leaders. Jewel was becoming weak and her senses had been failing her. Felt she had better luck approaching those she had not known or seen before. Perhaps they might become dinner?

Before long, she'd search. It wasn't always safe to go to the unknown but she had little choice. Jewel couldn't weaken anymore. Her defenses would become obsolete and she would be stuck. Helping herself to the selection. New faces shown everyday; sometimes multiples at a time. She'd have to get lucky with one. With a flip of her hair, pursing of lips, and a pinch of her cheeks; she was ready. Approaching a man, he had a kind face..

Dita Morgenstern 10/09/18 [walks by quickly.]
[mumbles.] I want my 3 dollars.
Caitlyn Darrow 09/04/17 Lucius
The boys are doing very well! How are you?
Caitlyn Darrow 09/03/17 Lucius
Thank you. I've resided in London before, and I'm happy to be back. :)
Estelle Kingston 06/13/17 Jace spun back around at the mention of his name a split second before the wall beside him exploded. He jerked his hands up to protect his ears from the noise, not out of fear. After most of the smoke cleared, he took a gander at the large crater before the wall began to repair itself.

Bright blue eyes traveled back to Sparky.

An enormous grin broke out across his face. He clapped his hands together. "Let me revise my previous statement... Welcome to Requiem! The first one was obligatory but I mean it now. A man of your talents will prove useful. Hey, my eyes do the thing, too." He pointed to his eyes as they went black and back. "Twinsies! About your-"

Jace held up a finger and squeezed his eyes shut as he produced a tremendous sneeze. "Sorry, dust... As I was saying, don't worry about your wifey. She's safe from me. Mine will slice and dice me AND her if I went there. Sorry, but you're not scary. She is. Either way, in Requiem, you're family. End of story. I wasn't kidding about the flying body parts though..."
Estelle Kingston 06/13/17 Jace spotted one half of the coven's newest couple. They'd both been to Requiem's castle before, so he recognized Lucius. Atom made it clear in a previous conversation to stay away from the redhead and he had. Mostly. He never followed rules completely.

Thumbs hooked into his pockets and whistling tunelessly, Jace approached the taller man. "Lucius, right? I'm supposed to welcome you to Requiem, tell you to make yourself at home and if you need any help, come find me. Watch out for body parts flying through the air. My wifey likes to throw them." He scratched his clean shaven cheek.

"Think that's about it." He snapped his fingers. "Oh! Congrats on the wedding." A smirk appeared on his face. "Your new wifey smells delicious." The comment was meant how it sounded. As a jab.

Satisfied he'd done his job, Jace spun on his heel and went off on his way.
WildKat 05/18/17 Congrats on PotD!!
Caitlyn Darrow 05/17/17 Caitlyn blinks and gives him a blank stare for the entirety of a minute. Then she beams with a gleeful giggle.
"I have two sons and two dogs. But the dogs have to eat too! They're all family."
Caitlyn Darrow 05/12/17
...Are you inviting me to dinner with my own money?
Can we get pizza? Noah likes Pizza. It's almost gooey enough for Rigsby to chew. Ohohohohoh and it's not hazardous to Clark Kent or Rigsby Puppy!
Caitlyn Darrow 05/11/17 *shifty eyes*
You were successful in stealing $3,937.00 from Lucius Dalca.
Jameson Orlav 05/03/17
Summer 05/01/17 Lucius
You bring her back. I don't care if she can't find Blaize or if he doesn't want to return home. Don't let her get stuck there.
I don't know if you know much about our past. There are two people down there that...just keep her by your side, alright? Like, superglued.
Jameson Orlav 04/29/17 The Security
So, I hear you've got ways. Security expert? Cameras? Surveillance detail? I know you're around with Autumn. I'm hoping we can work out a monetary agreement for an.. extra level of support.

The Security
This is going to involve personal detail. And the guarantee that a pretty redhead won't be able to sway you to look the other way when I'm gone.
Summer 04/28/17 A's L
Thirty? Perfecto. That'll do me for a while I think. Right? Eh, you can give me instructions when I get there.
Oh, I am keenly aware how quality is worth every penny. It's how I do so well in my profession. :D
Summer 04/28/17 A's L
Cancel that overnight delivery. I found the pause button on the remote. Plus I need to snuggle a certain recently-shot-pregnant-woman (wtf?!?!). So if you have the vials in...T minus 18 hours, I'll give you cash. Do you take Australian dollars?
Summer 04/27/17 Autumn's Lucy
Depends- how much do I need to use for the desired effect?
How much do I want to pay? Nothing, that's how much I want to pay. Little vials of sh!t that make me sober aren't exactly what I'm used to buying. I have no idea about market value. You tell me how much I need for the desired effect and the cost. I'll say how much I want and send payment.
At least that is how it's done when I buy other home concoctions off the street.
I do appreciate it.
Oh- I'll pay for overnight delivery to Sydney. I'm in the middle of a Magnum P. I. marathon that cannot be interrupted.
Summer 04/26/17 Thumbing through her phone, she searched through lines of contacts- most of whom were randoms she had no intention of ever calling. In this instance, she actually was looking for a number sheíd drunkenly added to her phone one night in Paris. Or was it Autumn? Had she added this number into her phone? Sh!t. Who knew. Summer frowned, brows knitted tightly together. Christ on rye, what the f-ck was his name? It was a girls name. Libby. Hmm. No. That wasnít right.

Sitting upright with a start, Flamin-hot Cheetohís tumbled off her chest onto the small loveseat in her room. Actually lifting her free hand up, she snapped her fingers as she remembered. It wasnít under the ĎLís in her contact list at all. Duh.

Autumnís Lucy
Hey dude, this is Summer. Autumnís older sister? We met in Paris or so Iím told? I was pretty wasted. Anyhow. That actually is why Iím texting. Iím in need of a tincture. A potion or something. Something that will sober me instantly. I have a way to do it naturally, but sometimes I like to be a bit more discreet. A consumable that can be tucked in a little vial or something. Is that within your realm of talents? If nah, thatís cool. I can roll with what Iíve got and just scare the sh!t out of everyone around me. F-ck Ďem, right?
Give that lil minx a bear hug for me, k?
WildKat 04/02/17 You managed to break out Lucius Dalca. "You're free again.
WildKat 04/01/17 Thank You Very Much :)
WildKat 04/01/17 You managed to break out Lucius Dalca.
Camille 02/08/17 Lucius Dalca just failed at stealing money from you!
Summer 02/03/17 She felt like she was in a fever dream, or maybe some bad trip on some f-cked up acid. As soon as she'd get bounced from the cell, she was shoved back in, then tugged out. It was like a game of tug-of-war, one in which a very stoned angel was the rope.
To be fair, she did her share of tugging. Mostly to no avail. Sometimes it was out of desperation, grabbing someone's shirt as a means to slip out the door as well. That usually backfired.
But not this time. A familiar-ish face, but given the nightmare quality of her current situation, that didn't mean anything. Maybe he frequented the club? Maybe he was a mutual acquaintance? Oh sh-t, maybe she bought some weed off him sometime. Hmm, that must be it.
Furrowing her brows as she tried to place his face, her hand gripped his arm. Someone tugged her out and as a result, out he came too!
You managed to break out Lucius Dalca.
Before she could ask how she knew him, she was shoved back into a cell.
Camille 01/28/17 The Angel shrugs softly, giving off the appearance of a coy and slightly flippant young lady. While the years have certainly worn hard on our girl, the soft glow of her smooth and youthful skin would allow those around her to consider her the age of barely twenty. Although politics would most likely render her attitude unmistakably older... Right now she behaved exactly as she appeared.

Young. Sweet.

"Because, my dear..." Cami's flaxen locks graze the pale lapels of her jacket, but she pulls back just a bit, unwilling to invade the strangers personal space much further, "I've just slipped you the key to euphoria."

Euphoria... Look closely. Bliss is in the gummy bear.

"You're welcome." A childlike giggle sneaks past her parted lips, dimples pressed into the sides of her cheeks.
Camille 01/26/17 Camille tiptoes along, and even though the weather in London was not ideal, it afforded a a break from snowy weather. She found an allowance for footwear that wasn't heavy- and as such found that gliding along smooth cobbled streets was nothing less than spectacular.

It might have had something to do with those little blue gummies that she favored so well... But we digress. The Angels flowing visage was nothing short of wondrous, as on the rare occasion when the girl wore a smile, the entire world around her seemed to come alive in a burst of flame. Although behind her gracious expression was still the desire to burn the world itself... That's neither here nor there.

"You." She catches a glimpse at the man on the sidewalk, his bright eyes upsetting her motion. "You're that... Guy. Magic fingers..." Does she know his name? Eh. It doesn't matter. Not yet.

Soft pads of her feet patter as the breeze carries her forward, and before he's likely to realize what is happening, she's pressing a gummie into the palm of his hand. Her slim fingers move to press a short stemmed, white petaled flower into any opened pouch in his clothing [Pocket? Button hole?].

"Don't look so glum." The petite blonde leans in, whispering softly, "Il est sur le point d'Ítre une belle journťe."
[Its about to be a beautiful day.]
Mackenzie 01/25/17 Mackenzie is shameless, but that is allowed when you're married to Indiana Jones without actually knowing the guy. Seriously. She doesn't know sh-t about him. It's great. So, after making an agreement with the fresher blood of the Realm, she stuffs a hundred quid into the man's back pocket before looking him in the eye.

"This might hurt a little," she winces through her words, on his behalf.

Without any sort of hesitation, Mackenzie pulls back her small fist and lets it fly, hitting the man square in the jaw. One hit, and he's down. A small frown finds it's place upon the traitorous vampire's lips as she moves, despite having just become an aggressor, to place a kiss upon the man's cheek.

"All better."
Caitlyn Darrow 01/22/17 Text to:Stranger Danger
Escort? Does that mean a bodyguard or a valet?
Camille 01/19/17 -squints-
'magic fingers', eh? A play on words or are you one of those... fairy types?
-mischievous grin-
Camille 01/19/17 -stares-
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