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Killed: July 12, 2019 at 11:36 am EDT
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Born: September 18, 2014 Forum Topics Started: 0
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Affiliation: The Menagerie Mail Replies Sent: 206
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 Have you seen my Minion Raiding Party?
I love my Minion Raiding Party, but not all at once
My Minion Raiding party broke your nose
My Minion Raiding Party stole all my clothes
I roamed the realm on Christmas Day 2015
My heart grew 3 sizes for Christmas 2015

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Dessa Chambers

Alice Barbour

Edward Brollachan


Last five threads posted in:
Gavin McGrath 03/26/19 "Aye, tis exactly what I said."
-pulls out a bag of jerky-
-is always prepared-
"Fear not, I come with snacks."
Dita Morgenstern 03/26/19 [smiles softly.] I hope you do.
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 There was a pause, the Mask so still it appeared to be hovering in place, as if every other piece of his body hung from it like a cloths-hook. There was a fluttering of his fingers, the gloved hands lowering to his sides, in a stiffened posture, as if she had said something quiet offensive. The air about his form was strange, nothing visible and yet their was a enlarging sense about his visage. The scent of the deep forest in bloom settling back. When Kyon finally responded, his voice was calm but notably restrained, sounding more sad then upset. "Quel point de vue très triste... Vous n'atteindrez jamais le sommet avec un esprit fermé."
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 "Je crois que vous avez utilisé ces mots à la perfection!" The impression of a bright, wide smile coming through in his voice, Kyon was far from offended, in fact sounding a bit pleased with her conclusion. "La banalité est l'ennemi de la magie."
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 "Je vais me réjouir de la tentative de devenir si ..." A gloved hand pressed over his heart, his body gesture as some sort of promise for this one to the other.
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 There was plenty to unpack there on both sides, but reading the situation as he had, he thought it unwise to do so in passing. "Permettez de laisser l'offre ouverte pour vous, mademoiselle Kingston... Un voyage peut passer très vite quand avec des amis." His tone continuing to bely levels beyond the surface of his words.
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 He wasn't sure sterile was the word he would use the describe the first-world, but he understand he meaning. " C'est différent de mon époque, mais il reste quelques-unes des plus belles forêts que j'ai jamais vues... Je serais heureux de vous montrer les sommets du mont Kilimandjaro."
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 He laugh comes forth boisterously, placing a hand up as is attempt to hide a wicked smile, the mask figure, settles himself quickly. "Oui, votre langue maternelle est divine à mes oreilles!" The was a slight pause as he seems to search for the right words. "S'il te plaît pardonne. Je ne sais pas où appeler l'endroit où je suis né... Afrique, je suppose."
Kyon-gel 03/25/19 "Vous aussi! ... On m'a dit que je suis bon avec ma langue." He gestures, excusing her apology. "Pas de mal... Je m'appelle Ceangal." The name forcing a change from the soft French tones into hard consonant, from an Irish Gaelic origin. "Merci de m'accueillir."
Dita Morgenstern 03/25/19 [devious grin.] If they aren't, I beg someone to say something.
Kyon-gel 03/24/19 "Magnifique! Parlons seulement en français, pour toujours." The masked man bows, his dark empty eye-sockets staring with silent glee.
Gavin McGrath 03/24/19 "I just repeated what you said in Irish. Or, at least, what I think you said."
"You will come to notice I tend to not make sense sometimes. It's either the booze or I'm so hungry I can't think straight."
-stomach rumbles-
"So, the latter."
Kyon-gel 03/24/19 ~waves back~ Thank you, kindly!
Gavin McGrath 03/24/19 "Aye. Here I stand. Death and I have a complicated relationship."
-leans close-
"She wants me but I play hard to get."
"Is cúis áthais dom bualadh leat."
-gives her hand a shake-
"I don't speak French, but I understand it for the most part. Irish and Scottish Gaelic are the only other two languages I have down."
Gavin McGrath 03/24/19 "Mien was spent gettin' eaten by worms and maggots so if it is worse than that, I am truly sorry for your misfortune, lass."
-reaches a hand out-
-smiles brightly-
"The name's Gavin."
Gavin McGrath 03/24/19 "Well I went on a bit of a 'vacation' m'self. Hopefully yours was more enjoyable than mine!"
Gavin McGrath 03/24/19 "Oh, French! Fancy!"
-smiles brightly-
"Thanks for the welcome. Glad to be back."
Dita Morgenstern 03/22/19 [relieved.] I've hurt people too. But not the ones that people think I did.
Dita Morgenstern 02/22/19 [curious cant to her head.] Why would he not be safe with you?
Iva Herrera 02/03/19 Upon hearing the French accent, the abrupt departure was explained. INternally scolding herself, Iva noted how many people thought New Yorkers were rude which was just plain wrong. Well...maybe not entirely wrong. They weren't rude, just misunderstood? Ah hell, either way. Perhaps she just didn't understand French culture.

A lift of her cherry red lips indicated there were no hard feelings. "I'd love to see some things not found in a tour guide. When things are right side up for you, just give me a shout, alright?"
Alice Barbour 02/03/19 ~a soft blush~
~a soft touch of a tiny hand to Estelle's shoulder~
~a soft whisper~
It's okay. Things are confusing around here.
~a soft smile~
Marius Tournier 01/21/19 Congrats on profile of the day
WildKat 01/21/19 Congrats on PotD!
Eloise Buchanan 01/21/19 Looking pretty on the front page, what's your secret?
~Elle grins and points to the POTD~
Alice Barbour 01/04/19 ~giggles~
"Chur not rambling, sometimes I ramble and I start talking and then one thing after another comes out and I just keep talking acuz, you know I get nervous and, and, and..."
~clamps hand over mouth~
"Uhm, sankoes... everyone is so nice. Except Mr. Edward acuz skeery."
Dita Morgenstern 01/04/19 [chews on the inside of her cheek.] What brought you to us? D-did something h-happen to your Dad?
Iva Herrera 01/03/19 She’d been remiss in greeting a few new additions to The Menagerie. Chiding herself as she strolled down the halls, the heels of her knee-high boots clacked against the floor. Giving her head a flourished tilt, long dark hair was tossed over her shoulder. With a wide smile, she said, “Hello and welcome home! I’m Ivelisse, fairly new around these parts myself. I still haven’t a clue how to get around Paris.”
Dita Morgenstern 01/03/19 Since the beginning ..the first time Miss Dessa opened. [small smile.] And you? Have you been in any homes before this?
Dita Morgenstern 01/02/19 [cants head.] D-do I? I s-suppose I do..
[smiles meekly.] Nice to meet you Estelle.
Dita Morgenstern 01/02/19 [peeks curiously at the woman.] Welcome to the fold. I-I'm Dita.
Edward Brollachan 12/31/18 "We are twenty strong w'ye joinin' us lass. When ye get to Paris, 12th arrondissement, we shall assign ye pleasant quarters in the Manse."

He handed her a onyx business card with gold leaf script.

"When ye get t'de Gaulle airport, call me and I'll send a limo t'pick ye up, nae?"
Edward Brollachan 12/31/18 "A new Menagerian... and another pretty one at that. Welcome t'the zoo, Estelle. I am Edward and I am at yo'r service if ye need anythin'."
Eloise Buchanan 12/30/18 Welcome to the Animal House!
WildKat 12/30/18 "Welcome to the nuthouse!"
Kyla Brollachan 12/30/18 Welcome to The Menagerie!
Maeve 12/30/18 Welcome to the circus. Hope you're not afraid of clowns.
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