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Christopher Night


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Born: April 14, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Werewolf Forum Posts / Replies: 7
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04/20/18 at 9:11 pm
Christopher Night's Biography
Christopher has a history that is complex and a work in progress to be put into words though for the most part he is open book. He moved to New York City for a change of pace also he was in search of an old friend only discover that the friend passed away. In his eyes things were beginning to fall out of place where he once was and really this was a chance to rediscover a new place and new people. He had come with the idea of joining the police force that his friend has been a part of but that fell through for now he lives off of funding’s from his past and is exploring work options. He was agile and well built. He made to stay in shape it was just a habit for him, you never know when that special someone……..who are we kidding he lives a normal life pays for gym membership but never goes yet somehow stays in shape. He had short black hair and typically had a scruffy face and blue eyes. This isn’t and ad though so enough of the “online dating” stats. How ever just for the information of those browsing the land of the realm Christopher is more of a Rock Hudson or new Spock kind of fella….Well then that is it for now. Who knows what the future holds.
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Eleri Draven

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Eleri Draven 04/16/18 Quickly she plucked a business card from her back pocket and presented it to him giving him a tender smile as she did so. "Make sure to keep this in a safe place that way you can find me." With a subtle bow she turned and quietly sauntered away.
Eleri Draven 04/16/18 Her brow perked at the shift in his position as she moved around slowly back and forth with her hands behind her back. "You've not been a bother nor do I have any special plans to say the least." She smirked stopping beside him as she had pretty much circled his position partially. "But if you'd like a bit of company or someone just to shoot the breeze with so to speak feel free to seek me out."
Eleri Draven 04/15/18 She perked a single slender brow slightly as her rose stained lips would purse in thought. "I wouldn't say I have a specific favorite about this place. But I'm sure in time there will be a special something about this place for me that it will hold its favor." She flashed a single canine at him before hopping down from her perched position.
Circe De Pont 04/15/18 She nodded. "Enjoy the rest of your evening. " She turned on her heel walking back the way she had come.
Circe De Pont 04/15/18 The angel smiled lightly, amber eyes looking at him softly. "You are most welcome. Should you seek assistance please don't hesitate to ask."
Eleri Draven 04/15/18 "I've been part of the realm for a spell and thus far it does seem like a quaint and nice place. Though I'm still fairly new myself." She smirked slightly finding a solid place to perch herself upon as they spoke.
Circe De Pont 04/15/18 "Welcome to the realm. May what you seek be found and your stay pleasant. "
Eleri Draven 04/15/18 "The pleasure is all mine." She retorted gesturing a bow of her head in return as her gaze caught thr glimpse of his canines.
Eleri Draven 04/15/18 Welcome! Enjoy your stay.
Pandora 04/15/18 Welcome to the realm!
Moriko Hayashi 04/15/18 Welcome to the realm.
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