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River Song

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The Black Rose~The Black Masquerade 2019~ *Closed*
Created by River Song
Vexa 12/16/19 A plunging neckline. And then he draws with his finger, a line from gullet to near groin. Remind Vexa to never, ever, colour her hair blonde. Her head tilts as she stares at Gabe for a few moments, bright smile plastered across her face. Uncomfortable? Why would she be uncomfortable when her possible boyfriend is in fact a serial killer? She wouldn't be uncomfortable unless that finger was replaced with a very sharp, bladed instrument.

"Why would I get mad?" She mouths these words to him as a slender arm slips around his. "If you like it and I have the body for it, there is no problem. Right?"

A cheeky grin and dimples appear. Gabe would never harm her. Their relationship goes beyond what a normal couple has. There is a symbiosis between the two.
Vexa 12/15/19 If anything, Vexa has been committing enough illegal acts this past week that she probably has enough money to purchase Gabe a nice suit and a dress for herself. But what is fancy dress here in the States? "I have monies.. I just need help." A girly girl is not what Vexa is and fashion is just completely foreign to her. "Will you help me find something? Pleaaaaase?"
Vexa 12/15/19 Coppery gaze finds the flowers after her nose had. They were probably one of her most favorite blooms ever. But a ball? Vexa wasn't sure she had nice enough clothing for such an event. A smile brightens her face though. She'd go anywhere with Gabe. "Yes!" The word is silent of course but she nods vigourously at the man. "What do we wear to a ball though?"
Vexa 12/14/19 *stares at his lips* How about 5?
Vexa 12/12/19
How many peeshas should we get? One?
Vexa 11/29/19 *burrows under*
Vexa 11/27/19 *super ninja attack*
*licks his face*
*decides he's been good*
Vexa 11/26/19
Vexa 11/17/19 *is already jumping up at the word Pizza*
*doesn't need a hand*
*grabs Gabe's hand though as she races off*
*they have something to finish and it isn't a movie*
Vexa 11/17/19 *fingers slip down to gently caress his face*
*eyelids heavy, smiles softly*
*bites her lower lip, blushes* I.. am really glad I found you.
*presses her lips to his*
*interrupted by phone call*
*nearly jumps out of her skin*
Vexa 11/17/19 *wiggles until she is snug against Gabe's solid frame*
*fingers play at Gabe's hair*
*turns her head so she might kiss his cheek, stubble rough against soft lips*
*isn't really watching the movie as much as she is studying him*
*whispers* Yes.. comfy.
Dita Morgenstern 11/17/19 She sips her espresso, smile barely visible over her cup. He seems like a nice person, she thinks. He appears to be. Dita is not the best judge of character but that doesn't much matter. She takes life in stride. He's yet to attack her person, so he must be nice. And then he mentions 'OdDities'. How very peculiar. "Are you part of a Coven as well?" Words tinged with German are soft, sweet. "I belong to a house Paris. I wonder if we've passed one another in the dungeons once or twice."

She lets her words hang there. Dita won't go on to explain that she is nothing more than a normal girl living with those of supernatural powers. And then there is Don. She wonders how he would feel if he suddenly arrived to see her sitting with another man. She knows how Dresden would have reacted. But Don? He's mellow. Calm. "Do you enjoy your new home? Do you have many friends?"
Vexa 11/15/19 *scowls, points to herself* Go with you.
*the plantation house was dangerous alone*
*pushes the cash to the floor, she'll deal with it later*
*thinks* Start now?
*who knows how long it's going to take for the pizza to arrive from Houma*
*rolls onto her side, becomes the little spoon*
Vexa 11/15/19 *snuggles*
*shakes head* Only to house.
*looks at toppings*
*raises brows* All of it?
*looks again* Thick crust? Extra sauce?
*grins* Four peeshas.
*roots around in pockets for more cash*
*dumps money on Gabe*
Vexa 11/14/19 *sly smile* I do everything hard.
*falls over laughing*
Vexa 11/13/19 *eyes wide*
*crawls over like rabid spider monkey*
*is about to cry* Gabe!
*realises he is just toying with her*
*bites.. hard*
*flash of a memory*
*sees much blood*
*gazes at* Gabe?
Vexa 11/13/19 *convulses beneath the waves of tickles*
*laughs hysterically*
*face turns red*
*cannot breathe*
*counter attacks with tiny fury*
Vexa 11/12/19 *laughs silently as she's tossed over a shoulder*
*claps hands excitedly, not that he can hear her speak* Popcorn!
*smacks his rear as if he is her trusty steed*
*shifty eyes*
*tickle attacks*
Vexa 11/12/19 *grimaces*
*shakes head* Pass.
*rolls coppery hues* I mean, you are all I need for companionship.
*is poked, laughs hard*
*MIGHT be a little ticklish* So peesha and movies? Hannibal?
*he had promised her movies on a cannibal*
Vexa 11/12/19 *blinks* Threesome?
*nope. not ever.*
*raises brows* I promise?
*she is certainly not going to be answering any booty calls*
*unless it's Gabe*
*brows raise more* I.. I like you too.
*nuzzles* You're my best friend.
*did not friend zone him at all* You are all I need, I mean.
Dita Morgenstern 11/12/19 [smiles.] That's where I currently live. Paris to be exact.
[grabs her order and follows.] It is really lovely outside today.
[sits, sips espresso.] I'm not sure. I don't know what he has planned. It's been a while since we've seen one another. His work keeps him busy.
[tilts head.] Oh?
[leans closer.] Do tell.
Vexa 11/10/19 *she's not from this country!*
*blushes slightly, not that Gabe can see.. hopefully*
*reflects on what she's suggested*
*shudders* I am so sorry..
*isn't really knowledgeable on the sex thing either so*
*grimaces at the thought of the conversation she had with Papa* You can explain to Papa I understand?
*because she is going to go feed herself to an alligator*
Vexa 11/10/19 *nods violently* Pizza, yes. Booty call.
*looks over her shoulder as she drags Gabe along* Papa says pizza is something boys and girls do when they like one another.. booty call.
*might have been some real bad miscommunication- this soundless chat might be even worse*
*good times*
Vexa 11/10/19 *notices the mood shift*
*brows dip over coppery gaze* Does Maman know about peesha?
*nods, confused* She likes booty call too.
*stands, offers a hand* Come.. hungry.
Vexa 11/10/19 *marvels over how sweet Gabe really is*
*giddy with excitement as he uses her hands with his to make the orb*
*admires the orb then the man* It's beautiful.. like you.
*looks at the bag sitting near* I have better..
*presses a kiss to his lips* Come.. have booty call with me and papa!
*by booty call, she really means pizza.. so wires may have gotten crossed, don't judge*
Vexa 11/09/19 *hysterical silent laughter*
*quiets, looks at* I mean for magick.
*pokes his nose then kisses it* You're silly.
*looks back to the moon then back to Gabe* Can I have a ball of light to play with?
*sad kitty eyes*
Vexa 11/09/19 *stops the tickle assault*
*smiles down at*
*moves to lay next to Gabe*
*looks up at the sky and points to the moon* It's a good moon tonight..
Vexa 11/09/19 *a silent scream*
*more laughter*
*lands on*
*feels like Tony Montana*
*blinks through sugar*
*licks Gabe like a lollipop*
*flashes of memories*
*stops and stares*
*tickle attacks*
Vexa 11/08/19 *laughs, hard.. not that it can be heard*
*body shakes with said laughter*
*rummages blindly through donut bag while he noms her neck*
*offers another donut thinking he might be hungry.. she is a cannibal, sorta*
*shifty eyes*
*pushes him over and dusts his face with powdered sugar donut instead*
Vexa 11/08/19 *scrunches nose but laughs her silent laugh*
*pulls chewed donut from his mouth, eats it*
*cants head* You are bad.
*but what does that mean?*
Vexa 11/08/19 *shakes head*
*mouths* Ate too many.
*pulls bag of donuts from satchel* See?
Vexa 11/08/19 *likes to hear people laugh, probably why she does the interpretive dances*
*feels safe with Gabe*
*offers him a donut from her satchel, maple bacon* Found bakery..
Vexa 11/08/19 *runs to*
*explains what happened with a donut, a stranger, how she threw a rock at said stranger.. all through interpretive dance*
*smiles, nuzzles*
Dita Morgenstern 11/07/19 [stares at the menu.] I'll have an espresso and a plain beignet? Just with icing sugar.
[laughs quietly.] Yes, the only reason I come to New Orleans is for the food.
[brow creases.] I mean, that sounds strange doesn't it? I'm not a food critic or anything. I was just visiting a friend. He doesn't live here. We were meeting up here. He's been gone on business.
[relieved by the arrival of their food.] Where should we sit? Outside? It's lovely today.
Vexa 11/05/19 A willing subject, a wink. Vexa stands there, dumbfounded, mouth slightly agape. The apples of her cheeks are warm suddenly and coppery gaze redirect their attention to anything but Gabe's bright smile. Is he laughing at her or with her? 'Don't worry, I'll brush and floss before I do'. It hangs there for a few minutes, like her bright white smile does from tanned skin.

She contemplates the invitation for dinner, her smile softening. He seems very sweet. Friendly. Something completely foreign to the girl in all honesty. Especially from a near stranger. Her tribe was always leary of others but they had to be for their survival. Even now in these modern times. Especially now in these modern times. 'Can you make babaganouj?'

That silent laugh now racks her body once more but she sobers up as Gabe asks very important questions. To someone used to the need for electricity. Dark gaze studies the shacks, the decks they sit upon and the posts that hold them above water. Could they harness the sun or maybe the wind? Was the water too still to harness? The only thing Vexa needs electricity for is the cell phone she carries. 'Maybe we could run lines along the decks? Solar power?'

But what is the swamp like in the winter? Or even during the other seasons? The desert is warm or hot during the day but gets cold at night. She can't imagine Houma is much different. More humidity compared to the barren deserts though. She is contemplating all this as Gabe begins to speak of a man named Hannibal, the cannibal. Her head tilts in interest but her attention wanes as the man gives her the ball of energy. She accepts it greedily, eyes staring intently at this miracle. She's smiling again, passing the ball back and forth between her hands. Vexa nods to Gabe, mouths 'Me too. See you soon?'

Of course she would.
Vexa 11/03/19 His explanation makes complete sense and Vexa ponders his words for many moments. He could try and teach her if she wanted, he says. If she thought that she had a snowball's chance in Hell to learn how to harness energy, she would gladly accept. But she's skeptical. She's still mastering her craft so to speak. She starts to swirl the magick pencil through the air, the words 'That would be amazing', hanging before the two. Maybe she could learn and eventually add 'electrocution' to her skill set.

Like necromancy, he asks. Exactly that. Except, she doesn't have as much control of the dead as she would like. Extracting information from the dead is her strength. Her wrist swivels, 'Yes, my people are from a long line of necromancers. We may even be able to lick someone and know their secrets'. A devious smile toys at full lips. She withholds nothing from Gabe. He's easy to speak to. 'I do, actually, eat dead people. Even ones that have been in the ground for years. It isn't very pleasant and does make me slightly ill but the demon within usually handles those bodies.'

Probably tmi.

The swamp begins to quiet and Vexa is fairly certain that there, where Gabe has stopped, might be the perfect place. There's a few shacks it seems, in the area. Mahogany hues adept in their night vision makes out two. A third though, is further off but still within 'shouting' distance. Another swing of her arm, the pencil sends another string of words Gabe's way, 'You should take the shack over there'. She points to the far one then begins to write, 'The middle one we could use as a shared living room? Or a place to study?'. The shacks aren't that large. Not like the others she's seen on her travels. These ones however have decks and are raised up on posts. "Who's Hannibal?"
Vexa 11/03/19 He has a nice smile, at least Vexa thinks so. She listens intently at his explanation and wonders if, somehow, she could learn to harness energy. She figures it is not a talent that she will be able to learn unless.. she stops that train of thought. He's too nice to eat. Plus how would she explain to Mother and Father that she ate a fellow tribe member? Copper shifts to then fro. No, she cannot eat Gabe. "How did you learn?" A whisper, forced over teeth and lips. "I'm hungry too. If anything tries to eat us, I will eat it."

Athletic frame shakes with silent laughter at her own joke which really isn't a joke. And that's probably why it's so funny to the girl. Because she really could consume a body in a matter of minutes with the symbiotic being that shares her body. Vexa stands to follow the man, deeper into the swamp. She's still mystified by the floating orb of light as it guides the pair through the dark. How does she explain her abilities? "For repairing the shack and I gain knowledge from the dead."

She should really leave it at that but then, he's 'family' in a way. No secrets with the tribe. Her forehead creases as she thinks how to word her next sentence. How to craft the explanation that will not send him screaming in the opposite direction. "I eat people."

That probably wasn't the best description..
Nicolas Murray 11/02/19 *eyes Gabe up and down*
Believe me. You'll be fine.
When a good looking man offers you free food?
Yeah, you'll be fine.
Nicolas Murray 11/01/19 *claps Gabe on the shoulder*
*goes to shake his hand*
*smoothly slips him a Benjamin*
I hear there is an all you eat buffet in town...
Vexa is really hungry.
Are you catching my drift here, mon ami?
Dita Morgenstern 10/25/19 [follows.] Tea does sound wonderful, actually.
[thinks.] But coffee does smell amazing, I agree.
[stuffs hands in coat pocket.] Are you from around here? New Orleans I mean.
[glances at.] I've only been here once before. The food is wonderful.
Katherine Murray 10/25/19 "Ummm..." It was official, worst parents ever. They really needed to get a kitchen built before anything else. Clearly. OH! "Nicky was ordering pizza for Vexa! I'm sure she'd be happy to share!"
Vexa 10/24/19 "I'm not against random hookups, but..."

She blinks. Not just once but a few times. He's cute and neither is she shy buuuuuut in her state of shock, Vexa's not sure she'd survive this particular hookup. Her head turns slightly and she gives him 'the look'. Is he paying attention? He whispers her name. Good. He is paying attention.

She gleans his name, Gabe. Nice name. Strong, honest. He is also an OdDity. She smiles and is about to write more when she notices that the light he carries, well, isn't a candle or flashlight. It's a ball of energy. And then Gabe is snapping his fingers and more light appears.. along with a pencil? Vexa's brows raise, copper eyes brighten. This is not a magic she is used to. Or has seen. The raven tressed woman is entranced and greedily accepts the pencil.

Standing to her full height, ignoring the offered hand, the necromancer waves the pencil around and watches the swirls form. She's giddy, and if she could laugh, she would be doing so. Her hand reaches out and grabs his arm firmly, she's bouncing in place, full of excitement. "This is amazing!" It's simple script that hangs in the air. "How did you make this?" She looks at him, eyes still wide. She really needs to know. And as far as finding a shack. "I'm looking for the most 'active' area."

Meaning, she wants to build her house on a veritable graveyard.
Murmur 10/24/19 Congratz on POTD
Vexa 10/23/19 Had her heart not stopped, she might have awww'd at him, his thoughtfulness. Or even laughed with him for thinking she was a goddess. But it had and now, now she was breathing labouriously in an attempt to put some life back into her. Some assassin right? Necromancer? What's that? Pfft. Any confidence in who she was and her skills just flew out the proverbial window. Bad ass card? Revoked. Vexa has seen much, has done much, and here this boy, looking all cute, preppy, jock-like, had just scared her almost to death.

Her mouth closes and bulging eyes settle back to their hooded, coppery gaze. She wants so much to reply to his questions but her voice isn't there. She knows if she whispers he might find it even more terrifying. So she sits there, mouth opening and closing, candle balanced on her palm like some suffocating fish. Dropping to her knees in front of the man, Vexa places her candle on the ground, grabs a stick and begins to scrawl a message in damp earth. "I'm Vexa." She smoothes the earth. "Not a goddess." Again, she wipes the message clean. "I'm one of the OdDities."

The woman gazes upwards at the man that she can only assume is a member of OdD, copper eyes burning brightly in the dark. There's a hint of smile on her lips. Had anyone passed by at the moment, they might do a double take. Is the woman praying? Is a ritual occurring? Something debauched? Nooooo. Just a couple of kids scaring the crap out of each other and trying to communicate. Really.
Vexa 10/22/19 She's creeping the swamps, trying to find a shack for herself. Because what's better than a mid twenties girl that is mute AND lives in a shack in the swamp? Nothing. There is nothing better or cooler than that. And she'll keep telling herself that because who wants to be awkward? But seriously, she needs a shack that is quiet to study her craft and this.. this plantation.. it is the perfect place, the real deal. This is as close to her heritage as she might get, the Ordre. Except, she's not expecting to see anyone out in the swamps or even outside the main house especially this guy. Eyes wide open, no sound emitting from her mouth as she screams, Vexa is frozen with a candle balancing on her palm. Which, truth be told, probably looked terribly frightening. Sorrynotsorry.
Dita Morgenstern 10/22/19 [might be shaking slightly.] Do you drink a lot of coffee Gabe?
[smiles, innocently.] It's very nice to meet you. And yes, my favourite season is Autumn. It really is the most beautiful I think.
[thinks.] Though I do love spring in Germany when the lily of the valley bloom. Did you know that they are highly toxic?
[bites her lip.] That sounded more sinister than I wanted.
[changes subject.] I'd love some tea or coffee.
Katherine Murray 10/22/19 "I'll hold you to that." Laughter slipped free from an upturned mouth; probably not the best thing to say when they literally were trying to remodel the haunted mansion. Kat could definitely find work for everyone. "But I'll make the same offer; if you ever need something, all you got to do is ask."
Dita Morgenstern 10/22/19 [raises both brows.] Autumn?
[watches him, trying to decipher the pantomime.] Beautiful?
[bites lower lip.] Are you using drugs Mister ..?
[reluctantly extends her hand.] I'm Dita.
Nicolas Murray 10/21/19 Nic returns the shake with one of his own, clapping his other hand on the back of Gabe's hand before letting it go again. "I'm normally a Whiskey man, myself, but my wife has gotten me into Scotch. Don't worry, I know a few places that won't ask any questions as long as you're with me."

There was a slight chance that Nic had gotten into more than his fair share of trouble around these parts. It was trouble he normally stayed out of now, what with responsibilities and all that. Still, there was still that itch to go out and let loose once in awhile. Plus, the young man had questions. One stone. Two birds.

"Have you ever heard about a little place called The Realm, Gabe?" He asked as he lay his arm around the other man's shoulder lazily and guided him in the direction of the nearest bar. "You are in for one hell of a ride..."
Dita Morgenstern 10/21/19 [shy smile.] Hello ..hi. Yes.
[dust self off.] I'm fine. Thank you.
[raises brows.] Are you okay?
Katherine Murray 10/21/19 "Oh, I like you." Offering her own hand with a smile gracing her face, Kat nearly snorted, that dear man of hers beat her to this one. "Actually, you've been taken care of by my husband! I'm glad he could help you out. I'm Katherine!"
Katherine Murray 10/21/19 HELLO! You're NEW! -blinks at-
Nicolas Murray 10/19/19 Nic clapped the other, younger, man on the shoulder and gave him a warm smile. "Before we get into all of that, let me ask you a question. Whiskey or Scotch? Because, if we're going to talk about where we are? Oh, Mon Ami, we are going to need a drink." He paused and let his green eyes give the man a once over carefully before chuckling softly.

"That is, if you are old enough to drink. I am Nicolas Marceau. Er, Murray. I'm still getting used to that."

He would then offer a hand to shake. "You want answers, Oui? I can help you with that." The cajun french in his words noticeable. Probably more so now that he'd been back home in Louisiana for a time.
Raven D Morningstar 10/19/19 On behalf of Carpe Noctem Welcome to the realm!
Nicolas Murray 10/19/19 *sees someone new*
*grins, head canted to the side*
You look lost, Mon Ami. Do you need help?
Beau Theroux 10/19/19 "Welcome to the Realm, pal!"
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