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No need to throw me to the wolves. They come when I call.

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"I'm no angel but I am his".

October 15, 2017

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Jameson Orlav 07/09/18 -swats-
Get out of there, woman.

Remi Rose just failed at stealing money from you!
Michael Arch 07/08/18 He heard her apology, but it seemed to not register. His mind tormented him and he couldn’t distinguish reality from fantasy. His eyes met with hers once more before she had collapsed, though he caught her as soon as she did. Finding the strength, Michael found himself to his feet with her in his arms, he would find his way to the couch and laid her down softly.

Dropping to his knees once more, callused fingers ran through her fiery hair as he smiled once more, an abnormality to him these days. His voice once again rang through the house so smoothly.

I have missed you, Remi.”
Michael Arch 07/08/18 Everything flooded back to him. War. It was all he had known. Cerulean hues seemed to flood almost bright red as his eyes locked with those he had almost forgotten in the darkness. It soon faded back to the bluish hue as somewhat of a smile returned to his face.


Some sort of realization of it all brought a weakness upon him and his knees gave way, dropping him to them in front of her. His head tilted upwards and there was a true realization of his time spent apart evident upon his scarred visage. He was weak, despite his body and armor showing otherwise.
Michael Arch 07/08/18 The Angel had not known much other than a large period of darkness. Cerulean hues lit up as he heard an all too familiar voice speak out so simply his own name, with which with all the time he spent didn’t seem like his own title. He searched for it now as he walked through the house, his clothing, not of choice, was of the armor he once wore so long ago, a set of armor he did not remember donning.


Michael continued to walk down the long hallway to the living room to where he thought the voice to come from, not knowing if it was simply a trick of the mind. A cruel one at that.
Anyssa 06/28/18 (I smiled and nodded again.) " I surely wont go into the basement. I hate hate cold places. I prefer the sum and the moon light." ( I watched the woman leave standing there for a few seconds then turned and headed on my way.)
Anyssa 06/28/18 ( I watched as the woman approached me and gave a small smile. I saw her around the compound so I waited till the right moment and answered her) " Hello I am Anyssa. Its a pleasure to meet you."
Beau Theroux 06/26/18 "Momma didn't raise no quiter."
Gideon Abernathy 06/22/18 Ouch.
Go for the throat next time, it’s quicker.
Not to worry, though. I’ll save my tears for tonight.
Gideon Abernathy 06/17/18 -waves back-
Hey, Rem!
I hope you’re not missing me too much.
Beau Theroux 04/24/18 "Wait, people actually do that? That's so unsanitary!" The man shook his head in disbelief. "Oh the odd thing people do with their facial hair."
Beau Theroux 04/23/18 The woman's question was a rather peculiar one. Was it a common practice to use one's facial hair as a dish for food? The man's face wrinkled at the thought. "I cannot say I do. It is mostly for show and to compliment the rest of my features; not so much to hold my dinner." A soft chuckle fluttered from his lips. A hand reached outward in greeting towars the woman. "Call me Beau."
Beau Theroux 04/12/18 Adonis of beards? That was definitely a new one. Her salute caused light laughter to flutter from his lips. "You flatter me so! I appreciate it. Glad somebody notices the work I put into this thing!" Beau then proceeded to stroke his beard with a smug grin on his face.
Jameson Orlav 04/10/18 "You know, blood is an excellent go-juice. You should try it some time. I'll take you to my favorite place." Jameson flashed a smile, teeth as shiny as bright as they had ever been. As it turns out, blood is no match for activated charcoal. What, you thought vampires didn't bother brushing their teeth?
Beau Theroux 04/09/18 The man gave his beard a slight stroke with a prideful look in his eyes. Yes, he was quite proud of his facial hair. "I believe it was the beard. People tend to be drawn to it. Like magic."
Jameson Orlav 04/09/18 Remi Rose just failed at stealing money from you!
*swats at*
Just because you're grumpy doesn't mean you can assault me.
Get some java, woman!

Jameson Orlav 04/08/18 Unsaved Number
I hear once you hit six feet, you can't hear anything. You should start digging. 😉
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 The man's brow quirked inquisitively. "Well, what makes me so special then? Is it the kind eyes? I' told I have kind eyes."Eyelashes fluttered as if to emphasize his point.
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 "Already so much faith in a lowly bayou boy you only just met. I'm honored."
Jameson Orlav 04/08/18 Unsaved Number
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 -Gives a smug grin-

"My powers of observation are quite impeccable."
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 "Thank you, woman with not colorful arms."
Derek Norse 01/02/18 "...Ginger Lady."
Gideon Abernathy 01/02/18 A smirk is all she would get in response as he continues to retreat. Perhaps next time, she wouldn’t be so quick to slap him away, therefore, allowing him to exact his plans.
After all, he needs more funding for his growing pet rock collection.
Gideon Abernathy 01/02/18 Scoffing, he rubs at the hand, feigning actual pain from the action. “Guess I’ll leave that spider there, then...” He grumbles as he slinks away, planning his next - hopefully successful - heist.
Dead Girl 10/23/17 Is that a confession? xoxo
Soleil Whitaker 10/16/17 Remi
We’re still honey-mooning, honestly.
Still head over heels for her, too.
Is he good to you? He’d better be.
We should all do dinner sometime.
Soleil Whitaker 10/16/17 Remi
I know exactly what that’s like.
I’m happy for you. Who’s the lucky guy?
Soleil Whitaker 10/16/17 Remi
What?? When?
Soleil Whitaker 09/07/17 Remi
Whenever! Just give me a buzz. :)
Soleil Whitaker 09/05/17 Remi
Or tea. Or a soda. Anything to your liking.
Rhiannon is doing well! She seems to like that we're home, finally.
Soleil Whitaker 09/05/17 Remi
Still good. :)
Nice to have you back, though. I'm glad you have things sorted, now.
Let's grab coffee sometime?
Soleil Whitaker 09/05/17 Remi
I'm finally back in NY with the wife, which is beyond nice.
Hope you're well, too!
Atticus Hammond 08/22/17 "At the end of the day, vendettas remain just that- petty. Best of luck with that envy. Why... I even think you're turning green." With the flash of a grin, he offers a wave. "Rain check on the name huh?" And then, he's walking off again.
Atticus Hammond 08/22/17 "I'm aware of her existence, yes." He grins, finding her defensive nature... Amusing, to say the least. "And no, I wasn't. Though, I'm sure if I was, you'd have a few choice words. Instead, I'm just married to one. It's a little different than how you put it. Seems the only cheapness comes from those who are petty without cause. Shame."
Atticus Hammond 08/22/17 "Seems you have a particular issue with blond women. Is that an Oedipal thing, or are you just naturally bitter?"
Atticus Hammond 08/22/17
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"But I think you're reading into this situation too far. So..." He takes a full step away, hand waving as he departed. "Sure you'll stalk me down again in the future. Maybe then you'll get a name. Cheers." And with that, he's gone.
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

I assure you, miss, I have nothing to offer." He assuages, eyebrow c0cked in intrigue. "Aaaand, no. Blondes aren't my type. Thanks, though." He begins to turn on his heel, ready to walk away. "Buh-bye, now."
Atticus Hammond 08/15/17

"Are people usually so friendly with strangers? Or are all of you people on something here?"
Soleil Whitaker 07/31/17 Remi
Of course.
Let's get together when Rhi and I return to NY.
Soleil Whitaker 07/22/17 Remi
You're alive. Thank god.
I've been well. Same old, same old, really.
Been in Moscow for the last... I don't know how long.
What's new on your end?
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/22/17 Remi
I'll stock the tequila!
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/22/17 Remi
Soon, then. We'll be back there in a few days, I think.
Rhiannon Whitaker 07/22/17 Remi
Hey, stranger. Hope all is well. See you soon?
Elouise Warrock 07/21/17 El looks through the photos. Wow. The photographer needed a few lessons. Without another thought, she throws the camera against the cement wall, terminating its usefulness.

Stick to Kodak, kid.
Jameson Orlav 07/21/17 [has no human soul and so visions of The Artist Formerly Known As Jameson Orlav show up as a ~blur~]
Soleil Whitaker 07/10/17 Remi
Haven't seen you around. Hope all is well.
Let's grab a drink sometime soon?
Rhiannon Whitaker 06/12/17 Remi
How're you doing?
Our liquor rack hasn't been harassed in a while.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/27/17 Remi
What did you do now??
W_Kat 05/27/17 Congrats on PotD!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/25/17 Remi
There will be plenty of booze waiting for you!
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/24/17 Remi
Hope you're coming back to visit again soon!
Michael Arch 05/14/17 The Angel held his smile as he would give a nod.

"I am always around, Remi. Even when it seems I have been gone for a long time, I am but a thought away."

The Angel had been absent for quite some time, and it wasn't only because of those that wished to find him and rid him of this world, but also because he had found himself wandering off into the farthest depths the earth had to offer, and it was all a part of his plan, and hopefully it would come to light soon.
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Remi
I don't know what you did, but your face is everywhere.
I love it!
Congrats on Profile of the Day, doll. :)
W_Kat 05/05/17 Congrats on PotD!
Michael Arch 05/05/17 The Arch wasn't one for being out in public so often, but he had opened his phone, a strange part of the mortals' lives that he still was getting used to, as it vibrated in his pocket and received a notification. A smile was brought to hardened features and he exited his home in search of the new friend he had made.

It never him too long to find anyone, and her to be exact. Approaching her, his black coat flapping in the wind gave his presence away and he would simply smile once more.

"Ah well I had wanted to surprise you, but congratulations Remi on profile of the day. You look phenomenal as always."
Soleil Whitaker 05/05/17 Soleil ensured her friend's comfort, feeling rather guilty that she hadn't the time to make up the third floor loft. Instead, she placed a bottle of water and some Aspirin by the pull-out couch before tucking Remi in for the night. The poor woman must've had quite the harrowing journey if she was in such a state.

"Get some rest, Remi," she said with a soft smile, "There'll be coffee and breakfast in the morning."
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Remi
Put me in-between Ethan Hawk and Eva Mendes any damn day.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/05/17 Remi
Why is your face plastered all over the city?
What did you do?
... Was it worth it?
Ella Donovan 05/05/17 Remi
Did you choke out a flight attendant? Why is your face on the side of the bus that just drove by???
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Soleil arrived at JFK to find an inebriated Remi stumbling about with her bags and yelling at no one in particular.

"Hey, Remi," she declared, announcing her presence, "Can I grab your bags?"

Without awaiting a response, Soleil reached out for the redhead's possessions, gently guiding the woman toward the parked car. The airport officials retreated as Soleil reassured them that she had the situation under control. "C'mon, kid," she cooed, helping her friend into the passenger side seat, "Buckle up."
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Wait. They were giving you soda instead?
I'm on my way to JFK.
See you soon! :)
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
I love you.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Bring champagne! 👍👍
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
I'll be there, don't worry!
I did not know that about brandy.... I'm gonna take your word for it, though! ;)
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Oh god, you're drinking?
Everything is unlimited if you're willing to pay for it. LOL
What time do you land at JFK?
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Eta? I'll pick you up.
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Rhiannon and I are in New York. We've been here for a few weeks, now.
We're co-signing on this brownstone, and finalizing blueprints for some changes.
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Wait. Leaving for New York or for the apartment?
You're welcome at either place! :)
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 Remi
Fly safe. Use a hot guy as a foot stand if they sit beside you.
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 Remi
I can't make any promises, but we'll still go drinking when you get back.
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 Remi
You will! ..It's not like she can run fast.
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
You doing okay, Remi?
Mini-cheesecakes? Hmm, no. Not in Moscow, at least.
You'd have to visit us in New York! :)
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 Remi
You know who's fun to have shots with? Lloyd Darrow.
We should go have some shots after my next promotion.
Soleil Whitaker 05/04/17 Remi
Oh jeez.
Ella really has to cut that sh*t out because I feel like Elouise is already on edge...
If you need a place to stay, I left a spare key to my apartment in the Arbat district. It's on my desk. Get away from the Compound and kitten-sit for a while! [Location Shared]
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 Remi
I don't think she's that ignorant.. but just in case. Tape a sign to your back that says 'Not Ella'. I hear Jameson chewing..?
Ella Donovan 05/04/17 Remi
...Sh*t. I did it again?!
Summer 05/03/17
Ella Donovan 05/03/17 Remi
..Everyone in The Order. Do you think it went to junk e-mail?
Ella Donovan 05/03/17 ~*~ Ella blinks and beams at the poster~*~
''Thanks Remi! I'm going to put this one right next to mine.''
Ella Donovan 05/02/17 ~*~ Ella's vivid blues turned away from the charts in her arms towards Remi. A wide grin stretched her full lips. The shade of red had splotched on her cheeks at the thought of the flyer. Maybe Jameson hadn't seen it yet. ~*~

''Thank you! Oh.. I.. I'm not really sure. I look forward to the challenge. It goes well with my plans, and more time with James.'' ~*~Insert breathless girlish giggle here ~*~
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Remi
Pick a date and come on over. We're here!
Hm... Elouise was shot. That is all I was told.
Rhiannon Whitaker 05/02/17 Remi
What have you been up to?
Stop by for a visit soon.
I'll have plenty of mini cheesecakes.
Ella Donovan 05/01/17 ~*~ Ella giddily bounced in her spot, which is where she stood with the handful of fliers. Of course she had extra, especially from some that decided not to vote. In fact she needed to find a church. Mental note that. ~*~

''Oh of course! Here you are Remi. Thank you for the support!''

Ella Donovan 05/01/17
Michael Arch 04/21/17 The Arch looked to the woman as she approached him with a welcoming smile, but soon his brow arched as she began to admit her sin. Revealing the money, Michael merely gazed upon it with a nod and a grin.

"Well I cannot necessarily be mad, that was good, I thought I had felt something but had thought nothing of it."

The Angel hadn't necessarily felt nothing and thought nothing of it, but it seemed as though she could be sincere with her apology, or she could simply be joking with him, either way, Michael knew the struggle with human emotions, and the one of curiosity was one he knew all too well. With that thought, he chuckled and spoke.

"Feel free to consider that a gift, though, do not think I won't get my revenge."

With that, Michael would flash her a wink and continue on his way.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
Mhm. Something like that.
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
Fair enough.
Let me know if anything's on your mind, yeah?
I'm here.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
Not a problem. Our door is always open.
I count myself lucky to get as much time with her as I do.
I'm sure you do, too.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
I can certainly work within those parameters.
We missed you, the other night. Perhaps another time?
I look forward to meeting any friend of my wife's.
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
It's a secret. I can't have Soleil finding out.
... Because I'm rescuing a third.
Do you have a color preference? I'll snag one for you.
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
I know you are, doll!
That's why I really would like for you to visit us. :)
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
She's a weirdo, all right.
But, I love the woman.
I think you two would get along swimmingly!
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
Will do!
I've talked about you before so, she definitely knows of you.
And not just from the window incident?
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
Yeah, of course! I can ask where she keeps picking them up.
Here's her number, too. If you have any other feline related questions!
[contact shared]
Soleil Whitaker 04/16/17 Remi
That's embarrassing - my phone's been a royal b*tch lately.
Here, I'll send you another.
Honestly, I've no idea. Rhi brought both home without my consent. Not that I can complain, they're perfect lil nuggets.
Come by whenever! Missed you when Winter was here.

[video attachment]
Soleil Whitaker 04/14/17 Remi
Not that it necessarily means much, but Rhiannon and I got another kitten. I remember that you were excited about Topanga, you should come meet Quincy.

[video attachment]
Mountain View
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Remi
Of course, we'd really love to have you.

At the risk of coming across as insincere, Soleil sent one last urging invitation. She really did hope Remi would come by, even if to try one of Rhiannon's homemade, mini-cheesecakes. She wanted to be friends with Remi, too, but was coming to the realization that she might've let the opportunity slip through her fingers.
Ella Donovan 04/13/17 ~*~ Ella's head turned in the direction of the other red head. A bubbly demeanor given with a coy grin. The inner musings tugged at her internal curiosity, was this one married too? Tabloids were a girl's best friend, and so were dedicated spouses. ~*~

'' Hello! Oh thanks. I'm sure I'll be fine, and you are? ''
Jameson Orlav 04/13/17 The man laughs, his shoulders vibrating with obvious amusement. A salesperson? Jameson had never considered himself to be one with the harmonies of persuasion. Although as a sideline career, maybe he would need to look into it.

"Maybe. I could be one of those salesmen who goes door to door selling bibles. How ironic would that be, really?" A hand finds his hip, and as he's turning his foot out he offers his other hand palmed-up. In his best tone of mockery, he sings: "Do you know where you'll be spending eternity?"
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Remi
They inadvertently called me a home-wrecker.
I think this'll fade too. There's always something bigger going on, anyways.
Hey, just let me know. Our door is always open - you don't need an invitation.

Soleil felt bad for not reaching out - she knew she'd promised to have Remi over for dinner, but the new married life kept her... preoccupied. She ventured to make amends through an open invitation. Hopefully, Remi didn't resent her too much.
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Remi
I ignore tabloids. They're bullsh*t.
But, I do remember seeing something about that redhead. Damn.
Although, I also caused a ripple in that marriage, so... she must be harmless.
Also, I think Rhi and I are having Winter over for a "liquid dinner" tonight. Join us, we have vodka and wine.
Jameson Orlav 04/13/17 Jameson's hand raises aptly from his side, fingers extending against a soft red curl that belonged to the girl, laid gently against her shoulder. Without force, he wraps the strand of lock around his forefinger, an assured grin pulling at the corners of his mouth.

"Aw, Remi. Don't be like that." He quips, allowing the hair to drop from his grasp and fall back against the girls shoulder, "The two of you aren't even comparable; so very different in many ways."
Soleil Whitaker 04/13/17 Remi
Who's the new girl?
Jameson Orlav 04/12/17
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/03/17
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/03/17
Rhiannon Whitaker 04/03/17
Elouise Warrock 04/03/17 ...give me that chocolate.
Soleil Whitaker 04/03/17 Let me ask Rhiannon. She's an amazing cook.
I'll shoot you a text, see if you're free later this week. Sound good?
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 We have one right now. Topanga.
But, Rhiannon wants to get like, a dozen more.
You can come visit any time you'd like, Remi! You should come over for dinner sometime. Bring Elouise.
Soleil Whitaker 04/02/17 -groans-
Ugh. The tabloids. I'm over those.
Sometimes Rhiannon and I banter, and our neighbors think we're fighting.
-waves dismissively-
It's usually about the farm or kittens or popcorn. No big.
Soleil Whitaker 03/29/17 Mountain View

You're great, Remi. How you been?
Soleil Whitaker 03/25/17 -squints-
Soleil Whitaker 03/22/17 I used to DJ in New York.
That's the only thing that could validate the fact that I'm in my early 20s.
Soleil Whitaker 03/22/17 I found it in an antique store.
-eyes widen-
Oh my god, Remi! You thought I found it on the street?
-bites lip-
I like to go antiquing sometimes....
Soleil Whitaker 03/22/17 I mean, no. Yes. I found one, and it was pretty.
She's pretty too. It just happened.
-unnecessarily defensive-
Soleil Whitaker 03/22/17 -snorts-
I had a ring, she said yes. -tries to be nonchalant about it-
-can't help but grin-
'Wife' is still a weird word for me to say.
Wife. Wifewifewife. Wife.
Stop me now.
Soleil Whitaker 03/22/17 Remi, chill.
-pats sympathetically-
Flash wedding. No big.
You weren't drugged. I promise.
Soleil Whitaker 03/22/17 -pats-
Not much, doll.
I mean, I got married. But, that's about it.
Nothing else of substance.
-eyes up and down-
How you doin'?
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Tequila? Vodka? Fireball?
I think Tequila is gonna be my drink of the night.
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 No, because we're on the same page.
-bobs head-
Dancing is a must, Remi.
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 This is why we're going to be BFFs.
-links arms-
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Bar? Bar.
-grabs wallet and jacket-
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 -is flattered-
-can be kind of a b*tch sometimes-
I'm glad we're friends too, Remi.
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 -shakes head-
Not weird at all.
It's endearing that you care enough to worry about her.
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 He probably knows her better than anyone, though.
In more ways than one.
-nudges with elbow-
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 -is taken aback-
Does she not have one???
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Let's just make sure El doesn't die.
Or turn into a vampire.
Problem solved.
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 I think she'll survive.
If anything, she's got us to keep her safe.
I don't... I don't think so.
Wouldn't it be a cambion or something?
Soleil Whitaker 03/20/17 Maybe a little bit of both.
-rocks back and forth on feet-
Dancing? F*ck yes. Don't even need to ask twice, doll.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Remi
I should have probably asked that before I agreed, right?
I think I'm going to die.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Remi
I haven't actually ever seen his degree.
...which is alarming, because he's delivering our child.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Remi
Jameson isn't like a...human doctor?
Or a veterinarian. It's hard to explain.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Remi
I'm f*cking nuts, babe.
Absolutely, 100% certifiable. But my doctor says it's fine.
It also helps my doctor is my husband, and all I have to do is bat my lashes to get alla da prescriptions.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Remi
No, no. I've read about what drugs do to the babies. I'm going in sober.
Well. We'll see how long that lasts.
Elouise Warrock 03/20/17 Remi
Just give me like 30 minutes after, I'll ditch the kid and we'll go out!
Elouise Warrock 03/19/17 Remi
Your tequila is the box labeled 'Remi' in my room. The twelve other crates are for when I pop this sucker out.
Soleil Whitaker 03/18/17 SHOT GLASSES!
To go with the tequila Elouise bought you.
Soleil Whitaker 03/16/17 Remi
Yup. Be back soon. I picked up some trinkets for you.
Soleil Whitaker 03/16/17 Remi
I know. I'm still worried I'll be blamed, though.
Jameson's a busy man, El tells me all the time.
This will blow over.
Soleil Whitaker 03/16/17 Remi
You're right. That Girl. F*cking tabloids.
I don't know where Jameson is.
I don't know if it's true. But, I'm not a homewrecker.
Soleil Whitaker 03/16/17 Remi
We're coming home. Did you see that bullsh*t in D&S?
Soleil Whitaker 03/15/17 Unknown Number
How could I possibly burn when I have this beauty to take care of me?

[IMG attachment]
Mountain View
Soleil Whitaker 03/15/17 -scoffs-
Maybe I'll send you a selfie just to prove I don't fry.
Soleil Whitaker 03/15/17 -huffs-
I'm not that pale!
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Remi
Girl after my own heart... ❤
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Remi
I'll keep her safe!
What kind of souvenir do you want?
Elouise Warrock 03/15/17 Remi
On beach. So warm.
I think Soleil is doing push-ups to impress the babes.
We will be home soon!
Soleil Whitaker 03/15/17 Mountain View

You'd have me fooled. Keep doing what you're doing, Remi.
-waves idly-
Yeah, yeah. Cabo. Wife. Entirely platonic.
Jameson used to think that El was gonna run off with me. But, she's too... straight for my liking.
Soleil Whitaker 03/15/17 An angel? That's not what I've heard.
You don't have to pretend with me.
Love? Pshh. Who's spreading lies?
Soleil Whitaker 03/12/17 Saw your face plastered around the Compound the other day.
I was surprised to see they were PotD flyers. And not Most Wanted.
Congrats, doll.
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 Remi
I'll bring back a souvenir!
Next vacation, you're coming with! Well, wait. I promised Winter a vacation. ...I will figure this out.
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 Remi
Yeah! She's my wife. We're about to go on vacation.
There are always extra blankets, and Cheech and Chong long to snuggle, and those dogs are FLUFFY. Just ask Claire for them.
Elouise Warrock 03/12/17 Remi
Hey! Fitting in okay?
How do you like Moscow?
Michael Arch 03/11/17 The Immortal approached the woman slowly. Cerulean hues studied her a bit before he offered a smile. A hand was tucked away in his coat and soon he produced it holding a single rose. He wasn't always one for recognition of things or really talking to very many people, but she had of course reached out to him as a friend and he felt the need to at least show some sort of kindness to this rather wonderful woman.

"I just wanted to say congratulations on Profile of the Day. I thought maybe you would like this."

Michael then offered her the rose as his smile remained.
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 -hands key-
-shifty eyes-
It's that room right there. Have at it!
-points at door-
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 Don't worry, she's not important.
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 All of Noura's clothes!
Elouise Warrock 02/27/17 wanna go set some stuff on fire?
-bats lashes at-
Soleil Whitaker 02/24/17 -arches a brow-
Just tell me what you had in mind, doll.
Soleil Whitaker 02/24/17 -throws up hands, defensively-
Oh, it's you.
-grins widely-
Hi there, Remi.
-nonchalantly examines fingernails-
How's the club treating you? Get into any trouble yet?
Soleil Whitaker 02/15/17 Soleil sensed that she might've scared Remi. "Sh*t," she gasped, "I'm so sorry. It's really not as bad as you think." She bit her bottom lip, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She held out her hands in front of her, palms facing upwards.

"You'll be alright. I promise."
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 "You're welcome." He quips, "You'll find our kitchen selection to be better than domino's, too." He winks. Of course he hasn't forgot her.
Jameson Orlav 02/14/17 Welcome to the nuthouse, kid. Just remember that if Elouise starts to growl, if you have a piece of chocolate, she'll immediately be your friend.

Its not her fault, she's pregnant.
Soleil Whitaker 02/14/17 "It's nice to meet you too, Remi."

Mountain View

Anything she should know? Any inside scoop? Geez. She rubbed the back of her neck in thought. "Elouise likes food, and we have a 3 legged pitbull named Fish. Claire is the all-mother, and she takes care of pets. Lloyd is the legal representation. Noura has a donkey named Karen, and Jameson is scary. I've always kind of thought that it's all weirdly incestuous." Word vomit. F*ck. Soleil apologized, not meaning to scare Remi into thinking that this club was more than it actually was.
Soleil Whitaker 02/14/17 Remi. That's what her name was. Soleil had heard murmurs of the name around the Realm. It was nice to finally have a face to associate it with. "I'm Soleil." Another friendly flash of her teeth, and an only slightly forced, rather awkward bout of laughter.
Soleil Whitaker 02/13/17 "Hey! Hey there!" Soleil exclaimed, running up to the pretty, young redhead, "Welcome to the club!" She grinned widely - partially to be friendly, partially in reaction to the fact that she was no longer the new girl. "Let me know if you need anything, eh? We're all friends here," she added, sticking out her hand for the other woman to shake.
Elouise Warrock 02/11/17
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 *stares at her with a blank expression and just walk away*
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 "Don't flatter yourself. You ain't bad enough for me, wolfy" Lucius grins.
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17 "Oh but cheri, the money is just the bonus." ;)
Lucius Dalca 02/09/17
Camille 02/08/17
Elouise Warrock 02/06/17
Elouise Warrock 02/06/17
Elouise Warrock 02/06/17
Elouise Warrock 02/06/17
Elouise Warrock 02/06/17
Michael Arch 02/05/17 The Angel smiled as his mind would dwell on the question. Being bothered was most definitely an understatement. If a mere mortal were to have a fraction of the things going on in their mind, their head would most likely explode.

"I would not put it that way, but I suppose."

He became puzzled as she exclaimed all she wanted was a friend and then she turned to leave.

The Angel, without realizing it, had grabbed her arm. Not with any sort of strong grip, but more of a touch as he stopped with the woman.

He spoke and now sounded more sincere, and it was more than strange to see the immortal act so...friendly towards another being, though he was very well aware that friendship wasn't a long lasting part of this world, but it didn't hurt to help someone in need.

"I could use a friend as well. My apologies if I came off as rude."
Michael Arch 02/04/17 The Angel looked down at her, slightly curious as to why she was still walking with him. Plucking the cigarette from his lips in between his forefinger and middle finger, he studied it for a second before returning it to his lips and shrugged.

"Not exactly, it does not do much for me, but I suppose it calms me."

It was a lie, nothing ever calmed the immortal anymore. He really was a walking time bomb, but always would tend to remain eerily calm in most situations, dangerous or not. Cerulean hues met the woman's eyes as they walked and he finally asked to satisfy his curiosity.

"I do not mean to be rude, but is there something I can help you with Remi?"

He did not sound in the slightest as though she was a nuisance, and it was a sincere inquiry. Her company was not unwelcome, but Michael was always a bit leery of people being around him for longer than a few short moments. Most that remained in his company any longer would tend to not have a very long lifespan. Such was life for the Archangel.
Mackenzie 02/04/17 Remi Rose just failed at stealing money from you!

Sticky fingered little sh-t...
Elouise Warrock 02/04/17
Elouise Warrock 02/04/17
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 She's being hugged. And this b*tch loves hugs. She's just as reluctant to release. Elouise gazes in wonderment at the woman who was definitely questioning her sexuality, and literally everything else about her life.


"Never apologize. Hugs are fantastic. And so are you." Jesus. Now she's gushing.
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 "Baked? Ohmygod." She has to pause, totally lady-crushing. This woman is literally her soulmate. Elouise clears her throat. Be cool, El. Be cool. "Chinese is my second favorite food group right after Mexican. Every day is Taco Tuesday."

Her eyes narrow, scrutinizing the truth behind her words. Seems legit. "I'm Elouise. Elouise Orlav."
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 She taps her chin. "Well. There's Pizza Hut, but only if I'm drunk. But never Papa John's. Gross." The distaste shows on her facade, but she quickly wipes it away. She needs to know exactly where this woman's taste lies. So far, so good.

"What about you? How do you feel about... Chuck E Cheese?"
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Elouise's eyes go wide. Because she has just heard one of the great American tragedies. A comforting hand shoots out, giving the other woman's forearm a comforting squeeze if allowed.

"You poor woman. I can't imagine the anguish involved. I have them on speed dial as a standard."
Elouise Warrock 02/03/17 Likewise! Feel free to reach out if you need anything.
Summer 02/03/17 *waves to the second pretties ginger girl she's ever seen*
Hello and welcome!
*can't help but wonder if the rash of blondes from a few months back has now morphed into a rash of gingers.*
Elouise Warrock 02/02/17 Welcome to the Realm!
Michael Arch 02/02/17 The Angel reached into his coat pocket and produced a pack of Marlboro cigarettes and a cheap black BIC lighter and upon placing one between his lips and lighting it, she had caught up to him as he continued to walk. Returning the cigarettes to there place in his pocket, he chuckled and gave a nod.

"My name is Michael, it is a pleasure to meet you Remi, and yes, maybe we will run into one another again."

Taking a drag from his cigarette, smoke slowly unfurled from his lips as he gave her a nod as if to confirm his words as they walked in the direction he was heading.
Michael Arch 02/02/17 "Godsend...yes. Let us go with that."

The Arch gave her a surprising smile in return.

"It is my pleasure, have a good evening, and an even better dinner."

Michael felt strange interacting with someone after so long. Even something so simple as pointing them in the right direction. Which, quite frankly, was his purpose for being here. Giving the woman a nod, he would pivot on his heel and continue on his way.
Michael Arch 02/02/17 The Archangel hadn't been one for warm welcomes or really interacting with others in general since his return. Cerulean hues looked down to the woman as she had caught his attention after he started off on his certain....duties for the evening.

An eyebrow arched as he then shook his head in response followed by him speaking.

"I do not, I apologize. Though, if I am not mistaken there is one a few blocks down."

The Angel pointed behind the woman. Though Michael wasn't one for indulging in human necessities such as food, he still was pretty familiar with the city's attractions, to include their places of sustenance.

"It should be on your right hand side if you walk far down enough on this street."
Jameson Orlav 02/02/17 That's not to say that I am not exceptionally intelligent.
Jameson Orlav 02/02/17
*awkward stare*
Jameson Orlav 02/02/17
Michael Arch 02/02/17 Welcome to the Realm!
Jameson Orlav 02/02/17
Do I look like I have the number to dominos memorized?
.. Don't answer that.
Caitlyn Darrow 02/02/17 Oh! I have quite a few. Which location? Their pie is the greatest with orange slices on top.
Jameson Orlav 02/02/17 *lazy half shrug*
No. Not really.
Excellent incentive to learn how to cook.
Or to hire one, anyway.
Jameson Orlav 02/02/17 Welcome to the Realm.
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