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The Black RoseThe Black Masquerade~ 2018 *Closed*
Created by River Song
Livia Vlcek 02/14/19 Actually, you're the only one! So you are now officially my Valentine. *puts the lotion in the basket*
mist 01/10/19 *Giving a wholesome smile(listening intently)to all that is being said.They say a little knowledge can go a long way.All tho i have gain a great deal of knowledge in me years,i still haven't be able to keep a certain cat named Henry of me roof(follow by laughter)

* Then in a low-pitch voice speaks*

As for crafting the perfect potion for masking auras my dear,it details more than any potions or spells.Every time you come into contact with someone,your aura reacts to theirs,Auras have different colors and meanings and so on.As i said lot more than potion,how ever I will consult with me magic spells and potions books and get back to you.

*Nods me head(click of my fingers)broomstick appears in me hands*Yes are wits about us,on that note the witch best be getting back to me cottage to make sure i still have a roof)smiles) Ta..ta

Genesis 01/10/19 Keen eyes watch the angel as she is stalked. Said stalking doesnt take long as the predator has no patience. She leaps at her prey, sprawling the Angel beneath herself.
"Sorry Angelface...I need a feather, and you are my chosen prey...I have some Malek blood and hair stuck to my fist..."
mist 01/09/19 *The witch gives a friendly little nod*thank you*A potion do mask your aura(steps forward)into the light,If you don't mind a old witch asking.Why would you want to mask your aura?

Livia Vlcek 01/04/19 Summerbreeze.. makes me feel fine
Frites Atelier. Yes, I'm in it to win it. As soon as I get done talking to this guy on the corner about a few papers of her...shey's kisses, I'll head out. Save me a cloth napkin cuz.. I'm so fancy.
Livia Vlcek 01/02/19 Summertime
Antwerp huh? I don't think I've had the pleasure to visit.. maybe I'll make a quick jump the next time I'm in Paris because that sounds like a good place for me. To party. Without the supervision of anyone. *coughs* >.> How long are you going to be there?
Livia Vlcek 01/02/19 Summertime
This is why I love you. Home school it is. I hate sticking to one city anyway. By the by, how's my smexy Angel?
Livia Vlcek 01/02/19 Summertime
Kids go to school right? Like, am I supposed to enroll Hope in school? Or just teach her how to kill sh*t? Help a sister out..
Kit Shannon 12/30/18 "ARGH!"


"Oh, hi. Hi, thanks. Hi."
Genesis 12/20/18 "Thanks Summer! Lets not waste any time on killing this bottle, shall we?"
~gives a cheeky grin and takes the bottle, opening it and taking a good swig with a pleased hum before handing it back to Summer.~
"Hot damn that tastes good!"
Dexter Gein 12/13/18 Thank you ma'am. :)
Addison 12/13/18 *ran by the blonde as she scampered through the Azhi halls. Stops, reverses to come to a halt next to the blonde*
"Hello there. I'm Addi. Do you have relatives here in Azhi? I know, kind of a personal question, but I have no brain to mouth filter."
*mind goes askew as she ponders an entire crew made up of blood relatives. Shivers.*
Malek 12/05/18 The lycan hears the approach of the stranger long before he smells her. He smells her long before he sees her. The acrid tang of woodsmoke clings to her clothes like the pall of death clings to the body of an undertaker. Or a vamp. The turn to face the female is slow, deliberate, but there is no intention toward aggression or intimidation. It is simply Malek's way. Something beaten into him from long years struggling for every piece of the pie, so to speak.

Slowly, eyes of nearly iridescent, yellow-green quality, the eyes of the Beast that resides within him rather than those of the man who stands before Summer. Scarred features, ravaged so many years before and never properly healed as they travel in violent furrows through his lips and over his nose creating rather distinctive disfigurement. Disfigurement nearly identical in theory, if not in scope, as Summer might have seen upon her leader's face. Disfigurement he himself had placed upon the volatile woman.

A brief thought flits through Malek's consciousness: How the hell do these people keep finding him to greet and welcome him? Did Livia put a tracking chip in his clothes or something? Briefly, his hands pat over his pockets as he thinks of the spy movies he had seen when he was much younger. The spy movies in which small tracking devices were easily slipped into coat pockets, into hats... and even under the skin of the unwary victim of tracking. The thought is dismissed out of hand and Malek stares intently and intensely at the woman. Before responding with a very brief nod and a grunt.

Very eloquent. And friendly.
Livia Vlcek 12/03/18 Summer
Boundaries? What are boundaries? LOL. Gurl...I need strippers that don't have boundaries. And yea, I've come into contact with many people that are purposely offensive. I just shoot them in the fvcking face. Remind me to take you gun shopping. We'll make it a day. But after the strippers, the booze and the cake. I need to feed my feels. Plus it's been like a week since I ate. XD See you soon! ❤️
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 She had mistaken Livia's question for anger. The Slayer frowned slightly.. Livia should have responded differently. Better. Spring was Summer's sister, who had passed away. But drugs do that do a person, make them apathetic, at least in Livia's case they did. Maybe it was the particular drug she used though.

It's all good mami. I'm not mad or upset or anything. Just got some weird sh!t I'm dealing with myself. Where y'at? I'll bring the tequila and chocolate cake. You bring the strippers. We can cry over cake while getting lap dances. Orrrr I can hold said mortal while you kick the sh!t out of them. Your choice. I'm down to do whatever..
Gray Taylor 12/02/18 Gray had received two responses thus far, one from an unknown number, and another from Dr. Orlav. He needn't know who the first was, nor does he care. He can only assume it is one of his family, and Gray has little time for most of them. He can only be thankful that they had been kind enough to include what it was that was left to them - otherwise, he would have been left without a goddamn clue.

That said, he would respect the wishes of all. Carefully, so very carefully, he packs the sapling. The thing had been the subject of much conversation where Spring was concerned, and he never truly understood her fascination with it. He would, however, always support her. And, in a separate package, he would send the gifted item: an extra strength douche.

He has zero f-cks on the matter. Gray isn't so naive that he doesn't realize that Spring's family is largely comprised of selfish, self-important hypocrites that can never seem to accept their own fault. He is sure that, in reality, the majority blame him for her death. Let them.

A note included in the smaller package, both sent on behalf of Spring Taylor, would declare the wishes of a single, unnamed recipient of a letter.

To Azhi Dahaka, the packages would go.
Livia Vlcek 12/02/18 Pale eyes scan the text received. A delivery. A sapling? Didn't customs exist? Wasn't it illegal to transport fruits and vegetables? Would a tree constitute as fruits or vegetables? Her mind is racing and she's thinking maybe she needs to brush up on import laws.

Howwwww does he know where to deliver this sapling? I'll let the 'guards' know at the main entrance to be expecting a.. sapling? Like, is it a pine tree? What am I working with here? Maybe I'll have him redirected to the rear gate.. just to keep the weirdness to a minimum? You know how tourists get when they see odd things..
Gray Taylor 12/01/18 Gray had been placed in a position that left him feeling less than comfortable. Letters. He has sealed letters, and the man knows that each one contains Spring's last words. He knows she has bequeathed items to these people, and the only way to find out what goes where is to read them. But he can't.

Slowly, he would begin to send them out, his own personal notes tucked into the FedEx envelopes with Springs sealed last words. He can only imagine what might be inside, but he makes it clear that each recipient could reach out to him at the number provided to collect whatever was left to them. Never mind, how he managed to find contact information.

No one would be allowed on the property in Moscow again.


Youíve always had very insightful ways into life, but.. sometimes I think youíre too much like mum. I wish we could have made you back to one of us, but none of that matters. You keep your pink ****ing.. fairy angel wings, and I donít get to keep a sodding thing. I wish I hadnít pushed you away, but I wish that like the others you hadnít befriended the enemy. Iím not sure if you finished smoking, so I, Spring Weed, leave you my sapling for care. Youíre one of the only ****ers that wouldnít kill it. Keep swinging on those poles or whatever you do these days.. You give **** advice for catching a jew, but donít worry Iím passing the information to someone else.. maybe it will work for them. Whatever you do in life Summer, or after life, or whatever ****ing life youíre living donít cover yourself in ****ing lard.

Stalker 11/04/18 A pleasure to meet you as well, Summer.
Stalker 11/04/18 I'm Stalker, and I'm...well, I'm and "old" guy. I decided I have had enough sun for a while.
Genesis 10/29/18 ~considered Summers question for a moment.~ "Well, honestly I was pretty reclusive when I first joined. But now, however, I seem to go out of my way to welcome people, get to know them. I see the crew as the family I never had. We all have each others back, like when I was in the military, but we also share things on a more personal level. I kind of like it."~ She said, letting a smile linger on her lips.~
Genesis 10/29/18 Congrats on ranking! Lets drink more...>.>
Genesis 10/24/18 ~she nodded her head with a smile, before taking another drink~ "Yeah, total surprise. A really nice one though." ~She said, enjoying her time with her team mate. She didnt often get opportunities like this. She was coaxing herself out of her own shell. The shared liquor helped.~ "So what about you? You've got a big family. Are you all close in age? I was always curious about families, but then, thinking on my own upbringing, I am glad I never had siblings to go through the hell I did." ~She said, with kind of a sigh.~
Genesis 10/24/18 ~she took a long pull from the tequila and shivered. She held on to the bottle for a bit longer, turning her eyes to Summer as she gave a shrug.~ "My mom was, well...a *****. Dunno who my dad is. I booked it out of that trailor park and into the Marines the day after I graduated High School. I used to just keep to myself, was safer that way. Until...coming here. Now I have the crew. And this...~Showed Summer the ring on her left ring finger, taking another hit from the tequila bottle.~ "That one kind of knocked me for a good way, of course."
Genesis 10/23/18 ~handed Sumnmer the bottle for the first drink~ "Yanno, since I've been back and wandering around a bit, I've noticed alot of people with the name 'Summers'. Are all related to you? I dont have any family, I have Azhi and Dex. Whats a big family like?" ~She asked, more talkative than usual. It helped that she had already had a few drinks under her belt.~
Genesis 10/22/18 ~me approaches the woman, holding a fine bottle of tequila~ "I brought this back from Cancun...we should share it, catch up. I've missed the lot of you." ~offered up the bottle~
Livia Vlcek 10/06/18 "We're all mad here..." Livia gave a small smile, genuine in nature to Summer. It didn't matter to Livia if Summer was human or not, if her family was all insane. The Slayer judged people by who they were, not their race. Nothing was ever so black and white for the Czech woman; it might be easier if it had been. And if race was a factor in friendship, Livia would have avoided an Angel like the plague. "It's always a pleasure, Milacku. Any time you wish to talk or just sit quietly somewhere, I am here."

At Summer's words about the hug and blood, Livia glanced down at the black tank top she wore. The Slayer had long given up on white and or designer clothing. And even if she was wearing something white or designer, what was a little blood? She had ways to wash away blood stains. "I'm not concerned about my clothing as long as you are feeling better?" Lissome fingers reached out to smooth a few blood stained strands of Summer's hair. "Well, if this is messy to you, I have goals to achieve in the cleanliness department when it comes to playing with others." A large grin spread across tattered lips. "I do hope he suffered a bit...especially if he was fvcking with you."
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 Livia is quite intuitive about...things. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Plus, Summer is generally bubbly and talkative; lately she's been quiet. It worried the Slayer truth be told. Because honestly, Livia felt that everyone should be happy but herself; she could, and would, shoulder the grief of others. Especially her friends. As she listened, she understood the omens Summer was speaking of. Except five crows was sickness; six was death. As far as the poppies were concerned, eternal slumber, death...the Realm was riddled with it. Nodding her head she listened intently and processed as fast as Summer could speak. And then the Angel was deflecting. Making excuses and smiling as if bad edibles could cause all that she was feeling. Lithe arms encompassed Summer and drew her close while a soft sigh left scarred lips.

"I understand, completely. Superstitions are nothing to ignore, at the same time, this Realm of Perception we live in is cruel. Try not to let it harden your heart. Maybe those that have been dying could no longer suffer the Realm? It can be a very lonely place...I know personally. I've lost many that I've loved over the years. You should go to your sister. Find her. Maybe that will ease your mind. Just remember though, if you need anyone to talk to, I'm always here. If you can deal with bat sh*t crazy." Livia leaned back, pale eyes kind as a soft smile tugged cruelly at scarred visage. "It's called being human, these feelings. Not bad edibles. Just a good person and a good heart. You're like me, you care too much."
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *realises she may have said something to cause Summer distress*
*brow furrows*
*chuckles softly* I wasn't lucky enough to have siblings, so I don't know about things like that.
*polished ivories press deeply into scarred lip* You ok Summer?
Livia Vlcek 10/04/18 *stares at* That is not what your sister said! She said it was all your fault!
Livia Vlcek 10/03/18 *hands on hips* What did you do?!
Livia Vlcek 07/11/18 It had been a while since Livia had returned to the mess of her Sydney apartment but once there, the Slayer noticed something that had not previously existed at her residence. Pale eyes wide with disbelief, Livia snatched up the note attached, a soft smile touching scarred lips as her eyes roamed over the words. You see, the Czech woman loves peonies. Maybe moreso than any other flower. Maybe it is their sweet scent or their beautiful blooms...or maybe it's because what they represent in certain cultures: Bravery, honour and fortune. Carrying the plant inside quickly, she swipes a text to Summer.

:: I just received word of your newest station achieved. Congratulations've worked very hard for it. That is all you. I'm only doing what I am supposed to do in assisting you with your goals. It's nice that someone is actually taking my advice. LOL. Also! I found this most amazing peony plant awaiting me and had to thank you immediately for it. Thank you, from the bottom of my cold dead heart, it's truly beautiful. No one has ever been so thoughtful. I will treasure it always. Always. ::

Jackson McCarthy 06/24/18 Jacks smiles and offers a nod, "Thanks! Gotta admit though, I don't really feel much different. Maybe just a touch cooler." He laughs. "Need a hand to where you're going" Notes the travel bag.
Imogen Moreau 06/13/18 "Y'know" Imogen mutters, brushing dungeon dust from her jeans. "I f*cking hate this place." From a table across the way, she retrieved her belongings, continuing to mutter obscenities as she buckled her belt and pulled on her shoes. "There's a back way out through here if you're interested? Unless you fancy facing off with the guard - which I do not, just to make it clear."
Beau Theroux 04/24/18 The word hit him a bit harder than he expected. 'Mum' she said. It was true, once Beau had waited tables with his mother. While she would tend to the patrons he would collect the dirty dishes despite the table being only just under eye level for him. Those days had come and gone; as did his mother. "No, my grandmother. Sorry, my slang gets away from me sometimes." Despite the ache that echoed in his chest he continued on with with his guest, his smile never faltering.

As the two made their way towards the bar a high pitched whistle emitted from the man's lips. "Alan, Justin, we got a customer. Go make some boudins, will ya?" The Siamese twins both looked to Beau in unison before flashing him a smile and giving a thumbs up. Wordlessly, the twins sped behind the counter to where the kitchen was situated. "They don't speak much. Shy fellas." Beau plopped down on one of the bar stools with a relieved sigh while he kicked off his shoes. Whether the woman decided to sit as well or not, he continued. "They are from all around the world. However, they work for my uncle in his travelling circus troupe. The circus comes here for a month or two then they set off on a year long tour around the world." As he spoke his eyes seemed to drift off into memory in the distance. The applause. The cheers. Blinding spotlights.

A slap upside his head caused his body to recoil from the memories. A French swear or two escaped his lips as an elderly woman stood with fists on her hips; a foul look on her visage.

"Beaudoin LeRoy Theroux! I leave you in charge of the bar for the day and you go off lord knows where! These slackers can't be responsible for nothin'!" An arm swept to gesture to the rest of the 'extended family' who had just polished off a bottle of tequila only moments ago. Beau's face began to fluster a soft pink. "Maw, I was gone for just a few minutes. It's fine, I brought a customer!" The woman shot a look at Summer. Instantly, her features softened to a loving smile.

"Welcome, darlin', I am Maw Theroux, owner of this establishment. If you need anythin' or my boy here gives you trouble, gimme a call." The elderly woman gave a playful wink before giving Beau another slap upside the head followed by a kiss to the forehead. With that out of the way, she began to take stock of what alcohol was left on the shelves.

"And that's my grandma. She don't look it, but she's old as dirt."
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *waits*
*might have screamed due to Jacob's sudden presence*
*glances down, embarrassed, to read the new text*
*thinks she preferred Boss Lady over Spatchc0ck Mistress...contemplates*

Not a Union workerYou're totally fine.
He just believes I should keep all my clothes on in public.
He might be doing the public a favour, actually...
When's your next shift? Maybe I'll come and make it rainnnnnnn!
Livia Vlcek 04/23/18 *might have only been kidding about dancing for extra cash...maybe*
*gives a half-c*cked grin as she retrieves the buzzing phone from her pocket*
*chuckles quietly*

Shiny Disco Ball

Just do not tell my husband of my inquiry. I will be grounded.
My spatchc*ck is amazing though.
The Orange She Wolf 04/23/18 *she smiled and grinned back* any and all help is appreciated my dear, I can use it, I can be weird too...*she chuckled* I have lots to learn...
The Orange She Wolf 04/23/18 *The Orange Girl looked around after hearing a voice* thank you, i just got here dear! *she said smiling*
Livia Vlcek 04/21/18 *grins* Daddy did always like curvy girls.
*points to her own blondish locks* And blondes.
*whispers* Do you know if your club is hiring?
*gazes surreptitiously at their surroundings* Just um, text me the addy.
Livia Vlcek 04/21/18 *showers her in golden glitter* Congorats!
*shifty eyes* Did you do something to your hair?
Kiernan Tigra 04/21/18 Tapping on the door to Summer's room in the compound, Kiernan waited a few moments in hopes of catching some hint of movement within before speaking. "Summer! Liv says you've gone up in rank with us again. You've come so far since we met!" More than a touch of passion touched his voice as he placed a palm on her door. Still unsure if she was even there, Kiernan smiled and sighed as he turned away. "I hope to see you soon. It's been far too long, entirely my fault too I think. The last few months have been foggy and I can't find Little One either.." Trailing off as he wandered away through the compound to do one last check that his troublesome Dragon hadn't somehow locked himself in a cupboard somewhere.
Gray Taylor 04/20/18 You look familiar...
Summer just failed at stealing money from you!
Beau Theroux 04/11/18 How she got that money was none of Beau's business; he was curious, though. Alas, he would save that mystery for another time. A soft chuckle left his lips. "The voodoo bunch isn't so bad. Their food is actually rather decadent if you are brave enough." Suddenly gator jerky was sounding delicious. When the two arrived at their destination, 'The Rompin' Rougarou', where the smell of fresh food and sound of guitars and other string instruments wafted outwards. Beau held the door open for the woman, revealing a rather busy bar full of people of different shapes and sizes.

Specifically, there was a large man one could only consider to be a giant sitting at a table with a woman the size of a doll. Conjoined twins, a woman covered in tattoos, all kinds of peculiar people and some not were enjoying themselves rather loudly. "Welcome to me and my maw-maw's bar. Don't mind the rowdy bunch, they just extended family visiting for a while." A hand would gesture towards the bar with a kind smile on his face. Maybe if she was lucky, this woman would get a free show.
Beau Theroux 04/09/18 "The food?! Lawd, the food is the best part!" As if on cue his stomach growled as well. Beau had been so occupied with the conversation he had forgotten all about his hunger! "I know for a fact the woman who owns the place makes the best boudin balls in all of Louisiana. She stakes her reputation on it." The man's head jerked in the direction his body was turning as a gesture for her to follow. "Come on, it's right around the corner. "
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 Being a born and raised bayou boy from 'The Big Easy' the climate never seemed to bother the wolf. A few beads of sweat would trickle down his forehead but nothing he paid any mind to. Mossy green eyes watched the woman's mock expressions, a grin forming at the corner of his lips. He could already tell this girl was a fun one just from the manner she carried herself. A stranger tried to steal her money and how does she react? By offering him a drink! This woman was a blessing.

"Well," he ssaidd with his eyes looking away in thought,"I know a wonderful place to spend that there cash. A quaint little bar that has been around since before I was born. Always has the best liquor this side of the Mississippi."
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 A soft exhale of relief filled the space between them. He was half expecting to get shanked, but getting teased was a nice substitute. When the bills were produced his jaw dropped in amazement and regret. Why hadn't he gone for the other pocket?! Why was he so bad at this?! After composing himself Beau gave a soft shrug of his leather clad shoulders. "Probably buy a girl a drink after such a charitable, though not willing, donation. Of course, I could still do so as an apology."
Beau Theroux 04/08/18 Caught red handed. Thievery was never his strong suit but Beau REALLY wanted a Coke. He had to think fast. Quickly, he stood while flipping his hair out of his face. A poor attempt at a smolder was made. "I was just admiring the assets." That's what people said, right?
Lucius Dalca 05/01/17 Text: Summer
I understand and I promise you nothing will happen to her. I have been to hell before and have no desire you go back so I have taken precautions just in case. We are prepared.
Dita Morgenstern 02/23/17 It wasn't that she was trying to hurt the woman, it just happened. Since most selfie sticks are banned at Parisian landmarks, Dita was only trying to help the woman stay out of jail. Leave it to the overly awkward tall girl to even bumble that. A frown toying at her face, tears threatening to spill over her cheeks, a hand was offered to assist the woman as a whispered apology left her lips.
Addison 01/19/17 ~strolls along, sniffling wildly before presenting herself to the newcomer of the crew. She gives the blonde a few more sniffs before grinning maniacally.~

"Fresh meat....erm...I mean...Welcome to Azhi! You still have that 'new car' smell, but we'll wear that offa ya!"

~Snickered and did a little twirl before waltzing off to pester someone else in her ever so glorious way.~
Genesis 01/19/17 "Welcome to Azhi. Stay out of my room." :P
Jackson McCarthy 01/18/17 Welcome to Azhi!
King Of Nazareth 01/17/17 "Smile's That is fine my daughter" :)
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