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If you stand for nothing, what'll you fall for?
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Whatever our souls are made of,
his and mine are the same.

This isn't 1984.
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Jasper Thompson 03/09/20 "The world will always wait for you and I," he quips easily, pulling her closer as his stormy, one-eyed gaze drifts over their domain. So many memories, some painful, some exhilarating, all of them predominant. But none so prevalent as her.

"Let's go burn it down."
Jewel 01/30/20 I have a present for you!
Jewel 01/25/20
Kyla 01/20/20 Small world, Kyla thought to herself as she exchanged pleasantries with the other petite female, the accent ringing bells and sharpening her attention. New York, like most big cities, was not a place she planned to dwell at length.

"Not all women are created equal," she countered and left it at that.

A slight tip of her head was offered. "I've moved around traveled a great deal, but lived mostly in Ulster." True enough, despite the fact she'd covered the entirety of Ireland at least once over, along with countless other countries. The rest... well, it was not to be discussed with a stranger on a busy street.

"A change of scenery was in order." Another horn blared a few cars away from their position. "These cities are always bloody loud."
Kyla 01/17/20 New York was similar to every other metropolis in the world. There were differences, of course; food, culture, mannerisms, but they all shared one universal truth. They were busy, though people here seemed to pay less attention to the goings on around them.

Case in point: the sudden stop and blaring of a horn to her left, and following indignant shout from a female the SUV nearly hit.

It wasn't the first time nor would it be the last time she'd witness such a scene, but for whatever reason, Kyla paused to watched. Perhaps it was the dent such a small fist managed to leave which caught her attention. The left corner of her lips rose when the female addressed her. "Aye, a regular knight in shining armor," Kyla's prominent accent was ever present, "but I'll not say I owe you one."
Jasper Thompson 01/14/20 "Trust me," he practically groans out, "I know how you women are." He grins though, wrapping her in a warm embrace if only to keep her from striking him. A telling sigh escapes him, though borne of anticipation, anxiety, or distress, he couldn't be certain. If anything, it gives Claire her out but, with no small amount of depression, he knows she would never take it. When it comes to Sarah, she could put up with her own personal hell.

Being him.
Jasper Thompson 01/09/20 The wicked grin splits his face with anticipation of what's to come. A whole year, he thinks to himself, and not without a bit of awe. Looking back, their attraction should have been obvious, perhaps even was obvious. But the past never matters, and now, he's on his way to his beloved wife and their tantalizing festivities.

Fuck, does he love her.
Jasper Thompson 12/31/19 "Naturally." He nods sagely, hiding the lingering smirk that threatens his countenance. Jasper watches carefully, sensing her mode of attack as he steps into the slow dance with her.

"Only if you were next to me, Darling," he offers with a grin, snatching his hand out as she makes her attack. The whip of the shirt stings, but he manages to latch on to it, reeling her in with a wicked light in his eye. "You know I can't bear to be without you." The words ring with purposeful pathetics, but even still, they ring true, and he plants a soft but hungry kiss to her bloodstained mouth.
LillyEmperium 12/29/19 Hope you hid most the bodies this time. *with a chuckle she smiled *
LillyEmperium 12/29/19 *holds a stack of wanted posters* not sure what ya been up-to lately boss lady but your picture is all over the realm. (congrats on pod)
mist 12/29/19
Jasper Thompson 12/29/19 "Framed, or just turned me in?" He grins, taking in her glory with hungry eyes. Such a dream, he can't help but think, and that stormy gaze softens for just a moment. "Because you know I won't be able to help but take you down with me. Then who will parent our unruly children?"
Jasper Thompson 12/24/19 Mackenzie Darling
Let's set them on fire in the middle of the parade.
Like a fancy, motorized Yule log.
mist 12/23/19
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Mackenzie Darling
Gasp. I would never.
At least contain the massacre?
I've grown rather fond of our oasis.
Who am I kidding. Flood the other residents out, let's overtake the building.
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Mackenzie Darling
I was referring to the drugs, but I'll happily take lukewarm leftovers.
I think it's like cold pizza in the morning, right?
It almost makes you feel sorry for them, if they weren't terribly obnoxious.
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Squinting at the image, he tilts his phone back and forth, hoping to get a better angle to ensure he really is seeing what he's seeing. Satisfied, he let's out a bark of laughter that turns into a silent fit of mirth that wracks his entire being. As such, it's a moment before she'll get a response, though she may or may not see the telltale ellipses that spell his multiple attempts.

Mackenzie Darling
Love of mine, I think they call those carolers.
Fucking save some for me. 🤣
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Mackenzie Darling
Okay, Mack, what the fuck? What is it?
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Mackenzie Darling
....sorry, fucking what?
Jasper Thompson 12/14/19 As she nestles in and resumes her search, Jasper's eyes drift shut, a contented hum rolling through him. A night in promises some quality relaxing, among other things, and lord knows they both need it.

Which is probably why it doesn't last long.

His eyes pop open to reveal the darkness that has encased them, and he lets out a muted hmph to her question, unconvinced. Adeptly, he rises and moves toward the suspiciously dark window, only serving to prove his concerns. "Seems like the whole city's out, no light for miles..." Strange for the city that never sleeps.

A devilish grin splits his face, stormy gaze finding her easily in blackness. "Why waste the opportunity?"
Jasper Thompson 12/14/19 He fixes her with a sideways look, seeing right through the words she utters to the sentiment underneath. It pulls his lips upward into a smirk as he exhales sharply through his nose, clearly amused. "Yes, I'm sure he'll fit right in."

The next comment has his eyes narrowing, though the rest of his expression remains untouched. "Is he, then? We'll see if that still stands in a couple weeks, tops."
Jasper Thompson 12/12/19 A coy smile is sent her way, even as he finishes the final text before plopping the phone down between them and offering his full attention. "Her name is Gray," he quips easily, eyes narrowing in jest. "Apparently he has moved to Jerusalem to reopen Mercy. Mercy being his idea, Jerusalem being your new friend's."
Jasper Thompson 12/05/19 The mess smacks across his face, bringing him pause even as the devilish smirk twists his features. A finger comes up to swipe the viscous liquid off his face, depositing it directly into his mouth where he makes a show of smacking his lips. With one quirked brow, he'll glance at his wife, free hand dipping into the abdomen of their latest and flinging a hearty fistful in her general vicinity.
Jasper Thompson 12/03/19 Who, me?
Jasper Thompson 12/02/19
God, you're so hot.
Jewel 11/26/19 BFF4L
No, no..
I fucking miss your face.
mist 11/26/19 *Smiles*Oh yes the witch settling in just fine thank you for asking. .
Jasper Thompson 11/26/19 Mackenzie Darling
You always need attention.
Not that I mind.
I won't be long.
LillyEmperium 11/26/19 *Hands her a bottle of whiskey*
ooh boy.... You I remember and get the reference lol.
Jasper Thompson 11/25/19 Mackenzie Darling
As opposed to an old one?
I look good every night.
LillyEmperium 11/25/19 *Raising a brow, Lilly looked to her*
twin brother yes... Osiris not Phil... Why do you ask?
Jasper Thompson 11/21/19 It all swirls through his head, causing calamity and disquiet throughout. Nothing helps, no brand of smoke, no taste of alcohol, nothing...

Nothing, save her.

She makes her home within his proximity, forming herself against him, and all is quiet. His arms wrap around her reflexively, cheek resting on the crown of her head as his stormy gaze drifts shut. There are no words, nothing needs said. They merely are, and they will always remain.
Jasper Thompson 11/21/19 "Yes, but you're my bitch," he mutters sleepily into her hair, pulling her all the closer. "The bitchiness is why I married you, you know."
Jasper Thompson 11/18/19 Mackenzie Darling
I'm sure you think so.
I'll see you there.
Don't start without me.
Jasper Thompson 11/18/19 Mackenzie Darling
I will never tire of small men being intimidated by you.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Where are we going then? Who's on the menu?
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 "Just what you do." The response is immediate, with no hint of hesitation or uncertainty. Mackenzie is the center of Jasper's world, loving him despite his flaws, and forgiving him his transgressions. He could never ask her for more, because she already exceeds anything he ever expected. He can only hope that one day, he will be worthy. "I'm so glad you're home."
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 He stills, heart and all, feeling the weight of it all bearing down on him. "I know," is all he can muster, chin coming to rest on top of her head as he makes his futile attempt to hide the emotion that sets his body rigid in her grasp. What he wouldn't give...

But he has nothing else left to offer.

"What can I do?"
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 A noise emanates from his throat as he melts into her contact. He smiles against the kiss pressed to lightly to his cheek, repeating the noise if only for emphasis. "So I've heard..." Sarah, of course, having only good things to say. There's a part of him that wishes he could find peace in this fact, but alas... "I'm sure he deserved every rudeness. He's very... Forthcoming. Assuming. Arrogant." His lips twist, going through a bizarre metamorphosis before settling on a grimace of a smile. "I also hear he's a very good person. So maybe we're the problem." He shrugs his indifference, knowing it comes off as anything but.

He sighs into her hair, pressing a kiss to her temple as he sways lightly with her in his embrace. "I'm sorry I made you feel like you had to," comes the whispered regret, and he closes his eyes with a soft hum. "I know..." But the words don't come, threatening to choke him by lodging themselves in his throat. Instead, he merely shakes his head, pressing another, softer kiss to her skin. "I'm sorry."
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 "That's not what I mean..."

He shakes his head, lips trying so hard to convey a smile he doesn't feel. Leaning forward, he reaches out for her, hesitating only a moment before taking her hand in his. "How was your trip?" It's an invitation and an escape, all in one, and he wishes he knew which one he'd prefer she take.
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 "Are you offended?" he laughs, eyes twinkling despite the shadows beneath them. "It's no more than you go without me." The grin falters, finally giving him the chance to meet her icy gaze, his own storms brooding. "Are you mad at me?"
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 He doesn't know what brought him here. Well, he does, but he doesn't have a name for it. It isn't guilt; he would do what he did again in a heartbeat. Not pity; he's learned long ago it's a useless feeling. Certainly not anger; who could he be mad at, if not himself. And of that, he is truly exhausted.

So, when she enters the space, he can only offer a foreboding grin. "I'm not mad," he offers truthfully. "I'm fucking tired."
Jasper Thompson 11/12/19 Mackenzie Darling
No, I'm sure I know why that would be prudent.
Enlighten me.

He shakes his head, taking another hefty drag of the cigarette before chuckling darkly and shaking his head. Are you angry, she says. "Well," he mutters, "are you?"

He finds it hard to answer.

Mackenzie Darling
Just return home safely.
We can talk then.

The briefest of moments pass, before the final text would chime in.

Mackenzie Darling
I love you.
Jasper Thompson 11/06/19 Jasper hates when she does this.

A line has formed between his eyebrows and, grimacing, he lights a cigarette between his lips, contemplating what such a message could be insinuating. A new friend, and she doesn't want to say... He's already sifting through unsavory prospects, but even then, it doesn't take long before everything falls into place.

Mackenzie is in London with Victor.

Sarah had just mentioned that she and Claire were leaving to head home.

Victor undoubtedly would have reached out to Gray.


Mackenzie Darling
Your tea-drinking new friend wouldn't happen to be Gray's...

He struggles, thumbs hovering over the screen as he gropes for the word. Scoffing, he forces it out, tossing the phone on the desk in agitation as soon as he's hit send.

Mackenzie Darling
Your tea-drinking new friend wouldn't happen to be Gray's new love interest, would it?
Jasper Thompson 11/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
...I appreciate the clarification.
So what's the catch?
Jasper Thompson 11/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Well now I know you're lying.

Mackenzie Darling
That's one way to start a fun conversation.
Jasper Thompson 11/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
What did Sarah do now?
mist 10/31/19
Jasper Thompson 10/23/19 He affords a glance upward as she enters the apartment in all her glory, lip curling into a signature smirk at her mocking tones. Returning to his work and rolling the joint expertly between his forefingers and thumbs, Jasper lifts a singular shoulder in a shrug, resigning himself. "We can't control others, Darling, only how we react." A seemingly casual outlook, with any and all implications.

The flame springs into life, passing quickly over the white paper before the entire ensemble is placed into the corner of his mouth, allowing his full, undivided attention to fall on Mackenzie's pacing form. One brow lifts, and he exhales sharply through his nose in what might have been the ghost of a laugh. "They're wild wolves, Mack... Why should they need moving?" But he knows why, and far be it from him to force her to let go when he has an entire estate in Moscow and no plans to dispose of it.

Jasper pats the mattress beside him, half expecting her to continue blazing her path through the apartment, but extending the invitation nonetheless. He quirks a smile in her direction, lighting his own relaxation before holding it out by means of coaxing. "We'll handle it all, love, we always do. We'll go get your mustang and relocate your dogs, even if we have to pile them into the backseat." Grinning toothily, he exhales the cloud of smoke. "As for Kat, well..." Again, he shrugs. "She's always been prone to her own whims, short-lived as they are. She's a big girl who will forge her own path and burn her own bridges in the process."

Storm-filled hues soften as they rove over the tension she holds in her body, eradicating some of the irritation and pain that lurks just behind his gaze. "We can only control how we react," he repeats gently, wishing for all the world it brought them more comfort in the face of this blatant lack of decorum.
Katherine Murray 10/22/19 If anyone had saw the woman; they would assume like most people have lately, that she was quite out of her mind, but it was quite the opposite really and the only reason she was trudging back and forth, waving her arms, flopping onto the ground would be for cell reception. There really had to be something that could fix what she considered quite a major issue; research could help.

Finally; sprawled out in tall... well, it was some kind of weed. Grass? Plant?

Wee Irish

You don’t have to be concerned because nothing I have ever done or will ever do could cast a shadow or tarnish Sine Metu. Beau has been welcoming. El? I have not met, but it would be hard to do so considering she had not been around for some time now and I have heard she is a vampire sympathizer, yes? No one is going to look at me and think of Sine. I take responsibility for my own actions unlike many that have come before.

In the eleven years we have known one another, Kenzie, when have I ever been flippant and put people in danger? Once? A personal vendetta that I executed quickly and with good reason? When have you ever known me to fly off the handle? I am not quick to act. Besides, we’re so far away from civilization that none of mine will be a bother to these people. Just trust me.

Katherine rarely said much to anyone anymore, in fact, this was the longest conversation she had with Mack since her return to Sine and it didn’t involve her being ignored, brushed off or pretty much called crazy. It was fine, either people would understand or they wouldn’t. Kat’s biggest lesson over the years would always be, you can’t control others. Only yourself. Shit.

Wee Irish
The ear.
It was for the cannibal.
Um... kind of a treasure hunt.
I might have forgotten to tell her.
I apologize for what could be a very bad smell.
Jasper Thompson 10/21/19 Mackenzie Darling
...that's a lot to process...
She's been quiet, so I suppose we should've felt her plotting.
It's just Kat, you know how she is.
And I, for one, am glad the Den finally shut down.
No more dumb parties.
Katherine Murray 10/21/19 Kat could have said the ‘don’t do anything stupid’ warning had come a little too late considering she had been standing on a roof, had tried to find alligators to play with, and likely was plotting her father-in-law's death. She could have also said that whatever she chose to do, really wasn’t Mackenzie’s concern. Kat had plans for des Damnes, none of them involved stupidity or (shocker) politics; which was a laughable concept anyway considering Katherine wasn’t the one going arseways, everyone else was. Like how the conversation took a turn or the fact that what Kat did had no standing on Mackenzie; she was neither sponsor nor ally and quite frankly, Katherine had been doing this a long ass time and knew how to handle herself.

Kat could have also mentioned that Beau had already found her, which confirmed the fact that swamp people had maps of these Bayous and they were not sharing. She could have also been snide and asked how she was to communicate with someone that lived in Mexico; perhaps a burro with a letter? But no. There was no reason to. Because none of it really mattered.

Wee Irish
Everything here, is fine.
Don’t be so concerned.
Give Jasper my love.

Was it short? Kind of terse? Did Kat really wanted to say stop acting like them? Yep. But it was fine, the woman had no issues with anyone. But the moment that feeling of old, the way some had made her feel six years before; she couldn’t help draw parallels and this time wasn’t going stick around for it. She’d had no problems in cutting her losses back then, this time it was more about cutting ties.
LillyEmperium 10/20/19 *with a smile she hit Mackenzie with the paint filled balloon before she sat a bottle of whiskey on her desk* can I put glitter in his
LillyEmperium 10/19/19 *grinning she slowly rolled a balloon over her fingers. Would you like Jasp in the same shade of paint?
Katherine Murray 10/19/19 She was on a roof, yes, a roof; it was apparently the only place in this whole wide swamp that she could get reception good enough to send messages. Calling was out, of course. This was ridiculous, but it was home. Now. The swamp was her home.


Wee Irish
Haha. Nope.
I don’t know where I am.
Or where they are.
Also, tried that.
Crocodile Dundee had a knife.
You’re right, that sh-t was stupid.
LillyEmperium 10/19/19 *looking a little bit on the mischievous side, Lilly looked at Mackenzie* hot pink or bright teal
Katherine Murray 10/19/19 Service sucked. Katherine knew it and if her wee Irish was underground; well, she had been told months back that cell service wouldn’t work there either. It wouldn’t stop Katherine from flapping her arms around like some idiot trying to find a spot that she could maybe scream into the recording that Mack would receive.


Garbled as fvck and the phone cuts off just in time for the receiving end to hear a perfect rendition of a pissed off Scot. Kat would try it a different way.

Wee Irish
I found a house.
Reopening Damnes
In the swamp.
Talk soon!
Jasper Thompson 10/10/19 Mackenzie Darling
...if you must know, I'm at the airport.
Jasper Thompson 10/10/19 Mackenzie Darling
You flatter me.
I'm not the intoxicating one, here.
Jasper Thompson 10/10/19 Mackenzie Darling
I bet it was hot.
I'll be counting the minutes.
And I expect a reenactment.
Jasper Thompson 10/10/19 Mackenzie Darling
Don't tempt me.
I'll be on a plane as soon as you say the word.
I don't think Richard's suicide mission would benefit much, though.
Jasper Thompson 10/10/19 Mackenzie Darling those dipsh-ts that collect shot glasses.
I dig it. Let's do it.

Mackenzie Darling
You know I love you.
I love you more than anything in this entire world, including myself, so.
I just also miss the f-ck out of you.
Jasper Thompson 10/10/19 Mackenzie Darling
You did not, yet. I'll take what I can get. don't like my eyepatch?
I'm not wearing someone else's false eye.
Plus, they're creepy.
Jasper Thompson 10/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
I always notice you're gone.
When you return, then.
A week of you, all to myself.
No interruptions.
Jasper Thompson 10/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
Those hipsters are pretty dodgy these days, you never know...

Mackenzie Darling
You're sure you have to go?
Jasper Thompson 10/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
Definitely seen that one.

Mackenzie Darling
Something exotic, perhaps.
Never before seen type sh-t.
And you, in one piece.
That, above all else. Love you, sh-thead.
Jasper Thompson 10/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
Oh? Well, make sure he doesn't succeed then.
Have fun, and bring me back something I've never seen before.
Not chlamydia.

Mackenzie Darling
Never mind.
Katherine Murray 09/30/19 Well, that certainly brought her to attention.

”Well then, Mackenzie, I’ll be sure to inform them that they do not , in fact, exist.” The coolness in both her words and cerulean gaze was probably one that hadn’t made an appearance in a number of years; despite the fact that she knew it was the best thing for her, to snap her out of this sh-t, irritation still made itself known across pale visage. Katherine knew there were other things on her Irish’s mind, but that didn’t stop a huff from escaping or her feet to turn, to remove her from the other woman’s presence.

But, of course, she wouldn’t take that step, no, she would roll her eyes heavenward before turning back to one of the only people she knew would always have her back.

One of the only ones that Katherine would go to hell and back for.

”Oddly enough, I thought they were sent for me. What do you need me to do?”
Katherine Murray 09/27/19 Well, this was going to be embarrassing; since the planned, unplanned trip to the Underworld, Kat really had zero control over her which is exactly how she came to faceplant against a wall when she overshot her mark looking for Mackenzie. The last text, that would provoke this action despite knowing that she was probably about to lie through her fvcking teeth; rubbing the spot on her nose where it came into contact with the hard surface, Katherine spun in a full circle before cerulean gaze fell onto one of her longest and dearest friends.

She wished she could have done this on text; but both women knew better. For other reasons.

”Let me just say, first, this entire shadow thing, not my fault. I broke myself and my own shadows when I died but those shades were here before that and before these ghosts followed me back. Two. Two of them.”

Succinct. As always. And if anyone could actually look both despondent and disgruntled at the same time, it would be Katherine; let’s be honest, Mackenzie had seen the blonde in pretty much in every kind of mood and certainly looking disheveled, but this, this was an entirely new crazy for Kat.
Livia Vlcek 09/26/19 Mack
No! You keep your cooties there in New York! *looks out the window* Eh.. no one is in Sydney. I must have been mistaken..
Katherine Murray 09/26/19 Wee Irish
My friend may have inadvertently caused a haunting.
Accidental death.
Ghosts latched on.
Normal things.
Everything is fine.😁
Katherine Murray 09/26/19 Wee Irish
Do we know where the ghost-busters are?
Asking for a friend.
Livia Vlcek 09/25/19 Mackenzie
I dunno? Maybe you're baking cookies for the recruits? You can't be here in Sydney for the weather. Springtime in Paris is much better for your kind.. isn't it? I figured Australia would be a touch on the sunny side. 😜
Livia Vlcek 09/24/19 Mackenzie
If you needed some sugar, you should have just called. I could have air mailed it to you.😒
Jasper Thompson 09/24/19 Mackenzie Darling
Just come home.
I'll be fine when you're here.
Jasper Thompson 09/17/19 Mackenzie Darling
I love you more, sh-thead.
Seriously, nothing stupid.

Mackenzie Darling
You're alright?
Jasper Thompson 09/17/19 Mackenzie Darling
Yeah, well, there's no way to tell they're not either.
Be safe. Don't do anything stupid.
If it doesn't feel right, just...
Stay away.
Jasper Thompson 09/17/19 Mackenzie Darling
You know I can't leave everyone.
We're safe, for now.
How is he?
More importantly, you?
Jewel 09/14/19

Uh, sure. Why not?
-didn't have it-
-was completely lost-

Jewel 09/14/19 Wha..-- what..?
-looks down, looks around-
I'm confused.
-tilts head-
Have I been drinking and not know it?
Jasper Thompson 08/19/19 "I'll do what I can." A lingering kiss is pressed to her forehead, his tone deceptively level, though still managing to convey his lack of desire perfectly. "Keep me posted," he repeats, smiling lightly as he gives her hand a squeeze. Only once he's attained a glimpse of a smile from her will he take his leave.

Jasper knows she means well, and that there is a necessity to her desires, too. That doesn't make the prospect any more appealing. Facing Gray after all he'd said, truthful or not, is something he simply can't stomach right now, though it looms over him nonetheless. Resigned, and more than a little miffed about it, he sets out for a contemplative hunt, muttering obscenities the entire way.
Jasper Thompson 08/19/19 He hadn't wanted to join the search party for Victor, it's true. But the task she sets him upon is even more daunting, and his one-eyed gaze flashes dangerously dark. "And what would you have me do, Mack? Obviously it was the right move, he's already moved on, which is what we wanted." Again, he reminds himself that this is a good thing, despite his inner feelings of bitterness and resentment. Suddenly antsy, he moves out from underneath Mackenzie, retrieving his phone and moving around the room with the persona of a caged animal.

"There's nothing to fix with Gray." Resolute, he shakes his head, mouth pulling downward in an unmistakable show of regret. "He's better off without me, and this little jab over the alliance is nothing if not a good sign. At least he's f-cking feeling better." Scoffing, his anger rises anew, and he stifles it with a soothing sigh. " careful, and keep me posted about Victor."
Jasper Thompson 08/19/19 He sighs heftily, reveling for just a moment in her soothing touch. Of course Victor doesn't just disappear, and of course Gray isn't letting on. Everyone is privy to the stubbornness of Seventh Circle's previous confidante, none more so than Jasper.

Leaning back, he passes a dark glance to his wife, conveying the obvious wordlessly. They're no longer speaking, so Gray has cleaned his hands of him entirely. It's selfish, yet Jasper still can't blame him, even in the midst of his anger toward the betrayal. At least he's moving on, he reminds himself darkly, shaking the thought off as quickly as it had come. "Yeah, Seventh Circle's gone, and we should probably figure out what the f-ck happened to your dear old Redcoat..."
Jasper Thompson 08/19/19 Tossing the device on the desk, Jasper sinks into his desk chair and pulls Mackenzie down with him. His irritation shows readily on his face, and he buries his face in her hair for a moment, grounding himself in her being. "Victor has disappeared." It's muffled, but he knows she can hear, if only by the way she stiffens. "Gray decided that our alliance was null in the aftermath, apparently, so didn't see fit to tell us. He also doesn't seem concerned in the slightest, or he's not letting on."
Jasper Thompson 08/19/19 Lost in his own contemplative thought, his arms wrap around Mackenzie reflexively, more than anything else. Still, she pulls him from his mind with the concern evident in her tone, and his stormy eyes fall to her upturned face. Brows furrow as his shoulders shrug in natural response. "Sarah and Claire are excited that Gray seems to have a new boyfriend. No mention of Victor. I can--" The grimace stops that train of thought in its tracks, and Jasper doesn't bother to hide it from the one who'd be able to see through its absence either way.

He sighs, rubbing at his face and pressing onward, as he knows he must. "I can reach out." He's already typing out a careful message, chin resting atop her head as he deletes and rewords to his limited satisfaction.
Katherine Murray 08/14/19 I'll find him. And take his hands. Maybe he is a lizard person. Or not. Doesn't seem to matter. -thinks- I wonder if I can make a vampire lizard and then...-toddles off muttering-
Jewel 08/13/19
Jewel 08/04/19

And that escalated quickly..

Jewel 07/26/19 Jasp is always the exception.
Jasper Thompson 07/12/19 Mackenzie Darling
Love you, Mack.
Jasper Thompson 07/12/19 Mackenzie Darling
I don't know where I am, and it's not a place you need to be anyway.
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 It's a sobering concern, and he only nods his acknowledgment. For all he's done, she truly may attack him, but it would be much more welcome than her undeniable prowess with words. She could break him apart without even touching him, and that is the battle he is most afraid of.

"Deal," Jasper will cede easily, falling into her and, thus, their bed. For the time being, the world could wait. As it is, his is right here.
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 She easily agrees to his undeniably hefty task, and his appreciation for her only deepens that much more. He presses a grateful kiss to her forehead, exuding his love and adoration wordlessly. They are quiet, then, both lost in their respective thoughts and tangled in one another for grounding.

Jasper can't help the small smile that forms at her question, though he does his best to hide from her. The idea of Claire coming at him in any show of brute force is almost comical, despite the fact that she does hold the ability. "Not very, I'm sure. She's young, and I'm much more experienced than she is. Don't worry, I think I can hold her off and keep her from hurting herself in the process."
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 "Spare me, just this once?" He mirrors her expression, their lips meeting in a lingering kiss. He soaks it in, this moment of theirs, alone and together, as they ever are. It gives him a courage he would never give voice to, the only one worthy of its knowledge so perfectly aware already.

All too soon, he must pull away, and it's not an effortless task. A sigh gives way to his thoughts, wary of the past heartbreak he'd caused his sister, and the coming desecration that loomed before him. "I do have to ask a favor," he finally gets out in low undertones, "and it requires a bit of deceit. Keep her here. Let Gray and I handle this. For their sake."
Jasper Thompson 05/26/19 Ending the phone call with Gray effectively set things in motion, and Jasper pushes himself up and through the twisting hallways until he finds himself on the other side of his own door. A calm voice can be heard, followed by the shrill retort that could only be Sarah. Sighing, he pushes his way inside. His mouth opens to greet the girls, but she's already brushing past him, procuring a tight-lipped, eyebrow-raised expression, only for Mackenzie.

He shuts the door softly in the wake of Sarah's leaving. "Well?" It's a lighthearted prompt, laced with exhausted humor. "Am I to hear it from you, too?"
Jasper Thompson 05/15/19 "What, you don't think printing out a picture of your face and taping it over will suffice?" Catching sight of the dark, somewhat dangerous stare she gifts him, Jasper hastily throws his hands up in a gesture of playfulness. "Alright, alright, let's have a bonfire. I'm sure Sarah will be thrilled to partake."
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
Boooooo, I want a refund.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
...what were you doing back then? Where's my photo album?
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
We'll go to a library then.
I f-cked around with a lot of groupies and musicians back then, I'm sure it's very well-documented somewhere.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
Hmmm... I'll look, but I can't guarantee anything.
Elias didn't like depictions of me having fun.
You'd have to ask Lilith, and even then, you probably won't find much luck.
Jasper Thompson 05/08/19 Mackenzie Darling
Literally no one has one.
I have no idea where your photo album is, I have no use for such a thing.
Ask Sarah. She's weirdly sentimental, like you.
Jasper Thompson 05/07/19 Mackenzie Darling
Photo album?
Jasper Thompson 04/14/19 The laughter dies off almost instantly, morphing into a groan that tells of his state, even if he won't. Still, a weak smile answers her. "Turns out, it might not be such a bad idea." Truly, it is a bizarre occurrence, and one probably not to be taken so lightly, but he is nothing if not careless. Another spasm, and he growls out about the damnable driver's whereabouts at such a time.
Jasper Thompson 04/14/19 Any attempt at protest doesn't make it past a half-hearted thought, as Mackenzie seems set in her decision. She runs soothing fingers through his hair, but that only proves to worsen his head's throbbing state, and he can't help but to pull away slightly.

"It's probably just lack of sleep," comes the rationalization, but even he isn't convinced. He's been sleep-deprived before; this seems altogether different. "You should feed, though... It might affect your vulnerability if you don't..." When did he get so tired?
Jasper Thompson 04/14/19 He gives her a pained smile, not having fully recovered from.. whatever that was, but also not wanting to cause unnecessary worry. "I'm fine," he reiterates, even as his head pangs its protest. But as he moves toward the victim, the intent to kill shining bright in his gaze, he is nearly brought to his knees with the wave of muscle spasms.

With a moan, Jasper collapses into the nearest wall and slides down it. "Suddenly, I'm not very hungry. No, go ahead," he shuts down her hesitancy with a wave, forcing a smile, "can't very well let him go now, can we?"
Jasper Thompson 04/07/19 The resounding crack of his nose being reset precedes the dazzling smile she's landed with. One c0cked eyebrow leads him in his steps, careful to dance him just out of reach. "Well? Your move..."
Jasper Thompson 03/23/19 She will do her best to claim his attention, but this particular element is hard to distract him from. Rather, she only enhances it, driving his blood lust, and his focus is centered on one beast of a man with a devilish hook. Anger guides him, and Jasper needs to exploit it.

So focused on the fight before them, he doesn’t even notice the ringing in his back pocket; but she does. An eyebrow arches at her sigh and before he can protest, the phone is pressed to his ear. “Yeah,” comes the distracted greeting.
Jasper Thompson 03/17/19 He wraps her up gratefully, grounding himself in her presence before finally breathing out a sigh. “I’m fine, Mack.” And he is, in this moment. “You should go. I can’t imagine what she’ll do if you keep her waiting.”
Jasper Thompson 03/17/19 Not a trap.

Stunned silence fills the room eerily, but Jasper just can’t find words. A chill finally passes through him, and he can only shake his head clear of the sudden fog. “Okay, well... I suppose you can’t not go.” Thoughts drift to the body that he swears they buried in Moscow, and another shiver wracks his spine.
Jasper Thompson 03/17/19 Another nod indicates his agreement, and he mirrors the expression. “Me, too.” After everything, they all deserved some good news.
Jasper Thompson 03/17/19 “Here,” he holds out his own phone, nodding appreciatively, “call him from mine. He won’t answer if he knows it’s you.” The shade of a smile lights in his eyes, and he leans back in his chair, watching her carefully. “ really think it could be her?”
Jasper Thompson 03/17/19 He glances up when his name is uttered but doesn’t otherwise acknowledge the interruption. Not until she’s physically pushing things out of his line of reach and an exasperated sigh leaves him. One passing graze of the phone and he’s fixing her with a muted stare. “Go where? Straight into a trap?”
Jasper Thompson 03/16/19 Jasper hasn’t looked at her really at all. At least, not directly. Even passing glances sear the memory of her lifeless body on the floor into his mind’s eye. It’s too painful an image to address so soon, so he simply avoids it altogether. Still, he can feel her gaze on him every time it lands. “Anything you want.”
Jasper Thompson 03/09/19 The night has drained him more than usual, probably due to the dispute he’d had with her just before leaving. Jasper hates fighting with her, naturally, but especially about this particular topic. The guilt already threatens to consume him when he’s called to his duty, and he’d be damned if she had to shoulder anymore of it than she already does. So, he steadies himself, preparing an apology for what isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, time. But when she practically jumps into her arms, professing her own apology and love, he could laugh with relief. “Don’t apologize, Mack, none of this is on you. Just... don’t ever forget that I love you, and I really am so, so sorry. For all of it.”
Jasper Thompson 03/08/19 “Did I ask for one?” The hiss in his voice tells of his frayed edges, and to keep himself from saying or doing something regrettable, his hands come up in a stopping motion. “No,” comes the soft white flag, and he snatches up his coat and moves to the door. “I’m not doing this tonight. I’m sorry, I am, Mackenzie, for putting you through this. But I don’t have a choice. You do.” With an exhausted sigh, he leaves her to attend to his unsavory business.
Jasper Thompson 03/08/19 “No.” It’s short and nearly venomous, his eyes flashing dangerously. “It only gets worse.” Then, shame-faced, he turns away, rubbing the back of his neck with a frustrated vigor. “You realize that, right? There’s no better alternative. This is just.. it.”
Jasper Thompson 03/08/19 A slow breath escapes him as he pulls the shirt over himself. “There is nothing else. You, or Claire, I suppose... but that’s not obviously not plausible.” A decidedly defeated expression is gifted to her, his only offering in discussions such as these. Eventually, it might stop being enough. “I’m sorry.”
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 He considers her for a moment, the proposal rolling around in his mind. Home would just be nice for the sake of familiarity, and being comfortable in his surroundings. London feels less than welcoming, and he wrestles with the restlessness that usually whisks him away on a whim. Now, it feels wrong. Even going home feels wrong.

“Alright,” he breathes, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I’ll go.”
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 “She doesn’t want me there, Mack, she would’ve said something by now.” Even so, Jasper feels the weight of the unknown heavy on his mind, body, and soul. Gray is offering him nothing that sets him at ease, and it only proves her point. In order to know anything, he must see for himself.

“She’ll hate me if I just show up.” Yet he has to remind himself that she already does; what’s one more thing?
Jasper Thompson 02/27/19 Staring at his phone, the answer more than unsatisfactory, he rubs at his face and sighs deeply. “I think... We should go home.” It’s the furthest thing from what he wants to do, but he can see no other option, and he’s itching to feel at least some form of comfort again.
Jasper Thompson 02/22/19 It's done, and that's all that matters.

At least, that's what he keeps telling himself.

The truth is, he does feel guilty. Jasper knows Mackenzie is upset, and to her own right, she has reason to be. In the same token, he is neither in the mindset nor the mood to be dealing with it. So, when he reenters the hotel room, with dawn having broken an hour ago, he is careful to be silent and unbothersome. In keeping with the theme, he takes entirely too long to get into bed, for simple fear of disturbing her. When he manages, though, he's out within seconds.
Jasper Thompson 02/21/19 Mackenzie Darling
Gray and I are going to spring Claire.
I’ll explain everything later.
I love you.
Jasper Thompson 02/12/19 There’s a part of him that can’t stomach any distance between them. This had been new and unexpected, and he can’t stop looking at her and touching her. It’s as if he believes that, should she leave his sight, she walks into another country. Fury toward their newborn and his failure is unequivocal.

In spite of himself and the recent affairs, he smiles at her observation. “The blood makes it feel homey, doesn’t it?” He’s only half-kidding as he lands a kiss to her lips. Then, his expression hardens. “I have him chained up in Sine, waiting for you.”
Jasper Thompson 02/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
So I’ve gathered.
Jasper Thompson 02/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Easier said than done.
Stay safe. I’ll see you soon.
I love you.
Jasper Thompson 02/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Sorry, I’m not in the habit of lying to you.
I’ll pick you up.
Jasper Thompson 02/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
I think we both know the answer to that.
Want me to come get you?
Jasper Thompson 02/05/19 “Ugh, beautiful,” he coos, carefully stepping over the stoic frame to get to his wife, “amazing, wondrous woman.” By this point, exhausted as he is, he is beside her on the heavenly mattress, fighting off the natural instinct to melt into the comfort. Taking up her face, Jasper peppers her with kisses and affection, humming contentedly in the reach of the only one that matters. “You are a gift I never deserved, a grace beyond measure.”

A smirk makes its way onto his countenance, morphing his features even as he continues with the momentous adoration. “You spoil me,” he whispers into her hair, pulling her close, blissfully and purposefully unaware of her offer. The only thing on his mind, despite the tickle in the back of his throat, is the woman before him. She is all he’s thought about all night, of course. “And we must christen our new mattress...”
Jasper Thompson 01/31/19 "Lack of sleep, maybe," he responds, a hint of apology gleaming in his stormy gaze. Jasper still isn't entirely sold that she's not feeling him out, desirous of something, but the attention is undeniably pleasant. "Sorry, sorry, don't be mad." He pulls her back with a playful frown, going so far as to push his bottom lip out imploringly.
Jasper Thompson 01/30/19 There’s no pinning down exactly what this heinous mood stems from; be it exhaustion, stress, or something else entirely, he holds onto it for all he’s worth anyway. Futilely, however, as he already feels himself beginning to melt in her grasp. An eyebrow is c0cked. “What’s this about? Did you do something?”
Jasper Thompson 01/28/19 “No... should I be offended?” He growls defiantly, tapping his foot and crossing his arms. Perhaps he’s a little on edge, but it makes the declaration no less true.
Elisa Stratten 01/28/19 -buries you in heap of roses- Does this prove my love? Mackenzie, WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?
Jasper Thompson 01/26/19 “I think you mean who,” comes the wry reply, and it’s clear he’s just as excited as she is. For added emphasis of his pride, and perhaps, a special treat, he tosses his phone to her. “Take your pick. No one is off the table, the more dramatic, the better. I want it to be a blood bath.”
Jewel 01/24/19 Wow.. Looking all shiny and new!


Genesis 01/24/19 Congrats on making 20 Mackenzie!!
Jasper Thompson 01/24/19 This calls for celebration!
Super proud of you and all your hard work.
Also, we got the apartment. Exposed brick, one room, and everything.
Let’s have a party where we kill everyone after.
Sarah Sanderson 01/24/19 Congratulations on rank twenty Mackenzie! May your day be wonderful!
Malek 01/24/19 Malek carefully packages the half-full bottle of Wild Turkey 101. It had started out full... but the packaging had been so stressful causing him to drink just a tiny bit of the bottle. Just a tad. Finally, the thing ends up being wrapped in crepe paper and shoved in its original paper bag.

Good enough. It's the thought that counts, right?

Livia Vlcek 01/23/19 Illegal in most states
THEY ARE BLONDE.. NOT GREY. Some of us can't be 'seventeen' forever..
Livia Vlcek 01/23/19 Smurfette
Could you turn down that blue-violet neon light? I understand you like to party but its blinding glow is shining through my window and I'm trying to take a 'nap' here.

Congratulations on 20! You did it!
Jasper Thompson 01/17/19 “A shoebox studio?” He c-cks a brow in mock disbelief, thinking it rather fitting for the pair. Small and cozy, ever on top of each other. Why change just because they got hitched? “You’re sure that’ll be enough room for your stuff?” Even as he asks, he’s already pulling up listings on his laptop, perched expertly on his knees as he spawls over the expanse of her bed. “What about this one, then?”
Jasper Thompson 01/15/19 “I love your stuff,” he offers confidently, though some items he might call into question. It’s no skin off his teeth, though, and Jasper merely shrugs. “Okay, so let’s get a place. You want a fancy brownstone? A place for you to hold your posh dinner parties and what not?” He grins wickedly.
Jasper Thompson 01/07/19 He mocks her playfully, gestures and all, as he meets her halfway. A hand reaches up for the envelope, pulling back only slightly when she changes her mind. A glorious eyeroll coupled with a winning smile leads him down into a lingering kiss, only to hide his arm sneaking around her. With a flourish, Jasper tosses Mackenzie, bag and all, over his shoulder and makes for their destination. “C’mon, let’s go make an honest woman out of you. Finally.”
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, no, however will we make it on time.
I’m on my way.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
I might wear pants.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
I mean, it might be fun?
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
The suspense is killing me.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
That’s what I said. You were supposed to decide. 😏
See you soon.
I’ll be the one that’s naked from the waist down.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Just tying up some loose ends. You literally have my bag.
I’ll meet you at the airport in half an hour.
And that was your department, Darling.
Deciding where we were going was you.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Scout’s honor.
What are you expecting to find?
I’m classy; I don’t keep or take nudes.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, that.
Honestly, I assumed you’d already snooped.
I probably would’ve.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
For what? I’m suspicious.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
I genuinely don’t think that’s possible, but I welcome the challenge you’ve set for yourself.
I will gladly be your test dummy.
Jasper Thompson 01/06/19 Mackenzie Darling
That’s because I’m already wearing it, nosy.
Jasper Thompson 01/04/19 “My beard?” he laughs boisterously, not sure whether that’s meant to be offensive. Mostly because he doesn’t quite understand the term. “What, is that to make me seem less gay? Are you asking me to change?” Now, he latches on to feigning that offense, disentangling and bringing a hand up to his chest in mock surprise. “I am who I am, you knew what you signed up for. If I want to show up in a rainbow banana hammock, you will still marry me, and be all the happier for it. A beard, Mackenzie, how dare you.”

The charade is broken as he collapses into a fit of laughter, somehow having worked himself up to imagining her with a full-blown biker beard. It’s fitting, really. Wiping away a tear from his eye, he dons a more serious look. “Maybe we should have somewhat of a plan as to where to go... I just don’t want to accidentally get married in Syria, y’know?”
Jewel 01/04/19 It has to.
Your complexion makes a girl want to eat a finger.
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 No, fancy has never been who they are. Spontaneous and carefree fit the bill all the better, in fact, and this seems right up their alley. One hand slips around her waist and pulls her closer while the other smooths the hair from her face. “As if it could be anything but a yes.” Shaking his head, he dips in for a soft kiss in an effort to soothe her worried mind.

“Our lives are never going to be calm, I’m sure. It’s always going to seem like there’s too much going on. But this has been a long time coming. Why put it off for excuses we could always make.” He smiles reflexively, completely content. “You’re mine, Mackenzie, and I’m yours. Might as well make it official.”
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 As she gears herself up for whatever she has in mind, Jasper c0cks his head to the side. It’s unlike Mackenzie to be nervous, and what with the nature of their admittedly comfortable relationship, he can think of nothing that should make her so.

Let’s get hitched.

Shock brings his eyebrows upwards, and he squints infinitesimally, as if not sure she’s serious. Reading her expression in detail, he realizes she’s nothing short of steadfast, and a touched smile pulls at his lips. “Why, Mackenzie, darling... Are you proposing to me?” His tone is carefully playful, but there’s no denying the emotion in his voice.

“You’re sure? You don’t want some fancy, Catholic service or anything?”
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 Mackenzie Darling
Bold of you to assume I need Tinder.
Alright, plan. This weekend. Pack your bags.
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 Mackenzie Darling
I wasn’t exactly being careful.
Pick a place, anywhere your heart desires.
I think we deserve a vacation.

Mackenzie Darling
Daaaaamn. We look good.
Sometimes you gotta swim through some crazies, okay?
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 Mackenzie Darling
Ah, sh-t...
Should’ve known I’d be run out of town eventually.
I’ll just have to widen my range.

Mackenzie Darling
Send it to me.
Jasper Thompson 01/03/19 Mackenzie Darling
Why would I be upset? I’m sure there are lots of pictures of me on the Internet.
Wait, are you upset? How bad is it?
Jasper Thompson 01/01/19 Without even lifting his head, he reaches a hand around her and tangles his fingers in the corpse’s hair. Lifting the head unceremoniously, he reveals Miss Crazy Eyes, herself. “You already did. I believe you specifically saved her for dessert.”
Jasper Thompson 01/01/19 “Yes, well, your kind,” he groans accusingly, sparing her a somewhat withering glare from his slumped state against the bar, “talk. As such, I’ve become a pretty well-known, what was the word... assh0le, b-stard, f-ckboy... Take your pick.” He waves a hand idly, incapable of keeping the laughter from bubbling up afterward, much as it pains his aching head.
Jasper Thompson 01/01/19 Mackenzie makes her stand, and unable to help himself, Jasper locks eyes with his recently scorned date. You shouldn’t feel too bad for her, though, as she’s already on the arm of the biggest dude he’s probably ever seen. Still, there’s no mistaking the dark twist to her mouth as Mack stakes her claim, but before she can decide on what to do in retaliation, she’s already forgotten again.

A pout greets Mackenzie as she descends from her makeshift podium, amidst cheers and jeers from the crowd. “Not only have you potentially affected my working in this town at all,” he begins his playful chastising with a glint in his eyes, “but you’re making me wait until midnight. You’re a devil of a woman, Darling.”
Jasper Thompson 12/31/18 A stormy gaze would finally trail after the woman, the smirk widening all the more. Her touch draws his attention back, however, and he takes a hearty pull from his own glass before mindfully setting it down in the face of her mischief. If he were a more responsible man, he would take the lapse in his quota seriously, but that’s a problem for future Jasper. As it stands, he’s wholly preoccupied.

“I wouldn’t want to ruin your mean streak, no.” She is, of course, a welcome distraction from his night’s work.
Jasper Thompson 12/31/18 An electric shock touches his arm as she nonchalantly brushes past. In the middle of a dreadful conversation about this woman’s dead dog, he narrows his eyes and, unashamedly, smirks. She falters, sputtering slightly as her original idea of him is shattered in the face of his inconsideration; Fido was her childhood companion, after all.

Indifferent, Jasper signals to the barkeep to put the two drinks on his tab. Turning back to his wasted victim, he cants his head to the side and grins wickedly. “I’m sorry, Bridget, I just realized someone better has stepped into the bar.” A zinger of a slap rings across his face, and he laughs heartily, reveling in the stinging sensation. Jasper won’t bother to turn back to her, though, knowing full-well she’s already stalked from the vicinity with hurt feelings and a need for validation.

No harm, no foul.

A flourish brings him to face Mackenzie and he takes up one of the glasses and raises it in a mock salute. “You just can’t help yourself, can you.” There’s a lightness in his tone that welcomes the interference.
Jasper Thompson 12/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I know. But he’s done this before. Probably just another experiment gone wrong.
He’ll be back. I know it.
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Mackenzie Darling
It’s not because you can’t be trusted.
I’m trying to keep you safe.
Jasper Thompson 12/22/18 Mackenzie Darling
Oh? And what’s my reason then?
Find a new hobby. Take up knitting.
Jasper Thompson 12/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
I just know how you’ve been feeling lately, with me constantly over your shoulder.
Jasper Thompson 12/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
It’s a work thing?
That, and I figured you’d need some time away from me.
Jasper Thompson 12/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
It’s like you don’t even know me.
I meant to go to LA because my clientele has gotten a bit sparse in New York.
Alas. London.
Jasper Thompson 12/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
I accidentally got on a plane to London.
I’ll be back on Sunday.
Miss me.
Livia Vlcek 12/19/18 Got your number off a bathroom wall
What can I get for 50 bucks and a pack of gum?
Jasper Thompson 12/19/18 -narrows eyes-
-glances up at-
-mumbles incoherently-
-sticks tongue out at-
Jasper Thompson 12/19/18 Mackenzie Darling
You severely overestimate my give-a-f-ck.
We live in a place where fatbergs form.
With someone who likes to push people into them.
Adapt. And. Overcome.
B-tch. 🖤
Jasper Thompson 12/19/18 Mackenzie Darling
So? I stored snacks and booze in them from the last time you got too handsy.
You don’t scare me.
Adapt and overcome, b-tch.
Jasper Thompson 12/19/18 Mackenzie Darling
It’s really trouble, I won’t tell anyone.
Jasper Thompson 12/19/18 Mackenzie Darling
Aw, you really are a prude.
Is this your way of asking me to arrange a threesome for you?
Jasper Thompson 12/19/18 Mackenzie Darling
Then you’re not properly utilizing the threesome.
You get the best of whatever worlds you want.
But they’re also notoriously easy to come by, so if you have a bad experience, you can just try again.
Jasper Thompson 12/18/18 Mackenzie Darling
How could you ever leave a threesome dissatisfied?
Jasper Thompson 12/18/18 Mackenzie Darling
Why wouldn’t they?
Jasper Thompson 12/18/18 In the middle of the tunnel system, Jasper has a mind to check his phone. Reading the message from Mack, he c0cks a brow, looks around, and smirks. As loudly as possible, with a deep inhale to fuel the cacophony, he would announce to the entire coven:

Dr Van Helsing 12/16/18 I was just thinking, you look like a Call Girl I knew in Dublin.
Jasper Thompson 12/13/18 Caught like a deer in headlights, he has elegantly just stuffed an entire biscuit in his mouth when she chooses to call upon him. Eyes dart around, looking for what she could possibly be talking about while attempting to swallow his snack whole. In case anyone was wondering, it’s not working. Finally, his gaze finds the manhole over head and he points at it with a questioning look before the expression melts into one of dismay. “Not thith one too?”
Jasper Thompson 12/11/18 The battle ensues, the lump convulsing and limbs jutting out occasionally, but he finally obtains the high ground. Sleep is very important to Jasper; as such, being awoken from it isn’t his favorite thing. So, with Mackenzie thoroughly locked up tight in a death embrace, all limbs accounted for, he presses a kiss to her forehead and promptly returns to his slumber.
Jasper Thompson 12/11/18 Glaring at his phone, knowing she’s right next to him, he types an angry message back.

Mackenzie Darling
Jasper Thompson 12/08/18 His expression melts into something like a not-so-masterfully hidden snarl. Taking a deep breath, he collects himself, plastering a smile on his face that only proves to darken his eyes. “No, I can’t believe that sh-t...”

What a gross excuse for a man.

Within a moment, he’s shaken himself from the memory of Victor Lockheed, choosing instead to focus on better things. “Well, come on, then. Maybe an entire family, huh? Just for the fun of it...”
Jasper Thompson 12/08/18 His arm tightens across her shoulders, eyebrows furrowing in sympathy and irritation, all in one fluid emotion. Ecstasy, of all things, when she’s going to meet a recently scorned, childish ex. He can only imagine what was in those texts, and he won’t ask her to relive it.

Her drug of choice not being his first for such a delicate situation, reason number one being that she’s much too emotional, he opts to raise her spirits instead. “Bah, don’t worry about Ol’ Man Victor, he’s just realizing what he’s lost and lashing out. You wanna go for some food? Or just the simple act of killing? Londoner’s have always been some of my favorite people to kill. I think yes the accent...”
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 “Gentle, gentle,” he insists lightly, thoroughly hungover and paying the price. Still, he manages to pepper the side of her head with a multitude of kisses, glancing inconspicuously at Gray as he hurried forward and away from them. Probably for the best.

Lazily, he drapes an arm across her shoulders, following after with a much slower tread. “This just had to be today, huh.” He’s kidding, for the most part. Yes, any other day probably would’ve been better, but...

“How are you doing?” Jasper’s tone is suddenly more solemn, concern taking precedent. They’d been through a lot in the days since being apart, and now, they are about to jump head first into a potentially dreadful situation. He feels utterly sh-tty, and she’s high as a damn kite.

They are doing great.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
How helpful.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, good. You’re high.
I’m hungover and so, so close to death, but it’s fine.
Let me just... board a plane.
Jasper Thompson 12/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Should I just kill him now?

Mackenzie Darling

Mackenzie Darling
...unless I’m not?
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 Though her words are comforting, it’s a fleeting relief, one that he knows will wear off as soon as he’s alone. For now, he will hold onto it, breathing in the shaky truth before it crumbles around him, leaving him guilty and self-disparaging. The grief process is proving to be wholly unpleasant, he’s decided he wasn’t missing out on much.

“I’ll be home soon. I’ll leave sometime tomorrow, I’m sure.” There’s a lengthy pause after he speaks, hesitating to get off the phone and face his demons. By now, he’s blindly wandered into his old room, a forgotten bottle of whiskey staring at him from the night stand. He c0cks an eyebrow and takes it for a sign.

“Love you, Mack,” he reminds her softly as his fingers grasp the neck of the bottle, “and I’ll be back before you know it...”
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 They have a shared tendency to deflect, and Jasper smiles into the phone. It’s a sad, fleeting thing, and he’s glad she can’t see it. “I don’t know how I am,” he speaks openly, voice soft and unsure. “I don’t want to read it. I already know I failed, and I imagine there’s only one thing she would’ve given me, and...”

He clears his throat noisily.

Carefully, he folds the letter and returns it to its envelope for safe keeping. “It’s so quiet here.” If nothing else, that would have been good enough reason for Gray to call him here, to not have to face the deafening silence alone. “You’ll be okay until I get back?” The question in his voice tells of his concern, and if she asked it of him, he’d be on the first plane back.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 After having excused himself from Gray’s presence, Jasper finds himself a quiet place in the dead compound - not a hard task, mind you - to make what would surely prove to be a hard phone call. For a moment, all he can do is stare at the phone, finger hovering over the call button. He sighs, and presses it to his ear.

When she picks up, they’ll exchange quick greetings that are, on his part, stalling what’s to come. It’s unavoidable at this point, and he extracts the letter, pausing as he works himself up to unfold it. “I don’t want to do this,” he laughs humorlessly, finally resigning himself.

“My *****,

I still wish you hadn't gone full lost the plot and spared my sister, but more importantly spared my jew. Either way I guess I would be here? What the **** even happens when an undead thing dies? I'm going to be down pissed if they don't have ciggies or gin up there.. or down there.. or whereever the ****. I, Spring Weed, leave you ****ing Victor. I don't know what the **** else to leave you besides your hobo even though he's already yours. I'm also leaving you my ****ing clothes. You better ****ing wash them, freak.


He manages to keep a level tone throughout, only pausing momentarily to gather himself once more. Maybe this had been a bad idea, as he wants nothing more than to be with her through this. “You okay?” he asks after a quiet minute of reflection.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’ll call you in a little bit.
We’ll read it together.
Jasper Thompson 12/06/18 Mackenzie Darling
Image attached
Spring wrote us letters. She’s also apparently left us sh-t.
Gray’s in charge of making sure it gets to where it needs to go.
Do you want me to read it to you and bring whatever back with me?
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
Asap. Promise.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
As soon as I can.
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
You’re making me homesick...
Jasper Thompson 12/04/18 Mackenzie Darling
Blue’s always uncomfortable.
He called me shady the other day.
Shady. Me.
Jasper Thompson 12/03/18 -...-
-lower lip might be trembling-
-wipes at eyes, like a man-
Thanks, that’s really kind of you to notice...
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 Mackenzie Darling
This isn’t about that.
It sounds like an emergency, I’m boarding the plane now.
I’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as I know.
Be safe.
Jasper Thompson 12/02/18 Mackenzie Darling
I need to go to Moscow for a couple days.
Can you hold down the fort without me?
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Are you taking me on a date?
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You’re such an inspiration.
Jasper Thompson 11/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
That’s a really cool super power.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 He offers a cheesy grin to the camera as she presses a kiss to his cheek, gummy bears sticking to his teeth rather grotesquely. It’s only after the snap is taken that he finishes chewing the hulking mass in his mouth and swallows it painfully. “Fine, though it’s a bit like chewing a tire.” He shrugs for effect before fixing her with a pout. “You didn’t tell me I look pretty...”
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 He pops another gummy bear into his mouth, lounging against the wall. Humming something that sounds like a mesh of classic Christmas songs, it’s clear he’s indifferent toward anyone that might pass him by. Jasper is secure enough in his masculinity to rock lingerie, make no mistake.

When Mackenzie rounds the corner, he lights up like a damn Christmas tree, immediately holding out the bag to her. “I don’t know about all that, but this is surprisingly comfortable.” When she snaps a picture, he frowns gloriously, waving his hand in indignation. “No, let me pose, c’mon, do another.” Turning his back to her to showcase he cheeks, he offers a over-the-shoulder pout.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Oh, good, yes, convenient.
I have no idea where I am.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Come get high with me.
I’m still in women’s underwear.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
I ate half this bag already.
You might have to save me later.
But I got them.
Also, who tf is Hubbae?
Anyway, I sent him a picture.
Again, you might have to save me later.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Between you and me, I did a loooot of mushrooms.
I think I’m in Camille’s room.
Do you think she’ll notice?
Who sent her a fuzzy bra?
She won’t notice, our dementions aren’t that different.
The panties, though... she might notice those.
I’m keeping them.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Omg, I love it.
The fuzzy bra doesn’t fit, though.
You got my dementions wrong.
Jasper Thompson 11/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
If you want me to open things before Christmas, you don’t wrap them as Christmas presents.
Don’t ruin this for me.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’ll save it for later. I can’t waste the blush without witnessing it with my own eyes.
It’s not Christmas. I’ll open it on Christmas.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
How could I not be?
You do my work for me, and you’re beautiful.
Utter perfection.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
That’s a... name.
Oh, good, I can exploit those talents at the Christmas party.
Jasper Thompson 11/27/18 Mackenzie Darling
I believe our definitions of pretty are slightly different, but go on.
Jasper Thompson 11/26/18 Mackenzie Darling
Be there in ten.
Jasper Thompson 11/26/18 Mackenzie Darling
Did you want an answer to that question, or did you just want me to meet you?
I feel like a lot of time was wasted on that for both of us.
Jasper Thompson 11/25/18 Jasper shuffles into the office sleepily, a blanket wrapped around his entirety, and sinks into his chair. Staring ahead, he doesn’t really see Mackenzie until he sees Mackenzie, and then, he only yawns. A smile stretches his mouth oddly, lopsided as it is, and he points at her as though readying to say something.

A moment passes.

And another.

Suddenly, he snorts, a sound indicative of the fact that he’s fallen back asleep, eyes open and finger still poised in thought.
Jasper Thompson 11/19/18 A grunt comes from the lump beside her, along with a slight shift before the snoring resumes. Great minds, it appears, really do think alike.
Jasper Thompson 11/18/18 “Heart-fractured, but not broken, I guess.” A forlorn sigh carries upward, his hand coming to rest on one of the rungs that had carried him up and down many times. “Goodbye, old friend.”

He might be laying it on a bit thick.

Turning, he casts her a dazzling smile, cheeky as ever. “Anything else? Your bed is calling to me, after all.”
Jasper Thompson 11/18/18 “Both, I suppose.” Jasper comes up behind her, offering a solid shrug to his quip. He tosses the last of his cigarette away, rolling his shoulders and neck as he does. Sleep has been elusive lately, but he’d do anything for his darling Mackenzie. “What’s up?”
Jasper Thompson 11/18/18 Mackenzie Darling
Require, or desire?
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’m more referring to the ones that aren’t carrying my seed.
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
By all means, kill women.
Just not the ones I need.
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t put me behind schedule, please.
You’re toying with my life, Darling.
Jasper Thompson 11/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
Please don’t.
I need this one to go to term.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Of course.
Be there soon.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
You, me, and a bottle.
We need to talk, and I need to drink.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Your tastes sure have changed.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Recognize. What are you hungry for?
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Want me to bring home dinner?
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Welp, I guess there’s no point in coming home then, if there’s nothing to come home to.
Jasper Thompson 11/07/18 Mackenzie Darling
Soonish. In the meantime, don’t miss me too much.
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 “Don’t call my integrity into question.” The glare she’s fixed with is withering, as if he’s truly affronted by her gall. “I take care of my own, okay?”

His interest piqued again, he considers her unworded request, a smirk stretching his lips wickedly. “We’ll see. Maybe Santa will be good to you, this year.”
Jasper Thompson 11/03/18 Jasper plucks the cigarette from her mouth and puffs greedily, a curious gaze landing on her. “Okay, I’ll bite. What about them?”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 Extracting his favorite, he tosses it over his shoulder, knowing she’d catch it. “I believe it’s your turn, right?” He turns abruptly, facing her with a glint in his eye. “You know the rules, and don’t hold back.”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 Smirking, he rises from the chair and crosses over to the door, leaning in close as he passes. “You should keep better care of your things, then.” In her bedroom, he pulls out the top drawer - again - and looks it over. “Yep, just how I left it.”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 An eyebrow c0cks as his sights land on her, and he shrugs his shoulders. “Maybe. Why, what’s in there?”
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 Love you, too.
Jasper Thompson 11/02/18 I do watch the goods, I watch them leave every time you dip your hands into my pants.

Mackenzie just stole $40.00 from you!
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
You never threaten to cut me...
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
I think you mean protégé.
And that’s gross.
You really need to rein it in on these people.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Who tf is Jameson? Jamison? The new girl?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
That’s because you date sh-tty men.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Is he gay?
Do you not know how men work?
If I woo him and he’s not into guys, it tends to have the opposite effect.
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Virgil. F-ck. Who names someone that?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Mackenzie Darling
Are you struggling?
Is it because you call everyone pet?
Jasper Thompson 11/01/18 Jasper catches the head reflexively, his face lighting up with excitement. He returns the embrace before looking over the cranium lovingly. “This is perfect. I gave away my best head to the new girl today, and now I have a better replacement.”
Jasper Thompson 10/20/18 Luna Loves Good
Wanna whomp my willow?
Jasper Thompson 10/18/18 “You have the best ideas.” Jasper hugs her tightly, pressing overeager and overexaggerated kisses into her hair. “Wait, is Hocus Pocus on Netflix?”
Jasper Thompson 10/18/18 “You been on my mind,” the man sings - poorly, mind you - then stops, eyes darting around frantically before he just mumbles the next set of unknown words. Shrugging, he scoops her into a whirl of a dance, ending it with a dip before twirling her into a straightened position again. “Can’t stop thinking about you today, did you spike breakfast?”
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
So you’re not going alone, then.

Mackenzie Darling
I’m already here.
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
What are you not telling me?
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Do you need me to go with you?
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
...mind telling me what’s in London that I’m to avoid, but you’re to march right into?
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Got it. No trips to dreary f-cking London.
Jasper Thompson 10/14/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t really have a reason to, why, what’s up?
Jasper Thompson 10/11/18 Do I? Do I wound you?
Because I’ve been waiting for you.
Haven’t touched a single mushroom.
You wound me.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 You’re lucky I love you. I’m feeling a strong urge to break my piggy bank so I can get all my money back.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 I’m not touchy. And no one’s coddling me. Except maybe you. And Gray.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 I’m not a charity case. I can get by on my own.
Jasper Thompson 10/04/18 Could you, like, stop stealing all my money?
How am I supposed to live, Mackenzie.
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Whaaaat? I’m already wearing my Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt.
En route to you.
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
...without me??
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Christ, why did you have it up that loud?
Getting old?
Jasper Thompson 09/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
I don’t hear anything anymore.
What are you referring to?
Jasper Thompson 09/28/18 He waits, picking idly at a spot on his finger. The rustling that serves as elevator music is completely normal and healthy. She’s just processing.

I’m on my way.

He checks the clock, mentally noting her arrival time. “I’ll meet you at the airport.” What else is there to say? Best to save it for when they’re together. “Love you, Mack.”
Jasper Thompson 09/28/18 “‘Fraid you’re stuck with me,” he laughs lowly, hating what he has to tell her but not willing for her to hear it from anyone else. “I think you need to come to Moscow. If you want me to come back so I can travel with you, I will.”

He’s stalling, and it’s blatantly obvious. Leaning against the counter for support, Jasper looks up the ceiling, squeezes his eyes shut, and wills the words. “Spring is dead. I don’t know what happened. She just... died. She knew it was coming, as she seems to have made out a will.”
Jasper Thompson 09/28/18 Retreating into the bathroom of Gray’s slice of Death, he breathes a loose sigh. This is the part of his day he’d been dreading the most, and with good reason. Jasper hates being the bearer of bad news.

His thumb hovers over the call button before he punches the bridge of his nose, hits it, and presses the phone to his ear. It rings. And rings. F-ck, that ring.

When she inevitably picks up, he’ll greet her normally as possible. “Hey, my beautiful darling,” he coos, a lack of conviction in his tone, “I’m sorry I didn’t call sooner. It’s... listen, we need to talk...”
Jasper Thompson 09/24/18 “You’re absolutely right, I’m allowed,” he smirks, sitting back in his own chair, “it goes both ways, remember. And you’ve been robbing me dry.”
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Jasper scoops her up and presses fleeting kisses to her hair, not even minding the clear ulterior motive. “As my potential future wife, you’re entitled to everything I have, right?” The man smirks, ushering her inside and shutting the door behind them. “Let’s go, let’s go, I’m starving.”
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
I’m two blocks away.
Let me in, I forgot my key.
We can work on that.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
You make me want to be a better man.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
Don’t I know that, it’s just that the person I am lacks the patience and planning.
And you brought me dinner?
Darling, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you were in love with me.
Jasper Thompson 09/21/18 Mackenzie Darling
Darling, sweetest beauty, do forgive me, I’ve been distracted.
I’m on my way over now.
Jasper Thompson 09/16/18 Mackenzie Darling
You can’t have your cake and eat it, too, darling.
Meaning if I have to get rid of mine, you have to get rid of yours.
Jasper Thompson 09/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
Shucks. Are you trying to woo me? Because it’s working.
Jasper Thompson 09/13/18 Mackenzie Darling
As if you even have to ask.
You’re my number one everything.
Jasper Thompson 09/10/18 Mackenzie Darling
With my track record, there is a very likely chance that I’ll be single and you won’t be. So please, if that happens, don’t eat my cats.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
I really don’t know why everyone likes you more than me.
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mackenzie Darling
Jasper Thompson 09/09/18 Mack
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
You and me against the world.
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Jasper Thompson 08/30/18 Mackenzie Darling
Mack... what is that? What are you doing?
You’re upset?
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
You have my heart, after all.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
Are you offering yourself to me?
I’ll make you breakfast in the morning, I’m not that terrible.
Jasper Thompson 08/29/18 Mackenzie Darling
Ah, yes.
“This is my friend, he likes d-ck and flirting with felonies, he’s a great catch.”
Maybe we should wait until after this blows over, yeah?
Jasper Thompson 08/28/18 Mackenzie Darling
Miss you. 🖤
Jasper Thompson 08/18/18 An eyebrow and a smile are c0cked, and he tilts his head, watching her with deep curiosity. “Heels?” A click of his tongue initiates a shake of his head. “You really do it up in class, these days.”

Stooping, he pulls on his worn boots, not even bothering to change his clothes. Jasper isn’t inherently dirty; he just rocks the hobo chic look.

Satisfied, he opens the door and bows her out, that smirk ever present.
Jasper Thompson 08/18/18 Memory hadn’t served him through two separate deaths, so when she recounts what really went down, he shakes his head in disbelief. After all they’d been through, everything that happened, and the camaraderie that came with being a family...


Jasper collapses back on the couch, fuming. “More and more, I’m starting to see that.” It’s an absent-minded thought, as he leans his head back and let’s out a huff of annoyance.

Then, suddenly, a wicked grin splits his features.

“It means nothing. All we can do is wish her the best and move on. For now, let’s go hunt. I’m in the mood to kill something, for some reason.”
Jasper Thompson 08/18/18 Startled awake by the sudden summoning, he practically leaps out of his skin when she vaults over the coffee table. Fully coherent now, he stares down at her phone screen, a flurry of emotion clouding his gray gaze as he takes it all in. A new coven, an old face. But...

Not. A. Single. Mention.

“Loyalty remains dead in the Realm.” The words are dark as he hands back the device, meeting her fiery eyes with an irritation of his own. “Tell me what else.”
Jasper Thompson 08/14/18 You didn’t have to, my darling Mackenzie.
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