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Born: November 11, 2019 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 24
Affiliation: Ordre des Damnes Mail Replies Sent: 490
Home City: London Mail Sent: 36
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Zander's Biography
I was once known by a different name with a different face. All do o that damned cave. I should have never heeded it's call. I'd still be normal well as normal as anyone trapped in this realm. Will I ever adjust to this new life when I dream these broken dreams of a past life that I am slowly losing visions of. Like im losing it to the fog.
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Klarion Bleak

Ronan R Boru

Matt Boru

Manannán mac Lir

Athena Maximus

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NeighborhoodRe-opening of "The Blood Brew Tavern" (All are welcome.)
Created by vamp_goku
LillyEmperium 05/17/20 Like what
LillyEmperium 05/17/20 How ya doing Zander
LillyEmperium 05/17/20 *walking up, Lilly poked Zander in the sides*
Athena Maximus 05/02/20 She grinned wide walking up her to coven mate. She held up the “Realm’s Most Wanted” poster. “Congrats!!! You made the front page!”
Morin 04/23/20 "walks in and flops to the floor in front of you" I have to stop ending up in the dungeon so much "she says with a raspy voice" I think it's going to be the death of me "she places her face in her hands and starts to lightly sob"
Athena Maximus 04/17/20 She smiled walking up to her coven mate. “Congrats on being the on the Realm’s Most Wanted poster. Don’t get into TOO much trouble today.” She teased with a wink.
LillyEmperium 04/17/20 *pokes* what did you do? Hmmmm.....(congrats on pod)
Athena Maximus 04/12/20 She had decided to shake things up and go visit some of her coven mates. She had a basket and was skipping down the hall as she came across one of them. “Hey! Happy Sunday!” She reached into her basket and pulled out a couple of mini bottles of alcohol. “Enjoy!” She said as she skipped off.
Ronan R Boru 04/06/20 well it has been known to happen.
LillyEmperium 04/06/20 Had to make sure you weren't playing statue *laughing she smiled"
LillyEmperium 04/05/20 *walking up she poked him in the side*
Athena Maximus 04/04/20 “It’s great to meet you! I’m just trying to go exploring today and learn where everything is at.” She laughed as she rolled her eyes. “I’ve gotten lost 3 times so far so it’s been going great.” She quickly realized she had been rambling and blushed softly. “Well if you ever want to hang out or looking for something to do give me a shout! I’ll be glad to swing by!”
Athena Maximus 04/04/20 With her being new to the coven she decided to branch out of her comfort zone, and introduce herself to some of her coven mates. She wondered the halls, and came across one of the other members. She smiled softly as she walked up to the person. “Hey! A survivor! I’m not the only one around here.” She said with a giggle before continuing on. “I’m Athena!”
Naberius Reum 04/01/20 You managed to break out Zander.
br>Swings the door open as he slides the tools back in their respective holders. "You're free."
Manannán mac Lir 03/31/20 "I am a Celtic sea deity but also known for my love of mischief. What do you have in mind, Zander?"
Manannán mac Lir 03/31/20 "That's pretty much guaranteed. Cajun craziness and ghosts, it's all here."
Manannán, flashed another grin, but stopped the other man before he moved on.
"I didn't catch your name."
EtaineNightBreed 03/31/20 "Welcome to the coven!"
Manannán mac Lir 03/31/20 Walking up the steps into the coven house, Manannán sees another new face and smiles in greeting. "Hello friend. Welcome to the coven, I'm Manannán."
Ronan R Boru 03/18/20 * Ronan looks at his friend* "The stories of my demise have been greatly exaggerated as you see but none the less I am done with any thing Gold colored for good now."
Marina Pershing 12/20/19 "Welcome to the Realm!" She looked up at the man. "Can I help you with anything?"
Briahne Christiann 11/12/19 Yeah itis, that Red Death can cause all kinds of problems, then you die.
Liam Dromeo 11/12/19 Welcome to the Realm mate, hope it's everything you could possibly fathom...with some hefty surprises
Briahne Christiann 11/11/19 You've just entered the Twi.... wait no, wrong thing... welcome to the Realm! Kick back, open your imagination and let it soar. Need anything? Just ask. Stay away from the Red Death.
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