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Donde hay gana, hay maña.
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Elliot Weiss

Last five threads posted in:
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RealmA Serpent Among Us
Created by Matias Alvaro
Jane Darrow 01/17/18 "Wow, eye candy got better while I was gone. Impressive."
Elliot Weiss 01/15/18 "Mm, a valid point." Elliot straightened up just a little and took a small step backward. His eyes were filled with suspicion, though he seemed to be more curious than anything. "You're not going to eat me, are you?"

Elliot Weiss 01/15/18 Elliot crinkled his nose and gave his shoulders a little shrug.
"Not ruined. Just wary. Consciously so." Inquiring eyes surveyed over the stranger.
"As one might imagine."
Elliot Weiss 01/14/18 Elliot blanched. "Whatever she was, Angel is not the word I'd have used to describe her. A charlatan perhaps."
Frank 01/14/18 Frank found himself unable to completely cease his ramblings. Innocently darting his baby blues around them to take in the scenario. Jesus, how had he died anyway? Had he died? Did he die? Is he dead? Batting his small lashes at the other man trying to absorb all this. “Oh no mate. My name is Frank not amigo.” He nods calmly and arches a brow when the other man says he has never tasted it before. “You.. you’ve never tasted it.It will be good. We should definitely go get one chap.” The man nods with a grin, but pauses at the other man’s words once more. “That sounds uncomfortable. Is culo their cupboard?”
Elliot Weiss 01/14/18 "Thank you. -At least that's what I've been told is the appropriate response."
Jameson Orlav 01/12/18
Frank 01/11/18 Frank steered his neck to the other man and looked around him. “Oh that sounds very..complicated. Are we in purgatory?? This is overwhelming. I just wanted a new pair of socks and a beer. Heaven knows I deserve at least a beer. Have you ever had butter beer? It’s quite nice. You should try some unless you don’t drink alcohol. Then maybe some sherbet?”
Grant Baudelaire 01/10/18 "Good," he muses, a slight lift to his eyebrows at the mention of age. As Grant is quickly coming to realize, that much can be expected in this realm - though in no habit of making assumptions or prying unless necessary, he cheers with a phrase that feels a tad too familiar to his own struggles with boredom. "Whatever keeps one’s disillusioned interest occupied."

There’s a comfortable easiness to the interaction that Grant finds quite alluring, corners of his own lips lifting in a smile at the other man’s laughter.

"Why, it’s quite easy, isn’t it." Shifting in his seat from what he seemed to have sunk into the cushion, he’s now sitting with his elbows on the table, interest further piqued. "If someone feels so inclined to take notice, It’d be heartless to deprive them of the chance." An expression of faux shock paints his features, a heavy dose of amusement behind the accusatorial voice. "Ah, don’t tell me you’re in the habit of turning attention away. Sounds like a horrible waste of an endeavour, let alone quite tiring."
Frank 01/09/18 Frank turns to the voice, rubbing his cheek still befuddled from his last exchange. The celestial’s Kind heated hues land on the man and he gives him a slow nod. “Th..thank you. Is this the realm of the living or the..dead? Or is it the realm of brimstone?? Heavens. I don’t know where I am.”
Grant Baudelaire 01/08/18 "Who am I to dispel the air of mystery," he lulls, nonchalant and evasive. Should you fail to keep tabs, the novelty of a new place can be unpleasantly ruined one way or another, and Grant, well…Grant very much prefers to interrupt over being the interrupted one.

Unfazed by the proverbial spotlight of a somewhat scrutinizing gaze, he tilts his head in conspiratorial camaraderie. "Ah, I’m not in a habit fighting it, per se…Altruism, they call it."
Shannon Taylor 01/08/18 Her smile turned to a knowing smirk of agreement to his words. "Aye, yes the Realm is filled with thrill seekers and honorable thieves. A word of advice, if I may?" Her voice dropped a bit lower, as she never knew who was listening. "Not all will be as understanding as I. Folks have been pushed over that edge for far less. Choose your marks carefully. Would be such a waste of a lovely smile should you pick the wrong one." With that she gave a nod of her head and a small curtsy.
Sorin Nassir 01/08/18 Sorin watched the male feign heartbreak at the fact that Sorin accused him of being poisonous. "If you are not I think it would be safe." He than made a tsk noise and shook his head. "Ah but I fear what taste you will leave in my mouth. It probably wouldn't leave for days." In truth he despised the taste of blood shame the scientist and doctors couldn't fix that.

"You can pin my decisions on instinct" Currently it was even visible that the hair on his arms was standing up.
Grant Baudelaire 01/08/18 Grant hums, demonstratively pensive, before giving it a little shrug. "I do have my sources. Why, uncomfortable with attention?"
Sorin Nassir 01/08/18 For the briefest of moments confusion could be seen on Sorin's face. This man not only laughed at his threat but said he wished for Sorin to chew on him? "Are you not right in the head? If I chew you up you wont be walking it off."

Upon seeing the males eyes for a second time and actually seeing them caused more confusion and it made Sorin even more cautious of this male. What was he exactly? "Though everything that looks good is not always healthy. Let me guess you are poison deadly?"
Grant Baudelaire 01/08/18 "Well, I've heard you're quite new here yourself."
Sorin Nassir 01/08/18 Sorin eyed the man, distrust and perhaps the smallest hint of disgust. "Is that why you stink of death?" His head tilted to the side. It was hidden not a scent you would easily catch, however it's the one scent Sorin knew above all. Because it stuck to himself much as it did the man before him.

"I apologize that came off rude did it not? I did not wish it to this however I do, you would be wise to stay away from me unless you want to know what it feels like to be eaten." His eyes shifted into a honey brown and had a cat like nature to them before shifting back.
Shannon Taylor 01/08/18 Shannon chuckled as the night walker brushed his fingers over her pockets trying to root out some loose coin. "Welcome to the Realm new one. Should you need some assistance, of any kind, please don't hesitate to *ask*"

She emphasized the word ask for good measure.... drawing distinction between that and the idea of *taking* Matias Alvaro just failed at stealing money from you!

Sorin Nassir 01/08/18 Blue gray eyes glance towards the man, the hair on his neck standing up. He didn't seem dangerous but there was something off. Regardless Sorin smiled at the male. "Thank you sir."
Elouise Orlav 01/06/18 -snickers-
God, you're so awful it's almost good.
I'm Elouise.
-so, so amused-
Elouise Orlav 01/06/18 -gentle pat-
Good boy. We'll get along just fine.
Almost as fine as that booty.
Elouise Orlav 01/06/18 -oo's and ah's-
...wait a second.
Does that make me prey?
Elouise Orlav 01/05/18 -blinks-
-totally fondles-
Wow. Nice and firm.
Congratulations, sir.
Elouise Orlav 01/05/18 I'd touch that butt.
Jameson Orlav 01/05/18 "Doubtful. Don't fret. I am merely a passer by who's appreciating the scenery.
Jameson Orlav 01/05/18 -squints-
Soul Darklander 01/05/18 The female looks over her shoulder as her lips begin to curl with a grin. "Let's just say I been around long enough to know. But I also like to mix things up."
Caera Marie 01/05/18 A soft rumbling laugh escaped her lips as her Amber eyes danced with laughter. "That is butchering it beyond recognition. Though if you tire of your own language I'm sure the south would welcome you in the position of a cowboy. Being welcomed is odd? How so?"
Caera Marie 01/05/18 "Tis not necessary to say so. I know I butchered how it should have sounded but tis not one of my fluent languages. " She smiles and extends a hand. "But where are my manners. I'm Caera. I hope you enjoy your stay here, where most things crazy are quite normal. "
Raven Dragoon 01/05/18 "Welcome to the Realm! Hope you enjoy your stay."
Soul Darklander 01/05/18 With a raised brow she gives the new comer a once over. "Bienvenido al Reino." She turns and walks away.
Caera Marie 01/05/18 A single red brow raised as he seemed to giver her the once over. Crossing her arms over her chest, she allowed a slight smile to grace her lips. Amber eyes focused on memorizing features of the man's face before speaking. "De nada, senor." Her French was much better than her Spanish but hey she did try.
Caera Marie 01/05/18 "Welcome to the realm, darling."
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