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Marcus Cain


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Deal With It.
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Born: October 16, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 0
Race: Angel Forum Posts / Replies: 0
Affiliation: Elysium Mail Replies Sent: 22
Home City: Los Angeles Mail Sent: 1
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11/10/18 at 6:56 pm
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Marcus Cain's Biography
~Profile in the works! Visit my blog for Marcus' past profile~
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Olympia Stavros

Beau Theroux

Eden Kennedy

Winter Summers

Asher Crown

Last five threads posted in:
Asher Crown 10/24/18 *soft laughter* Anti-slavery and anti-sympathy. Sir, I do believe I would like to buy you a drink.
Asher Crown 10/23/18 *a soft, even laugh* Oh, thank you for the sympathy, but I wasn't going to cry into my coffee over it. Rather, I appreciate the guidance. I am sorry to hear about your circumstances, however. I'm pleased that the past tense indicates you're free of that entity's thumb now. Slavery of any kind is a despicable thing.
Asher Crown 10/23/18 Ah. I'm afraid I'm a rather clueless thirty-something who has no idea what his distant relatives have dropped him into. Is it... nice... to have that sort of life experience? Or dreary? I can imagine either. As for the ladies, it sounds a bit like high society on a bad day.
Asher Crown 10/23/18 *he blinks* I'd think peculiarity was a... well, I admit I know very little about this sort of thing, but it's all about the supernatural and the hidden and the... oh, demned if I know! ... But you say the women are peculiar?
Asher Crown 10/23/18 Thank you. It's quite... a trip, isn't it?
_Aurora_ 10/19/18 "Reeeeally!? I have been called other names but never evil. ' Shrugs
Amari Preston 10/18/18 You managed to break out Marcus Cain. I BROKE OUT THE SANCTUARY GROUCH! Wow!!!!" Amari throws confetti on Marcus Cain and smirks at him.
Lena Prince 10/18/18 Plunging my hands into my jacket pockets i turn on my heel and walk off to discuss the drink choices with the Cajun.
_Aurora_ 10/18/18 Umm that's evil. *rolls eyes and shrugs* More for me then!
Olympia Stavros 10/18/18 Of all the things in the world Olympia expected, for Marcus to reappear was at the bottom of that list. Make no mistake, the man claimed one of two spots reserved for those who meant the most two her, the other whom died a few short years before. But she thought to never see him again.

The deities of their pantheon delighted in her and his suffering. They used them in twisted games designed to cause pain, or simply entertainment.

Fresh out of the Underworld, imagine her perspective how it must look when her dearest friend presents himself. Add to the fact he did not feel like Marcus. No rage. No protective aura. This was a trick. It had to be a trick. As such, her features remained carved of stone.

"Prove you are Marcus before I gut you." Generous for her.
Pagan Bellemore 10/17/18 "Beau likes to poke fun."
"I bet you're going to get several welcomes, so I'll cut this one short. When you want good ol' Southern food or drinks other than a pina colada, you come see me, Pagan. Or if you need a break."
"'til then, toodles."
Winter Summers 10/17/18 Winter's icy blue eyes watched the male, noticing the tense and then he relaxed? It confused Winter but he wouldn't question it. "Is that so? Well that sounds like people just being p*ssies." Winter would shrug his shoulders then. "Here I thought you were just being mysterious. The eyes tend to give a lot away when it comes to people."

A brow would arch as the other male corrected himself. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Marcus, and you are welcome. And not to come off as rude or crude anything of the sort but I am great with people so you wanna work on your people skill. I am your guy no offense you just seem not so great at this?" Offers a small smile.
_Aurora_ 10/17/18 -raise brow- Welcome grumpy. Here have candy..on second thought take the this bourbon to might help to.
Eve Penrith 10/17/18 Welcome! Eve grumbles as she passed by the new blood. Good luck to you!
Lena Prince 10/17/18 Seeing his reaction and being able to take a hint I lower the drink and think back to the message as my smile fades. " do you prefer beer? if so I can just give this to one of the girls or we can always send it to the Cajuns cabin."
Seraphina Morning Star 10/16/18 Welcome to the Realm! Any help need please ask!
Sofia Johanneson 10/16/18 Nods her head as she hears the name. "Oh you're NEW-new. I saw your name go up on the board. We're all still feeling our way around, so don't worry we dn't have a huge head start on you. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask."
Amari Preston 10/16/18 Welcome to the Realm! Welcome to the Sanctuary as well!
Winter Summers 10/16/18 Winter was merrily strolling through the sanctuary, spots the new member. Stares, just f*cking stares. "F*ck me you are huge, though sunglasses inside is so semi killing what you are doing for me. But like DAMN" He then goes silent.

What was he doing here again? "Oh uh! Winter Summers, if you need anything and I mean anything please come find me."
Lena Prince 10/16/18 Walks up to the new comer with a pina colada and a smile. "Welcome home."
Pagan Bellemore 10/16/18 "Welcome... again. This time to Elysium. I hope you like Creole food to go with your pina coladas."
-friendly smile-
_Aurora_ 10/16/18 "Welcome to the Realm!"
Eve Penrith 10/16/18 Welcome!
Pagan Bellemore 10/16/18 "Welcome to the realm!"
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