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Gray Taylor

Manannán mac Lir

Last five threads posted in:
Claire Thompson 01/14/20 Most Darling
No, you didn't. Forgive me.
It isn't as if I was offering much explanation beforehand either.
I suppose our lack of communication needs to be considered. And remedied.
Claire Thompson 01/14/20 Most Darling
Jerusalem was never meant to be home.
But I suppose you wouldn't know that, considering there wasn't much time for any discussion in the wake of your leaving.
Claire Thompson 01/14/20 Most Darling
There's nothing to forgive.
Just come home when you're ready.
Claire Thompson 01/14/20 Most Darling
How could I not?
Claire Thompson 01/09/20 I understand.
Claire smiles at the phone, sad and distant as her overcast hues drift and stare at nothing. There's nothing left to say here, even as the abyss between them seems to widen all the more. For a singular second, she regrets this foolish idea in its entirety; a cruise? Again, she snorts, the tears pricking angrily at her eyes before she wipes them away with a forced vigor.

Most Darling
I love you, be safe.

With that, the device is forgotten, left on the bedside table as soft steps carry her away. She tells no one of her departure into the unknown streets of Jerusalem, and she will take nothing with her. Even shoes are forgotten in the wake of this looming, heavy blanket that wraps her mind in a comfortable sadness.
Claire Thompson 01/09/20 She frowns, typing out multiple messages, deleting each one with dissatisfaction. With a sigh, she sets the phone aside and runs her thin hands anxiously through her hair. Truth be told, Claire doesn't want Jasper there, for obvious reasons. Truth be told, she's hurt that Sarah would even suggest it. She knows their history, and their still-rocky footing, if it could even be called that. Snorting, she recalls the last time they were near each other, she removed his eye.

With another lofty sigh, she yields, feeling all the more inadequate when it comes to Sarah's happiness.

Most Darling
I'm sure I can book them a spot, too.
Let me know.
Claire Thompson 01/07/20 Most Darling
Honestly, I'm so irritated with him, punch him in his stupid eye. Maybe if it swells shut, he won't be able to see good things to ruin.
Well, I did invite Gray and Bodhi... I don't think Gray was interested at all, but Bodhi lit right up, especially because...
Well I guess it doesn't matter now, it's already been ruined.
We're going to India! I figured we could spend some time there, I know you've been craving somewhere new and especially warm, and I figure we can get some quality alone time, away from everyone else.
Unless that's silly.
That's silly, isn't it.
Claire Thompson 01/04/20 Most Darling
I can't believe he told you.

Most Darling
I could cancel it, if you don't want to.
mist 12/23/19
Manannán mac Lir 12/16/19 "It's a construct. You can go in anytime."
-hands over a bottle of whiskey-
"Here, in case you need a peace offering."
Manannán mac Lir 12/16/19 "He's been known to neglect that detail from time to time."
-scatches chin-
"Preferably the song should be by Abba, and he really likes to vet these things, so make sure to sing it to him in preparation, like first thing in the morning at full volume."
-innocent smile-
Manannán mac Lir 12/16/19 "Welcome to the coven, lass. Sing out if you need anything."
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Smallest Sister
Talk about ominous. See you then.
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Smallest Sister
Up to you, as long as it's tonight.
Jasper Thompson 12/16/19 Smallest Sister
I literally know where you sleep now, so we can do this willingly or straight kidnapping style.

Smallest Sister
Much more manageable than I would have expected. Should we set a maximum, too? Because these are chump numbers.
I agree, but what I'm not buying is that your hatred for Jerusalem is enough to keep you from Claire.
Jasper Thompson 12/15/19 Smallest Sister
Come have a drink with me.

Smallest Sister
In the interest of transparency, we will be talking about you avoiding your lady love and Jerusalem.
mist 12/13/19 !Welcome to the coven dear!
LillyEmperium 12/12/19 Welcome to the coven
Jasper Thompson 12/12/19 Smallest Sister
You know you're always welcome. Come do degenerate things with me.

Smallest Sister
As for the novelty... It hasn't worn off for Claire yet, so don't get your hopes up.
Jared 10/15/19 Congrats on POD
Jasper Thompson 10/07/19 Sarah
Anything for you, Little Sister.
I'm happier knowing you guys are safe and away.

Not anywhere near as mad as I'll be if you don't send video evidence.
Jasper Thompson 09/17/19 Sarah
Are you guys safe?
Jasper Thompson 08/19/19 Sarah
Good news indeed!
Jasper Thompson 08/13/19 Sarah
What is it?
I love me some good news.
Claire Thompson 08/07/19 My Darling
Okay, but be discreet, he's already mad at me.

My Darling
I wouldn't be texting if it was business as usual.
He's... rather stunning, actually.
With long hair.
Claire Thompson 08/07/19 My Darling
Gray has a guy in the office.
Jasper Thompson 08/07/19 Sarah
I'd say you're lucky you're cute.
If it was me, I'd have been dead and nailed to the door, to ward off other would-be hackers.
Claire Thompson 08/06/19 A delicate, sheepish grin touches her mouth, and she glances down at her hands, suddenly shy. "Well, not fix... It's more restorative than anything else. Father was always coming in and making grand assumptions as to how to fix things and organize them better, much to Henri's dismay. And there was no talking to him when he had an idea in his head, even if he lacked the knowledge to really see it through. So Henri ensured that, when he was finished tinkering around and mucking things up, there would be a way to basically reset it back to normal. I just do it for extra precaution now, though I can't say I'm not glad I didn't have the foresight." Claire nudges the girl gently, adoration apparent in her soft gaze.

Sarah poses her question, and she takes a moment to deliberate, face smoothing into an expressionless mask. Then, just as easily, it melts into a laughing grin. "Of course not. But your punishment is to take me out to lunch. I'm starved, and Gray's got meetings for the next couple hours, so he won't miss me."
Claire Thompson 08/03/19 Overcast hues narrow as Sarah spills her explanation, crinkling at the corners as she does her best to suppress the mirth that threatens her visage. Shaking her head, Claire steps around the desk, coming to an abrupt halt with a muttered "Oh, for god's sake" when sights fall to the screen. With a flick of her wrist and a bemused expression, she shoos Sarah to the side, bending delicately at the waste to come eye-level to the screen. Adept fingers flutter over the keyboard, and in the space of a few mouse clicks, she is straightening and revealing a desktop free of... man bits. And utterly restored, no less.

"There," she concludes, dusting her hands off in a show of finality, "all better. Henri taught me that," comes the response to the unasked question, a flicker of memory glinting in her eye. "My father was terrible with technology, and vehemently in opposition to that fact." She giggled then, the sadness of loss giving way to the peace of remembering, if only for a moment.
Jasper Thompson 08/03/19 Sarah
Claire Thompson 08/03/19 A contented tune hums her through the door, but she halts in her step upon seeing the slumped form of Sarah behind her desk. Immediately, her heart is on the floor, then in her throat as all manner of heinous possibilities flood her. "What is it?" she groans, her pulse quickening by the second.
Jasper Thompson 08/03/19 Sarah
I feel like you may be overreacting.
...but I'm also not confident in that, so just throw it against a wall.
Jasper Thompson 08/03/19 Sarah
Stop. Touching. Sh-t.

Okay, I have a plan.
Can you download a virus?
Jasper Thompson 08/03/19 Sarah
F-ck that, you're on your own.
Not even I'm bold enough to mess with Claire's scheduling.
Jasper Thompson 08/03/19 Unexpectedly, Jasper is hit with a wave of emotion, bringing a traitorous tear to his eye. Borne of a sad relief, he can only brush it away, annoyed with himself. This is wonderful news; that doesn't stop him from feeling like a stranded ship, so close to a homeland that would sooner fire on him than let him touch shore ever again.

See? And you were worried.
He just needs time.
Jasper Thompson 08/02/19 Sarah
Honestly, he's handling it better than I anticipated.
You're really getting through to him.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
You know he still shoulders his own guilt, Sarah... And he's never been one to process it.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
...that seems pretty normal.
If you have to, make him feel bad. Throw you and Claire into the mix, say you're worried.
Hell, get Claire in on it. Have a gay ass family day.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
Baby steps.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
I've been saying he needs to get laid.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
You don't know how far she will have come by then. She's on my six years old, remember. She's got a lot of room to grow.

This situation is hard, I can't very well stay a part of his life if he's going to pine after what we were. It's not healthy for him. It's best that he hates me, because then at least he can move on and be happy.

There's no better person for the job. Let me know if you need anything, alright?
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
She won't be alone. She'll have you. And who knows when this day is going to come. Dwelling will only make it worse.

Uh, I think he started doing that when he was trying to get me to leave him. He probably took an accidental liking to them because it keeps his mind busy.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
Claire is not a prepper. She will fixate, and then she will do all in her power to fix it. She's done more for less, even if you did grow to be the most important person to her.
No, Sarah, I don't think it's a good idea. But then, it's not my decision to make. Just make sure you're doing it for the right reasons. Your guilt may be lessened, but then it just puts the burden on her shoulders.
Jasper Thompson 07/27/19 Sarah
Do you really think it could be beneficial?
Or are you just trying to alleviate your own guilt?
Jasper Thompson 07/13/19 Sarah
Your brother doesn't control me.
Even if he's probably right.
I hope you can forgive me for lying to you someday.
Take care of her, and yourself.
Love you, little sister. 😏
Claire Thompson 05/08/19 Sarah
I miss you, too.
Stay safe, alright?
Claire Thompson 05/08/19 Sarah
Yes, we're home.
I'm fine, I suppose.
How are you?
Claire Thompson 04/18/19 Claire is stopped by the gesture, eyes finding Sarah's gace with concern. Before she can give voice to the emotion, she's wrapped into her embrace, her body naturally mirroring her opposite. "Everything will be fine," she reminds her with soft conviction. Whatever it takes.
Claire Thompson 04/18/19 Sarah
Stand by, though? I'm on the phone with his wife, now...
Claire Thompson 04/14/19 Claire busies herself with tidying up her own space, cheeks still flushed with the alcohol and a light glinting in her eye. Those overcast hues can hardly be distracted from passing between her phone and the door, awaiting some kind of response to her invitation. Surely she wouldn't say no?

She's saved from this dark line of thought by a demanding series of knocks on the door, which she answers without delay. Upon seeing Sarah, tears steaming freely down her face, she is struck dumb; did she do something wrong? But she seems happy; a good sign, then! Enthusiastically, Claire wraps the girl in a hug, laughing softly as she apologizes for making her cry. "I can assume it's a yes, then?"
Jasper Thompson 04/14/19 The feigned indignation at being called a queen melts into a stern look, which he fixes upon the girl to his right. "What did we talk about? You'll push her away for the sake of your safety, I'm telling you." Still, he can't fault her, and his expression wilds slightly. Young love, and all that. He could tell her stories of his first attempts at such a thing that would send her running for the hills.

A glance at Mackenzie silences that thought procession.

He presses on, a smile forming once more. "Well, I'm glad it--" He falters in his steps as a harsh twinge in his muscles starts in his neck, trailing down his back until it's nearly contorted his entire form. Just as quickly as it comes, the convulsion passes, leaving him achey and so f-cking tired. "I'm fine," he utters to Mackenzie's concern, waving it away, "just took it a little far last night in the ring."
Jasper Thompson 04/14/19 Jasper nods along to her explanation, laughing as she gets to the part about Gray. That's going well, then, or at least as well as can be expected. Part of him wants to pry further, into either subject really, but he thinks better of it.

Then, her line of questioning falls to them, and he shrugs, face falling only slightly. "Unfortunately, nothing to really report. We're just..." He makes a vague gesture around, signalling the day by day attitude they've adopted. He brightens considerably, shrugging it off and waving it away in a comical mix of movements. "Meh, we can discuss boring sh-t later, come on, I'm sure you've got more than 'she's opening up'..."
Jasper Thompson 04/14/19 "Whatever looks good to you, Mack, all you have to do is pick." The conversation passes so innocently, one might think they're discussing ripe tomatoes. So, when she offers a knowing smirk, he can only wink in response, eluding the attentions of some hipster dude with bad teeth. She signals her choice, but before they can really act, he manages to capture the interest of someone.

Sarah, to be exact.

A dazzling smile lights up his countenance as he scoops her up in a bear hug. "Surprise!" He laughs jovially, meal forgotten, and sets her back on her feet. "I think we're going to stay for a while, just until everything settles down." Nodding, he passes his wife a grateful, albeit exhausted, smile. "So? How's everything."
Claire Thompson 04/13/19 The pen taps against her lips thoughtfully as she frets with wording. There are nerves involved in this next encounter, and Claire is unsure of how it will go. But go, it must. Thus, the letter is written and left on the entry table for her to find.

My Darling Sarah,
I find myself craving your presence moreso than usual today. Dreams don't do you justice, and upon waking, I always recount the errors of memory. Your laugh wasn't quite right, or the lilt in your smile as it fades so naturally.
I digress.
Please, join me for dinner. Where ever you desire.
Yours, Claire
Claire Thompson 04/03/19 Before she even has time to react, Sarah is pressing the softest kiss to her lips. Considering the lack of preparation time, Claire handles it markedly well, the slightest blush tinging cheeks beneath her carefully put-together face. Her heart may stop, but that's not even close to her top concern right now.

Hand in hand, they practically skip out of the office together, and Claire takes the opportunity to gather herself, enough to gift Sarah with her signature, inquisitive expression. "God's own junkyard," she repeats, not bothering to keep the skepticism from her tone. "I hope you know that if this is anything less than a lavish museum of damned souls, I shall be very disappointed."
Claire Thompson 04/02/19 "Not exactly what I expected in my knight in shining armor," she quips, glancing up from her hard work with an arched brow and the hint of a smile. Ever the dilligent one, Claire still finds the offer impossible to turn down, and who could blame her; it's surely a crime to dismiss such a pretty face...

Or it should be, in any case.

She pauses in her duties with an exaggerated gesture to punctuate her shift. An inconspicuous glance is afforded to Gray's unoccupied space, yet she knows she'll hear about this either way. "Worth it," she shrugs toward her kidnapper, entwining their arms and trusting Sarah to know exactly what she means. "Well? Sweep away. After all, I have high expectations now."
Claire Thompson 03/29/19 Seeing the display, the girl instant brightens. Delicate fingers run over the petals as she reads the note, a soft smile forming with each word. A glance to Gray's door is sufficient enough to set her scribbling before slipping off to covertly slip the respnose under the upstairs door.

Anywhere is perfect in good company.
Can't wait to see you.
Ps. The flowers are absolutely lovely.
Claire Thompson 03/22/19 Claire keeps busy in the wake of her admission, though every now and then, she would pause and press her ear to the wall the girls shared, listening for any sign of the space being inhabited once more. Each time, she convinces herself of something, leading to heavy heart palpitations and inevitable disappointment when nothing comes of the phantom noise.

This continues for the next few days.

She finds a groove in spring cleaning the apartment, going so far as to move the refrigerator, dust the vents, and polish the floors. Furniture is rearranged, the plants are put on the balcony to avoid debris and soak up rain or sun, whatever London decided on today, and Claire feels lighter herself, just sprucing everything up. There’s an air of positivity hanging about the place that allowed room for the unexpected. Which would come in the form of a knock.

Rosy-cheeked and bright-eyed from exertion, the girl calls a soft “Coming, coming,” as she patters her way across the newly shining floor. The sight of Sarah in her doorway nearly stops her heart altogether, and she suddenly feels so very self-conscious. Her lips form a right line, and she nods her assent once.
Jasper Thompson 03/22/19 Jasper makes a scoffing noise of absolute derision, setting the tone with a hand on his chest. “As if I wouldn’t feed and water you first. What do you take me for?” He laughs then, and boisterously. “Also, don’t say street meat. You’ll get more than you bargained for, this is New York after all.”
Claire Thompson 03/22/19 Just as Gray had predicted, it had taken twenty different attempts, if not more. She’d taken great measures to not keep count. Regardless, the finished product is snuck into their apartment and set on her pillow, to await her return from New York.

It’s all she’ll think about until it happens.

Sweetest Sarah,
This isn’t easy for me, as I’m sure you’ve gathered. I want to apologize for my behavior the other night; I was just blind-sided, and it’s apparently not something I handle well. I really am trying.
But you deserve someone more knowledgeable than me, someone that can handle a heart as beautiful as yours with care. For I am clumsy and, more often than not, don’t know what I’m doing. There are many things I don’t pretend to understand, about myself and you and this big wide world.
But, my god, you make it such a wondrous sight.
And I am selfish, Sarah, truly. I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting you, in any capacity, yet I am loathe to not be a part of your life, however you’ll have me.
A proposal then:
If you’ll be patient - and ever so diligent in that patience, as I am very unpracticed - I would offer you... everything that I can. I only ask for you, in return.
I will try to be patient, in awaiting your response.
Yours, as ever I was, Claire
Jasper Thompson 03/22/19 He grins devilishly. “Just try it.” The statement is insistent and honeyed, punctuated by a gleam in his eye. “You don’t have to like it, but I think you’ll be surprised. And it might help later, when you can’t poke the bear, as it were.”
Jasper Thompson 03/22/19 “I’m not leading you into an actual street fight, your brother would kill me.” Though perhaps he deserves it... But, no, Sarah isn’t worth the sacrifice to their ridiculous feudal ways. And Jasper does know that. “Boxing ring. That means padded gloves, head gear, and mouth guards.”
Jasper Thompson 03/22/19 “My specialty.” He waggles his eyebrows, light laughter following in good time. “Don’t worry, it’s good for you. The harder part is learning how to take a punch.” Suddenly, he gives her a once-over, appraising but unobtrusive. “You’re probably going to hurt after I’m done with you, but it’s a good hurt. Gets out a lot of sh-t.” A sage nod tells of his own experience in the matter.
Jasper Thompson 03/22/19 He arches an eyebrow, an arm slinging over shoulder in good companionability. Discomfort had never been in Jasper’s repertoire of emotions. “Scotty? Well, I’ve been called worse.” His own signature smirk calls an answer, and he wonders idly if the other Thompson offspring shares the expression. “What’s first, then? Drinks, dinner, a good barfight, or all of the above?”
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Oh, that.
My wife is actually very well-behaved.
Usually. That was a fluke.
Also, she hates your brother, so you already have so much in common.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah that a sexual innuendo?
Claire Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah,
Safe travels, and I hope you get the break you need.
I will miss you while you’re away.
Museum sounds lovely, if we’re up for it.
All my best,

Ps. Careful around my brother’s wife.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Let me know flight departure and arrival times, I’ll pick you up.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
How are you feeling, by the way.
Any better?
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Not if she told you she wanted to be alone?
I don’t think we can pin this on Gray.
She’s smarter than that, right?
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Write her one of your notes, if you must.
She wanted space from me.
I don’t think it’s safe for her and I to be in contact right now anyway.
Jasper Thompson 03/19/19 Sarah
Come to New York for a few days.
Gives her space, and we can talk.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
We’ll talk soon.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
I’m still an advocate for patience.
But the situation is... significantly more dire than I anticipated.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
Your brother’s a b-tch.
Can’t talk right now, I just might strongly deter you from pursuing anything more than friendly with my sister.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
I agree. A lot needs to be discussed.
Some of it, I don’t think you’ll like.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
A hangover would be easier to deal with, I think.
Fine, friends.
But you should know, a lot of people have secrets about me, and I wouldn’t count them as friendly.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
Don’t concern yourself with me.
Just let me know how she’s doing.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
Pain is a good thing. It’s better than the alternative.
Just let her ride it out. She heals fast, the pain will subside as the wound does.
Jasper Thompson 03/14/19 Sarah
I’m just glad she’s alright.
You’re both doing okay?
Claire Thompson 03/13/19 “Mm,” is all Sarah would receive in response to talk of Jasper. Claire knows what the girl is trying to do, and while it’s sweet, it also wounds her pride and feelings. Her heart is in the right place, though, and Claire just has to remind herself of that. Her brother is nothing if not charismatic. “Oh, good, he heard me then,” she presses on, keeping in time with conversation, “and thank goodness for that. Everything happened so quickly...” Glancing Sarah over, it’s obvious that she is tired and confused and coming down off a lot of adrenaline. And here she is, antagonizing her. She waves a hand. “Later, maybe. I’m awfully tired, and the body wants what it wants.”
Claire Thompson 03/13/19 “Almost lost me? But, I feel fine.” She attempts a laugh, but it’s coarse and grates at her throat painfully. “Don’t worry,” Claire will continue, giving Sarah’s hand a light squeeze of her own, “I’m not as fragile as I seem.” At least, when it comes to most things. Hearing Jasper’s name, however, causes her to stiffen in spite of her protesting neck, and everything comes flooding back. “Mackenzie...” She shakes her head, frowning. “Well, I’m sure some obligation is to blame, not just that I’m his sister, but that his wife apparently can’t use her words when she’s unhappy.” A begrudging click of her tongue is coupled with her eyes rolling, and she mutters something that sounds a lot like vampires.
Claire Thompson 03/13/19 “Well, I’m glad one of us is enjoying themselves...” It’s almost moody, but the smile playing at her features gives her away. If nothing else, this predicament allows for moments like this, solitary and quiet, something she can commit to memory to relive at a later date. Perhaps it’s pathetic, but it’s her own, private reality. “How long have I been out, at least?”
Claire Thompson 03/12/19 Steadily, Claire is coming into herself once more, with no recollection of the waking moments before. Sarah is beside her, fretting over something or other, and the girl automatically shakes her head with a slow groan that effectively stops the gesture. “I’m fine, really. The pain is tolerable.” Again, those icy hues flash in front of her face, causing her to blink rapidly as she tries to remember. “What happened? I was... I don’t remember anything.”
Claire Thompson 03/12/19 Though the girl is smiling, the pain is becoming overwhelming. Her throat is dry and angry and feels as if she moves it further, it might detach her head from her shoulders. She doesn’t remember yet what happened, just a pair of dazed, icy blue eyes. “Courage,” she manages to croak, hand squeezing hers ever so slightly as her eyes begin to shudder themselves, “and to start over again...”
Claire Thompson 03/11/19 She awakens slowly. It starts with a tingling in her toes, and they wiggle and twinge as life stretches the stiffness from them. It goes up her leg and through her stomach, which is roiling with liquid that threatens to upheave her. Down each arm to each hand, where one tightens against something encased within it. That’s when she notes something on her shoulder. Opening her eyes, she turns overcast, dull hues on the girl, lighting a fire in her neck. She doesn’t care; she only smiles. “If I died and you were there to greet me, I don’t think I’d miss life at all.” Utter delirium.
Claire Thompson 03/09/19 A sigh of relief when she finds the note on her way out has her turning right back around to respond. She’d behaved so bizarrely, she hadn’t known how to broach the water again, so she’s more than glad to see Sarah do it for her. Tit for tat, she supposes. Hastily scrawled in her neat script, the note is then slipped under their apartment door, a small knock signaling its arrival. It’s fine, Gray’s out for the day; she knows that because she works for him.

It’s so lonely, even the plants won’t talk back to me.
Dinner and movie night? Say yes, we can sleep on the couch. I promise, it’s much more comfortable than Gray’s abomination.
I’ll be home around seven. Claire
Claire Thompson 03/07/19 So many things..

So many words that Claire wants to utter, all swirling around in her head. Her heart is a balloon in her chest, blowing up too large and then deflating just as suddenly. Hands tighten around the book, pulling it to her chest to hide the shudder of emotion that rolls through her small frame. “I—...” It’s too much; it’s overwhelming. “...I should go pack,” she squeaks, jumping up from the couch and hurrying away before it all comes crashing down around her.
Claire Thompson 03/07/19 “Oh, right...” It’s clear that the girl had all but forgotten about her impending move, her face crumpling as she considers everything she would have to do between today and tomorrow. Then, she shrugs, a broad smile claiming her lips. “Not to worry, l’ll be right next door. I even have a spare room that I’ll make up, just for you. Your home away from home.” She laughs softly.
Claire Thompson 03/07/19 Claire is wholly engrossed in a book when Sarah finds her, worming her way into her field of focus. A smile pulls up the corner of her lip, but she still finishes the paragraph before marking the page and setting it aside, full attention on the girl beside her. “I can’t see why not, but what has you so upset today?”
Claire Thompson 03/06/19 I have a donkey’s laugh, and the only beautiful thing I possess is you as my friend.
Especially your eyes.
‘What is that you express in your eyes? It seems to me more than all the print I have read in my life.’
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 How devilish.
I knew I liked you.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Oh, you don’t have to do that on my account.
I’m used to the interference.
But thank you for caring, you’re very sweet. 🖤
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Oh, perfect.
Now, he can get off my case about being out at night.
You have the best ideas.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 A few crumpled pieces of paper later leaves her the final result, and a blush she might never get rid of.

I pale in comparison to you.
But I will always strive to be your favorite.
Yours, always,
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Just us, just for the night.
I promise, I’ll steal you away one day.
For now, we’ll take what we can get.
Also, be less smiley.
Yours is suspicious of our plans.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 Brothers are stupid.
Run away with me on Wednesday?
Please say yes,
Ps. Burn the evidence.
Claire Thompson 03/04/19 “Oh,” she mutters, unsure what that this came from as her cheeks burn lightly. But, as Sarah continues, it dawns on her, and with a harder “oh!” she arrives on the same page, beaming. “Xo,” she whispers to herself, giggling softly.
Claire Thompson 03/03/19 I wrote a haiku.
This apartment is so much
Better with you, dear.

Ha, what fun!
Ps. What does xo mean?
Claire Thompson 03/02/19 You are the sweetest.
So I made you a cake!
Claire Thompson 03/02/19
Claire Thompson 03/01/19 A singular moment beyond her waking has her thinking nothing has changed. Claire is capable of adjusting very quickly to new circumstances, but the night’s events felt more like a dream. That is, until an altogether different scent reminds her. Immediately awake, her neck snaps toward the other side of the bed, only to find it abandoned, a note in her place. The smile that splits her visage is near blinding, and she bounds out of the bed and through the spacious apartment. Just to make sure...

With no sign of him, she tiptoes into his office and searches through his precious liquor cabinet. Just as she thought; she seizes her plunder and makes her escape into the kitchen, holding it up triumphantly.
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 We have something in common.

Claire makes a noise somewhere between agreement and laughter. “Indeed,” she offers, carefully replacing the picture to its rightful place. She busies herself with fixing all the contents of the nightstand, as her upheaval had taken its toll. In this move, she also manages to unknowingly give Sarah the privacy she doesn’t seem to need.

I’d love to.

Somehow, she keeps the shock from her face, but her cheeks flush traitorously when she turns and sees Sarah’s teasing motion. “Oh, ha...” It’s a good-natured jab, and Claire smiles charmingly, grabbing her bag and phone from their resting place. “Wonderful, all set? Let’s go now.”
Claire Thompson 02/27/19 “Damn the pair of them,” she mutters moodily, feeling the rise of her nerves once more and all too soon. She’s not spoken a word to the girl, and now, she must not only introduce herself, but in the same breath, convince her to leave the house with her. A stranger. And a girl in her brother’s home, no less. The awkward factors just keep piling themselves on.

Taking a deep breath, she awaits Sarah in her bedroom, completely out of place, though she’d practically taken the space over not even a few days prior. Add that one to the list as well. To occupy her mind, Claire swipes a hand across the surface of the nightstand, clearing it of any settling dust, then moves to straighten the already perfectly aligned objects.

She doesn’t even hear her enter; rather, she feels her presence.

Turning abruptly, Claire knocks the picture of Sarah and Gray over, only just managing to catch it before it hits the ground. She straightens with it clutched in her hands so tightly, her knuckles turn white with the strain. “Uh,” she begins, mentally kicking herself into gear, “hi! I’m Claire, and uh...” She sighs, dropping the facade and landing on a form of honesty that will hopefully land this.

“Look, my... my brother’s on his way here, and I’m not particularly keen on seeing him. We don’t have a good history. And I didn’t know if maybe you wanted to get out of the house for a little bit, all things considered, and uh... you know...” Her fingers wiggle in the air as if in search of something before she lets loose another sigh at her own awkwardness.

Why couldn’t he just tell Jasper no?
Geoffrey Drake 02/27/19 Welcome to the Realm!
Bree Ravencroft 02/27/19 Welcome, and good luck at making it through the crazy zoo.
Mystic-husky 02/27/19 "Welcome to the realm. I am Mystic, If you have any questions or are in need of any help. Feel free to contact me at any time."
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