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Jamison King

Esper Valari

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RealmDon't Go To School Tomorrow...
Created by James Grayson
Flahme 02/24/19 You were successful in stealing $83.00 from James Grayson.

"Do you know how difficult that was to get? You're not getting it back, it's my precious."

Sits in the corner and counts each note, rocking back and forth.
Uriel Emperium 01/28/19 Pulling the hood of his sweater up he Glances back at the teenager. "Well come on then we gotta catch Al before he leaves the jiffy mart." He shoves his hands in his pocket and heads down the side walk.

Al was the contact behind the jiffy that would pick up stuff for the under-agers. Like any thing classed contraband for minors. Handing the man a c-note. He then leans back against the wall and opens his backpack placing it at his feet. An glancing to see if pot head followed.
Mackenzie 01/27/19 Mackenzie is doing her rounds. Every evening, she would walk the entirety of Grand Central, searching out any undesirable who come too close to home. It is as she stands on the platform, sights trained on a suspicious man, that she feels the eyes her.

Her head would turn, attention turning to another young man across the tracks on the eastbound side. There isn't much she could do about it, or would. Crossing the tracks would be a call to attention, and she certainly would not go chasing. So, she stares for an uncomfortable amount of time until a train comes in.

And then, she is gone.
Uriel Emperium 01/26/19 Okay so yeah age was, the guy was older which in life yeah Uriel was newer. Thinking about the question he clicked his tongue. The boy actually had more money then he knew what to do with. He had never known his father but he did leave real estate and money for the kid. Still hanging upside own while listening to the guy he Laughs lightly. "So are you planning on robbing me or was that nice way of asking for some help?" He flipped down to the ground landing on his shoes. "Cash, credit, or bm. The bank closes fast around here, mister! And Paying it forward or back would be awesome if your actually capable." He picks up his back pack and walks towards the gate.
Uriel Emperium 01/26/19 Sneakers squeak when damp. And wet grass tended to let that happen. The boy may have looked 8-9 but in realty he was only just turned six today. Magic happens around here so an extra couple years added on happened due his sisters potions. Seeing a form at the park he tipped his head slightly hearing his voice. Hazel eyes look up at him, while he shrugs. "My momma nos were I is always. I was borns here, so um yeah I knows the safe places to goes and not goes He moves over to the climber and climb the ladder to hang upside door. "So who is you and wheres you froms, haven't seen ya before? Yous a newbie yes?"
Jamison King 01/26/19 Tilted her head; staring awkwardly. "Are you f-cking special?" Of course. The one guy she meets that's close in age can't barely talk. Great. Stuck with old people again.

"Yeah.. you know.. Smoke. You light it and the world becomes calm?" It at least stopped her from murdering for a good five minutes. None the less of his disabilities, she found him adorable. He was the perfect amount of abandonment all over him that made her want to be lonely with him.

Thought many thoughts. Some good. Some bad. Some horrible. She'd soften looking at him, exposing her sweet side. At least that was what it seemed. Always enjoyed drawing in her prey.

Jamison King 01/26/19 Bumped right into by some strange person. "You f-cking piece of sh.." her curses were impressive. Jamison's words trailed as she looked up towards the random person and before another salty word could push past her lips, she choked. "Hey.."

Didn't know much of the local teen population. Was a drifter and school was long behind her. Jamison swelled in the angst teen scene. Loved her dark clothing, hats, and her long wild hair slicked straight.

"You from around here?" Wanted to punch him but also wanted to flirt. The Realm wasn't exactly over flowing with people her age and it was quite comforting to find another. Especially one with the hint of cigarette smoke.

"Got a cigarette?"

Uriel Emperium 01/26/19 "Welcome to da Realm!"
Esper Valari 01/26/19 Old enough he thought, huh sounded like someone else he knew, they'd be perfect in a room together as long as they were at each others throats.

Watching the kid blatantly letting the lighter hit the ground, with no remorse and mock him in the process he felt the urge to chase him down, but then looking at his surroundings he could tell the kid would be staying the night here.

The kid reminded him of himself just a few months ago, alone in the world. But this kid seemed to have a huge chip on his shoulder and an ego that would either take him far or push him closer to the grave.

Whatever kid don't mention it, be safe out's cold in L.A... I use to own these streets.

Esper Valari 01/26/19 What? was he supplying cigarettes to all teens now, this was great should be marked on his gravestone. 'Here lies Esper the giver of cigarettes to teens'.

Aren't you like 16, 17...

He really couldn't say much to his quote though he did just take a life himself who knows she could have been this kids mother for all he knew.

But quite honestly somewhere he found truth in his logic, his words. Esper had grown to become quite a monster himself these days Sine Metu had brought the better of that demon out.

Don't make me regret this...

Handing him the pack to grab a cigarette and then tossing his lighter at him.

Valari, but don't call me Mr. Valari. I don't need my head taken off too... Just call me Esper.

Esper Valari 01/26/19 Taking a drag from one of his cigarettes he looked at the kid, as he shook his head in confusion.

Why'd you do it? It's inhumane and quite monstrous to take a life like that...Especially that many?

Mystic-husky 01/25/19 "Welcome to the realm. I am Mystic, one of the Mentors for the witchs. If you have any questions or are in need of any help. Feel free to contact me at any time."
Esper Valari 01/25/19 Welcome to The Realm.
Crimson Belladonna Jones 01/25/19 "Welcomes to da realm!"
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