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Born: December 19, 2018 Forum Topics Started: 1
Race: Witch Forum Posts / Replies: 2
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Home City: New Orleans Mail Sent: 3
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Call is:
-Always interested in RP, either in PM or Forum.
-You may steal or attack with impunity.
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 I Celebrated Christmas 2018 in the Realm
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Maycee Thomas

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RealmHansel and Gretel
Created by McCall Winters
Yoshima 01/03/19 "Keep your skin my good man, this time. I'm just overjoyed. Finally, someone I can prance to the nude beach with!"
Yoshima 01/03/19 He growled menacingly low, jabbing a finger in the other man's chest.

"I am the rightful owner of the birthday suit. Hand it over. NOW!"
Nora Connolly 01/03/19 "Perhaps it was, I'm young by some standards and old by others." She gave a small shrug. "In the world we live in, age doesn't matter much anymore. Except for cheese, the age of cheese does seem to matter. I guess that's just life now. Great! So Call it will be from here on out!"
Fiona MacKay 01/02/19 Hand unmet, it drops to Fiona's side. But she has a name and, in turn, gives a smile. "Pleas're t'meet ye McCall. If ye nee' anyth'n, le'me knoo'. Ah'll try m'best t'assis' ye."
Fiona MacKay 01/02/19 More wandering through dark tunnels. She's becoming more adept at finding her way. Another new aura. Fiona stops and extends her hand, blue eyes ever searching the darkness that surrounds her. "W'lcome tae Sine. Ah'm Fiona."
Nora Connolly 01/02/19 "Alright, Call it is then! I understand very well. Elenora is a .. family name. I suppose it just is what it is. A calendar for Christmas goods?" Nora was confused by what he meant. "That doesn't sound like a pleasant experience."
Nora Connolly 01/02/19 "It's great to meet you McCall! It's actually Elenora Connolly, but .. yeah Nora is better." Offering her hand in gave a light shake.
Esper Valari 01/02/19 Call of Winters struck his head as his smile slowly faded back to business as usual.

Call it is then brotha if you need anything just ask.
Esper Valari 01/02/19 Smiling back at the man with a slight nod in middle of the smile. he extends his arm as a friendly gesture.

Names Esper.

Esper Valari 01/02/19 Welcome, home.
Cal Weaver 01/02/19 "Welcome to Sine Metu."
Nora Connolly 01/02/19 Wandering, lost really, she stumbled upon someone she hadn't crossed paths with before. Perhaps one of the newest members. But which one? If she had to she would guess that he wasn't Elouise. That narrowed it down, some. "Ah! Hello. Welcome! I'm Nora. Nice to meet you!"
Mackenzie 12/31/18 Still no clothes, huh?
C’mon. It’s f-ckin cold outside.
Sarah Noire 12/30/18 The unnerving grin split apart burnt scars on the vessel’s lips. “It will only cost your time and a body.”
Sarah Noire 12/30/18 Хочу поиграть в игру?
Winter Summers 12/26/18 "Well my knowledge of the place I call home isn't exactly vast. As shameful as that is! It might have been good at one point but then there was a little mishap and well I wont go into details to save you from listening but it was tragic. Yes that is a perfect way to describe it. However I am a talker and honestly I could talk all night but I fear I have taken up enough of your time."

Winter would give the male a small nod of his head. "There's a pub not far from here called Irish I was drinking one of my favorites you should visit it sometime. If we ever happen to be there at the same time I may even buy you a drink." He smirked at the male gave a small half assed wave and continued on his way.
Ophelia Wren 12/23/18 Ophelia laughed (and the warmth of it held a hint of brimstone, as always). This was a genuine smile, and not just at the favor that had just been done her.

"I'd say fortuitous, at least for one of us. How've you been, Call?"
Maycee Thomas 12/19/18 Welcome to the realm!
Winter Summers 12/19/18 Winter was out for a casual stroll a candy cane hung from his mouth, his icy eyes glanced around taking in the lights and other decorations. Was the season to be him! Well it was his season anyway and everyone was spitting out how much they hated winter actually. Crazy people honestly.

Icy blues land on the males face one he didn't know, of course the male hardly knew anyone outside of his family regardless it would be impolite to stare and not say something. "Uh you new here?" Removes the candy cane from his mouth.

"Well regardless I'm Winter Summers if you need any help please feel free to come and find me. Not saying I'll be helpful but I can certainly try." Offers the other a smile, before putting the candy cane back in his mouth.
Helka 12/19/18 Welcome to the realm.
If things are a little confusing, please don't hesitate to mail the Admins through the mail drop down link at the top.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 That was a whole lot of words. You must get out of a lot of speeding tickets.
Mackenzie 12/19/18 It's clearly working.

You're fine. You will find that I've a twisted sense of humor.

...Whats a snapchat?
Mackenzie 12/19/18 Do you own clothes? Do you need money?
Mystic-husky 12/19/18 She smiles softly and nods lightly."Your very welcome Lad, is been a pleasure to greet you. And as before if needed I am not hard to find."
Mystic-husky 12/19/18 "Welcome to the realm. Its pleasure to have you here." The small witch, bows respectfully."If you shall need help in any way, please feel free to contact me at anytime."
Kyla 12/19/18 One journey ends, another begins. Or it's simply point B between A and Z?
Kyla 12/19/18 Tá fáilte romhat. It isn't the destination but the journey. You're here now.
Kyla 12/19/18 Welcome to the Realm.
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