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Josie Nathan 11/11/18 Josie smiled brightly as she heard that Lucien was okay, hugging his bear tighter. As her mother mentioned training the girl tilted her head to the side, biting her lip. "Like school? Or more weapon training? Can I train with Valentin?" she asked with a bright grin, wondering what other tricks he could show her.
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 At the mention of her friend Josie followed her mom out of the bathroom into the hall, smiling softly as she took Samael into her hands, holding him to her chest. "I miss him, mommy. He just disappeared," she murmured softly, biting her lip as she looked up at Aurora. "He didn't even say goodbye." Looking down at the bear she gave a small smile, hugging him to her chest. "I'll keep him safe."
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 Josie looked over at her mom, frowning in confusion before looking back to the mirror. As she spoke the girl poked at her thinner cheeks, giving a toothy smile to check out her pearly whites. "Growing up..." she murmured before turning with wide eyes. "Oh no, does that mean I have to go to school now?"
Josie Nathan 11/05/18 After waking up, Josie had gone about her usual business, crying out in surprise as she saw herself in the mirror. She was no longer the tiny four year old she had been when she died. Something had happened, she was older now. Confused she ran her fingers through her hair, spinning around and running out of the bathroom door. "Mommy! Mommy!" she cried out, scared by what she was seeing, hoping her mom might know what might have happened.
Josie Nathan 10/28/18 Josie giggled as she shrugged her shoulders at the teasing of Helix, giving a nod. "We'll just throw kitty treats and he'll chase after those!" Taking her mother's hand she skipped next to her, the excitement obvious in the little girl.
Josie Nathan 10/21/18 Josie grinned and nodded her head excitedly, giggling at Aurora's scary voice. "Yeah yeah! We could make pretend ghosts with old sheets and hang them over balloons, and my black cat Helix can pretend he's scary and chase everyone!"
Josie Nathan 10/19/18 Giggling happily at Aurora's words, pondering her mother's question. "Hmm... Can we have spider webs and fog? It would make it so scary!"
Josie Nathan 10/14/18 Hearing mention of decoration added an extra skip in her step as she walked with Aurora, gazing admiringly at the butterfly exhibit. "Yeah! It will be fun to decorate together!" Humming in thought she turned to look at Aurora. "Can I be a butterfly for halloween?"
Valentin Metzger 10/11/18 -Again, mention of angels...- Ja, sword training is not really my specialty. I prefer straight blades and smaller edged weapons.
Valentin Metzger 10/10/18 -nods- A child must learn from an early age the proper way to protect themselves, ja?
Valentin Metzger 10/10/18 -chuckles- No promises.
Josie Nathan 10/09/18 Skipping next to Aurora she looked around at even more butterflies, giggling as she watched them flutter around. "Halloween? I love halloween! Dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, carving pumpkins!"
Josie Nathan 10/08/18 Giving Aurora a hug back with a soft giggle, the child nodded her head, nearly bouncing with excitement. "Yeah! More butterflies!"
Valentin Metzger 10/08/18 -nods- Maybe bladed weapons will be next. Who knows.
Valentin Metzger 10/08/18 -chuckles- It went well.. she seemed very responsive to the information given.
Valentin Metzger 10/08/18 -nods- Ja.. I was teaching her how to throat punch bullies.
Josie Nathan 10/07/18 Josie grinned and giggled, giving a nod. "Do you think we could get different colored ones?"
Josie Nathan 10/06/18 Josie smiled at Aurora's question, pondering it as she gazed at the sleeping caterpillars. "After Disney characters, like the princesses, and the Lion King," she giggled, looking to Aurora with a smile.
Josie Nathan 10/06/18 Grinning at the thought of taking some caterpillars home for their garden. "It would be so cool to have butterflies of our own. We could even name them!"
Josie Nathan 10/05/18 Hearing her mother she turned and ran to Aurora's side, gazing at the caterpillars. "They look like little worms," she giggled, looking to the cocoons that were there too. "Oh, they're taking naps!"
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -smiles- You seem very pleasant.. if you need my help, or bail money, please let me know.
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -chuckles- Right place, right time.
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -swings the cell door open- Quickly now..

You managed to break out _Aurora_.
Josie Nathan 10/04/18 Grinning Josie nodded and ventured further into the exhibit. There were all sorts of colors around, and she wondered what they were all called. Giggling as one landed on her nose she paused, watching as it fluttered away. "It's so magical," she murmured thoughtfully, starting to walk through it again.
Josie Nathan 10/04/18 Josie giggled and held onto Aurora's hand so she wouldn't get lost. As they went inside, Josie's eyes widened at all the different colored butterflies, giving a squeal of excitement. "They're all so pretty!"
Valentin Metzger 10/04/18 -chuckles and nods- Bitte.
Josie Nathan 10/03/18 Looking up at Aurora, Josie gave her a bright smile. "Mommy, can we go see the butterflies now?" the child asked softly, blue eyes dancing in excitement.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 You managed to break out _Aurora_.

Run. Quickly.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -grins- The Butcher.
-gives a nod- Very nice to meet you, Aurora.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -nods- I am almost positive you will.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 -points a large hand towards the Den- The large building. That is where the bar is located.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 Are you sure you are in the correct place? -chuckles- Normally it is alcohol and more alcohol.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 German. Danke. -nods- It is an odd language at times. Russian is a bit more difficult with no vowels.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 You are very welcome. If you need any help, please let me know.
Valentin Metzger 10/03/18 Welcome to the Den.
Eden Kennedy 10/01/18 Anytime!
Eden Kennedy 10/01/18 You managed to break out _Aurora_. Free to go!
Josie Nathan 09/29/18 Josie smiled wide, feeling her cheeks turn a rosy pink as she hugged Aurora, the feeling of love washing over her, making her feel as if she were alive again. Only this time, she felt even more loved than she had.
Josie Nathan 09/28/18 Josie pulled away slightly, grinning up at Aurora. "I can't believe I have a new mommy. God must like me, since he made me an angel first and then helped me find you."
Josie Nathan 09/28/18 Josie's eyes brightened at Aurora's words and she nodded, wrapping her arms around Aurora's shoulders in a hug, hiding her face in the woman's shoulder. "I'm so happy!"
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Looking to Aurora as she spoke, Josie listened quietly, giving her her full attention. Upon hearing her words Josie's eyes widened in wonder, biting her lip. "D-Does that mean you'll be my mommy now?" she asked softly, nervous herself in case that wasn't what Aurora had in mind.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Josie nodded and followed after Aurora, giving a quick look around at all the pretty flowers surrounding them. She felt like she was in an enchanted forest. If only there were unicorns, she thought to herself with a giggle. "What did you want to ask me Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Josie giggled at Aurora's reaction, slowing down so she wasn't pulling on her hand as much. "Can I tell you my wish?" she asked sweetly, tilting her head to look up at Aurora.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Josie giggled as Aurora poked her nose, pushing her hair back from her face. Tugging Aurora's hand she walked towards the butterfly exhibit again.
Josie Nathan 09/26/18 Smiling Josie looked to Aurora as she moved to stand next to Josie, reaching up for her hand. "Do you think my wish will come true, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/25/18 Smiling, Josie gave a nod as she looked around at all the flowers as they approached the butterfly exhibit. Looking over to the fountain her hands wrapped around the planks blocking the edge. "A wish?" she murmured, turning to Aurora and holding her hand out for the quarter. Smiling brightly she turned back to the fountain, squeezing her eyes shut and holding the quarter to her chest. "I wish... For Miss Aurora to be my new mommy," she whispered. Reaching forward she tossed the quarter into the water, smiling as she watched the ripples.
Josie Nathan 09/25/18 Giggling as she twirled her, Josie skipped her way towards the butterfly exhibit. She couldn't remember the last time she had seen a butterfly in real life. The last movie she had seen one in was a weird movie, with a lot of vibrant colors and a disappearing cat. She had just liked the silliness of it all. "What's your favorite kind of flower, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/25/18 Josie gave an excited nod at the mention of finding the movie the song was from. Standing quietly as Aurora paid so they could go in, she stood on her tip toes as they studied the map. "Ooh butterflies? They're just as pretty as flowers!"
Josie Nathan 09/24/18 Looking up at Aurora's question, Josie smiled brightly, looking around as they started to enter the garden. "When You Wish Upon a Star. It's a really pretty song. I think it's from that movie about a puppet."
Josie Nathan 09/24/18 Josie hummed as the entered the park, looking around at everything around them, taking everything in. As they made their way to the garden, Josie thought quietly, smiling up at Aurora. "Maybe roses! Or lilies, or daisies."
Josie Nathan 09/23/18 At the mention of whipped cream her blue eyes widened and she grinned. "Mmm, whipped cream!" Holding tight to her hand she stayed close to Aurora's side through the crowd, not wanting to get separated.
Josie Nathan 09/23/18 "Ooh ice cream! Can I have chocolate with rainbow sprinkles?" the child giggled, following at Aurora's side, fingers wrapped happily in Aurora's hand.
Josie Nathan 09/22/18 At the mention of a garden, Josie nodded her head quickly, giggling softly. "Yeah! That way we can see all the pretty flowers!"
Josie Nathan 09/22/18 Josie giggled, taking Aurora's hand once more. "Now what are we going to do, Miss Aurora?" the girl asked sweetly, smiling up at her.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Smiling she pulled away, looking to the princesses. "This was really fun! Thank you Princess Jasmine and Princess Ariel," she giggled, trying to do another curtsy for them, lifting out the edges of her princess dress.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie perked up even more as Ariel addressed her directly, sitting her cup down gently before answering. "It's delicious! I've never had such a fun tea party." Pausing she turned to Aurora, giving a big smile. "You're the best Miss Aurora. Thank you." Standing up she wrapped her arms around the woman's shoulders, hiding her face in the woman's shoulder.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie settled down as the tea and little treats were brought out, trying to behave like a princess would even when another person dressed like Ariel came out. Biting her lip she folded her hands in her lap properly, watching how the other princesses acted so she knew how she should act too. Reaching out she picked up her plastic cup, sipping the juice gently from it, grinning widely as the other Ariel smiled at her.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 A content smile spread onto the child's face as her hair was stroked, something she had missed. A safe feeling. Following the other princess inside she sat down after getting her Ariel dress, nearly bouncing in her seat in excitement. "I get to be a real princess!" she giggled, smiling up at Aurora. "Thank you Miss Aurora!"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Giggling as Jasmine smiled at her she hugged her arms around Aurora's legs. "Can Miss Aurora be Belle? Because Belle and Ariel would be best friends because they're so nice!"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie smiled brightly and nodded, following along to the store. A tea party sounded like a lot of fun. Seeing a princess in front of her, her blue eyes widened in surprise. "Oh! Princess Jasmine! You're so pretty!" she giggled, doing her best curtsy that she could muster.
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 "Yay!" Giggled Josie, skipping next to Aurora as they made their way back to the store. "Do you think they'll have little princess cakes?"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Grinning Josie shook her head, taking Aurora's hand once more. "They're both really pretty. Belle's dress is gold with pink roses! And she gets to wear a matching golden tiara."
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie smiled, doing a spin so her skirt would flare up. "Belle is the most kindest special and prettiest princess. She loves to read and she makes friends with everyone!"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie pursed her lips as she pondered Aurora's question, trying to think of the different princesses that she knew of. "Oh! I know!" Giggling she tilted her head up to look at Aurora. "How about Belle? From Beauty and the Beast?"
Josie Nathan 09/21/18 Josie practically skipped at Aurora's side, excitement filling her now that her very best friend was back. "Are you going to dress up like a princess too? We could both have matching tiaras!"
Josie Nathan 09/20/18 Josie smiled widely at Aurora's words, reaching to take the woman's hand. "Can we go play princesses now? Pretty please, Miss Aurora?"
Josie Nathan 09/20/18 Josie squeezed her arms gently as she felt Aurora's hug, pulling her head back to look up at her with a grin. "I was so afraid! You're my best friend!"
Josie Nathan 09/20/18 Looking up as she heard a familiar voice, Josie's downtrodden face lifted immediately as she closed the distance between herself and Aurora. Her arms wrapped around the woman's legs in a hug, a bright smile on her lips. "I missed you Miss Aurora!"
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